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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope hugs Wyatt. He says he knows his mother did a horrible thing and he seems to spend his life apologizing for her. But now that Ridge is okay, and he is glad he is, perhaps he can be part of Hope’s life in some way in the future. Liam comes out, so surprised to see Wyatt – not! Wyatt says he knows he could have phoned but some things are just better said in person. Liam says he should not be here. Wyatt says this does not have to be a big deal. They are brothers and they should get along. Liam says he snuck in here like he has done in the past and he won’t stand for that. Hope made a decision and Wyatt should respect that. Brooke tells Ridge that she knew when the rescue team was out there that he was going to come back to her….and Katie. Bill walks into Wyatt’s house but finds Quinn. She intimates that Wyatt is back with Hope now as they speak. Now that Ridge has returned, Hope will chill out and she will return to Wyatt. Bill says her claws stretched out half way across the world and ruined everything. And now with the selfie she has nothing on him. He tells her they are not a team and she is crazy if she thinks he will work with her in helping Wyatt get back with Hope. He says he has two sons and he is staying out of it, so should she. In fact he wants her out of his life altogether, like leave town….anywhere as long as it is far away. Quinn says she is not going anywhere over one little bump. Okay there is no more secrets; Brooke knows, but there is no reason they can’t all get along. He tells her again that neither he nor Brooke want anything to do with her so do them a favor and just leave.

Hope tells Liam that she made it clear to Wyatt that her decision stands, and she truly feels he was just happy for her about Ridge. Wyatt returns to find Quinn still at his house. He says Hope was glad to see him, Liam not so much. Quinn says Liam must be stopped. He tells her the last thing that he wants is help from her. Her help is toxic and he wants none of it ever again. Katie tells Ridge that this whole experience taught her that they have a life to live, and she can’t wait to start it. Ridge says all this love in this room is overwhelming. He has things to figure out in his head….he’s not ready to come back to work just yet. He does remember falling and the helicopter hovering, but when he woke up, he did not know where he was. He knew he was not home or around people that made him who he is. The more he thought, the more the memory blurred, so he just stopped. He knows he is home now for how his brother and his dad make him feel…..and this incredible woman, Katie, who waited for him. He tells Katie that he loves her and can’t wait to marry her. They hug while her tears fall.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve had an awkward meeting with JJ. He managed not to introduce himself to Eve as Paigeís boyfriend.  Paige talked to Jennifer about her mother coming home, but didnít tell her that Eve was her mother.  Rafe and Kate talked about his relationship with Jordan.  Rafe blamed himself for Gabi being in prison.  Kate tried to convince Rafe it wasnít his fault.  EJ and Sami wanted Abe to perform their wedding.  Jennifer and Paige bonded over Paigeís mother.  Jennifer was anxious to meet her.  Ben tried to convince Jordan that their secret would be safe.  Kate convinced Rafe not to end his relationship with Jordan.  Abe agreed to perform the ceremony.  Sami had to leave to meet Abby.  Paige conveniently couldnít open up her gallery on her phone.  Jennifer suggested that Paige bring her mother to dinner.

EJ ran into Rafe and invited him to the wedding. Sami met with Abby and tried to make Abby feel guilty by rubbing in her life with EJ.  Kate arrived at the hospital to see Jordan.  Kate talked to Jordan about being worried about Rafe.  Rafe turned down EJís invitation.  Abby and Sami continued to talk about the wedding.  JJ and Jennifer and Paige and Eve continued to talk about each other.  Jennifer wanted to show JJ a picture of her enemy in high school.  Kate advised Jordan to be there for Rafe.  Sami continued to go through with her plan to make Abby pay for being with EJ.  Later, Sami and Kate met in the park and talked about how their plan has to work.  Sami was determined to make EJ and Abby pay.  Abby was on a ladder and conveniently fell in EJís arms. Jennifer conveniently lost the picture of Eve. She and JJ continued to talk about Paige.  Paige finally let a shocked Eve know that they were meeting the Deveraux family.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas and Sam have a catered dinner in the park. Sam takes off her wedding ring as a gesture of letting go of the past and moving forward with Silas. Alone in Silas' home, Nina stands up, kicks her wheelchair, and screams. She cuddles the plaque and remembers throwing it when she broke into his apartment and trashed it with a crowbar. Her nurse sees her standing up and stamping on the plaque that she had given Silas. Rosalie warns her not to let anyone see her. Nina says Silas doesn’t know who his true enemy is. She says she is going to end Silas and Sam’s relationship. She says Silas, Sam, Ava, Kiki, and Madeline are going to pay. She calls Silas to interrupt his date and tells him that she fell and can’t get up.

