Thursday 6/26/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt knocks on the door and Liam tells him to come on in. He needs to talk to him about his mother. Wyatt grumbles that he called him all the way over here for that. Liam says he always knew his charming mother was unhinged but today took it up a notch. Liam says Quinn is certifiably crazy. Wyatt asks what can he do; she is his mother. She is overbearing at times and protective but she is not crazy. That’s going a little too far. Liam shows him a spot on his neck and says no, this is too far. Wyatt asks if that is a freckle or a pimple. He doesn’t know what he is looking at. Liam grouses that Wyatt’s lunatic mother did that. She took his necklace and stabbed him like she did Bill. He says she looked him right in the eye and said live by the sword, die by the sword. That’s a death threat. Wyatt tells him to come on, man, he’s overreacting now. Liam says he does not know any other way to take it. He doesn’t now that much about his mom but what he does is not good. Wyatt doesn’t know what Liam expects him to do. If Liam expects him to talk to her, well he’s not exactly talking to her at the moment. Liam says he is not asking Wyatt to fight his battles but just let him know just how dangerous she is. Wyatt says that is ridiculous. She interferes and does go to extremes and does walk a line but she is not a danger to anyone. Liam says she is a total liability to everyone he knows. While Quinn is working away at her factory with head shield and eye goggles, Deacon slips in and gets her attention. He tells her not to stop. He knows better than to get between a woman and her blowtorch. She asks him if he always walks into a place uninvited. He says he lives here. She says crashing here only temporarily. Then she says it is a welder, not a blowtorch because it can take a lot of heat. She says she went to see Liam today to get him to back off of Wyatt, but nope, he’s going to be a bad boy. Deacon asks if she gave him a hard time. She says it took a little extra poking and prodding but she tried to be gentle. Deacon says he went to see Hope again and Wyatt called while he was there. She definitely cares about him. Quinn says of course she does; she is in love with him. Deacon says maybe but she is committed to Liam. She’s a grown woman so what can Deacon do to change her mind. Quinn says all he has to do is convince Hope that Quinn was the one who screwed up, not Wyatt. They belong to together. It is what Wyatt wants, even Hope too. And it means more than life itself to Quinn. She says all she ever wanted to be was a good mother. Deacon says same with him…..just a good father. So what is wrong with them? He says his list is too damn long but he can tell her that she needs to loosen that leash from sonny boy. She scoffs that at least she was around and he says point well taken. She says there is only one thing standing in her way and that is that nasty little gnat named Liam. She hates people like that, a do gooder, holier than thou. He drives her nuts. Deacon says short drive. She says she is going to kill Liam. He chuckles and she accuses him of not believing her. He gets serious and asks how she is going to do it – drive over him, poison him, or shoot him. They both ask each other that question – have they ever killed anyone. She says do not underestimate a mother’s love….the sacrifices she makes for her children no matter the cost. Oliver tries to talk Aly into modeling; she has what it takes. She says he is very sweet but Maya is the model around here, not her. He says her face should be on the cover of all the magazines. And Maya is not exactly working out now so Aly should take her place. Hope walks in and asks about Maya and they tell her that she bolted. Hope thinks she has been acting a little weird lately.

