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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The search team has done all they can and tell Brooke, Eric and Katie they have called off their search. Bill offers three tines the money they were paid but the captain says that won’t do any good. They have covered all the bases and Ridge is not out there. Katie wants to find the chopper pilot as he surely would know where he dropped Ridge. Eric says and yes be faced with a criminal suit. Bill looks worried. Brooke calls home and speaks with Hope and tells her no good news but she will try to call RJ tomorrow morning. She has a good feeling about today. Hope tells Aly that she'd like to be friends with her again. Aly says she always was. Hope says that she was confused for a time about her values and she does not feel she has that right to tell other people how to lead their lives. There is a balance there and carefree doesn’t mean being reckless. Quinn does not believe this man sitting beside her is Hope’s daddy, Deacon Sharpe, but finally comes around and thinks they can help each other. She fills him in on Liam who is leading Hope around by the nose, and her own son who is in love with her and better for her. And yes they both are Spencer’s. She gives Deacon her cell phone number and suggests he go see Hope since she just lost her surrogate father who fell out over the gulf and has not returned.

Wyatt shows up at Liam’s who is actually friendly to him. He offers him some ice cream with nutty toppings. Wyatt says it still has freezer burn on it. Liam laughs that he still has it since Wyatt moved out. Wyatt apologizes for hitting Liam and asks Liam not to marry Hope. He’s still not right for her. He doesn’t think it is over between them. Liam says he knows Wyatt wants to believe that, but things are good between the two of them and nothing will ever change that. Deacon shows up while Hope is alone at home and she is stunned to see him at her door. Brooke needs fresh air and walks the beach. There in the distance she sees a figure all in white with his back turned but it looks like Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was upset with Kate for saying that EJ shouldnít marry her.  Kate said she would be the only Mrs. DiMera.  When Brady was about to take drugs, John showed up.  Sami wanted to know why Kate was trying to ruin her life.  After they argued, Kate walked away.  Sami wanted to get married right away.  Brady didnít want to be bothered with John.  John figured out that Brady was high.  EJ didnít want to get married right away.  Sami tried to convince EJ to marry her sooner.  Rafe blamed himself for what happened to Gabi despite Jordan telling him that it wasnít his fault.  He wasnít interested in her comforting him.  He wanted her to leave him alone.  Brady denied being back on drugs, but John didnít believe him.  Brady threw John out of the mansion.  When John wouldnít leave, Brady wanted to leave.

When Brady and Theresa met at the town square, they saw John there.  They decided to go back to her place.  Sami wanted Abby to help plan their wedding.  Abby refused to plan EJ and Samiís wedding because she was busy.  Sami tried to get Abby to change her mind and plan their wedding.  EJ and Abby were noticeably uncomfortable.  Kate comforted Rafe about Christina.  Abby finally agreed to plan EJ and Samiís wedding.  When Sami left to get Johnny, Abby was upset that EJ talked her into planning the wedding.  EJ and Abby argued over planning his wedding.  Rafe and Kate slept with each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina sees cocaine coming out of Rafe’s nose. He hands her the rest of his coke and begs her not to tell Silas. She says she won’t this time, but she will if she catches him again. Silas tells Sam that he revealed their relationship to Nina. Sam feels badly for Nina. He tells her that Nina is going to continue to recuperate at his place. Sam goes to see Silas' wife.

On the phone, Julian tells Fluke that Ric Lansing is dead. Duke sees Julian in the park and warns him that he doesnít live by the same legal constraints that Anna does. Julian says he is ready to put their feud behind them. Duke says he will have his vengeance. Julian wonders to himself how he will face the people who cared for Ric. Sonny goes to the police station demanding that Anna tell him how his brother was killed in police custody. He tells her that Ric swore that he was framed. She tells him that they have extensive documentation linking Ric to Julianís operation. Sonny is annoyed that Anna let Julian go after he gave him to her on a silver platter. She tells him that he is lucky that she hasnít gone after his coffee business. He tells her that she would have to go after her boyfriend. He's not happy that she didn’t hold up her end of the deal to send Julian to Pentonville, so Duke shouldn’t have to hold up his end of the deal to quit working for him. Anna tells Sonny to leave Julian and Duke alone. Sonny finds Julian in the park.

Felix assures Sabrina that the people who love her will help her get through her grief. Her cousin Juan goes to her apartment. Maxie talks to Patrick at the church and is surprised that Robin isn’t there. Patrick confides that he thinks their marriage is over. While Levi is waiting to meet Maxie in the park, he accuses Nathan of murdering Ric. Nathan asks him why Ric’s death isn’t part of the grand plan that he pushed on Maxie when she was grieving the death of a baby. Levi tells Nathan to stay out of his and Maxie’s business and accuses Nathan of wanting to be more than a friend to Maxie. Nathan reveals that he and Maxie went for drinks together at the Floating Rib and that Maxie ate his meat. Maxie arrives just in time to see Levi punch Nathan. She wants to know what they were fighting about. Nathan tells her that Levi made a comment about Ric Lansing’s death. Maxie escorts Levi away from Nathan and into the church for the funeral. When Elizabeth arrives, Patrick tells her that he knows she is grieving Ric and that she doesn’t have to stay. She says she belongs with the people that she loves, which are Sabrina and him. Felix, Sabrina, and Juan go to the church. Elizabeth is happy to see that Juan was able to come. Anna, Duke, Lulu, and Olivia go to the funeral. Rafe arrives and watches from the back. After the service, Levi apologizes to Maxie for being insensitive to her loss. She asks him to get along with Nathan. Duke tells Anna that he wonders what their life would be like if their child had lived. He says he won’t stand for Julian to walk free when their child doesn’t. Sabrina tells Patrick that she is leaving for San Juan today for a change of scenery. Patrick tells her not to forget that he and Emma are her family now. She promises that she will come back. He tries to give her Gabriel’s hospital bracelet, but she tells him to keep it. He stays in the church crying after everyone else has left.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah talks to Ian and recites everything Sharon has done to help her. She even mentions that Sharon persuaded Nick to give her a job at his club. Ian tells Mariah that she could use Sharon to get even more and advises her not to let her bad relationship with her mother get in the way of her forming a relationship with Sharon. Mariah doesn't want to take advantage of Sharon but agrees to think about his idea. Ian tells Mariah that if things don't work out with Sharon, she always has a place in his family. Ian also tells Mariah to stay away from him, because the people in Genoa City don't like him, and it isn't good for her to be seen with him. Nick thinks that if he would have taken the DNA test sooner and told Jack and Summer the truth, her life wouldn't be such a mess right now.

Dylan gets tested to be a possible liver donor for Paul. If the test results say that he is a match, he is determined to be Paul's donor. Stitch thinks that Dylan is trying to do this because he blames himself for what happened to Paul. Stitch also thinks that Dylan is trying to save Paul because he couldn't save his best friend Sully who died in the war. Avery doesn't think Dylan has considered all the risks of the surgery and wants him to take some time to think. Dylan insists that if he is a match, he will be Paul's donor. Billy and Chelsea get close to getting Jenna to tell them Stitch's secret, but Jenna has to go pick her son up from school. Jenna tells them they can come back later, but after Billy and Chelsea leave, Jenna hears the message Stitch left for her on her cell phone. Victoria feels a little jealous when Jack tells her that his friend from the airline told him that Billy and Chelsea arrived in Australia a few hours ago. Austin decides to go back to Genoa City and turn himself in to the police. Summer hears him being arrested while she is talking on the phone with Nick.

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