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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam and Charlie brings Oliver and Aly to the Castle for Medieval Knights. With wind howling, thunderstorm brewing, all lights out with only his flashlight, Liam hears a loud noise and checks out the place in and out. When he returns, he falls over something and has a nasty sprain. Enough that he calls Hope and tells her that it’s probably not that serious but he’s going to healthcare. Quinn comes in late and is questioned by Deacon as to where she has been this late on such a horrible night. She says she let him stay here a while but it does not mean they are going to be BFFs and share all their secrets. She is happy to hear that he went to see Wyatt and gives him a favorable review.

Maya plays the phone message for Rick and Caroline where Oliver says his job is in jeopardy and if he has to date a Forrester, then he’s willing to do it. Rick says no way will he stand for this. Caroline is concerned why Maya even taped the convo in the first place. It’s not like she is Aly’s best friend. And she warns Maya that her husband is not her best friend either so leave him alone. Liam is put on the boot and crutches by his doctor. Hope shows up and he tells her he can not prove it but he thinks Quinn had something to do with this. Hope says he is objective so just tell her what happened. He explains and says he is so sure he saw Quinn’s face but now he’s not sure he just conjured her up or she is that fast. When he looked around, no one was there. She goes to see Quinn and while Deacon is hiding and listening, Hope asks Quinn pointblank if she was back at Liam's tonight. Quinn denies it. Maya tells Rick that it is better to err on the side of caution and Aly should hear that recording. He agrees. He will not let someone stay on his payroll just to further their career. Maya tells Rick that Oliver monopolizes Aly’s time at work. Caroline says they can not throw Oliver under the bus just on Maya’s word who secretly recorded this without Oliver’s knowing. And as far as Maya she should move on. She is not representing Hope’s line by hitting on a married man. Rick says it is best for Aly to know before she gets in any deeper. He will be careful and Oliver will never see this coming. He will be able to tell by a glance or body language, something that will tip him off. Oliver kisses Aly’s hand and says he loves everything about this night.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The guy Kate talked to ended up recognizing Jordan.  Nicole wanted to talk to the Bishop about what happened to Eric.  JJ was upset that Eve wanted part of the royalties from Jackís book.  Eve and Paige talked about the money that they are owed.  The guy Kate talked to remembered Jordan when she was a girl and when she left town.  Clyde introduced himself to Kate and wanted to know how she knew his little girl.  Nicole told the Bishop the truth about Kristen raping Eric.  Kate told Clyde that Mary Sue goes by Jordan now.  Kate showed him a picture of Ben too.  Jordan and Ben talked about telling Rafe the truth about the past.

The Bishop wanted to know why Nicole changed her mind about helping Eric.  Nicole didnít tell him why she wanted to help.  The Bishop informed Nicole that she could have helped Eric sooner if she came forward sooner and wanted to know why she didnít do it.  Jennifer talked to Aiden about Eveís claim.  Jennifer needed Aidenís help to know if Eve had a case.  Eve arrived at Theresaís apartment and they got into an argument about Theresaís lifestyle.  Eve wanted to keep Paige away from Theresa because sheís a bad influence. Aiden said that Eve might have a case, but he planned on checking it out. Ben and Jordan revealed that they stole money to get away from Clyde.  Kate told Clyde that Jordan and Ben are in Salem.  Theresa told Eve that JJ used to be with her.  Nicole ran into Eric and she let him know that she told the Bishop everything.  Theresa told Eve that JJ was with her when she overdosed.  Eve didnít want Paige to end up like her and wanted to keep JJ away from Paige.  Clyde didnít want Kate to tell Jordan and Ben that he talked to her about them.  Kate wondered what else Jordan was hiding.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly assures Sonny that Franco won’t tell anyone that he killed AJ. Franco goes to Michael’s office to tell him. While Kiki and Morgan scrape old paint off the walls of Morgan’s Grandmother Bobbieís brownstone in the waterfront district, Levi and Maxie arrive, with Levi proclaiming that they are going to shut down the revitalization project. Morgan questions Maxieís choice of friends. Levi refuses to listen to reason and leave. Carly goes to Michael’s office and finds Franco there. Michael tells her that Franco was just about to tell him something about Sonny. Morgan calls Michael and tells him that he needs him to go to the brownstone. Carly blasts Franco for what he was about to do. She tells him that if he tells Michael that Sonny shot AJ, Michael will find out that she covered for Sonny and her relationship with her son will be over. She tells him that she can’t be with him if he can’t accept that Sonny will always be a part of her life. Realizing his mistake, Franco asks for another chance. She agrees. Michael goes to Bobbie’s brownstone and talks to Levi. Levi still refuses to leave. Michael calls the police to report trespassers on his property.