Rick is very surprised to turn around and see it is Maya in the steam room. She tells him it is okay. It is not like it is their first time together like this. He chuckles nervously and says that was a long time ago. She says not so much. She still remembers what they had and maybe it is still there. It’s not such a crazy idea. He reminds her that he is married to Caroline and she is engaged to Carter. She admits that Carter is a wonderful man but she keeps postponing the wedding because her feelings for Rick never went away. She did not appreciate what they had at the time But she is realizing it now. She knows he is married and she has Carter but it’s not too late for either of them. Rick says he did enjoy his time with Maya. She reminds him they were in love and that scared her at first, coming from two different worlds. Then she realized his strength was his family and it felt good when she saw them all rally around Ridge celebrating him coming home. That love and that loyalty and she could have been part of that. She almost had it and let it slip away. Then Caroline fought hard and wasn’t always fair and she won. But she can’t blame her for everything. Maya says she gave up too easily but now she wants a second chance. Caroline can not make him happy for a lifetime like she can. Rick tells her again what a great man Carter is and dying to marry Maya. He loves her and Rick loves Caroline. Hope interrupts Liam and Wyatt and wants to know what they are talking about. Liam shows her his little boo boo by Quinn. Wyatt says it was just a little poke but he will apologize for what his mother did. Hope says that is not necessary as he did nothing wrong. Wyatt says but he is paying the price. He lost his job, he lost Hope and there is no greater punishment than that. He leaves them alone where Liam plays it up big time and Hope kisses his neck making it all better. He says Quinn needs to be locked up somewhere. Hope says at least now they know what she is capable of and she is sorry she did not see it sooner. Liam says at least it is now officially over and they don’t have to have her in their lives anymore. Hope says Quinn’s final show is over. That was her finale. Meanwhile Quinn is still working on something in the factory. Wyatt goes home and is barely there when Deacon shows up. Wyatt does not know him and tries to blow off this salesman or whoever he is. Deacon says he thinks he will want to think twice before slamming that door in his face. He will want to talk to him once he knows who he is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige and JJ got into an argument because of their mothers.  Jennifer wanted Eve to tell her what she had to say about Jack.  John was at the Kiriakis mansion and heard Maggie leaving a message on Bradyís phone.  John heard her say that Brady was going to rehab.  Kate talked to her detective (Ortiz) about Jordanís past.  Ben advised Jordan to tell Rafe the truth about their past.  Rory and Bev heard Paige and JJ arguing and wanted to take him with them.  Eve told Jennifer about the annulment agreement that she had with Jack.  She was entitled to some of his money.  Jordan wanted to protect Rafe and Ben.  It turned out that Jordanís past had something to do with Ben.  Jordan realized that she and Rafe werenít meant to be because she didnít want to put him in danger.  Paige didnít want to argue with JJ over their mothers anymore.  JJ wanted to stay away from his old life and be with Paige.  Jennifer explained that she didnít get any money from Jackís book because he wanted to donate it to people in the military.  Eve was okay with that, but she still wanted her share of the royalties.

Jordan and Kate ran into each other at the town square.  Kate wondered if Jordan talked to Rafe yet.  Jordan said she did, but she made things worse.  Eve and Jennifer argued over the past.  Jennifer planned to fight Eve in court and planned to win.  Eve thought she would win.  Paige and JJ walked in on them arguing.  Ben and Rafe talked about Jordan.  Rafe wanted honesty from Jordan.  Ben wanted Rafe to give Jordan more time if he loved her.  John saw Theresa at the pub and they got into an argument over Brady.  Brady walked in on them and yelled at John.  Eve and Paige left Jenniferís house and JJ wondered what happened between Jennifer and Eve.  Brady told John that rehab wasnít going to work for him.  Rafe and Jordan ran into each other in the park.  They decided to work things out.  Eve told Paige that she was married to JJ father briefly and that they were entitled to money.  JJ wanted answers from Jennifer, but she wanted to wait to explain things to him and Abby.  Jennifer asked JJ not to speak to Paige until she thinks of how to explain things to them.  Ortiz called Kate and told her about going to Missouri to find out more about Jordan. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht is honored to meet Franco when he goes to meet with her at the hospital. He gives her the “Egg Salad Sandwich” painting that she and Faison purchased at the Jerome Gallery opening but never received. Franco asks for a job in return. He explains that he has to be worthy of his woman or she might go back to her ex. She empathizes, having gone through the same thing with Cesar and Anna. She says having the painting back makes her want to avenge his death. She hires him. Carly tells Sonny that Franco is jealous. Sonny gives Spencer relationship advice. He suggests that Spencer let Emma go. They try to turn his attention to Josslyn, but he isn’t interested. Franco sees Carly giving Sonny a friendly hug.

