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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam snuggle on the couch and he says it feels so surreal and has been a long time coming. Both can hardly believe it. He says he would wait for her like forever, which is the way it sort of felt. It just makes him appreciate this moment even more. And he knows they will find Ridge; he is Ridge after all. Hope considers him her father. And just for the record, she doesn’t think Wyatt thinks this is all over between them. He says she has that affect on guys. And Wyatt does have something to offer, just not for Hope and he never will. Working late, Wyatt interrupts Quinn as she is working at FC. She is surprised and asks why he’s not still at Big Bear with Hope. He tells her those designs are never going into production, the Forrester’s do not like her anymore. He tries to break it to her that she is done there; they both are. Hope is through with him. Quinn says he has thought that before. Wyatt barks that this time it is different, thanks to her. He says he has listened to her, her rationalizations, her excuses, he even defended her when he should have known better. But no more; she is on her own and so is he. Quinn tells him to go ahead and think the worst but she doesn’t think it is as grim as he is making it out to be. He wonders what part of the Forrester’s want nothing to do with her that she doesn’t understand. Quinn retorts that the Forrester’s are worried; Ridge has not been found and they need someone to blame it on so she is okay with that. He says she put everything in motion with that damn photo when she could have just stayed out of it. Bill was never going to leave Brooke for Quinn, but Hope has left him. And if Ridge was alive, they would have found him by now. It’s been too long. He says Eric has lost his son and after what she did, she deserves to too. Aly comes in as Oliver is looking over some Ridge pix on his laptop. He says no news is good news. Carter is fielding phone calls and tells Maya that they have to make it seem like business as usual until they find Ridge. She says he is a very good friend to Ridge. She just wishes she felt that strongly about Oliver’s friendship with Aly. They have more words over how sincere Ollie really is. She says Aly would be skeptical if she heard what Ollie said on her phone. Aly tells Oliver that she is just glad that Wyatt and his mom can not worm their way back into FC now that Hope is back with Liam for good. It happened when Ridge went missing and Wyatt went all Neanderthal on Liam. That’s what bullies do when they don’t get their way. Ollie says guess it was the last straw for Hope. He hopes others do not see him that way. They hug and she says she knows everything she needs to know about him. He says and it’s good that Wyatt and Quinn are gone and not him. She says that would never happen as he is too important to this company……and to her. He says he may have thought her too young and naïve in the beginning but she truly blows him away. Liam tells Hope she will never guess who kept him company while she was at Big Bear – Mama Grizzly herself. Quinn was pretty confident that Hope would change her mind again after being there with her son. Hope say she also told Wyatt that he and his mom needed to be gone by time her mom got back. Must have seemed like a one/two punch.

Quinn tells Wyatt that he doesn’t mean that. She loves him and will always be her son. He backs off and won’t let her touch him. She says she is not perfect, far from it, and she knows she does not make it easy. He chokes when he says he proposed to Hope tonight, he said everything he could to keep her from going back to Liam. But she can not be with Wyatt anymore because of what happened. And Quinn knew by sending that e-mail it would send off a chain of events and she would get the last laugh. But guess what, no one is laughing. Three kids may have lost their father and he may have lost Hope. She says no, this is just what is Hope’s predictable flight to safety, what is already known. Quinn says Wyatt did not mess up. It was all her so she will go to Hope and…..he blurts out for her not to do that. She is to stay away from Hope and from him too. He says he does not need her help. He doesn’t want her help or for her to be near him anymore. He asks him not to be so cruel. He rants that he doesn’t like feeling this way about his own mother. But she can not hug him like a five year old. It’s an obsession and unhealthy. He tells her that Hope wants them gone by time Brooke gets back. So Quinn needs to go back to the factory and stay there. He says from this point on he wants nothing to do with her. She walks out crying. Aly catches her and asks why she is still here in the building. Quinn says she was just leaving. Aly says she won’t need her security pass so hand it over. Quinn steals herself and tells Aly, little girl, she may be a Forrester but she is not CEO and when Eric asks for it, she will give it to him. Aly says she was right about them all along. She is sorry that Ridge may have to pay the price, but at least Hope won’t. She is back with Liam where she belongs and Wyatt is too, the loser….just like his mommy. Liam tells Hope that when the time is right he will clean out a few drawers for her things and some space for her kitty adoptee since they are a package deal. And he thinks she is on board with this but he thinks they should wait until they are married before she moves in. She says absolutely, she wants to do it right this time and be the one that finally sticks. He says their happily ever after is finally here.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Sami got into an argument over Stefano.  Jordan wanted to know what Kate told Sami about her.  Gabiís hearing was today.  Rafe wanted to make sure Gabi was doing the right thing by pleading guilty.  She said she was.  She wanted to know if it could be over with in the morning.  EJ said it could unless Nickís family didnít approve.  Julie didnít approve of the deal Gabi got.  Julie thought Gabi wasnít getting justice for killing Nick.  Kate told Jordan that she didnít talk about her to Sami, but Jordan didnít believe her.  Gabi wanted to know if she could see Arianna if she got sentenced today.  EJ was going to make sure that she could.  Julie wanted to know how Gabi was able to get the deal she got.  Julie ended up in an argument with Ben over Nick.  Hope tried to get Julie to see that Gabi got a good deal, but Julie wasnít convinced.  Victor went to Theresaís place to look for Brady.  Hope and Julie showed up at Gabiís hearing.  Julie was going to take Gabiís future from her the way Gabi took Nickís. 

