Tuesday 6/24/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne oversees Aly put her arms around Oliver’s neck and tell him that he is good for her. Thorne makes sure that she is needed downstairs. He tells Oliver things would be a lot better if he knew what his intentions were. He is not going to bite his head off unless he has to. He just wants to warn him that it is frowned on for employees to consort with other employees romantically. Plus Oliver is a lot older than Aly. But Aly has come a long way this year helped largely by Oliver and he knows his daughter has fallen seriously for him. That is why they are having this chat. Aly is at a critical stage in her life so if Oliver’s intentions are not true and honorable then end it right now. Oliver says he can stop now. His intentions are true. Aly interrupts before either can say more. She realizes immediately that Thorne wanted to talk to Oliver alone. Thorne tells Aly that she has stepped out of the darkness into the sunshine and that is all he wants for her to be happy. So he is going to trust Oliver and stick around a little bit. Aly questions Oliver of what he and her dad talked about. He says Thorne wanted to know his intentions….and he told him that Aly had fallen for him. She says he was right.

While discussing Ridge returning, Hope tells Brooke that she has told neither her nor Liam but her father gave her a visit. She is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Brooke tells her to be careful as Deacon always has an ulterior motive. Hope says she is aware of his past history but he seems sincere. He regrets all those years of not knowing her when she grew up and he wants to earn her trust again. She really wants to have some sort of relationship with him and she has to believe that he will support her and Liam since he wants her to be happy.

Deacon shows up at Quinn’s per her request. She says Wyatt did not convince Hope to return to him. He was quickly run off the Forrester property. Quinn wants to help Wyatt; Deacon wants to help Hope so they should be able to work something out. Deacon tells her that he messed with his daughter’s life once before, he doesn’t intend to do that again. She refers to his help again and he looks around and says maybe something can be arranged. He needs a place to stay. She says she can not afford to put him up in the penthouse. He says her place will do just fine. She says okay, the warehouse has room; it’s a deal. They shake on it. She quips he might be worth the price after all. Deacon comes by at the office to see Hope. She wonders how he got past security. He reassures her that he only wants the best for her and he hears she is now back with Liam. He wants to make sure she is sure. Wyatt calls Hope after he finds her scarf at his place. He wants her to come over and just hang out and exchange war stories. She tells him he is making this difficult. Deacon is still there and she quickly ends the phone call. When Deacon questions her about Wyatt, she says he is Liam’s brother and will always be a part of her life, but she thinks it is better this way. When Deacon presses if Wyatt ever cheated on her or was loyal, she answers very loyal. But there was too much drama with his mother who she hopes Deacon never will be unlucky enough to run into. She wants to have children some day and Liam is strong and stable and frankly she does not want Quinn as a mother-in-law. Quinn barges through Liam’s door but he’s Johnny on the spot and stops her and asks what she wants. She says the usual and she is not going anywhere until she gets it. She is going to be here at his home, at the office, whatever it takes until Hope is out of his life. She says she is not going to stand down until Hope and Wyatt are back together again. Liam says that is textbook stalker behavior. She says call it what he wants but her new mission in life is to get rid of him once and for all. Hope and Wyatt will be together again. Liam calls her psychotic. After exchanging a few more barbs, she says all that he has been spreading about her will come back to haunt him. She will haunt him. And if he thinks he is scaring her, no, it only makes her stronger and more dangerous.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby became agitated after she fell into EJís arms.  EJ wanted to talk to Abby, but she wasnít interested.  Will and Sonny saw her at the mansion and noticed her behavior.  Sami and Kate talked about Samiís plan to make EJ and Abby pay for what they did.  Eve was shocked to find out that Paige was talking about Jackís son, Kate admitted that she gave Sami secrets from Mad World.  They discussed how they are helping each other out.  Abby explained to Will that she had to be Samiís wedding planner and maid of honor.  Will offered to help Abby with the plans.  Eve was vague about her past with Jack and Jennifer.  Paige wondered if she had a problem with Jack and Jennifer.  Eve wanted to go to the dinner after all.  Abby arrived home and told Jennifer and Jack that she wonít be able to make it to his graduation because sheís helping Sami with her wedding. Rafe discussed his guilt about Gabi being in jail to Jordan.  Eve convinced Paige that she and Jennifer were friends and that she wanted to see her.

Sami thought Kate knew something about Jordan.  Kate denied knowing anything.  Kate thought about having sex with Rafe.  Sami warned Kate that Rafe wouldnít go back to her.  Kate thought that Sami wanted to be back with Rafe after she dumped EJ.  Sami claimed she didnít want him back.  EJ asked Will to be his best man.  Paige told Eve that Jack wrote a book.  Paige wondered if Eve read the book before.  Rafe was upset that Jordan wonít confide in him.  Sami and Kate almost got into an argument when Kate thought Sami wanted to be with EJ after all.  Will agreed to be EJís best man.  Eve explained some of Jackís past to Paige.  Eve wasnít happy about Paige being with JJ anymore.  Paige didnít understand why Eve felt that way.  Rafe refused to mess up Jordanís life and wanted her to level with him.  Jordan said Rafe was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Kate saw Rafe and Jordan together and watched them.  EJ met with Abby and told her that they couldnít meet again.  Eve arrived at Jenniferís house and she was shocked to see her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina calls Silas to interrupt his date by making up a story that she fell out of her wheelchair. She tells Rosalie to leave for 30 minutes. Patrick sees Sam in the park, so he sits with her while she tells him about the Nina situation. Patrick wonders if Sam thinks Nina ruined her date on purpose. She wants to give Nina the benefit of the doubt. She tells Patrick that she took off her wedding ring, because it is time to let Jason go. Patrick flashes back to Robin choosing to save Jason over their family. Sam tells Patrick that she has not forgotten about finding out who ran him off the road. Silas goes home and gets Nina back into her chair. She tells him that his plaque is broken, because it fell when she tried to reach it, because she was so lonely that she wanted to hold something of his, then she fell. Rosalie goes to the Floating Rib to kill time and has a short conversation with Nathan. She downs Nathan’s drink and leaves. When Rosalie arrives at Silas’ apartment, he tells her that she would have been responsible if something had happened to Nina. Rosalie tells him that anything that happens to his wife is his responsibility and that it isn’t her fault that he called her at the last minute to take care of his wife while he went on a date with his girlfriend. She berates him for breaking his marriage vows. Nina privately gloats to Rosalie that Silas’ relationship with Sam will be over soon.

