Wednesday 6/11/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/11/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt holds the ring up for Hope and asks her to marry him. She shakes her head and says she does not know what to say. He says yes will work. He gets down on his knees and says just be his wife. He’s known for a long time since they met that this moment was going to come. She says the ring is really lovely…..he says at least he has good taste in jewelry. She says he has a lot more than that going for him. Quinn tells Liam just look at him, he looks so cocky and confident that just a little bit of him reminds her of his father. And that is a good thing as women love confidence and that will help him further down the line when he is looking for someone new. Liam smiles and says well Hope has told him to his face that she wants to be with him. Quinn says things change so let’s see how it looks after she has spent a romantic evening with Wyatt. Liam says Hope is breaking up with him but maybe Quinn finds that romantic. She says she is not going to take the blame even if Ridge is dead and they are all idiots to even suggest it. If Ridge is dead, it’s his own damn fault. And so ridiculous that she has to defend herself and more so that Wyatt has to suffer any consequences. He says she has done a lot of dirty things but this one is finally going to get her son out of their lives. Maya snoops and sees Ollie kissing Aly. She tells him that she wants to freak out because of Ridge but she’s not and that is all due to Ollie and how much he has helped her with her problems. But she thinks she needs to go tell Liam to make his move now since Quinn’s interference will affect Wyatt too. Ollie calls her a cute matchmaker. She says they do not need a matchmaker but Hope does need to come to her senses. As soon as she leaves Maya marches in and slams the door. Ollie gets her to spill what is wrong. She tells him that they both know that he is taking advantage of Aly so stop using that poor girl. Ollie says it is not what she thinks; he really likes Aly. He says he is not going to argue with her about this. Aly has had a tough time and now with Ridge, so he is not backing off. He says their feelings have grown and he deeply cares about Aly. Rick calls Carter in to draw up some documents. It might be premature but he’s all but certain they will be firing Quinn. Caroline says maybe Quinn will just quit since everybody there hates her now. Charlie says he thinks Miss Permafrost enjoys that sort of environment. Quinn walks in and asks what they are all talking about. Wyatt says his knees are hurting and Hope tells him to get up. He says he really wants an answer first. But the phone rings and Hope has to get it. It’s her mother. Brooke tells her there is no news but she warns her about Quinn’s involvement. She says Quinn better pray that Ridge is alive or Brooke does not know what she will do. Hope says Ridge is alive. They have to keep believing that. Hope tells Wyatt that her mom blames his mother; she absolutely hates her. Wyatt is concerned but says Ridge could still be alive. Aly finds Liam alone and he said she just missed Quinn; she’s in full panic mode because of Ridge and how this might affect Wyatt. She notices his face and realizes Wyatt did that to him. Liam says it is okay, one of the reasons that Hope is with Wyatt now ending it between the two of them. Hope tells Wyatt they have had a beautiful story until now but she feels like there is more. It might also have gotten Ridge killed. She hired Quinn and let her into the company and now Ridge is gone. And this is the man that stepped up and became her dad when her own dad wanted nothing to do with her. He takes her hand to explain but she pulls away. She tells him she thinks it might be best if he and Quinn were gone by time her mom gets back. Quinn says this little pow wow must not be too important otherwise Pam would be passing out her lemon bars. Pam says actually she is going to make a big batch as soon as she gets home. They do have a lot to celebrate. Quinn thinks that means Ridge is alive. Rick says no but Quinn is still gone. She says if it is because of the selfie she does not think he has a leg to stand on. But go ahead, he will be spending a lot of money on court fees. And she warns him that she is pretty good with the jury. Her phone rings and it is Brooke. Quinn says that she hopes Brooke is not too mad at Ridge for sharing a private moment between her and Bill. Brooke is appalled that Quinn is blaming Ridge for all of this. She says this was all Quinn’s fault; she sent him here and she is not losing Ridge because of Quinn.

Wyatt repeats what Hope said – she wants them out of FC. She says Quinn has crossed too many lines so using her jewelry now seems almost impossible. Wyatt says they can send Quinn back to the warehouse and he can be Hope’s contact. She says that is not going to be the answer. They have to be done. She just lost track of HFTF. Her line stands for honesty and decency and she is sorry but his mother does not have a decent bone in her body. He counters with Quinn’s integrity but that is not his. He knows Hope is struggling with the mistakes Wyatt has made but she has to admit he is different from his mother. She acknowledges that. She says she is very proud of Wyatt to come from a mother like that with his only influence. It makes her excited to see what he is going to do and what he can become and can accomplish. He says yes and with a gorgeous wife at his side. She says yes and maybe one day she will meet her. Before he can say more she tells him that she made a decision. She is going back to Liam. They have had a really amazing journey but this is where it ends. He asks if this is the bad boy affair in her life. She admits that he brings out something different than Liam. It’s powerful and sexy but that is now who she is. He says she’s wrong. That is who she is now and there is nothing wrong with that. She says maybe that is not who she wants to be. He gets it, she wants to be the sweet, innocent Hope for the rest of her life. She stepped out of her comfort zone and had fun with him. She had her freedom finally and she can not just go back. He starts to kiss her but their lips barely touch when she pulls away. She grabs her purse and leaves even with him calling after her. Quinn tells the group that Brooke has some misplaced doubts but she won’t hold that against her. Ridge will be found and back here before they know it. Rick says but Quinn won’t. He wants her and Wyatt to be as far away with their costume jewelry as they can be. FC was fine without them and they will be again. They are taking out the trash. Slowly Wyatt blows out the candles and sits and reflects on Hope’s beauty wearing the diamond, their time in Hawaii, on a HOTT road trip to Emerald Bay and making love in the tent on the beach. Liam is waiting and is relieved when she walks into his arms. She says she told Wyatt and it was painful as he even proposed. Obviously she turned him down and she even felt relieved on the way home that she was coming home now to where she belonged to the man she is supposed to be with….no doubts in her mind, none at all. She thanks him for not losing faith in her when she lost track of that. She thinks she just needed to step away so she could see themselves clearly. She says she loves him and they kiss with her clinging to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and Sami walked in on Eric and Nicole when he wanted the ring back.  Daniel wanted to know if Jennifer believed he would have told Eric the truth.  Nicole wanted Marlena and Sami to leave them alone.  Eric told them he and Nicole werenít eloping.  EJ told Rafe about the plea the D.A. had for Gabi.  Rafe didnít approve of the deal, but EJ convinced him it was a good deal.  Rafe suspected that EJ wanted him to convince Gabi to sign the deal.  Marlena wanted to know if Eric and Nicole were getting married.  When he didnít answer, Marlena suggested that she and Sami leave them alone to talk.  Daniel asked Jennifer if she thought he would have told Eric the truth.  Rafe thanked EJ for helping Gabi.  Jennifer told Daniel that she didnít think she would have told Eric the truth.

