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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Big Bear Wyatt takes Hope’s hand and says his mother’s actions do not define him so she should not matter. She says but her actions do influence him. She says he is Quinn’s whole world and she does not think she can be part of that anymore. He says he is not going to lose her because of his mother. At Liam’s, Quinn gloats that Hope is with Wyatt right now and if he thinks she is coming back to him tonight then he is cuckoo crazy. He takes that as a compliment coming from her. Quinn says he can be delusional if he wants, she just thought he ought to know. Liam says that is not why she came. She is going to ambush Hope the minute she walks through that door. Quinn say again, she is not coming back here. Liam says Hope has re-committed herself to him…..and everybody is on to Quinn now…..Brooke, Eric, everyone who matters at FC, and when they find out her true involvement in what happened to Ridge, she and Wyatt will be out at FC and more importantly out of Hope’s life. She counters with that she is known for her expertise in jewelry, not her sparkling personality. She doubts they will fire her over a photo accidentally sent to Ridge, but even if they do it will not change Hope’s feelings for Wyatt. Maybe Hope said a few words in anger but they have real passion and Liam has seen it and after spending some alone time with Wyatt she will not leave a real man and come back to a boy like Liam. He tells her there are a millions things she ought to be doing now, like praying, groveling, fleeing the country but instead she is over here harassing him. And she only has one thing on her mind, - Wyatt must have Hope. But her one track mind is about to bite her in the butt. Aly tells Ollie and the group that whatever happens to Ridge, Quinn is responsible. He hugs her and says The Forrester’s are tough and if he is anything like her, he will be fine. Pam tells Rick not to wait for his parents to get back. As President, he should fire Quinn right now tonight. Maya spies Ollie kissing Aly and is concerned.

Wyatt tells Hope that he feels like he is losing her and he can’t let that happen. She reminds him that he knew she was not going to drag this out and would make her decision. He says this is all about Ridge. Just forget their parents, look him in the eye and tell him that she does not love him. He says she is simply not ready to walk away from them. Hope answers that it is not that she wants to walk away; she doesn’t want to give it up but she has to. All because of what his mother has done to them and it does matter to her. Wyatt says he will prove her wrong. He can distance himself from his mother. She says she forgave him for the diamond heist and she meant that and it’s not just him or his mother. She has changed and she thinks she justified a lot of things that she shouldn’t have. She says all she knows is that she has had enough and now Ridge may be dead. She will always care about Wyatt but she can not do this anymore. He says he does not believe she means what she is saying. Yes he knew she was dating both but he always knew she would chose him and get Liam out of her system and she still can. She is just settling. She says she made the only decision she could live with and she is not settling. He asks her not to sacrifice everything they have over a punch or because of his mother. She admits she loves Wyatt but she trusts Liam. He lashes out that he can’t believe she had rather spend her life with a guy who writes fashion articles in between yoga classes and rescues puppies and saves kittens. She says those things are important to her and she is glad she is with a man who thinks of those things and not just of himself. And when she is with Liam, she knows exactly what she is going to get and that is what she wants. That’s her future. He says just to focus on them. He has changed since being with Hope. There is a reason he brought her here to Big Bear. Just take a step back and spend the night and in the morning it will all make sense. She says no she can’t do that. He says she can stay in the cabin and he’ll stay in a tent in the back yard. In the morning she can snap a picture of him and he can chase her through the woods and he will kiss her and they can start over. She cries that she can’t do that. He says maybe he made a mistake but he wanted to be different than Liam with no pressure, no ultimatums, and he is offering her complete devotion here not insecurities. He says he loves her with everything that he is and always will. Yes he has made mistakes and he has a crazy mom. She agrees that she does not regret a thing they have done. He opens his hand and holds up a ring and sincerely asks her to say yes, be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric let Jennifer know he was grateful for her telling him what Nicole was hiding.  Nicole attacked Daniel.  Julie wanted to see Gabi.  EJ gave Gabi the deal that the D.A. offered her. Jennifer assured Eric that he didnít do anything wrong with Kristen.  Eric was upset with Nicole.  Daniel comforted Nicole.  She wanted to know why he ruined her life.  She told him she hated him and blamed him for ruining her life.  Jennifer wondered if Eric could still go back to the priesthood.  EJ explained to Gabi what the D.A. wanted from her.  He thought it was a good deal.  Hope interrupted their meeting to tell Gabi that Julie wanted to see her.  While Kate and Sami were talking about Gabi telling Marlena what they did to Nick, Marlena was listening.  Marlena confronted Sami and Kate for what they did to Nick.  Kate tried to be defensive with Marlena and threw up in her face what she did to Eric at Bradyís wedding to Kristen.  Gabi agreed to see Julie.  Julie didnít want EJ in the room.  Daniel explained to Nicole why he wanted Eric to know the truth.  He wanted to know why she didnít tell Eric the truth when she had the chance.  She said Jennifer beat her to it.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going to happen between Eric and Nicole.

