Tuesday 6/17/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/17/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is walking the beach and suddenly in the distant she sees a figure all in white that looks just like Ridge from the back. She runs toward him and when he turns around, it is Ridge. Gasping with tears in her eyes, she runs into his arms but he doesn’t say a word nor does he act like he really knows her. Hope is surprised to open her door and find Deacon there. He said he just rolled into town and it’s been far too long. And he wasn’t even sure she’d want to see him. He asks if Brooke is home and Hope says no and lets him in. Hope fills him in quickly on what happened to Ridge and why Brooke is away. He tries to convince her that he has a good feeling about this and Ridge will be fine. She says she hopes he is right as losing Ridge is not an option. Too many people are counting on him. Deacon says he knows that Ridge was more of a father to her than he ever was. He ruined her wedding in Italy. Hope says she has had a lot of time to think about that and it wasn’t all Deacon’s fault. Bill Spencer put him up to it. She hasn’t forgotten but all she can think of now is Ridge. Deacon is surprised to hear about Ridge and Katie as that came out of left field. Then he asks about the man in Hope’s life. She tells him it is still Liam. Deacon wants to know if he is good to her, and she replies that he is wonderful. That’s all Deacon wants to hear. He says she deserves the best. He is going to stay n town this time. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think of her and wants to build a relationship with her. He knows he has to earn that but he wants to be her dad.

Thorne and Katie have lunch and she says she just has to keep thinking that Ridge is out there alive and someone will find him. Thorne says he can’t go through this again, first losing Darla and his mother and now Ridge. He knows they have had their differences but he is his big brother and always there for him. Brooke rushes into Eric’s room and shows him Ridge who is behind her. Stunned, Eric grabs Ridge and gives him a big bear hug. Ridge just holds on. He finally says he is not sure what all the fuss is about. Eric wants to know everything that has happened to him and what he needs now. Ridge says just to go home. Eric says Ridge is going to go home to the best homecoming ever seen. He tells Ridge that both Thorne and Katie are here and will be so glad to see him. Ridge says that’s nice. Eric looks to the sky and tells Stephanie their boy is here. Ridge wants to know how long before they can get out of here. Eric tells him he needs to take a moment and catch his breath. Ridge says he feels fine. Eric says he will go tell the search team and Brooke says she will call Hope. Of course Hope is ecstatic and even hugs Deacon. He is so happy for her. She says with him coming and now Ridge this might be the most epic day of her life. She’s got to let everyone know. Deacon says he will leave her with that. He knows they have a lot of celebrating to do. Brooke tells Ridge that Hope was so happy…they all are. They knew he was out there. She knew it in her gut and in her heart. They have been connected for so many years, spiritually, emotionally, physically. And that is a bond that goes on forever. She will always feel that and knows he will too. She says she will always love him and he is her best friend. They will run to the end of the earth for each other and that is what he did to come here to save her. Ridge says it didn’t quite turn out the way he planned. She says he is still her hero and it turned out all right as he is standing here. She gets to look into his eyes and know RJ still has his father. She adds that she doesn’t know what she would have done if she had lost him. He says he is not going anywhere. She says she wants to hear every little detail but right now she just wants to hold onto him and never let go. As she is hugging him Katie walks in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric took the proof that Kristen raped him to the church.  Sami confronted Nicole.  Jennifer went to see Daniel.  Rafe was surprised to wake up next to Kate.  Daniel thought he and Jennifer needed space, but she didnít think they did.  Sami wanted to know why Eric dumped Nicole.  Rafe and Kate thought what they did was a mistake.  Eric told a priest that Nicole had the information that could have cleared his name.  Nicole and Sami argued over Eric.  Jennifer kept trying to get Daniel to get back together with her, but he wasnít ready.  Kate didnít want what she and Rafe did getting out because it would ruin things.  Jennifer tried to convince Daniel that what she did was the right thing, but Maggie interrupted them.  The priest told Eric that he wanted to interview more people before he made a decision.  Eric told the priest that he was going to be married a few days ago.  Nicole kept bringing up how Eric accused her of raping him.  She also let it slip that she hid something from Eric.  Sami figured out that Nicole had the proof that could have cleared Ericís name.  They ended up in a fistfight.  

