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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the Castle of Medieval Knights the crowd cheers as the Red Knight gets the advantage. Oliver is taking it all in and loving it as Aly, Charlie and Pam explain what is happening. Aly thanks him for coming saying most guys would have run the other way. He says not him my lady, he thinks it is awesome. With Deacon listening in the shadows, Hope asks Quinn again if she was at Liam’s tonight…..he heard a noise and got out of bed to investigate and one of his sliders was open. Quinn says maybe he ought to get a guard dog, a Chihuahua. Hope asks if this is amusing to her. Quinn says no, actually it is insulting. Liam gets spooked, thinks he sees her face and sends Hope over here to accuse her. Hope says she’s here because Liam has a sprained ankle. Quinn says she supposes that is her fault too. Hope says yeah if she was there to make him trip and fall, then yes. Quinn calls Liam a scared little boy. He thought he saw her face and freaked. Hope asks if that is what scared mothers do who are estranged from their son she loves and wants to make things right. Quinn asks would playing peek-a-boo with Liam accomplish that. There is nothing to tell. She has been here all night working on her new line; it’s very cutting edge. Hope came because Liam didn’t have the guts to, surprise, surprise. Hope wants to know what she would have told Liam if he had come. Quinn says same thing she told Hope, only she would not have let him even in the door, not after the trouble he caused Wyatt especially over Hope. But guess that was Quinn’s fault too but as a mother her heart was always in the right place. Hope tells her that what she has done has gone way past just interfering. Quinn knows she is thinking about Ridge now. And she stabbed Liam with his sword like she did Bill. Quinn calls it a little prick. Hope asks if she was messing with his head. Quinn says he overacts to everything so it’s easy. So maybe she should not have said live by the sword, die by the sword but he should not have sent Hope over here either. Hope says she is glad he dig drag her into this. Here she is the mother of the guy she was dating and she is upset because Hope ended things so she is harassing the new guy. But she is not going to intimidate Liam into stepping aside; they are in love. Quinn says she is in love with Wyatt too and just because Quinn made some bad choices Wyatt should not have to pay the price. Hope tells her that is something she and Wyatt will have to work through. Quinn says no, Hope had a right to fire her but it should not affect Wyatt. He is his own man, his own person. Hope says she is not punishing Wyatt. Quinn says maybe not intentionally but he is hurting. And what kind of mother would she be if she didn’t try to fix that. Hope says she doesn’t think she can; too much has happened. Quinn says she has to separate the mother from the son and she will move away and keep her distance and stay out of their lives but please take Wyatt back. Liam grunts but manages to get inside the house on his crutches. He spies a dining room chair down in the kitchen. He rights it and then hears another loud noise. Clearly spooked, he picks up his flashlight and starts looking around. He finally sees it is a large tree branch that has split and fell against his patio doors so he opens the doors and removes the branch.

Caroline tries to work some kinks out of Rick's neck/shoulders. He says Maya was wrong for taping the conversation with Oliver, but Oliver was also wrong to use an impressionable young girl like Aly. Caroline says Maya's fanny is still on the line as far as she is concerned but she thinks Maya was just shifting this conversation on Oliver to get her off the hook for the steam room. But nobody hits on her hubby and gets a free pass. They see Oliver bring Aly home. Caroline talks Rick into not confronting Oliver in front of Aly for fear of how she will react. Aly tells Oliver that thanks to him she is a different girl now. Rick waits for Oliver to leave Eric's and catches him in the courtyard. He asks if he will follow him as he wants to see if there is a problem. He starts innocently enough by asking if Oliver is seeing Aly a lot. Oliver admits that though there is an age difference he likes Aly and they have a lot in common. Rick thinks that is okay as long as he is not using Aly. Oliver assures him he is not. Rick pulls out his phone and asks if Oliver can explain this. In the taped conversation Oliver admits to Maya that his job is in danger, he likes Aly okay, she is beautiful enough so if he needs to date her then he is willing to do that. The Forresters are incredible people, and he'd like to be part of that. When done, Rick asks him one question - if he is using Aly?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Samiís wedding day arrived.  Everyone prepared for the wedding.  Sami was at the town square and ran into Lucas and they had a nice talk.  Lucas agreed to go to Samiís wedding.  Eve and Theresa continued to go back and forth with each other.  Eve had a brief meeting with Brady.  Later, Sami was getting ready for the wedding when she thought about EJ being with Abby.  Abby ended up being in Samiís room and Sami talked to her about her relationship with EJ.

