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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope stares at her iPhone but no new messages. Liam assures her that Ridge will be found and will come home. There’s a sudden loud knocking at the door several times. Liam opens it and Quinn pushes past to get to Hope. She tells her that she can not punish Wyatt for what she has done. She says she cares too much about Hope to watch her do this to herself. She says coming back to Liam is a mistake. He jumps in then and says okay this is enough. She is wasting her breath. She pushes him away and says she is not talking to him. She is talking to Hope. She is making Wyatt pay for something he hasn’t done. She says they don’t have to worry about her. She won’t be an issue. She will not be a problem in Wyatt’s life anymore. FC and QAJ is finished. Hope knows how much that contract meant to them but it means nothing compared to what Hope means to Wyatt. Hope says she understands Wyatt is hurting right now. Quinn says yes. He said things tonight that a mother never wants to hear. She says she will back off if Hope will please just not turn her back on her son. Firmly, Hope says she has made her decision. Ridge is gone and they are all dreading the day they may have to tell RJ that his father is gone. And Quinn has the audacity to waltz in here and wants Hope to try and fix her relationship with her son. Quinn says no but this is all wrong. Her family is in a crisis and Liam feels like a security blanket, all warm and cuddly but crisis's can pass. Hope says she only wishes good things for Wyatt but her future is with Liam. Stability and security may seen very boring to Quinn but they are essential to Hope. She says someday when she and Liam get married they will have kids and Wyatt will be part of that as their uncle. He’ll always have a place with them but their relationship is over. She is in love with Liam.

Wyatt is slowly packing up all the jewelry in his office when Caroline comes in. She is sorry. He says it is as bad as it can get and he sees nothing positive in it. She says no one is giving up on Ridge yet so he could still be alive. Wyatt hopes that he is. He explains that he has spent most of his life trying to protect his mom from these impulses, but it’s time he started thinking of himself. She’s really not selfish, just reckless. She does whatever she wants when she wants it without seeing consequences. He says Hope changed him. He saw the value in honesty and for doing right for the right reasons. He did not grow up with that. Hope doesn’t just see the best in people; she brings it out of them. But his mother is still his mother. But she knew about Ridge and Wyatt with Hope, but that didn’t seem to matter. And now she wants to go to Hope and fix it. He tried to stop her but he doubts it could get any worse if she did. Wyatt tells Caroline that Hope still loves him but she does not see herself in a life with him… least not the one she wants. Life with his mom would be too much, for anyone, not just Hope. He says he is not defending her anymore and this has to stop. There is no getting Hope back with his mom in his life. But there is no going back or hanging his head down as if none of this ever happened. It’s a long shot but there is only hope. Quinn leaves and Hope and Liam discuss how hurt she is. She’s lost her job and now probably her son. But Wyatt is out of Hope’s life and that is a good thing. She’s the strongest person that he knows. Look how they have grown together. Quinn did say one good thing tonight. This crisis will end. She says she thinks she will go back to the office and just stay behind a closed door for a while. He promises her that there is nothing……absolutely nothing that will interfere with their happiness now. Quinn goes to the Bikini Bar and plops down, asks for a whiskey and to leave the bottle. The bartender says he will give her a refill but nothing more than that. She argues that he surely doesn’t think she wants to get drunk. Someone is watching all of this go down. He finally comes over and starts to sit beside the lady at the bar. She says she is no lady and he does not want to sit there. She says she can buy her own drinks, so maybe he can try his pickup lines down at the end of the bar. She quips that she’s had a really bad day and he does not want to hear about it. But if he will go away she will tell him. She just got fired and she is about to lose her son too. He has been her whole life since he was born. He’s not sick but he fell in love. He found the perfect woman and she has never seen him so in love until she screwed it up for him. The guy says well there are lots of other women out there. Quinn says not like this one. She even grew to love her. She had that affect on people. He might even know her if she mentioned the name…..Hope Logan. She realizes he does recognize the name. Deacon Sharpe says, “Honey, I’m her daddy.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ overheard Kate talking about taking control over DiMera Enterprises.  Hope wanted to talk to Rafe about Gabiís case.  Sami thought Marlena wanted her to be in prison.  Hope wanted to talk to Rafe about the other crime Gabi confessed to.  Sami explained why she helped Gabi.  Marlena wanted Sami to take responsibility for her actions.  Rafe told Hope he would tell Daniel what Gabi did.  Marlena kept telling Sami that she should take responsibility for what she did, but she refused to because it was Nick.  Sami regretted that Nick was pulled out of the river before he died.  Will was upset that Sonny didnít tell him what Gabi did to Melanie.  Marlena played the message Nick left for Sami.  Sami didnít care if Nick was going to change.  She was still glad that Nick was dead.  Sami ended up leaving the pub.