Maggie was upset with what Gabi did to Melanie.  Daniel comforted her about it.  Eric stopped Nicole and Sami from fighting.  Nicole tried to blame Sami for not trying to help clear Ericís name.  She also reminded Eric that Sami chose to be with EJ after what Kristen did to him.  Eric pulled Sami aside and agreed with Nicole saying that Sami was with the enemy instead of helping him.  Sami was upset that Eric was taking sides, but he said he wasnít.  She reminded him that Nicole had the proof of what Kristen did.  Eric told Sami that EJ knew what Kristen did, but she stayed with him.  Eric wanted Sami to leave.  When Maggie left, Jennifer continued to talk Daniel into giving them another chance.  He didnít want to be with someone who didnít believe he would do the right thing.  She begged him to give her another chance, but he didnít want to.  Nicole wanted to know if Eric was going to be a priest again.  Jennifer didnít accept what Daniel was telling her.  The two of them ended up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian offers Sonny his condolences for the death of his brother. Sonny tells him that Anna said Julian worked for Ric and Ric said he didn’t so he wants to hear from Julian which version is true. Julian says the truth is that he worked for Ric and that he is out of the business now that Ric is dead. Sonny says Sam’s son is the only thing stopping him from killing Julian. Julian says he isn’t Sonny’s true enemy. Sonny asks him who is. Julian names Ava. Sonny tells Julian to stay away from Ava. Julian wonders why Sonny is protecting the woman who shot his girlfriend.

Morgan tells Michael that Franco is moving into their mother’s house. Michael advises Morgan to let it go. Michael tells Morgan that he might have a way to resolve Morgan’s employment and housing situation. Franco has a lot more stuff than Carly expected. Josselyn hates Franco. Morgan tells Michael that Ava has moved in with Sonny, that she is pregnant, and that she doesn’t know who the father is. He says Ava and Sonny’s excuse was that Sonny is protecting Ava from Julian. Michael doesn’t think Sonny and Ava are romantically involved. Kiki goes to visit Ava and asks her why she is living at Sonny’s house if she loves Morgan. Ava says she didn’t have a choice. She says Sonny is protecting her from Julian after Julian tried to kill her. Kiki tells her to fix it and find another place to go. When Ava waffles, Kiki concludes that Ava is working an angle, as usual. Kiki goes to ELQ where she and Michael compare notes about their conversations with Morgan and Ava. Morgan tells Carly that he is moving out.

Ava reads the news and sees the article about Silas’s wife being alive. Silas tells Nathan that he told Nina about Sam and that Nina will be staying with him until her finances are freed. Nina stares at her wedding picture. Sam goes to Silas’ apartment to talk to Nina. Nina assures Sam that she isn’t going to insinuate herself into her relationship with Silas. Sam concludes that it must be difficult for Nina to live at Silas house considering the feelings she has for him. Sam confides that she has wondered how she would react if she saw her dead husband across the lawn in a wheelchair. Silas arrives home and wonders what Sam is doing there. Nina says she thinks Sam has a problem with her living there.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil asks Hilary to marry him. Despite Hilary's doubt that it is too soon, Neil persuades her that they have a good relationship and he wants to marry her. After Hilary accepts his marriage proposal, Neil puts a beautiful ring on her finger. Cane persuades Lily to trust that Neil knows how to handle his life. Lily tells Neil that although she will never accept Hilary as part of her life, she has no right to tell him how to handle his relationships. Lily promises Neil she won't cause any more trouble for him and Hilary, but she is visibly shocked when Neil tells her that he and Hilary are engaged. Neil meets Leslie's husband Dr. Barton Shelby who is the doctor treating Paul, and Neil wishes him and Leslie all the happiness in the world. When Leslie notices the beautiful ring on her finger, Hilary tells her she and Neil are getting married. Leslie is also shocked by the news.

Dylan is ruled out as a donor for Paul because the operation could be too taxing on his other organs. Due to his previous war injures, there is a risk he could die. Willa tells Victor and Nikki that Ian is medically unable to father a child. Nikki tells Victor the only other person she was with at the time was Paul. Victor thinks Willa may be lying, so he tells his private detective to find out the truth and also to try and figure out why Ian would lie about being Dylan's father. Christine tells Lauren she had a dream that Paul went away, but she had a child who brought Paul back home. Dr. Shelby tells Christine that Dylan can't be Paul's donor and that Paul will only last a few days if a donor isn't found for him. When Dylan tells Nikki he can't be a donor for Paul, she wonders if she should tell Dylan there is a chance Paul is his father.

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