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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Ridge it’s her, please remember her. Tell her that he remembers “us”. Bill asks Brooke about Ridge. She says he is with Katie now. But the doctors said it is amazing that he even survived the fall. Bill wants to know how long it will be before he recovers. Brooke doesn’t know but says he seems to be okay. Bill says except for that blank look in his eyes. Brooke says they just need to give him time. He does know who they are but they will have to be patient. Katie knows he is in a fog but she is hoping that will clear and he will be his old self again. Deacon returns to The Bikini and the bartender is asks him about the stunning brunette…a real piece of work. Suddenly Quinn walks in and tells the bartender they will both have a Kamikaze. Deacon says he got the text to meet her here but he is not sure what she means about a status report. She asks if he has seen Hope yet. He says not only has he seen her but he’s got news if she is buying. She accuses him of being a player and liking to stir the pot, so tell her before….he says before she spanks him like the bad boy he used to be. Okay, he say it’s hard to keep a good dressmaker down. Ridge has been found. Liam tells the group that Eric called Hope and looks like they are going to try to bring Ridge home tomorrow. Pam says that is why they are trying to rally the troops to have a big celebration. Hope says Ridge is okay and he will remember them but he has problems remembering certain things. He will be the same Ridge they know and love but he may be a bit fuzzy on some things. Rick says they will be supportive but meantime they have a party to plan. They have banners to make and food to bake and music so they all pitch in to help. Hope tells Liam that Pam lives for this. He says he lives for that smile on her face. Ridge surviving was nothing short of a miracle and he thinks they are pretty miraculous too. Quinn asks Deacon if he is sure about Ridge. He scoffs that he would lie to her about this. She says well he might if it benefited him. This makes him her friend and not her enemy. He calls her honey and says get this straight. The only person he needs in this town is his daughter, Hope, and that is exactly where he was when she got the phone call from Brooke. He says she looks relieved. She says maybe now people will stop persecuting her….and also her son. And especially his daughter. But she is not holding that against Hope. It’s that tofu-eating boyfriend of hers that is filling her head with lies. But all of that is gonna change with the help of a certain someone.

Bill tells Katie that the mind is a tricky thing and she shouldn’t press. She says she’s not, she is only trying to help. Ridge says he does not have amnesia but he is fuzzy on a few things. Thorne quips that a severe concussions can do that but with Ridge’s hard head……who knows. Ridge says his pesky little brother. Thorne adds and who is always jealous of him. He got the good looks and the brain. Eric says this is music to the ears as it means things are getting back to normal. He wants to know what Ridge can tell him about the helicopter. Bill asks if things are sketchy for him. Thorne asks if anything happened that caused the pilot to bank the chopper. Eric tells him to take his time. It will all come back eventually. Thorne says they need to get him home so he and Eric will talk to the pilots and make arrangements. Ridge says he remembers RJ and he knows Katie is Brooke’s sister. Deacon tells Quinn that he did not come back to town to interfere with his daughter’s love life although he admits he wants to see her happy. Quinn says Wyatt makes her happy and Liam has brought her nothing but grief. Deacon is quick to point out and yet Hope dumped Wyatt for Liam. Quinn says because she messed up, not Wyatt, and she is going to fix it. And Deacon is going to help her. He says like hell he is. And she could text Wyatt and not try to cling to him. She says she does not cling, maybe hover. But that is not what ruined the relationship between her and Hope and her and Wyatt. It was Liam spilling all his venom, it’s all his fault. Deacon says yeah like Quinn took the selfie that sent Ridge halfway around the world while she stood by innocently. But now that Ridge is alive that Quinn must think that will get her off the hook with Hope and wonderful Wyatt too. Quinn says yes Wyatt is wonderful and loyal and loving, a son any father would want for his daughter. Hope is going to settle down and realize she overreacted and then bring her and Wyatt back into the company. And even if she doesn’t let Quinn return, she will with Wyatt and dump Liam. It’s only a matter of time. Deacon says or only a matter of time on Mama Q’s part. Brooke tells Bill that Katie just needs to hear that Ridge remembers their relationship. And he doesn’t seem to. Ridge tells Katie that he doesn’t remember. She assures him that is okay. They have all the time in the world. He will remember walking in the park and dancing to music while the children played. And their poems; she never knew he liked poetry. And neither one of them saw it coming, but she wants him to know that he pursued her. And the minute that he tied that red ribbon on her finger she knew they’d be together forever. She is not going to believe anything else. “And the sunlight clasps the earth, the moonbeams kiss the sea: what is all this sweet work worth….if thou kiss not me?”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole let Marlena know that she wasn’t going to help Eric become a priest because of the way she and Sami treated her.  It led to the two of them arguing.  Nicole reminded Marlena of the things that she and Sami have done to Eric.  Victor fired Kate for stealing from the company and giving Stefano information.  Sami looked at the picture of EJ and Abby again.  She was ready to get revenge on them.  Nicole blamed Marlena for why she (Nicole) hurt Eric.  While Nicole and Marlena were arguing, Eric showed up.  Kate knew who told Victor what she was doing.  Sami continued to plan her wedding with Abby.  Kate went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami.  Marlena told Eric how Nicole said she wasn’t going to help him with the church.  He confronted her about it.  Kate found Sami and they got into an argument.  The argument ended up in a food fight.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy returns to Port Charles early and tells Michael and Kiki that she caught Luke during their honeymoon in the act with two masseuses and that she is getting the marriage annulled. Michael tells her that after he has verified the annulment, she can come back to work at ELQ. Tracy tells Luke on the phone that their plan worked like a charm and that she is getting ELQ away from Michael.

