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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amid her tears, Katie holds Ridge and says he is alive. He admits yes he is alive. He pats her back. She sighs that he has been gone like forever and for him never to do that to her again. He says he is sorry, and he won’t. Katie tells him not to apologize. He’s here, he’s alive and well and he’s beautiful. She has been so worried. Eric asks if Ridge can tell them where he has been. Slowly he says someone found him, took him in and now he is here. He is sorry he put them through this. Katie says again not to apologize. He has been in a freak accident and they will investigate it as soon as they get home as she knows he wants to get home. He says yes. Eric tells Brooke there is something a little off about Ridge. He’s not really present and they perhaps should be worried. But they are going to find out. He’s called a doctor and he’s on the way. Aly asks Rick if they know why Hope called this emergency meeting. No one knows. Pam says the suspense is killing her and it must be about Ridge. Finally Hope comes in and says she has news. Ridge has been found alive. They all cheer that Ridge is okay. Carter tells Maya that she has to stop eyeballing Oliver. She asks if it is obvious. He says yes. She says she can’t help it; alarm bells are going off. Carter says with Ridge’s situation this is not the time. Justin meets with Bill and asks if there is any word. Bill says no. Justin says this is not good. Every minute that goes by his chances of survival gets worse. Bill replies that he doesn’t know how in the hell this could go so wrong. He just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, let him go for a little swim. Justin says something that he forgot to tell Bill, and he’s not going to like it. Bill says great, let’s hear it. Justin says just before he got word from Bill to cool Ridge off, he thinks Ridge saw him. Bill tells Justin to never protect him at his own expense. He should have told him sooner. Justin says originally he was there just to pick up Bill and Brooke. He had no idea what was happening on the ground. Ridge had his own chopper there and he had no idea this chopper wasn’t his. Then Justin got the call to cool Ridge. He was surprised to see it was Ridge but he thinks he saw the SP emblem when he boarded. He might have put it all together. Bill is not happy but he says if Ridge is dead, it might be a moot point. Ridge keeps saying he is fine and wants to go home. Eric tells him they will wait and see what the doctor says. The doctor says from what he has been able to find out, Ridge hit the water pretty hard. The fall alone could have killed him, but he survived with a severe concussion. Brooke says they deserve some answers. They have been worried for days and the hospitals were on alert. The doctor says a family found him, that father was a doctor and took care of Ridge. Eric wants to know if there will be any after affects. The doctor says some memory loss and confusion. The brain can be tricky so only time will tell. Ridge should be monitored back in the states and he will be in touch with them. He tells Ridge that he has a lot of healing to do and for him not to be under any kind of stress. Ridge says that’s it, they should go home now. Katie asks if she can speak with Ridge alone. She asks if he remembers them. Hope and Liam hug that Ridge is alive when it was looking like they’d never find him. She says she was really scared and what she realized during all of this that she never told Ridge enough how grateful she was to have him in her life and how much he meant to her. Liam says yes almost losing one really opens your blinders what it would be like without them. She says she is sorry if that is how Liam felt about her, but she appreciates him even more now and will never stop telling him.

Aly thanks Oliver for his support and says she would have been a basket case without him. He says if she needs him, he’ll be there. It’s a given. Pam says thank goodness all of this hateful waiting is over. Rick says as furious as Ridge makes him, he did not want to learn to live without him. And he will tell him that now. Pam tells Donna she knows it is corny but she feels Stephanie had something to do with Ridge being found and bringing him back to them. She’d want him to experience what he is with Katie. Bill tells Justin that no one can find out he was piloting the chopper or that he dumped Ridge out. Justin says “we”. Just then Brooke comes in and informs them the best possible news; Ridge is alive and well. He is a little fuzzy and will have some memory loss but she is sure that will pass. Katie tells Ridge that she is sorry. That is the sort of thing he has probably been asked to avoid. He will have some confusion so all she really cares about is that he is standing there before her and that she can reach out and touch him. They had so little time together but now they will have plenty of time to pick back up where they left off. Hope tells the group to gather around. She says they are all her family and when a family goes through what they have they make vows. They make promises to be more aware and be more grateful to the people that mean the most to them. But people do fight and when that happens she hopes they will remember how they feel right now. She gushes that she feels so blessed to have them in her life. And she is so happy to have another chance to tell Ridge how much she loves him ……and all of them. Ridge pulls away from Katie and says he has a little boy at home that needs his dad. So he just wants to get home. Katie holds up her hand with the red ribbon and says he can not possibly know how much strength that ring gave her. She remembers when he put it on her finger….how romantic and unexpected it had been. And she’s going to take a leap of faith that he will remember every minute they have shared and how they fell in love and how they have planned on spending the rest of their lives together. She hopes he will remember that too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami and Abby talked about EJ and the wedding.  Nicole wanted to know if Eric was going to be a priest, but he didnít think he could be one because of her.  Daniel stopped himself from kissing Jennifer.  Eric told Nicole that the bishop wanted to talk to her and Daniel to make sure Kristen set him up.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to leave.  She thought he was giving up on them, but he said he wasnít.  They argued again over her thinking he wouldnít have told Eric the truth about Nicole.  Eric told Nicole that the bishop needed her and Daniel to prove that he was set up.  Eric also told Nicole that he would never believe a word she said again.  Marlena showed up and thought he shouldnít believe her.  Marlena wanted to know what was going on with Eric.  Daniel wanted time apart from Jennifer.

