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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope walks in to find Liam lying on the floor with his mouth oozing blood. She sees Wyatt and it’s obvious that he has sucker punched Liam. She bends down over Liam to check on him. Quinn says Hope should have heard the garbage that Liam was saying. Hope says she doesn’t care what he was saying. She looks at Wyatt and asks if he hit him. Is this who he is? Wyatt tries to explain that he is not a violent person, she knows that. Quinn says Wyatt was pushed to his limits. Even Hope would have smacked Liam if she had heard what he said about Quinn. Liam tries to get up and says everything he said was true. Yes he laid into Quinn and it is not a lie to call someone who manipulates manipulative. He declares that Quinn needs to accept the consequences of her actions instead of justifying everything so innocent….not with Ridge possibly being dead and it being her fault. Eric tells Katie they will be landing soon and Ridge is gonna be okay. She says good, he will be there to meet them in Abu Dhabi and he can explain how all of this happened. Hassan and his men are all huddled in Bill’s suite looking at maps and discussing the case. He tells Bill there is no body yet. Bill grouses there is no body as Ridge is alive somewhere. Hassan tells Bill that his money and manpower is not the problem. He has enough men but at some point it won’t matter. They will have to cut off the search. Brooke says they can’t. If he’s not in the water, he’s somewhere. She knows they are doing all they can but this is insane. Hassan also tells them it is harder and harder to hold off the press. Bill tells them to please not say a word. Brook also says keep it at bay at least until they find Ridge. They have a son together and he does not know yet. Hassan says maybe she needs to prepare him. Brooke says she knows they will find Ridge; he could not have just disappeared. Katie and Eric arrive at Bill’s suite just as he is barking orders to hire ten more divers. Brooke tells Katie they are not going to give up but they’ve no good news to report. Maybe a boat picked him up or maybe he’s in the hospital. He’s out there somewhere and they will find him. Wyatt tells Liam that perhaps he over-reacted but he was attacking his mom and he couldn’t let that go. He was verbally attacking her and they are all upset about what might have happened to Ridge but it is not Liam’s job to go blaming people. Liam says punching him is not going to stop what is going to happen to them. He says he can not tell Hope what to do or who to include in her personal life but he does know what will happen to them professionally. They are gone. He will talk to Eric and to Rick. He’ll talk to whoever it takes but they are gone from FC. Quinn counters that she did not push Ridge out of the chopper so how dare Liam use this to his advantage. Hope says he isn’t. Quinn says that Brooke and Bill should not be getting married. She did what she could to keep that from happening. She provided Ridge with a better picture of Bill, that’s all. Liam says yeah and now Ridge might be dead. He says she is an accomplice so face it. She may as well have pulled a gun out and shot Ridge. He says she killed Ridge Forrester. Quinn rants that Liam is losing it. They don’t even know if Ridge is dead, but God forbid if he is she only gave him a picture; that is not murder. Hope says she doesn’t know why Quinn even had to do that. Quinn says surely she did not want her mother to marry Bill without knowing. Hope says that was not her business and it certainly isn’t Quinn’s. she knows Quinn has a thing for Bill but he proposed and wanted to marry her mother. Quinn says that some people should not be getting married. She knows her mother likes to have one or two ceremonies a year, but people like Bill and Quinn don’t need to be tied down with that kind of ceremony. Everybody has been talking about how true and loyal Bill is throughout all of this…..but guess what, he wasn’t faithful. He slept with her and enjoyed every minute of it. Wyatt says they are getting into too many details. Quinn says she is not ashamed. Liam says but she is jealous. Quinn says all the cards need to be on the table so Brooke knows who she is marrying. Her mother should be thanking her for doing her the favor. Liam asks about Ridge; if he should be thanking her right about now. Wyatt says all of his could have been handled differently but his mother has a point in thinking everyone should know before they marry. Hope says that is true but why does Quinn have to be so shady.