Silas takes Nina to physical therapy. She talks him out of going in with her. When Travis, the therapist, begins to examine her leg, she slaps him and tells him not to touch her. He assures her that he is a professional and that he won’t touch her inappropriately, but that she needs the therapy if she wants to get out of the wheelchair. She stands up and writes him a large check for his silence. Sam discovers that Silas’ car was the one that ran Patrick off the road. She tries to convince Patrick that it couldn’t have been Silas driving the car. Rafe’s dealer, Slade, tells him that he can’t give him anymore cocaine on credit. Rafe asks Silas for $400. Silas concludes that he hasn’t been present enough in Rafe’s life and that he needs to correct it. Patrick confronts Silas.

Ava’s mother, Delia, arrives at Sonny’s house and informs him that she is moving in. Sonny tells Ava that her plan isn’t going to work. He says he is happy to let Delia stay because it is obvious that she drives Ava crazy. When Sonny leaves, Ava tells Delia that Sonny is trying to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is on the phone when Victoria joins him. Victoria asks Victor about Dylan being a donor for Paul. At the hospital, Paul rants and raves about killing Ricky. In Paul’s hospital room, Nikki lets Paul know that he has another son, and it is Dylan. Christine walks in and wants to know what Nikki is doing In his hospital room. Dylan takes a turn for the worse. At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chelsea ask Kevin to help them find information on Ben. At first, Kevin refuses. Billy fills Kevin in on Jenna having left the country with their son, but there doesn’t seem to be any trace of anyone named Ben. In his office, Jack questions Kelly about her and Ben. Ben orders Avery out of Dylan’s room while he runs the necessary tests on him. Ian Ward arrives at the hospital to check on Dylan. Avery lets Ian know that Dylan is not his son and slaps him. The doctor checks on Paul and advises Nikki and Christine to let him rest. In the corridor, Nikki and Christine argue over the fact that Nikki told Paul that Dylan was his son. Victor fills Victoria in on the fact that Dylan is Paul’s son. Victoria asks Victor how he feels about this. Victoria lets Victor know that she and Billy are getting a divorce. Kevin doesn’t understand what Kelly has to do with Ben. After talking a few moments, Kevin agrees to help them. Jack questions Kelly about her relationship with Ben. Kelly lets Jack know that she was the reason that Ben and Jennaís marriage broke up. Kelly is just about to explain when Billy walks in. Kelly begins to lash out at Billy for going to Australia to check up on Jenna and get information about Ben and for delving into her past.

When Paul asks Nikki if Dylan is his son, she confirms it. Nikki also lets Paul know that Dylan was his donor. Ian accuses Nikki of abandoning Dylan and that this whole situation is her fault. Leslie’s husband (Dylan’s doctor) joins her for lunch before going back to the hospital to check on Dylan. Leslie lets her husband know about Ian threatening to have her disbarred because of information that she leaked to Nikki about Dylan. Kelly also blasts Billy for contacting her ex-husband. After Kelly storms out, Jack lets Billy know that he wasn’t wrong about Kelly and Ben. Kevin tells Chelsea about breaking into the psych hospital where Chloe is and that he was held for questioning, but thanks to Michael he got out of it. Victoria interrupts Kevin and Chelsea talking and wants to know who Chelsea is sleeping with. Billy walks in and defends Chelsea. Victoria tells Billy to stay away from her friends, and she will stay away from his. Nikki seems to feel that Ian is right and this is all her fault. Kelly tells Jack that Ben is her brother.

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