Friday 6/20/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/20/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A big banner is hung “Welcome Back Ridge,” champagne is stocked, flowers sat out and lemons bars, brownies and much food and all is ready for the homecoming of the prodigal son. Hope tells Pam that she thought she was gonna keep it low-key. Pam says yeah but once her and Charlie got started…….Aly is concerned if they should be doing this at all if Ridge is still confused. Hope says they will take the cue from him once he is here. He’s alive and that is all that matters. Aly alerts them when she sees them coming. Eric, Thorne and Brooke are the first ones in and they all hug. Brooke thanks all of them for throwing this party. She says Ridge will be along in a few minutes. But she cautions them that Ridge suffered a severe concussion and is not quite himself yet, so they will all have to be patient. Finally Katie and Ridge walk in amid claps al around. Wyatt sits alone in his beach house reflecting on HOTT times when there is a knock at the door. It’s Quinn and he’s none too pleased to see her. She asks if she can come in and he says no. She says she just needs one minute. She knows he is upset with her for what she caused but that just got a lot less serious…..Ridge is alive. Wyatt is pleased to hear the news and Quinn barrels on past him. She says she thinks they are having a party as they speak at Eric’s. She remembers the times when they were invited to these little shindigs. Wyatt says Hope must be so relieved. Quinn says yes so now she can let go of that little bore she claims she cares about. When Wyatt looks skeptical she says surely now that she has not killed the heir to the Forrester empire that Hope won’t stay with Liam. This is her out and if she is smart she will waste no more time before she comes back to Wyatt. He says he can’t wait to tell Hope how happy he is that Ridge is home….if she will even let him. She does not want to be around either one of them, she made that very clear. Quinn says you can’t listen to what a person says when they are in the middle of a crisis, especially someone like Hope who is so easily swayed by her emotions. She was stressed and in pain and her way of dealing was taking it out on Wyatt. But now Ridge is alive and she will forgive Wyatt. And then maybe Wyatt can forgive her too.

Ridge says this is wonderful, friends and family and this is just where he wants to be. He says he is sorry he put them all through this, he could have handled it better. Katie says Quinn started it. Brooke adds that Quinn manipulated things as she knew exactly how Ridge would react. Aly asks if they can not talk abut Quinn. Hope says excellent idea as this is a celebration. She says mostly she kept wondering what the last thing she said to him before he left….if it was work or some stupid argument. And then he was just gone and she never got a chance to tell him how special he was to her. She says he always treated her as one of his own, better than her real father did. Ridge gave her someone to look up to when her dad was not really a role model. She says she loves him very much and is so glad he is back. She goes and gives him a big hug. Rick goes next and says he doesn’t remember their last conversation either but it really doesn’t mater. He is just glad he is back. He too gives him a big hug. Ridge slowly takes him by the shoulders and pats him on the back. Quinn tries to convince Wyatt to call Hope. He says no, she is at a party with Liam so she probably would not even answer or look at voicemail. But she must have a big smile so he will go see that smile in person. Thorne takes a phone call and tells Ridge that was Felicia. She and Kristen and making arrangements to come to make sure they see Ridge for themselves and that he is all right. Eric says Steffy and Thomas are on their way as well. Ridge wants to see his son. Brooke says the party would have been confusing so he knows nothing about what happened to Ridge; they kept all of that pretty vague. Katie says no child should have to go through that. Brooke spies Hope and Liam in a corner with arms wrapped around and she goes over. Hope tells her that she and Liam are back together. Brooke gives her a hug. Then Eric walks up. She tells him the same thing. She said she wanted to tell him that she ended things with Wyatt and not just personally but she made that decision for HFTF too. She says after what Quinn did she did not think she could work with her or Wyatt. Rick fired them but Eric is CEO so if he wants to do something else that is his call. Eric says Quinn is no longer welcome at FC so she made the right call. Brooke gives Eric the high sign that they need to talk. Liam tells Hope that Pam is giving him the stink eye from across the room so maybe he better go get one of her lemon bars. Hope turns around and sees Wyatt looking through the terrace window. She goes outside and asks what he is doing here. He says he knows he should have knocked but he doesn’t feel very welcome here what with members of his fan club here - Aly, Pam, Eric and Rick. He thinks even Stephanie’s portrait hates him. She says no one hates him but she thinks she made the right choice so she hopes that is not why he is here to change her mind. He says no, he just heard the news about Ridge and he had to come tell her how happy he is for her. He knows it does not take away what his mother did but just knowing Ridge is alive means the world to him. If something had happened to Ridge and they associated him with that, he could not have handled that. He says he wished he could have changed some things but at least her family got the ending they deserved so he is glad about that. She thanks him and gives him a hug just as Liam comes to the door. Katie catches Ridge leaning against a desk in the corner. She tells him they can leave at any time; she knows he has to be tired and needs his rest. He says not yet. He’s not himself but he’s going to have to pretend because this party is important to everyone. She says she doesn’t think her mind has caught up with her body yet and she still is afraid she will wake up and it really didn’t happen. He says he is not going anywhere unless it is with her. He knows there is a lot of missing pieces and he doesn’t know how long that will take. She says it is all okay and she will be right there to help him. He hopes she won’t regret those words. She says she does regret one thing. Before he left, they were talking about getting married and then that was over so quickly. She doesn’t want to wait. She can’t wait to be his wife…..unless he is not ready. He pauses then says surely she does not think he would come back from the dead just to string along Miss Katie. She smiles of course not and kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady saw drugs in Theresaís room.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Eve and her past with Jack.  They also talked about Daniel and how he and Jennifer are having problems.  Daniel went to Victor and Maggieís house and talked to them about Jennifer.  Brady was upset when he saw Theresa and Aiden talking to each other.  Aiden walked away from them.  Maggie wanted to know what went wrong between Daniel and Jennifer.  Jennifer told Hope that she was the one who told Eric the truth about Nicole because she didnít think Daniel would tell the truth.  Daniel told Maggie that Jennifer didnít believe in him.

