Wednesday 6/25/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/25/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Quinn this conversation is over. She has lost her employment and Wyatt and Hope are over. Ridge may be home but that doesn’t absolve Quinn’s doings. Quinn says it might if he would let Hope think for herself. He would not even let Hope talk to Wyatt and she wants to forgive him. Liam tells her to get this into her head. There is no way left for her and her son to get into Hope’s life. Quinn doesn’t know what Hope sees in him. He’s been given everything – his name, his job. He hasn’t had to work for one thing like Wyatt who has been by Hope’s side working toward her success. Wyatt gave her a priceless diamond and Liam gave her a kitten, oh and he wrote an article about puppies. Liam says Hope is not about the dollar sign; she has a different set of values Quinn would not understand. Quinn says Wyatt doesn’t have dollar signs either. He did not meet her on Rodeo Drive or in his father’s high-rise; it was in the woods. She wants to know if he has thought at all how this is going to affect his brother. Liam says if Hope was concerned at all about her line, she would not have fired Wyatt. Quinn quips maybe she did it to protect Liam’s fragile ego She does not believe that Hope wants to ruin Wyatt’s life or that Liam really wants to either. So just let Wyatt come back to FC. Her son did nothing wrong so it’s not right to punish him for something that she did. And if he and Hope are so happy then there should be no harm in them working together. Liam admits he could do that, but he’s not. He’s not that crazy. He doesn’t want Wyatt anywhere near Hope. Quinn says his insecurities is showing. Liam says yes because he doesn’t trust Wyatt or her either. And his only regret is that he did not throw her ass out sooner. So he motions for her to shoo, get on and leave. He doesn’t care what she thinks. The only thing he cares about is Hope and his future with her. As they sit around in a quick meeting, Aly says it is a relief. Hope says it’s like a gigantic lift off of their shoulders and Rick says now they can get back to work. The press and RJ never knew that Ridge was missing so they need to keep this low-key. For now couture is on hold and HFTF their sole priority. Rick turns to Caroline and Hope and says they need to turn up the volume. Aly chimes in that Oliver can help as he has a photo shoot today with Maya. Aly says now that Wyatt and Quinn are gone they can put the focus back on Hope’s message where it belongs. Hope says Caroline’s collection is showcasing that; it’s light and youthful and full of movement. She thinks the photo shoot should be the same. She intimates that perhaps Maya was distracted when Ridge was missing but he’s back now so unless there is something else she expects to see that trademark smile again in the photos. Maya keeps eyeballing Caroline and Rick and pays attention when Caroline says Rick has reserved the steam room for this afternoon. The girls all agree that a big hat, sunscreen and glasses are essential summer accessories. Aly asks if Wyatt and Quinn are truly gone. Hope says well they haven’t left the city but they aren’t at FC. She hopes they are not out of the business. Aly says she hopes not either. She’s happy that Hope is with Liam, so Wyatt has his own problems now. Caroline says that is a big change in attitude. Aly smiles that her attitude has changed about a lot of things. By some prompting Aly reveals it is Oliver. Oliver sets up for the shoot but Maya keeps mouthing off about Caroline and Rick; how she is always pawing over him. She even says she is sick of watching Caroline leading her life – the Crown Princess of the Forrester dynasty. Oliver says if anyone deserves that title it is Aly. She says he needs to be careful, playing her like that in front of everyone. Oliver says he is not playing Aly. Her dad knows he is sincere and gave him his blessing. Maya says she is sorry. She knows she needs to be happy for him and all the Forrester’s. They have so much – mansions, fancy cars and jets that can whisk them off to Paris any time they want. Most of all they have each other’s backs and she could have had all of that. Oliver tells her not to screw this up. She is the spokesmodel for FC and that is a primo gig. Maya grouses that she could work her whole life and never be on the inside here. Just like Hope was grilling her a few minutes ago….there is only one way she and Oliver will get to the top of this company. Oliver senses that she is jealous when she keeps talking about Rick and how he opened up her life. Oliver reminds her of just what she has compared to where she came from. She knows but says she can’t help but still dream about private chefs and assistants, houses all over the world, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, the Riviera. Carter is a wonderful man but he will never be Rick. They will never be on the inside. But when Oliver gets with Aly he will be one of them.