Franco is stuck babysitting Josslyn while Carly is babysitting Ava at Sonny’s house. Kiki goes over to help Franco. Ava accuses Carly of being obsessed with Sonny. She warns her that Franco is the jealous type. Kiki asks Franco if he believes that Ava is staying with Sonny as protection from Julian. Franco goes along with that story. Carly wonders if it bothers Franco that Carly went running to Sonny’s house. He reveals that Morgan told him that it should bother him.

Maxie seeks comfort from Lulu after being denied visitation with Georgie for another 6 months. She wonders how the judge found out that Nathan lied. Maxie tells Lulu that at first Levi had her convinced that losing Georgie was for the best and that Nathan helped her to see that she was just scared. She wishes Nathan and Levi could get along. Nathan confronts Levi about being the only person who could have told the judge that he lied. Levi says that even if he did, Nathan couldn’t prove it. Nathan observes that only guilty people are concerned with proof.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his hospital room, Nikki tells Paul that Dylan is his son. Dylan overhears and is overwhelmed by the news. Paul begins to flutter his eyes which makes Nikki happy. Sharon tells Nick that she had been trying to call Mariah but with no luck. Nick lets Sharon know that he doesn’t want Mariah to come back to work at the Underground. At the Athletic Club, Ian offers support and encouragement to Mariah. Victor listens to them from the bar. Neil and Cane discuss Neil’s upcoming nuptials to Hilary and the effect it was having on the family. In the park, Devon tries to convince Hilary that she is in love with him instead of with Neil. Hilary still insists on marrying Neil. Leslie and Avery meet for coffee and to discuss Avery’s defending Austin after he tried to kill her. Avery asks Leslie to appear in court on Austin’s behalf. Christine and Paul’s brother rush into his room when they find out that Paul may be regaining consciousness. Nikki comes out of Paul’s room with tears in her eyes and sees Dylan. Dylan confronts Nikki about him being Paul’s son instead of being Ian’s. Dylan wants to be an organ donor for Paul, but Nikki fears for Dylan’s life. Leslie confides to Avery that Ian cannot be anyone’s father. After Ian leaves Mariah, Victor tells her that she is playing with fire and issues her an ultimatum if she hurts his family. Nick tells Sharon that this is over with Mariah; but seeing the hurt in Sharon’s eyes, he tells Sharon that he will not let Mariah come between them. Nick leaves abruptly. Cane and Neil discuss his upcoming nuptials to Hilary and the effect that it is having on Lily and Devon. Hilary and Devon argue over the feelings that he thinks Hilary has for him instead of Neil.

The doctor forbids Dylan to be an organ donor for Paul, but Dylan insists. Dylan blurts out that Paul is his father. Christine cannot believe her ears and wants to know what Dylan is talking about. Nikki confesses that Dylan is Paul’s son. Ian walks up and interrupts Leslie and Avery. Ian asks Avery about what she is doing since her brush with death. Nick pays Mariah and offers her her job back but puts conditions on it. Mariah accepts. Victor comes to the Underground to see Nick but encounters Sharon instead. Sharon asks Victor what he knows about Mariah. When Devon pulls her close and kisses her, Hilary pulls away and slaps him. Neil interrupts them. Neil gives her a choice to call off the wedding, but she refuses. Ian confronts Leslie about betraying his confidence and later she gets a call from the Bar Association. Ian confesses that he called them concerning her betraying his confidence.

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