Daniel arrived at Jenniferís house and she tried to make up with him.  Daniel wasnít ready to work it out yet.  Eve called someone and wanted to go through with her plan.  Abe began performing the ceremony.  Theresa told Brady about Eve.  She asked Brady to stay away from Eve.  A processor went to Jenniferís house to let her know that she was being served.  Hodges, an FBI agent, went to Rafe and let him know that someone could be put away for 10 years for tax evasion.  Hodges thought that Rafe would love to cuff the guilty party.  The guilty party turned out to be EJ.  Abe asked EJ if he would take Sami as his wife and EJ said I do.  Abe asked Sami the same thing.  Sami thought of EJ marrying Abby.  Sami never answered Abe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

On the phone, Tracy gloats to Luke that Michael is getting in over his head with the waterfront project. Alice hears her. Michael calls the police to come stop Levi and Maxie’s sit-in at Bobbie’s old brownstone. Nathan and two uniforms arrive. Levi says he and Maxie are exercising squatter’s rights. Nathan says they can’t squat in one place and also live in another apartment. Levi refuses to leave. Nathan cuffs him. Maxie pushes Nathan. Morgan observes to Maxie that she probably shouldn’t have assaulted Nathan in front of two other cops. Nathan cuffs her, but she squirms so much that the other cuff winds up on his own wrist. Despite Tracy's threats, Alice calls Michael to warn him about what's going on at ELQ.

Dr. Chu tells Lulu that her surgery was successful and that she should be able to carry her embryo to term. Dante tells Olivia that Sonny mentioned Connie having something to do with his sleeping with Ava and that Carly said it had to do with Sonny’s guilt about not mourning long enough. Olivia says that doesn’t make any sense. Shawn returns from his trip. Sonny tells him that he found out that Ava killed Connie and she is pregnant so he can’t kill her. Ava tells Delia that Sonny is going to kill her after she gives birth and asks her to help look for the audio recording that incriminates both Sonny and her. Delia agrees to save her daughter.

Rafe listens unseen as Patrick confronts Silas about his car being the one that caused the accident. Silas says he thought his car had been sideswiped in his parking garage because he hadn’t driven it that night. Kiki says Morgan drove her to AJ’s funeral and Michael drove her home so she didn’t drive Silas’ car that night either. Sam concludes that the only other person who had access to the car was Rafe. Kiki says Rafe has been acting strangely lately. Sam remembers how distraught Rafe was when she told him that Gabriel had died. She concludes that Rafe must have been driving Silas’ car that night. From behind a wall, Rafe despairs at being found out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is surprised that Kelly and Ben are sister and brother. Kelly lets Jack know that she told Jenna what Ben did that led to the breakup of his marriage. At Crimson Lights, Kevin finds out more details about Ben, but Billy doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Chelsea begs Kevin to tell her what he found out. Ben gives Nikki and Victor devastating news concerning Dylan’s health. Victoria arrives and they fill her in on Dylan’s condition. Victor and Victoria console Nikki. At the Chancellor estate, Colin takes a look at Jill and tells her that she is beautiful as he begins to nuzzle her ear. When the phone rings, Jill tells him to get it since she is meeting Billy. At the Athletic Club dining room, Leslie laughs at Ian and his ridiculous remark that he is suing Nikki and he wants her to represent him. Nick receives a call from Victor that they are at the hospital and Nikki needs him. Jack asks Kelly what Ben did that she would tell Jenna, but Kelly will not divulge any more information. Victoria tries to offer Nikki encouragement concerning Dylan’s health. When Nick arrives at the hospital, he finds out that Paul is Dylan’s father. Although they all try to get Nikki to go home and get some rest, she refuses to leave Dylan as he may need her. Leslie refuses to sue Nikki for Ian. Mariah asks Ian if he is using her just as he has used everyone else in this town. Kelly tells Jack that he deserves to know the truth. Chelsea continues to question Kevin about what he found out about Ben. Kevin accuses Chelsea of caring more about Billy than she is letting on. Chelsea finally comes clean and confesses that she does care about Billy. Victoria questions Ben about Dylan and his surgery. Victoria urges Ben to stay positive concerning Dylan and his recovery. At lunch, Billy tells Jill that Victoria is suing him for divorce. He thinks that maybe Ben will be better for Victoria than he is. Jill stuns him by agreeing that she may be better off without him. This makes Billy angry and he begins to point out his good points to Jill. Jill tells Billy that it is about time that he has ďwisedĒ up and fight for his marriage. Jill says she loves Colin just like Billy loves Victoria.

Colin receives a visit from the mobster, who lets him know that time is up and he needs to pay his debt. Jill comes home and finds out the trouble Colin is in. She says that she loves him and they will deal with this together. Jill takes off the necklace and gives it to Colin to pay his debt. Mariah tells Ian that Nick saw them together. Ian tells Maria he is glad that she befriended Sharon. Leslie visits Victor and Nikki to let them know of Ian’s plans to sue her. They urge Nikki to go up to bed. When they think that she is gone, Victor tells Nick that they will get on with their plans. Nikki comes back downstairs and wants to know what plans. Victoria invites Ben over later. Kevin reveals to Chelsea that the real Ben Rayburn is dead. Chelsea wonders who Stitch really is.

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