Rick is enjoying the steam room when someone else enters. He thinks it is Caroline but is surprised when he turns around from a neck massage and it is Maya. Aly offers to help Oliver when she sees Maya’s shoot is over for now. Oliver wants to shoot Aly since she would make a beautiful model. She is flattered. Quinn tells Liam that he has no idea who he is fooling with. He can not shoo her away like some pest. He can not just dismiss her. He says that is just it. He doesn’t have to deal with her anymore. She says it is too late for that. He doesn’t like threats and she doesn’t respond to bravado. She walks up close to him and says she won’t let him stand in the way of her son’s happiness. That necklace – symbol of family pride….his connection and bond to his father and to his brother. Yet he is willing to sabotage his life. She takes the sword and holds it in her hand and says remember her words – you live by the sword and you die by the sword. She takes it and gives Liam a poke in the neck. His eyes bulge out of his sockets.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer was surprised when Paige told her that Eve’s her mother.  Abe met with Marlena and he told her that Sami’s getting married tomorrow (Salem time).  EJ warned Abby that she had to stop overreacting or people would get suspicious.  Abby became upset with EJ.  EJ wondered if Ben was the reason for her attitude.  Abby let EJ know that Ben wouldn’t want to be with a homewrecker like her.  Eve admired how the house looked and how it looks as good as she remembered.  JJ asked Eve if she knew his family.  Eve let JJ know that she knew them.  She wanted to tell JJ about it over dinner, but Jennifer wasn’t having it.  Theresa talked to Anne about her relationship with Brady.  She said that John would help her get Brady without him knowing it.  Brady went to Maggie for help.  EJ didn’t want Abby to put herself down.  Ben showed up and saw EJ and Abby together.  EJ told Ben that they were just talking about him.  Jennifer lied and said the food wasn’t ready and wanted JJ and Paige to go out together.  Jennifer wanted to know what Eve really wanted from her.

Marlena and Abe talked about EJ and Sami’s wedding.  EJ invited Ben to the wedding.  Abby didn’t think that Ben would want to go to the wedding.  Ben wanted to go because he didn’t trust EJ.  Abby remembered that Ben felt that way about Nick and was right.  Ben said it was instinct and that made Abby question him about his past.  He came up with a lie that suited her.  EJ and Marlena ran into each other and he wanted her to go to the wedding.  Marlena wanted to know why she has to be the one to make things work with Sami.  Jennifer thought Eve was still upset about Frankie.  Eve assured her that she wasn’t.  EJ pleaded with Marlena to go to the wedding.  Marlena would feel like a hypocrite if she went to the wedding.  John told Theresa that she’s enabling Brady and to leave Brady alone.  Maggie advised Brady to leave Theresa because she’s the reason why he’s back on drugs.  Eve reminded Jennifer about the time she told Jennifer that she married Jack.  Marlena explained that EJ and Sami never bring out the best in each other and that they will never be able to do it.  Jennifer still thought that Eve was upset about Frankie.  Eve let Jennifer know that she wouldn’t support JJ and Paige’s relationship once she explained things to her.  Eve told Jennifer that their problem concerns Jack.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Sonny that he can handle whatever was the catalyst to his sleeping with Ava and got him into his current living arrangement. Sonny appreciates that Michael is still in his corner while his other sons are angry with him. Carly assures Franco that her relationship with Sonny is not romantic. Carly asks Franco to drive Josslyn to day camp. Josslyn says Franco is an unemployed bum. Franco decides it is time for him to change that. Carly tells Franco that she has decided to stay away from Sonny and Ava’s problems. Patrick takes Emma to place flowers on Gabriel’s grave. Spencer woos Emma at day camp. He gives her a large bill and tells her that it is his first donation to the Gabriel Fund that he has started. Cameron considers starting a Ric fund. Emma tells Spencer that he can be her friend but that she can only have one soulmate. Spencer calls Sonny for help. Sonny runs into Carly when he arrives at the park.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he is going to get her job back. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he talked to Obrecht on her behalf, but that Obrecht shot him down. Obrecht tells Britt that if she wants to get Nikolas back, she will have to get Elizabeth out of the picture. She advises Britt to use her sex appeal to lure Nikolas. Nikolas goes to the hospital and tells Obrecht to reinstate Elizabeth. Obrecht says no. Britt tells her mother that what happens outside the hospital has no bearing on the job so she should reinstate Elizabeth. She says she will cut her off if she doesn’t comply, and she will tell Nathan to cut her off too. Obrecht relents. Nikolas is grateful to Britt. Obrecht observes to Britt that the plan is already working. She advises Britt to get to Nikolas through Spencer. Nikolas tells Elizabeth to thank Britt for getting her job back.