Eric told Marlena that Jennifer told him what Nicole did.  He apologized to her for the way he treated her when she was suspicious of Nicole.  Sami asked Abby to be her maid of honor.  Marlena comforted Eric.  Abby agreed to be Samiís maid of honor.  When Sami wanted Abby to hold EJís hands, Abby let go because she couldnít do it.  Sami said she knew what was going on.  Marlena went to see Nicole.  Marlena ripped into Nicole for keeping the proof of Ericís innocence to herself.  Nicole didnít take Marlena yelling at her so she yelled back.  Sami thought that Abby was upset about Chad.  Nicole told Marlena to leave.  Marlena gladly wanted to leave.  Before Marlena left, she warned Nicole that it was over between her and Eric.  Nicole told Marlena that Eric would never be a priest again because she wasnít going to help him.  While EJ tried to calm Abby down, Sami looked through a briefcase and found a picture of EJ and Abby kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael and Kiki try to figure out why Sonny would move Ava into his house knowing that it would hurt Morgan. Neither of them thinks it’s romantic. Michael thinks they should stay out of it. Michael tells Kiki that Morgan is moving out of Carly’s house, because Franco is moving in. Kiki says Michael should stay out of it. Michael tells her that ELQ is tearing down the brownstones in a distressed area and building high-rises in their place. He tells her that Morgan is going to move into Bobbie's old brownstone rent-free as part of a pilot program. She asks him if there is a room for her. He says she should move in with him, but she doesn't want to spoil their relationship. Tracy interrupts their kiss. Morgan tells Carly that he is moving out, but he doesn’t tell her where he is going. He tells her to continue playing house with Franco and that Sonny and Ava can do the same. Carly is surprised to hear about Sonny and Ava’s living arrangement but assures Morgan that Sonny didn’t move Ava in for romantic reasons. Carly wants to go to Sonny’s house. Franco says she should stay out of it, but she goes anyway. Franco tells Morgan that he doesn’t care if he likes him and he doesn’t even have to be civil to him but that he should consider staying for his mother. Morgan says it isn’t about Franco. He warns Franco that Carly will always run to Sonny’s rescue. He adds that he just lost the woman he loves to Sonny and that Franco should be worried. Sonny tells the maid to let Ava clean up after herself. Dante confronts Sonny about breaking Olivia’s heart by sleeping with Ava, getting her pregnant, and moving her in. Sonny says it is because of Connie. Dante wonders what Connie has to do with it. Carly arrives and tells Dante that Sonny got together with Olivia too soon after Connie’s death and that instead of breaking it off rationally, he sabotaged the relationship. Dante doesn’t buy it, but he leaves.

Silas wonders why Sam is at his house with Nina. Nina says Sam has a problem with her staying there. Sam says she just discussed options, because it would be uncomfortable for Nina to see them together all the time. Silas wishes she had at least told him that she was going to come. He tells her that he owes it to Nina to take care of her, and he needs Sam to accept it. He tells Nina that he is taking Sam out tonight.

Olivia tells Lulu that she has made all the arrangements for Rocco’s christening. They remember Connie’s christening and the discovery that she was really Maxie’s baby. Olivia tells Lulu that Rocco will have a boring christening unless Sonny brings his pregnant goomah. Lulu tells Olivia that there might be a chance for her to carry her next child, but that it would be risky. Olivia says there could be complications if she uses a surrogate too. When Dante meets Olivia and Lulu, Lulu tells him that she has decided to have the procedure. Maxie goes to the courthouse for her custody hearing and is surprised to see Nathan there. Nathan says Judge Walters requested his presence. When the judge enters, he says he has reason to believe that Nathan lied when he said he accidentally threw away Maxie’s notice about the first hearing. He asks Nathan to restate it under oath. Nathan agrees to do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jenna refuses to tell Billy anything about Stitch's past, so Chelsea thinks that since Stitch and Kelly are connected somehow they should look into Kelly's past. Stitch promises Kelly that he will tell Victoria the truth today, but then he gets a call from Jenna telling him that if he tells Victoria his disgusting secret, she will move again and not tell him where she is, so he can't have any contact with his son. Jack and Nick try to persuade Summer that she should forget about Austin, because he is a bad guy who is going to jail for shooting Paul. Summer insists that Austin did something wrong, but he isn't a bad person, and she is determined to help him. Summer asks Avery to be Austin's lawyer even though Austin waived his right to a lawyer and gave a full confession.

Nikki is touched when Victor tells her that he admires Dylan for his military service and because he is willing to be a donor for Paul. Nikki tells Victor she will never forgive him for what he did to Sharon, but Paul being shot made her realize that life is too short not to spend it with the people you love. Nikki asks Victor if she can come back home and they share a kiss. Dylan asks Stitch if he can be Paul's donor, but Stitch says he can't allow him to put his life at risk to save Paul. Victor promises to help find a donor for Paul. Nikki tells Victor she couldn't tell Dylan that Paul may be his father until she has proof that it is true.

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