Victor wanted Theresa to get Brady.  While Victor was insulting her, Brady came out.  Hope tried to stop Julie from going after Gabi, but it didnít work.  Julie ended up in an argument with Rafe and Gabi.  Gabi was upset that Julie was trying to ruin her chances of getting the plea bargain.  She was also afraid that what she did to Melanie would come out.  Hope told Julie to think about what she was doing to Gabi.  Julie got a phone call that Hope told her to answer.  The called turned out to be Nickís parents.  They convinced her not to ruin Gabiís deal.  Julie was glad that she got 20 years.  The judge said Gabi could see Arianna. Victor and Brady got in an argument.  Victor threatened to disown Brady, but he didnít care.  Gabi got to spend time with Arianna.  Victor ran into Kate and they talked about Stefano.  He threatened to fire her if she continued to see Stefano.  The guard came for Gabi and told her it was time to leave.  Gabi said goodbye to everyone before she left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas tells Nina that he is involved with Sam. She says they need to get a divorce and that she is going to move in with her brother. Silas tells her that Nathan lives in a small apartment with two roommates. He insists that she stay at his house with him. Rafe takes it hard when Sam tells him that Patrick’s son passed away. She tells him that she is going to find out who ran Patrick off the road and kept driving. Patrick goes to Sabrina’s apartment and finds her in her wedding dress. She freaks out about Patrick seeing her in her wedding dress before the wedding and wonders if she should wear the dress that Felix bought her even though it is black. Patrick explains that the black dress isn’t for the wedding; it’s for the funeral. Sabrina doesn’t know who died. Patrick tells her everything from Robin interrupting their wedding to the baby’s death. She doesn’t remember or believe any of it. He tells her the details of Gabriel’s last minutes. She breaks down when she finally remembers.

Anna tells Molly, Elizabeth, and Diane that no one can see Ric while he is being transferred to the courthouse. They hear gunshots. Anna locks the three women in an interview room while the police find and neutralize the shooter. Anna returns to the room and tells them that Ric tried to grab Detective West’s gun and that Detective West was forced to shoot Ric. She informs them that Ric is dead. Molly and Elizabeth don’t believe it so they run downstairs to see Ric. They see the paramedics wheeling his body out on a gurney. Elizabeth lashes out at Nathan. Anna puts Nathan on administrative leave.

Levi notices that Maxie is unfocused on her yoga practice. He suggests she is off because she was dishonest with a judge. She tells him that she is ecstatic about having the chance to try to get to see her daughter again and that what is bothering her is that Patrick lost his son. He asks who Patrick is. She is annoyed that he doesn’t remember that Patrick is Robin’s husband. She says it is unfair that Gabriel’s life was taken for him so soon. Levi says it’s sad, but it isn’t unfair. He says Gabriel spent exactly the amount of time on earth that he was meant to spend. She says that’s a crock. He tells her that she sounds like Nathan. They argue and he leaves to volunteer at the soup kitchen. Maxie sees Nathan sitting on a park bench and asks him what is wrong. Anna goes into the medical examiners’ lab and unzips the body bag. Ric opens his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Genoa City celebrates Father's Day as the Winters family are at the Athletic Club. Colin is happy to be included in celebrating Father's Day with the twins. Lily agrees to call a truce with Hilary just for today. Neil tells Lily that Hilary decided not to come because she didn't want to ruin the day for him, since Lily doesn't like her. Hilary does show up later with Moses since Sofia dropped him off early, and Lily asks Hilary to stay for the celebration. Lily does get a little upset though after Moses confuses Hilary with the nanny. Lily lectures Neil and tells him that Moses will be starting kindergarten in the fall and may get teased because his father is living in sin with someone young enough to be his nanny. Hilary starts to leave because Lily has a point and she doesn't want to confuse Moses. Neil proposes to Hilary because Lily made him realize that he should follow his heart and marry her. Devon insists to Cane that he is over Hilary, but he can't take his eyes off her.

Billy tells Kelly he is going to Australia to talk to Stitch's ex-wife Jenna and find out Stitch's secret. Billy goes to Victoria's to spend time with Johnny. He tells Victoria he is going away on a business trip. Kelly advises Stitch to tell Victoria the truth about his past before Billy returns from his trip and tells her. Someone continues to watch Chelsea and Connor on their computer and the person gets very upset when Connor says Da-da as Billy is holding him. Stitch goes to Victoria's house and tells her that Billy isn't going to Australia on a business trip.

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