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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Caroline that he was not the only one in the steam room. She guesses Myrna so no wonder she is putting off her marriage to Carter. Maya comes in and starts chatting about Aly and Oliver. Caroline doesn’t know what this has to do with her being in the steam room with Rick. Maya says she did not know that Rick would be telling her that. They had a thing once and it ended so quickly that they never got a chance to process it. Rick was on the rebound. Caroline points out Rick was with her first so Maya had no claim on him. Aly tells Oliver that she is more comfortable behind the scenes. Quinn is in her factory finishing up on some welding. Wyatt invites Deacon in and wonders if Hope knows he is in town. Deacon says he used to live in this very house; he likes what he has done with it. Deacon says Wyatt is involved with his daughter so he doesn’t have to ask why he is here. Wyatt says was as in the past. But he does admit he would like to have Hope back. She is fun and relaxed when she is with him, not uptight like with Liam. He knows she also wants him back. Deacon says he doesn’t know Liam but he seems like a likeable guy. But they have tried to get married for so long that something must be wrong. Wyatt says he is glad Deacon came by and he’d like to get to know him too. Deacon suggests they open up one of those bottles of scotch as he is parched. Hope and Liam kiss and she is protective of his boo-boo. He scoffs it off as just a little flesh wound and he was glad to get it if it meant showing Hope how crazy Quinn really is and that she is better off with Quinn and Wyatt out of their lives.

Maya tells Rick and Caroline that she is no gold digger but she had to be sure that Rick was happy before she moved on to marry Carter. It’s Oliver that she is worried about with his coming on and hanging all over Aly to move himself up in the company. Caroline says no way about Oliver. Maya came on to her boss and now she is feeling guilty. Maya plays them the phone message by Oliver. Charlie and Pam in costume convince Aly and Oliver to attend the Medieval Nights with them. Wyatt tells Deacon that he does not know his mother, but she is the cause of his not being with Hope right now. She likes to cross lines and meddles as long as she gets what she wants. But sometimes she goes a little too far. The wind is howling and there is a thunderstorm brewing. Liam comes home and locks the doors, turns all the lights out, and flops on his bed. Liam hears a loud noise and jumps up and starts searching with his flashlight. Suddenly he sees Quinn’s face in the lights.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was on the phone with Kate and saw Abby with Ben.  Sami decided to start stirring the pot with her plan.  Sami talked to Abby.  Jordan and Rafe began to talk about her past.  Eric met with the Bishop to talk about whether he could be reinstated as a priest.  The Bishop informed Eric that Nicole refused to help him.  Marlena met with Daniel and told him how Nicole wouldn’t help Eric.  Daniel saw Nicole and tried to convince her to help Eric.  Nicole refused to help Eric.  Daniel called her a selfish b*tch.  Giselle met with Aiden and Hope to talk about the fundraiser.  Roman showed up and Giselle wanted to talk to him privately.  Marlena arrived at the pub and saw Roman and Giselle together. Marlena seemed troubled by them being together.  Jordan wasn’t specific about her past, but did say she was lucky to find him.  Kate met with Ortiz at a diner in Missouri.  The Bishop suggested that Eric talk to Nicole to get her to change her mind about helping him.  Daniel and Nicole argued over her decision to help Eric.  Hope left the pub and went to TCB to get coffee and ran into Daniel.  They talked about how he lost Jennifer because of Nicole.  Nicole overheard them talking.  Ortiz said that someone recognized Ben from his photo.  Sami tried to make Abby feel guilty by talking to her about the wedding.  Nicole apologized to Daniel about what happened with Jennifer.  Daniel walked away and went to see the Bishop. 

Sami went to Roman’s office to leave him a note about him going to her wedding.  Sami thought about EJ being with Abby and became upset.  Rafe walked in the office and saw Sami going ballistic.  Rafe wanted to know what was wrong with Sami.  Ortiz told Kate that he hit a dead end with his search.  A strange guy interrupted them and warned Kate about being nosy.  Sami claimed nothing was wrong with her but Rafe didn’t believe her.  Jordan wanted to meet with Ben at the park to talk.  Kate wanted to pay the stranger for information, but he walked away from her.  Rafe was suspicious when Sami wouldn’t tell him how great EJ was as she normally did.  Another guy approached Kate and wanted to see the picture.  He seemed to recognize it.  Jordan told Ben that she planned on telling Rafe everything.  Daniel talked to the Bishop about Eric.  As Daniel was about to leave, Nicole showed up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Levi tells Maxie that the ELQ waterfront renovation project is an example of corporate greed pushing out the little guy and that they should fight for the little guy. Michael takes Morgan to Bobbie’s former brownstone and says that his brother can live there rent-free, but he will have to renovate it himself. Morgan is happy to have something to focus on besides Sonny, Ava, and the baby. Kiki stops by after Michael leaves and tells Morgan that she wants in on his deal. She reveals that Rafe is in trouble and that she is worried about him. Rafe apologizes to Molly for all the hurtful things he did to her and TJ out of jealousy. She forgives him. Sam takes a sample of the paint on the guard rail to find out if anyone tried to match it at a local car repair shop. They find the shop but Bill, the owner, doesn’t want to give out client information. Patrick pleads his case. Bill allows Sam to retrieve the information from his computer. Sam is shocked by what she finds. Rafe goes to the crash site and places flowers by the guardrail for the dead baby.

Michael returns to his office and finds Tracy sitting in his chair looking at his files. She says she is there to sign her annulment papers in front of him, which she does. He welcomes her back into the company. She asks if she can look at the waterfront project. He gives her the file. She calls Fluke and tells him that she thinks Michael just handed her the keys to the kingdom. While Kiki and Morgan are scraping the old pain off the walls in Bobbie’s old brownstone, Levi walks in with Maxie in tow and announces that he is there to shut down the project.

Franco sees Carly hugging Sonny and confronts him about it. Sonny tells him that the only reason that he is alive is that Carly cares about him. Franco suggests that Sonny not threaten the man who knows that he killed AJ. Sonny says Franco’s threats don’t bother him. Carly assures Sonny that Franco isn’t going to tell anyone that he shot AJ. Franco goes to Michael’s office.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Christine tells Nikki not to tell Paul that Dylan is his son. Avery joins them, frantic because Dylan isn’t in his room. They find him in Paul’s room. Paul gets agitated. After Avery and Nikki take Dylan away, Christine tries to calm Paul. Dylan rests in his room while Paul screams about Ricky. Christine can’t calm him down. Today is the anniversary of Ricky’s death. When Christine goes to get a nurse, Nikki goes in and calms Paul by telling him that Dylan is his son and is ok. Meanwhile, Dylan’s monitors go off.

After talking to Traci, Jack confronts Kelly about what he saw and heard at the club. Summer tries desperately to find someone to help her bail out Austin but she is unsuccessful. Sharon and Faith get closer to Mariah, but Nick tells Mariah not to get too close to his family. Nick finds Ian’s business card in Mariah’s purse. “You and your mom can always come home” is written on the back.

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