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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope kisses Liam and thanks him for giving her this time. He thanks her for just coming back to him. He even thinks the bloodied face was worth it. Hope says there will not be a Round Two, should not have been a Round One even. She can not believe that once again she was taken in by Quinn. She and Liam would be married right now if it weren’t for her. He says that’s just it, past tense. She is sorry for all the things she has put Liam through these past few months. He says he would have gone through a lot worse and it would have been worth it. She says she is so grateful that he hung in there. Liam says there is not another Hope Logan out there so it makes it sort of easy. Quinn tells Wyatt to go ahead and blame her when he says she practically handed Liam the winning ticket to Hope. She says everybody else is blaming her, but she is tired of everyone pointing fingers because she sent Ridge a photo and he flew off to Abu Dhabi and fell out of a helicopter. Wyatt says fine, whatever, but he is not going to lose Hope over this. She says if it is her fault then let her help him fix it. He says she has done enough. Ridge is probably floating face down in the water and Hope is pissed at him for decking Liam. Hope warned them no more dirty tricks. She was ready to make her decision. Quinn says never mind, she will not choose Liam. Wyatt is over re-acting and Hope loves him and will never be satisfied with Liam and that is a fact. She has a plan. Rick calls the group together and explains Ridge’s accident. He had gone there to try and stop the wedding. Maya tells Aly that he is missing; they have not found him yet. Pam and Charlie agree that there are lots of boats in that area so perhaps someone picked him up. Rick says no one is giving up. Eric and Katie are already there and Thorne is on his way. Quinn sneaks into Pam’s desk and lifts some keys. She takes them back to Wyatt, keys to Big Bear Cabin. He’s not happy with her for lifting them. She explains that Hope is with Liam. He’s getting one on one time with Hope and Wyatt isn’t. So if he wants that same time, then take her to Big Bear where it all began…..the mountains, the woods and do it now. Call her before something happens with Liam that they will all regret. Wyatt takes the keys. Liam asks Hope if she is ready to get on with their lives. She says yes but she needs to talk to Wyatt first. She hopes Liam understands. He does but he says the more time anyone spends with them, the more danger they are in and she is no exception. She says she feels sorry for Wyatt with a mother like that. Liam says he does too, but Wyatt’s a grown man and needs to cut his ties with her. And he thinks Hope needs to cut ties with both of them.

Hope gets Wyatt’s phone call while she is in her car planning on going to the office to talk to him. He says he has a request for her to meet him at Big Bear. She doesn’t think that is a good idea. He says he is already there and this is better than a sterile office. So she agrees to go. Quinn shows up at Liam’s. He taunts her that Hope is not there but will be back. They are back together this time for good. Hope steels herself before she goes into the cabin, fireplace and candles all aglow. She guesses that Quinn got the keys. He says every now and then Quinn has a good idea. He only condones about 2% of what she does. But she is his mother and he could not let Liam trash her that way. She says she hurt someone she loves. Wyatt understands but says that was her, not him. They are two completely different people and he hopes she will not forget who they are. He says he has already taken a walk, a few more clothes on this time. He almost felt overdressed. But he wanted to show her where it all began. He was this footloose guy who enjoyed his freedom until he met someone that meant even more. …..there was the first kiss….and nothing has changed. Yes his mother did something utterly stupid but it was his mother, not him. He knows she is upset and he is too, but he can’t let her hold that against him. He will not lose the only woman he has ever loved over something that he had nothing to do with. It can’t end like this and he knows she does not want it to either.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole argued with Jennifer because she told Eric the truth.  Gabi told Abby that she set up what happened to Melanie.  Daniel and Eric talked about the proof Nicole had that could clear Ericís name.  Nicole continued to justify all of her lies to Jennifer, but Jennifer didnít fall for them.  Jennifer still thought Nicole would have lied to Eric.