Alexis asks Sam if she thinks Nina staged her fall. Sam tells her that Patrick asked her the same question. Sam doesn’t want to be paranoid. Silas insists that Nina go with him to the hospital so that she can receive physical therapy from a trained professional instead of her uncertified private nurse. Silas, Nina, and Rosalie arrive at General Hospital moments after Sam arrives to meet with Patrick about the car accident case. Nina apologizes to Sam for ruining her date with Silas. Sam says the person who ruined her date was the no-show nurse. Rosalie gets cocky with Sam. Silas wants to talk to Sam privately, but she says she has an appointment and tells him to go to physical therapy with Nina. She whisks Patrick into the elevator.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

After Chelsea thanks Anita for babysitting, Chelsea asks Billy what happened with Victoria. Billy lets her know that Victoria wants a divorce. Chelsea advises him that he should give her what she wants. Victoria and Ben make love. In his office, Jack and Kelly discuss Ben and Billy’s trip to Australia and the fact that Billy brought up Kelly’s name. Jack asks Kelly about her and Ben. Colin, on purpose, knocks the tea out of Lily’s hand, so she wouldn’t drink the drug-induced tea which was meant for Jill. Colin offers to make more tea. At the police department, Summer checks on Austin. Summer refuses to leave Austin. In the park, while Neil is reciting his wedding vows to Hilary, Devon walks up which takes Hilary by surprise. Leslie arrives at the police station to inform Austin that she will be taking over his case instead of Avery. Summer becomes furious at that idea. Chelsea advises Billy to call Victoria on her bluff. While getting dressed, Ben lets Victoria know that Dylan is going to be a liver donor for Paul. Victoria asks Ben to tell her something about himself that she doesn’t know. Ben is cautious about telling her about his past. Kelly cannot understand why Billy would bring up her name in connection to Ben. Devon arrives at the park and agrees to be Neil's best man. Neil is thrilled. Hilary stalls when she is asked to say her, “I Do’s.” Ben asks Victoria where all this is coming from, her asking him questions about his past. Billy and Chelsea argue over the fact that she told him to give Victoria what she wants. Colin steals Lily’s cell phone.

Leslie asks Austin what had happened the night that he shot Paul. Jack and Summer argue over Austin. Lily and Kelly bump into each other at the Athletic Club. Lily lets her know that she and Cane are going to Paris. Lily cannot find her cell phone in her purse. Colin manages to drug Jill, and she lies down on the sofa to sleep. Colin calls his accomplice asking what to do to steal the necklace. Neil and Hilary marry. Devon offers them congratulations. A man breaks into the Chancellor estate and finds Jill asleep on the sofa. He manages to undo the necklace from around her neck and is just about to leave when Lily comes in. In the scuffle, the man drops the necklace onto the floor. Lily gives the necklace back to Jill. Summer visits Austin. At the Athletic Club, Kelly asks Ben what happened with Victoria. Ben says that he could not end it with Victoria because he loves her. Kelly consoles him by hugging him. Jack witnesses the hug. Colin arrives home and Jill and Lily tell him what happened. Leslie visits Victoria and finds out that she wants her to draw up the divorce papers. Jack overhears Kelly tell Ben that she still loves him.

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