Sami blamed Kate for what they did to Nick while Kate blamed Sami for what they did.  Marlena wanted to talk to Sami alone.  Kate threatened to make Marlena lose her license if they tried to sell her out.  EJ left Gabi and Julie alone to talk.  Eric didnít want to answer any questions about Nicole.  Daniel didnít think it mattered that Jennifer told Eric the truth.  Nicole tried to make Jennifer look bad.  She told him that he is dead to her.  Sami blamed Marlena for why her life is messed up.  Julie ripped into Gabi for killing Nick.  Daniel went to see Jennifer.  She told him why she told Eric the truth.  Gabi explained to Julie why she killed Nick.  Jennifer was convinced that Nicole wouldnít have told the truth even though Daniel was making excuses for her.  Nicole ran into Eric at the pub.  He wanted the ring back.  He never wanted to see it again.  Julie and Hope talked about Nick and the fact that he was dead.  Julie thought Nick deserved a second chance, but thought Gabi didnít.  Nicole said she was keeping the ring.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad tells Britt about Lucas and Felix and then they see Nikolas and Elizabeth together. Nikolas ignores Britt. Britt tells Elizabeth that she isn’t fooling anyone with her act. Elizabeth tells Britt that attacking her won’t make Nikolas hate her any less. Britt tells Brad that he isn’t going to get Lucas back any more than she is going to get Nikolas back. Brad says thing change. Alexis calls Nikolas out on taking advantage of Ric’s incarceration to get to Elizabeth. She asks him where Britt fits in. He says there is nothing left between Britt and him. Brad tells Britt that she will have to bring back the Britch and fight dirty to get Nikolas back.

Diane tells Elizabeth that she will have to pay for the appointment that she didn’t show up for. Elizabeth says there is so much evidence against Ric that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with his defense. Diane says Elizabeth is wrong to give up on Ric so easily when all the evidence, including the gun, is circumstantial and proves nothing. Elizabeth asks Diane why she cares when it isn’t about her. Diane says it is apparently not about Ric either because everything is about Elizabeth. She calls Elizabeth out for doing the same thing to AJ last year. She leaves to go to the jail to get Ric out. Elizabeth gets on the elevator with her.

Duke returns to Port Charles from his trip to Ireland and blasts Anna for giving Julian immunity. He says she broke their agreement so he might as well go back to work for Sonny. Sonny goes to see Ric in jail and says he should have taken Luke’s advice and killed him when he had the chance. Ric tells Sonny that he is not his enemy and that he doesn’t work with Julian. He says he is being set up and that Sonny’s real enemy is still out there. Duke runs into Sonny in the lobby. He says Sonny must be relieved now that his enemy is off the street. Sonny isn’t so sure. Alexis tries to dissuade Molly from going to see Ric. Molly can’t believe Alexis is taking her mobster boyfriend’s word over Ric’s. Molly tells Alexis to stay out of her way while she is proving her father’s innocence. TJ doesn’t want Molly to be hurt by Ric the way Jordan hurt him. Molly says Ric can’t hurt her that way because he is innocent. She says TJ should give his mother a chance. Molly goes to visit Ric in jail and tells him that she knows he is innocent. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to get involved because the people who are setting him up are dangerous. She says she has known Sonny and Jason long enough to know what she is up against and she isn’t afraid. He says she should be. Julian tells Jordan that they are going back to work. He reveals that Ric is not their boss and that he fabricated all the evidence. Jordan asks who they work for but Julian won’t tell her. He says their boss will kill his entire family if he talks. Jordan tells Anna what Julian said. Jordan concludes that she has to keep her cover intact and wonders what she is going to tell TJ. Jordan ignores TJ’s call. Anna goes to Ric’s cell.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy persuades Chelsea to go to Australia with him to talk to Stitch's ex-wife Jenna  to find out Stitch's secret. Stitch asks Kelly to keep quiet about his past for the sake of Victoria's baby. She agrees not to tell Victoria about his past. Jack and Summer have a talk about Austin. Summer heads over to talk to Austin and find out more about him. Jack and Kelly have a romantic dinner then go to Kelly's loft and make love. Kevin uses his computer skills to find Austin's address. Dylan heads over there to rescue Avery even though Paul asked him to stay at the police station. Paul and the officers follow Dylan to Austin's place, but Dylan arrives a few minutes before the police burst in the door.

Avery sees Dylan arrive and distracts Austin long enough for Dylan to grab the gun. As he and Austin struggle for the gun, a bullet is fired which injures Paul. Paul is badly hurt and rushed to the hospital. Austin gets away, but Courtney is able to shoot him in the shoulder. Later when Summer arrives at Avery's place, Courtney tells her about Austin. Summer is shocked and angry but agrees to meet Austin in the park, because he calls and asks her for help. Stitch tells everyone gathered at the hospital that Paul survived the operation but his liver is badly damaged.

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