Nathan tells Mac that Maxie’s hearing was moved up a day and that she lost custody of Georgie again. Mac assures Nathan that it wasn’t his fault. He concludes that Levi convincing Maxie that she wouldn’t be a good mother was the cause of all the problems. Levi continues to try to isolate Maxie from her family and friends. Maxie wonders how the judge found out that Nathan lied. Mac calls Maxie and tells her that it isn’t over. Nathan tells Mac that he thinks Levi tipped off the judge. Meanwhile, Levi tells Maxie that Nathan accused him of tipping off the judge. Maxie believes Levi would never do such a thing. Levi flashes back to making the call to the judge using an American accent. Maxie confronts Nathan. Levi gloats.

Sonny forbids Ava to drink any wine during her pregnancy. She pours a martini. He smacks the glass out of her hand and warns her not to push him. She envisions Carly raising his brain-damaged child for him. He tells her that he is going to have Max remove every drop of alcohol from the house. She says she will find another way to torture him and that it will be fun. Franco confronts Carly about disappearing to Sonny’s house for hours. He asks her if her beef with Ava is that she slept with Morgan or that she slept with Sonny. She asks where that is coming from. He says he talked to Morgan. She tells him that Ava warned her that he is the jealous type. He observes that Morgan’s opinions are invalid to her and yet Ava’s are valid. He walks out when Sonny calls and goes to the Floating Rib. Mac tells Franco that Sonny imagines himself as better than the thug that he is and that, for some reason, every woman that comes into his orbit becomes addicted and can’t shake him. On the phone, Carly assures Sonny that they will get through it together. Ava calls someone and asks them to come to Port Charles.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Chancellor estate, Jill walks into the living room, wearing the 8 million dollar necklace. Colin is surprised that Jill even takes a shower wearing it. At the office, Jack sits behind his desk when Hilary walks in, carrying an armful of files and lays them on his desk. Hilary lets him know that she came in early and wants the rest of the day off because she is getting married. Jack is surprised by the news. At the Athletic Club, Lily makes nice when Neil joins her, and they discuss his upcoming nuptials to Hilary that very day. At the bar, Devon tells Cane all about his talk with Hilary and how he kissed her. At the condo, Anita questions Chelsea about her visit to Australia with Billy and how things were between them. Chelsea is surprised by the question and doesn’t know quite how to answer. Billy arrives at Victoria’s to see Johnny but finds out that he is at the park on a play date. Victoria questions him about his trip to Australia with Chelsea. Chelsea tells Anita that she and Billy went to Australia to visit Jenna to try to find out about Ben. Victoria demands to know what they found out about Ben from his ex-wife. They argue over Ben and the secret that he is keeping from her. Jack is surprised that Hilary is marrying Neil of all people. Neil and Lily reconcile their differences over his marrying Hilary. At the bar, Neil lets Devon know that he knows about his talk with Hilary. Colin advises Jill about wearing the necklace in the shower. Jill promises that she will get Esther to get a water softener. They smile as they kiss. After Jill leaves the room, Colin calls his accomplice concerning the necklace. Neil lets Devon know that Hilary doesnít deserve the treatment that she's been getting from both him and Lily. Neil asks Devon to be his best man, but he refuses. Billy and Victoria argue over Ben and his secret. Billy tells Victoria that she cannot love Ben.

Anita questions Chelsea about what's been going on between her and Billy. Chelsea confesses that she and Billy kissed. Victoria lets Billy know that this trial separation hasn’t changed anything between them, and she wants a divorce. At the Athletic Club, Ben bumps into Kelly. They discuss the fact that Ben is trying to make up for the things that he did, in killing a man. Ben lets Kelly know that Dylan gave Paul part of his liver to save his life. Neil meets with Judge Camden in the park right before the ceremony. Colin pulls a bottle of pills from his pocket and proceeds to put them into the tea. Colin yells for Jill. Billy visits Jack and finds out about Summer wanting to go to Canada with Austin. Billy and Jack argue over Kelly and her involvement with Ben. Ben lets Kelly know that he will break if off with Victoria. Hilary arrives at the park for the ceremony. Judge Camden interrupts them and tells them that they have no witnesses for the ceremony. Just then two strangers walk up and Hilary asks them to be the witnesses for the ceremony. Neil and Hilary recite their vows to each other, but Hilary is taken aback when Devon arrives. Billy orders Jack to check up on Kelly and her involvement with Ben. Ben visits Victoria. Victoria lets him know that she asked Billy for a divorce. Victoria kisses Ben and they make love. Billy visits Chelsea and lets her know what happened between him and Victoria. Anita watches them from upstairs. Kelly joins Jack for lunch. Jack tells her that it's time she told him the truth.

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