Daniel gave Eric the proof so he could read everything.  Daniel thought Nicole told Eric the truth.  Eric told him that Nicole didnít tell him the truth.  Jennifer and Nicole continued to argue over whether or not Nicole would have told the truth.  While they were arguing, Nicole suspected that Jennifer was jealous of her and Daniel.  Kate went to see Gabi to let her know that she approved of her killing Nick.  Eric told Daniel that Jennifer told him the truth.  Eric suggested that Daniel talk to Jennifer.  Jennifer tried to deny being jealous of Nicole and Daniel, but Nicole didnít buy it.  Daniel called Jennifer so they could talk.  Eric went to Jenniferís house while Nicole went to Danielís apartment.  Nicole attacked Daniel when he opened the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Nathan that she saw Nina. Silas introduces Kiki to Nina. Nina is disappointed that Ava had Silas’ child and she didn’t. Nathan goes to Silas' house to see his sister. Silas and Kiki leave so the siblings can have some time alone. Nathan tells her that her mother induced her coma when she tried to cause her to have a miscarriage with an overdose of her antidepressant. He reveals that he is really her biological cousin, not her brother. She says he will always be her brother. Silas goes to see Sam. He tells her that he hasn’t told Nina about their relationship yet because Rafe and then Kiki interrupted him when he tried. He says Nina is too upset about Kiki right now to hear about Sam, but that he will tell her when she is stronger. He assures Sam that she is the one that he loves and wants to be with. Nina tells Nathan that the only thing that she can be sure of anymore is that she loves Silas and she will never let him go.

Morgan wants to know why Ava is living at Sonny’s house. Sonny and Ava say she is under Sonny’s protection from Julian. Morgan tells Ava that if she is serious about wanting to be with him then he will protect her at her penthouse. She says Morgan isn’t equipped to protect her from all the threats that Sonny can. Morgan concludes that there is more to it than that. He wishes her luck with her baby and walks out. Ava tells Sonny that Morgan would have forgiven her if Sonny hadn’t messed it up. He says Morgan would never forgive her if he knew what she did. He dares her to call Morgan and tell him that she shot Olivia and Connie. She says that perhaps she should call Michael instead and tell him that Sonny shot his father. They both concede that neither of them will tell either son anything. Morgan goes to Michael’s apartment and tells Kiki that her mother is moving in with his father.

Fluke tells Julian that he and Jordan need to get back to work moving product into Port Charles. Jordan tells Anna that she just got back from a meeting with her superiors in Washington where they discussed whether the PCPD arrested the right person, Ric Lansing. Anna says they have airtight evidence against him. She suggests that Jordan come out from undercover. Anna wants to clear the cover story about a botched arrest and suggests that TJ would feel better if he knew that his mother isn’t really a drug dealer. Jordan decides she is going to tell TJ the truth, but Julian finds her first and tells her that they have to get back to work. She says she thought he was out. He says their boss decided otherwise. She doesn’t understand because Ric Lansing is behind bars. He informs her that Ric Lansing is not their boss.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah and Summer are not happy when Nick hires Mariah at the Underground. Later Nick explains to Noah that he really doesn't trust Mariah and needs him to work at the Underground and keep an eye on her. Noah accepts the job because he wants to protect Sharon from an opportunist like Mariah. Christine tells Lauren that she has to go back to Washington DC, but when she gets back, she has to tell Paul that she isn't pregnant yet. Lauren wonders if Christine really wants to have a baby with Paul or if she just wants to make Paul happy by giving him the chance to be a hands-on father, since he never had a chance to spend much time with Heather and Ricky. Christine tells Lauren that she really wants to have a child with Paul, but she is worried that she waited too long and she may not be able to. 

Austin tells Avery that he is 4mj and that she must confess to killing his mother, because a former client of hers was set free and two weeks later he robbed a convenience store where he shot an innocent bystander named Mary Jane Benson (aka Patty Williams).  Austin tells Avery that he wants to make a video of her confession to post on the internet so that her career will be ruined and nobody will ever trust her to defend them again. Kevin is able to use his computer talents to get a phone number for 4mj. When they call the number, they discover that it belongs to Austin. Courtney advises Summer not to let Austin go if she really cares about him. Austin tells Avery that he won't let her leave his apartment until she confesses to killing his mother.

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