Nicole wanted Eric to forgive her for what she did to him.  She blamed God for why she did what she did.  She threw up in his face that she forgave him when he accused her of rape.  She wanted to know why he couldnít forgive her.  Daniel and Jennifer fought over whether or not he would have told Eric the truth.  Nicole reminded Eric how she felt when he accused her of raping him.  She also reminded him how she forgave him.  Jennifer reminded Daniel that heís lied for Nicole in the past.  Daniel asked if Jennifer thought he was in love with Nicole.  Eric said he forgave Nicole.  Jennifer told Daniel she didnít think he loved Nicole.  They continued to argue over it.  Eric wasnít going to forget what Nicole did.  Daniel was upset that Jennifer didnít know him and he felt he didnít know her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Chu tells Lulu that there is a possibility that she has a different condition than the one that Dr. V. diagnosed last year. If that is the case, then it could possibly be corrected with surgery. Patrick calls his father, Noah, to tell him that Gabriel died. Sam goes to see Patrick and asks him to let her help him make the funeral arrangements for Gabriel. She offers to investigate to find the driver that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road. Sabrina writes thank you notes. She tells Felix that it is keeping her centered. Felix gives her a dress that he bought for her to wear tomorrow. She says she knows he will look handsome in his suit and that the day will be perfect. She asks Felix to go check out the church. He goes to Patrick’s house instead and tells him that Sabrina’s behavior is off. Sabrina opens the box that Felix left her and is aghast to see the black dress, shouting that it's all wrong. Patrick goes to Sabrina’s apartment and finds Sabrina wearing her wedding dress.

TJ catches Rafe snorting cocaine in the park. Rafe tells TJ that he is only doing the drugs, not selling them like TJ’s mother or running the organization like Molly’s father. TJ says at least they aren’t serial killers like his father and wonders when Rafe is going to start offing people. Rafe punches TJ. Sam sees Rafe in the park and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that he is just giving Silas some space. She tells him that she knows Nina is back. Rafe wonders what will happen with Sam and Silas. Sam says she is sure Silas is telling Nina about their relationship. Rafe wonders why Sam is so down if she is confident that everything will be ok. She tells him that she is sad because Patrick’s baby passed away. Nina tells Silas that everything that happened to her is her own fault because she told her mother about the pregnancy before she had the chance to tell him. She concludes that if she had kept her mouth shut, they would have a child and 20 years’ worth of memories. He tells her that none of it was her fault and hugs her. She tells him that she is broke. She recites their wedding vows and kisses him. When he doesn’t respond, she concludes that he isn’t ready for that yet. He tells her that he is seeing someone else.

Molly promises Diane that she will find a way to pay her to represent Ric. Diane informs Molly that Elizabeth has already hired her to take the case. Diane thanks Nathan for helping Maxie at her custody hearing. She asks him to take Elizabeth to see Ric before his arraignment. Nathan says it’s against the rules, but he will see if he can arrange it. Anna goes to Ric’s cell and tells him that she believes he is innocent, but that she can’t let him out because all the evidence points to him. She says she can’t just throw out the evidence, because it will alert Julian’s boss and put Ric’s family at risk. Ric is not ok with taking the fall for something he didn’t do. Anna goes upstairs and tells Diane that neither Elizabeth nor Molly can’t see Ric. Nathan goes downstairs to get Ric to transport him to the courthouse. A shot goes off.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick has trouble trusting Mariah with the cash register at the club, but Sharon persuades him to let Mariah do her job so that she can prove herself and also pay back the money she owes her. The police call Jack looking for Summer. When Jack is unable to find Summer, he goes to talk to Nick and they both begin to search for her. At the park Austin tells Summer that he never wanted to hurt Avery. He just wanted her to make a video confession that she was responsible for his mother's death. Summer tells Austin she understands. When she sees that his shoulder is injured, she ignores a call from Nick and tells Austin she will take care of him.

Dylan finds Nikki and tells her about Paul. She heads to the hospital to sit by Paul's bedside and encourage him to hang on, because his family and friends need him. The doctor tells Michael and Lauren that Paul has lost a lot of blood, and if he starts to bleed again, he will have to have another operation. Dylan blames himself for Paul's injuries but Michael tells him that he was just trying to protect the woman he loves. Victor tells Dylan that he has been good for Nikki, and he appreciates how well he has treated her since he found out she was his biological mother. Christine arrives to sit by Paul's bedside, and Paul's doctor tells her that he doesn't have good news about his condition. Neil and Hilary decide that neither of them has a problem with their age difference, and they will respect Devon and Lily's feelings about their relationship, but they will have to learn to get used to it, because they are not going to break up.

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