Aiden showed up to Jenniferís house to tell her that he and Hope got the Salem Hall for the gala and brought up Jenniferís relationship with Daniel.  Brady wanted to talk to Theresa about their relationship.  He told her that he wanted more than fun.  Jennifer told Aiden that she and Daniel were taking a break.  Aiden and Hope left to talk about the catering for the gala.  Maggie tried to get Daniel to give Jennifer another chance.  Aiden and Hope talked went to the pub to talk about the gala.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan tells Julian that she needs to talk to the boss now or she’s out. As he's about to tell her who it is, Mickey Diamond enters the gallery and says their boss sent him to make sure that everything is running smoothly in his absence. He tells Julian to tell his girlfriend that he will be away for a few days. He tells Jordan that they will make a lot of money together as long as she never betrays the boss. Anna tells Alexis that continuing to see Julian is a bad idea. TJ knocks on the door. Alexis tells him that Molly moved in with Sam because she blames Julian for Ric’s death. Anna is flabbergasted to hear that Alexis is choosing Julian over her daughter. Alexis argues that Julian has left the mob and is no longer a threat, unless Anna isn’t telling her something. Anna asks her how she can be sure Julian is no longer involved with organized crime. Alexis asks Anna how she can be sure Duke isn’t. Anna says she has a much longer and deeper relationship with Duke than Alexis has with Julian, and she says she knows Duke went to work for Sonny when Julian resurfaced. She says she hopes Alexis doesn’t give up on her daughter because of Julian. Molly and TJ commiserate over their mothers choosing Julian over them.

Sam tells Molly that Silas’s wife is going to be living with him. She confides that she has a feeling that Nina isn’t as understanding as she is making it seem and that she seems passive-aggressive. Nina rubs it in Silas' face that Sam still wears her wedding ring. She observes that he still has the plaque that she gave him when he graduated medical school. He tells her that it got the crack in it when her mother had his apartment trashed. She encourages Silas to have a good time on his date with Sam, but her smile quickly disappears when he leaves. Silas tells Sam that he believes Nina wants them to be happy. Nina stands up, kicks her wheelchair, and screams. She cuddles the plaque and remembers throwing it when she broke into his apartment and trashed it with a crowbar.

Dante goes home and finds the place a wreck and Rocco and Lulu fast asleep. He wakes Lulu up. Lulu tells him that Rocco is getting a tooth and that nothing would placate him. Dante asks her if she is really ready to have another baby so soon. She says yes. Lulu wonders if Nathan is hot for Maxie. Maxie wonders how Judge Walters found out that Nathan lied about throwing her court notice away. Nathan glares at Levi. Since she hasn't changed her scheming ways, Judge Walters determines that Maxie can’t see her daughter for another 6 months. Diane assures Maxie that it isn’t over. Levi tells Maxie to center herself and breathe. Maxie says she doesn’t want to breathe and walks out. Nathan stops Levi from going after her. Maxie goes to see Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil and Hilary decide to get married tomorrow in the park. Cane tells Devon the news and encourages him to tell Hilary he is in love with her before it's too late. Devon meets with Hilary in the park later to tell her that he is in love with her. Abby sets up Mariah to make it look like she stole Noah's wallet. Abby tells Noah about the set up, and he later comes clean to Sharon and Nick about setting up Mariah. Mariah is so upset she quits her job and runs to Ian who tells her to be patient and wait because he is on her side. Victor overhears the conversation and tells Ian that he will make him pay for all the pain he has caused Nikki.

Leslie can't take it anymore and at the risk of being disbarred tells Nikki that Ian knew all along that he wasn't Dylan's father, because he is sterile. Leslie explains that when Ian was her client, he told her everything. She did some research and discovered that he was sued for paternity and had to submit documentation that he was sterile so the case was dismissed. Leslie tells Nikki that she spoke to Ian's doctor who confirmed that Ian was in an accident when he was a teenager which left him sterile. Nikki heads to the hospital to tell Paul the news. Todd tells her and Michael that Paul's condition has worsened and it may be time to administer last rights. Nikki pleads with Paul not to die now, because his family needs him, especially his oldest son Dylan. Dylan is stunned when he walks in and overhears Nikki saying that he is Paul's son.

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