Hope thinks back on everything Quinn has done….sending her the video Liam made for Steffy and then brought Steffy to LA. on their wedding day and then trapping Liam in the elevator. Liam says and not to forget the steam room. Hope says when she thinks of these things separately maybe she could explain it away but not now with what has happened to Ridge. He might be dead. Quinn says and that is the last thing she wants. Hope isn’t sure that Quinn gets the severity of what has happened. Quinn says she does and if Hope needs to blame her all right but just remember one thing that Wyatt had nothing to do with this. Hope thanks Quinn and says she has given her a lot to think about. Katie tells Bill this is all his fault. Brooke says no, he doesn’t even like Quinn. It was Ridge who came and punched Bill and kidnapped her. Katie says she is so confused. She has not slept. But there is no body so Ridge must be alive. Eric says they need him and he will return to them. He has missed phone calls from Thorne and needs to try and call Felicia and Kristen again. Quinn tells Wyatt they have a minor problem. Wyatt says it is more like major. She says that Hope has left with Liam and he’s using this to his advantage. She confesses this whole Ridge situation is her mistake but she will not let it cost him Hope. Hope cleans up the mess of Liam’s face and says she is sorry that Wyatt hit him. She says she has been ignoring what she needs in her life. She says she brought Quinn and Wyatt into the company and she was very adamant that they stay so she feels some responsibility and now that all these really bad things have happened she feels guilty, like it’s her fault. There have been so many lies, not just from Quinn who had her fair share but from Wyatt too with the stupid diamond heist that will always be in the back of her mind. Liam says maybe it should as neither are terribly honest people. She says and Ridge could be dead so how can she accept what Quinn did and then be with Wyatt knowing what his mother did. Quinn has caused so much pain and it’s really opened her eyes. She thinks she can see very clearly now what she needs for her life. There are so many things that are not in their control but this decision to be with Liam after all that has happened….she knows what she wants. She wants to be with him. Liam is not sure he heard her correctly or if she means what he thinks she said. She kisses him. Brooke sits alone on the beach staring out at the sea and reliving Ridge’s fall. She whispers that he is out there someplace. If he was gone she would feel it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No show today!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco paints portraits in the park. Olivia happens by and takes his money out of his hat. She says it will go toward the damage he did to his hotel room. Carly tell Franco that Sonny didn’t kill Ava because she is pregnant. Franco draws Carly’s picture, but it looks like Olivia. Carly invites Franco to move into her house. Morgan tells Kiki that her mother is pregnant with either his child or his father’s child. He says he suggested that Ava get an abortion, but she is insisting on having it. He says Ava said she hopes the baby is his and begged him to take her back. Kiki asks him if he still loves Ava and tells him that no one can help him decide what to do. Sonny tells Ava to get used to Max, because he will be her shadow until the baby is born. He says he is going to kill her then. Olivia goes to see Sonny and tells him that they need to get along for the benefit of their son and grandson. He says he doesn’t just want to get along; he wants her back. She says they will have to take it slow. She is shocked when Ava walks in and tells her that she is moving in with Sonny. Sonny is forced to reveal that Ava is pregnant. Olivia tells Sonny that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and walks out. Morgan goes to Sonny’s house and says he is going to step up and do right by the baby and that he is going to continue to be with Ava. Ava comes downstairs saying she is going to need more closet space.

Nathan tells Maxie that his mother/aunt told him that his sister/cousin is alive but won’t tell him where she is. Sam tells Silas that Nina probably expects to pick up where they left off before she went into a coma 20 years ago. He says he is going to tell Nina about his relationship with Sam. Julian wonders if Silas’ wife knows about Sam. Sam says Silas is going to tell her soon. Silas wants to call Nathan and tell him about Nina’s return, but she doesn’t want to tell him yet. She is afraid to see him as an adult, because it will remind her of all the years that she lost. Silas introduces her to Rafe. She wonders about Rafe’s father, Stephen. Rafe tells her that Stephen is dead and that he was a serial killer. Rafe says he is going to see Sam and offers to stay at Sam’s house for a while to give Silas and Nina some space. Silas says that isn’t necessary. Nina wonders why Silas’ nephew is so close to his patient’s mother. She wonders what Silas isn’t saying about Sam. Kiki goes home. Silas introduces her to Nina and reveals that Kiki is his daughter. Sam discovers the cash in her purse is missing. Rafe goes to the park and buys a gram of cocaine. Nathan runs into Sam at Kelly’s. She says he must be jazzed about the news about Nina. He doesn’t know what she is talking about. She tells him that Nina is alive.

Levi has a problem with Maxie talking to Nathan while he is only wearing a towel. Maxie tells him that Nathan did him a favor when she went to court to see about rescheduling her hearing. Levi says he thought they decided that she wouldn’t try to see her daughter. She says she changed her mind and asks if he has a problem with it. He says he has a problem with her getting hurt. He tells Nathan that lying to a judge is bad karma. When Maxie wishes Nathan luck with Nina as he leaves, Levi asks her if something is going on between her and Nathan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria goes to the doctor for a check-up and shows Stitch the first sonogram picture of the baby. Stitch wonders if he and Victoria have a chance at a relationship or if she wants to be with Billy. Victoria tells him that they do have a chance at a relationship although she isn't sure what the future has in store for her right now. Chelsea has a talk with Stitch after she overhears a phone call that he is having with his son and his ex-wife. In conversation with Chelsea, Stitch reveals that his wife's name is Jenna Kieran and his son Max uses her last name. Stitch also reveals that Jenna lives in Melbourne, Australia. Chelsea shares this information with Billy and gives him the phone number for Stitch's ex-wife. She advises him to pretend to be a telemarketer and ask her some questions. When Billy can't think on his feet to answer a question from Jenna, she hangs up on him. Chelsea advises Billy to go to Australia and talk to Jenna. Billy asks Chelsea to go with him to help him find out Stitch's secret.

Austin gets nervous when Paul arrives at Avery's to question her about her internet stalker. Paul thinks it's somebody Avery knows and asks her for a list of all the cases she has lost. Dylan returns from his trip to Idaho and tells Victor that Willa has moved away, so they will have to find some other way to get Dylan out of town. Jack returns from his business trip and isn't happy when he and Kelly see Summer kissing Austin in the park. Austin tells Summer he will be leaving town soon, so it isn't wise for them to start a relationship. Dylan tells Paul to look into Avery's ex-husband Joe Clark, although he doesn't seem like the stalker type. Dylan is upset with Avery because she didn't tell him the threats from the stalker had gotten worse. Avery tells Dylan that she will go see him as soon as she finishes taping the coking show. Dylan heads over to Avery's place but she is gone because Austin persuaded her to go to his place to take some pictures for the website. Nikki tells Victor that she still loves him but that doesn't change the problems in their relationship, because sometimes love isn't enough to make a marriage work.

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