Rafe is disturbed by an article about Gabriel’s funeral. Kiki arrives to pick up her gym bag just before he is about to do a line of cocaine. She thinks his mood is from still being hung up on Molly. She tells him that he still has her, Silas, and Sam. He doesn’t think he will still have Sam when she finds out what he did. He admits that he stole money from Sam. Kiki asks him if he is in trouble. He says he can’t talk about it. She asks him to talk to Sam and get help. Sam and Patrick go to the crash site where Patrick recounts the events leading up to the crash. He remembers hearing a second impact. Sam looks on the other side of the road and finds black paint on the guard rail. She concludes that the driver probably had the car repaired. She scrapes off a sample of the paint to take to repair shops to find out in anyone tried to match it recently.

Nathan confronts Levi about ratting him out to the judge. Maxie walks into the room just in time to stop Nathan from punching Levi. Levi tells Maxie that he has a way for her regain her focus. Anna stops by to return Nathan’s badge and gun and tells him that he can return to work. He feels terrible about having to lie to Molly. He resolves to find the real kingpin so Ric can get back to his daughter. Molly is startled when she goes into Sam’s house and finds Alexis waiting for her. She says she doesn’t want to hear anything Alexis has to say unless it is to tell her that she has broken up with Julian. Alexis says she is there to deliver Ric’s effects because Molly is his next of kin. There is a touching letter for her included with his things. Alexis asks her to go home, but Molly says she can’t because Alexis has faith in Julian and she has faith in her father. Rafe goes to Sam’s penthouse, not knowing that Molly is there.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman ranch, Nick goes downstairs and lets Sharon and Faith know that he is all moved in. Nick and Sharon hug at the good news. Ian Ward visits Mariah to see how she is doing and finds out from her that she had a talk with Victor. At the Newman home, Nikki has just gotten off the phone, when Victor walks in and asks about Dylan. Nikki tells Victor that they need to discuss that she had a son with Paul. Nick and Sharon discuss Mariah and why she won’t return Sharon’s phone calls. Nick promises to go and see about her. Noah visits Sharon just as Nick starts to leave. Victor refuses to discuss about Paul and Dylan. Victor lets Nikki know that he has a deeper respect for Dylan now that he has given up part of his liver for Paul. Avery calls Nikki to let her know that Dylan is out of surgery. At the Athletic Club, Christine, Michael and Lauren have lunch but Christine is preoccupied about Paul. Christine gets a call that Paul is out of surgery. Abby sees Tyler in the park but she tells him that she is there to meet someone. Tyler lets her know that he was the one who arranged the meeting. At the hospital, Christine finds out that Paul opened his eyes but only temporarily. Avery and Nikki stand vigil by Dylan’s bedside. Mariah tells Ian about her visit with Victor. Mariah tells Ian that besides him only Sharon cares about her. Nick arrives just as Ian is leaving. Nick knocks on the door. When Mariah answers, Nick asks her what Ian is doing there.

Dylan wakes up and immediately wants to know about Paul. Paul also wakes up and says a few words to Christine and Todd. Paul asks Christine what happened to him. Christine tells him that he is in a hospital. Paul mentions a son. Christine asks him if he is talking about the child that they will have together. Todd fills Michael and Lauren in on Paul’s condition. Dylan asks Nikki if the transplant worked. Dylan wants to go and see Paul, but Avery strictly forbids it. Mariah interrupts Abby and Tyler in the park and fills Tyler in on what Abby and Noah did to her. Abby tells Tyler how she set Mariah up to take the fall for something that she did. Tyler is upset with Abby and doesn’t think that it will work between them. The doctor lets Christine know that the operation was a success, but they will have to closely watch Paul for years to come, because he may reject the liver transplant. Nikki wants to go and see Paul, but Christine sets some ground rules before she will let Nikki near him.

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