Alexis tells Julian about Silas and Sam’s situation with Nina. Julian tells Alexis not to defend him to Molly, but just to let her be angry. Molly tells Alexis that she is moving in with Sam, because she can’t stomach the sight of Alexis with the man who set her father’s death into motion. She sees Julian on the phone on her way out and asks him if he is talking to his real boss, which he is. Alexis tells Julian that Molly wishes they would break up. Julian says Alexis should break up with him, but she disagrees. Sam agrees to let Molly stay with her. Anna goes to the Jerome Gallery to question Jordan about her progress in finding out the identity of the Jerome family boss. Anna tells Jordan that Ric is alive and in Witness Protection. Jordan tells TJ that she wants a fresh start with him and that she won’t make the same mistakes. He tells her to prove it by quitting her job. She says she needs her job. He asks her if Ric Lansing was really her boss. She tells him that she took her orders from Julian and that she doesn’t know who Julian got his orders from. She demands that Julian allow her to talk to his boss immediately. Anna takes Ric’s personal effects to Alexis for her to give to Molly. She advises Alexis that continuing to see Julian is a mistake.

Silas tells Nina that he is taking Sam out on a date tonight. Nina compliments Silas’ taste. She tells him about her conversation with Sam about Jason. She says Sam obviously loved her husband very much. She presumes that Danny must take after his father, because he doesn’t look like Sam. She asks him if it bothers him that Sam still wears her wedding ring. Judge Walters asks Nathan if he lied when he said he threw away Maxie’s court notice without her seeing it. Levi stands up and says the point is that Maxie has changed and should get to see her daughter. The judge asks Nathan again. This time Maxie stands up and says Nathan didn’t lie, but that he didn’t know she had already seen the notice before he threw it away. She says she was afraid to go to the hearing but has since realized that her daughter deserves to know her mother. She pleads with the judge to allow her to be a part of her daughter’s life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Chelsea look into Kelly's background. When they find an article about the funeral of Kelly's son, Billy decides not to read it. Billy tells Chelsea he will find another way to find out Stitch's secret. Stitch tells Kelly that Jenna threatened to never let him have contact with his son if he told Victoria the truth, so he has decided not to tell Victoria about his past. Kelly tells Stitch that if Jack asks her a direct question about his past, she will have to tell him the truth. When Jack asks Kelly why she told Stitch about Billy's trip to Australia, she dodges the question by telling Jack she has decided to stay out of Billy's business.

Father Todd, Paul's brother, arrives to be with him and Christine. He encourages Paul to wake up, because his family needs him. Father Todd senses that something is bothering Stitch and offers to talk to him if he needs to. Stitch doesn't want to talk to Father Todd, so he encourages Stitch to talk to God. Stitch goes to the hospital chapel and tells God that he knows what he did and why he did it, and he hopes that God understands why he has to keep it a secret. Victoria comes into the chapel and wonders what Stitch wanted to tell her. He tells her he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Chelsea gives Billy a kiss after she hears him talk about what it feels like when you fall in love with someone. Chelsea quickly apologizes to Billy and tells him she kissed him, because she was overcome by memories of Adam. Abby isn't happy that Mariah is working at Nick's club and tells her that she will make sure everyone in town knows she is a bad person. Summer persuades Avery to help Austin with the charges against him.

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