EJ told Sami that he was concerned about Kate.  Sonny told Will how he found out what Gabi did to Melanie.  Sonny apologized for keeping Will in the dark about Gabi.  Will was willing to forgive him.  Rafe went to Danielís apartment to tell him that Gabi hired Andrew to stalk Melanie.  Marlena comforted Hope about Nick.  Sami was determined to keep Kate from coming between them.  Rafe explained to Daniel what Gabi did to Melanie.  Rafe admitted that he knew for a while what Gabi did to Melanie.  He also said he told Gabi not to say anything.  Daniel was upset that Rafe didnít tell the truth.  Daniel blamed Rafe for why Melanie left town.  Rafe apologized, but Daniel didnít want to talk.  Rafe left the apartment.  Kate and Sami argued because Sami accused her of trying to ruin her wedding.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke declines Sonny’s offer to come back to work for him. Sonny confides to him that AJ didn’t kill Connie; Ava did. He says he wishes he could tell Morgan, but he can’t because Ava would reveal that he shot AJ. He says the only good thing about the situation is that the truth will die with Ava after the baby is born.

Brad encourages Britt to talk to Nikolas. She doesn’t want to set herself up to be rejected. Nikolas stops her to say he is sorry that she lost her patient, Gabriel. She says that means a lot since he hates her. He says he doesn’t hate her, but he is angry with her. Maxie and Nathan go to the Floating Rib and are surprised to see Nikolas talking to Britt. The news of Ric’s shooting is broadcast on the TV in the restaurant. Nikolas takes off to find Elizabeth. Maxie is shocked when the newscast says Nathan shot Ric. Nathan tells her that he is not allowed to talk about it. Maxie encourages him not to feel guilty about doing his job. He asks her why she fought with Levi. She says Levi had no compassion when she told him that Patrick and Sabrina’s baby died. He says he is glad to see that she is listening to her own thoughts. He shares his ribs with her. Felix tells Lucas that Patrick found Sabrina in her wedding gown. Lucas gives Felix a shoulder to cry on. Brad sees Felix in Lucas’ arms and blasts Felix for being all over Lucas every time he turns his back. Brad sees that Felix is crying and surmises that Sabrina’s baby didn’t make it. Lucas asks Brad what his problem is. Brad says he likes Lucas and wants to salvage what they had.

Obrecht tells Elizabeth that she will have to dock her pay and put a notation on her record because of her unexcused absence. Elizabeth doesn’t care. She tells Obrecht to save them both the hassle and fire her now. Obrecht fires her. Nikolas arrives and tells Elizabeth that he will have her reinstated. Elizabeth says she doesn’t care about her job; Ric is dead. Nikolas tells her that he saw it on the news. She tells him that she was at the police station when it happened. Britt watches them leave. She asks her mother to help her get Nikolas back. Anna unzips the body bag in the morgue and releases Ric, alive and well. She says he is going into witness protection until Julian’s boss is caught. She says the only person that knows he is alive is Detective West and that no one else can know. Alexis takes Molly to the morgue to see Ric’s body. Anna says Ric’s body is too badly damaged for viewing. Ric hides and feels helpless as his daughter cries for him. Ric changes into scrubs and a mask, so he can leave without being recognized. Elizabeth almost sees him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer and Austin hide in a hotel room while she tends to the bullet wound in his shoulder. Austin plans to run away to Canada and send Summer back home, but she persuades him to let her go with him because even though she loves her two fathers she doesn't like hurting them every time one of them finds out she is spending time with the other. Summer also tells Austin she feels happy when she is with him because he understands her. Summer wants to make love to Austin even though he thinks her first time should be special. Summer tells Austin that her first time will be special, because she will be with him and that is all that matters. Nick thinks Jack is to blame for Summer helping Austin, because she has been upset that he is dating Kelly. Jack and Nick try to think like Summer and wonder where she could be. They remember when Lily and Daniel ran away and that leads them to suspect that Austin and Summer are heading to Canada.

Paul's family and friends worry about finding a donor since Paul needs a liver transplant, and he has a rare blood type AB-. Dylan apologizes to Christine and tells him why he thinks Paul was injured because of him. Christine tells Dylan that the only person to blame for Paul being hurt is the one who pulled the trigger on the gun. Stitch finds Heather's blood type on file at the hospital and tells Christine she isn't AB-, but Dylan tells Stitch that he is AB- and could be a donor for Paul. Stitch calls Jenna and leaves several messages telling her that someone is coming to see her and asks her not to tell them his secret because he has to tell someone else before other people find out. Billy and Chelsea pretend to be filmmakers making a documentary about Americans living in other countries. Jenna decides to talk to them.

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