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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill discusses the situation with Justin. He wasn’t that far in the air and surely saw Ridge fall and come up again, so he has to be there. Justin says he was concentrating on the chopper and did not see that much. He had done exactly what Bill told him to do – cool Ridge off. Bill says it was not supposed to go down this way. He just wanted to teach the dressmaker a little lesson, not kill him. Maybe he swam ashore. And Brooke must not catch wind of this. If Ridge is dead, there will be a murder rap and they both will go down. But Ridge is not dead. He’s probably on one of those yachts out there and having a party. Brooke asks Bill is there is any word. And she wants to find that helicopter pilot; it’s all his fault. Bill tells Justin to keep looking. Go join the search team in the lobby. He wants Justin to be on point. Katie discusses it with Eric and says Ridge is not in the water; he surely swam ashore and they will find him. She says she could kill Quinn for sending that selfie as she knew what Ridge would do. Eric says Ridge was looking for a smoking gun and Quinn always seems to be in the middle of these things. He’s pretty suspicious of her motivations. Katie says her motivations are obvious. She did not want Bill marrying Brooke so she used Ridge to make sure Brooke didn’t. She’s looking for a miracle. Eric says she has had several in her life – with her brother’s heart, her baby and the way Ridge came into her life. They won’t give up now. Wyatt tells Quinn that this doesn’t look good; Ridge could be dead. Quinn says he will be fine; Wyatt just needs to get Hope out of here; go for coffee. Liam continues to harp on the subject that it was only a matter of time before Quinn got completely out of control. Hope says she will deal with that when she finds out more about Ridge’s fate.

Liam grouses that Ridge should not have been there in first place. He was a powder keg and Quinn lit the match. Those people should not be in Hope’s life and he doesn’t want her near them the next time something like this happens. He scoffs at Quinn for pretending to be concerned. Now his dad is a different story. Quinn just wants Bill back so they can pick back up and continue their little affair. Quinn says okay Bill was hammered but she happened to be there and it only happened one time and she sent Ridge the photo so he’d know what he was getting into. But she did not throw him out of the helicopter so that is not her fault. Liam tells her that he and Hope disagree on this, but it is entirely her fault whatever happens to Ridge. Wyatt tells Hope that he is sorry for his part in this. She says he did nothing it was all on Quinn and she did plenty. Wyatt said he came to Hope right away when he knew but he should have deleted the selfie himself. He says he loves his mother but he hopes that Hope knows he is not okay with this. He know Liam is spewing this as much as he can and holds him just as responsible as his mother. He hopes she will not let Liam use this to pull them apart. Hope calls her mother and they both agree they are not going to give up. Quinn tells Liam that he is milking this horrible tragedy and she is not going to allow it. She’s not going to let him paint her as a villain, and she does not feel the slightest bit guilty. She accuses him of slandering her to Hope and her son. He says no he is not. Ridge was the pride and joy to his family and she probably sent him to his death. She did this and he is not going to stop until everybody knows. He is going to hold her feet to the fire. Brooke says Quinn has to pay for this. She wants to know how she ended up with that photo in the first place. Bill explains it was the day she was marrying Ridge. He was drinking a lot and Quinn showed up unannounced. He was wasted and out of his head. Brooke says so Quinn seduced him. And of course because he was drunk he did not know that she took the picture. Quinn calls Bill to see if there is any latest news. He chastises her for sending the picture and tells her he knows she is Wyatt’s mother but he wants nothing to do with her again. Brooke takes some of the blame. Perhaps if she had fought Ridge harder and not gotten in the helicopter none of this would have happened. Bill comforts her but says it is not her fault. It was all Quinn, not anyone else. Liam calls Quinn a joke. His dad will not go anywhere near her and neither will the rest of the Forrester’s. She and Wyatt will be toast. And all because she showed Ridge a picture that she thought he needed to see…..her benefit, not his. She says she did it for Bill, just look at Brooke’s history with men. He says she must be freaking crazy. He would take Brooke any old day over Quinn. He would actually take any woman over Quinn as she is a vile, manipulative evil bitch! Katie reads her favorite line of poetry. She says it is silly but she almost can not remember who she was before Ridge. She can not lose him. Eric says nor he, and they will have that life. Ridge is coming back to them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No show today!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felix tells Elizabeth that Gabriel has died. They cry together. Patrick and Sabrina say goodbye to their baby. Felix and Elizabeth take him away. Felix takes Sabrina home. Elizabeth stays with Patrick and shares her experience of losing Jake. Patrick wonders how he is going to tell Emma that her little brother is gone. Elizabeth says she will help him through it. Patrick takes Scorpio the stuffed koala and Gabriel’s receiving blanket and leaves. Sabrina is shocked when she arrives home to find boxes of baby supplies stacked up in the living room. Felix begins to remove the boxes, but Sabrina says she wants to look at them for a while. Felix tries to talk her out of it, but she convinces him to allow her some time alone. She opens one of the boxes and looks at the baby clothes. Then she refolds them and replaces them into their boxes.

Morgan gets into it with Sonny about Ava’s baby. He assumes that Sonny went to the island to hook up with Ava again. Sonny can’t tell him that he went there to kill her. Ava accuses Carly of being angry because she slept with Sonny. Carly says she is angry because Ava hurt Morgan. She gloats that thanks to her, Morgan knows Ava is a whore and Sonny knows Ava is a murderer. Ava says her baby is her protection from Sonny, but Carly doesn’t have any such protection from her. Sonny arrives just in time to stop Carly from hitting Ava. Carly informs him that Ava said she is going to spend the next 36 weeks manipulating him into not killing her and that she said she is going to kill her just like she did Connie. Sonny says he would never let that happen. He informs Ava that he isn’t going to let her out of his sight, so she can’t go home; she is going to his house.

Sam is upset about the sudden reappearance of Silas’ presumed-dead wife at Danny’s birthday party. Alexis tells her not to assume that Silas is going to resume being Nina’s husband. Sam knows Nina wants him to. Alexis says Silas will do the right thing. Sam wonders if the right thing is staying with his wife. Silas carries Nina into his apartment because the elevator is broken. Nina has some romantic notion that it is just like when he carried her over the threshold on their wedding day. Nina says she will be happy living there with him. She asks him about other women that he has seen since she has been in the coma, but he doesn’t answer because Nina’s nurse, Rosalie, arrives to get Nina ready for bed. Nina can’t wait to cuddle up with her husband. Silas tells her that he is going to sleep on the couch. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her. She thinks he means physically hurt her so she assures him that she will get better and then they can safely share a bed. She says she will sleep well knowing that she will see him in the morning.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill searches the entire house but she can't find the necklace so she asks the police to arrest Colin, but they can't arrest him without evidence. Lily finds the necklace in Mattie's backpack which she found at Grandpa's house. She thought it was a necklace she could play with; she didn't know it was real. Lily takes Mattie to return the necklace to Jill and explains about the mistake. Mattie also apologizes to Jill and Colin, and she is forgiven by both of them. Jill also apologizes to Colin for assuming he took the necklace. Nick isn't happy when Sharon tells him Mariah will be staying in town, and she will help her pay for a motel until she finds a job. Sharon and Nick argue until he realizes he can't change Sharon's mind about helping Mariah. Nick tells Sharon he will give her a job at the club, so he can keep an eye on her and make sure she stays out of trouble.

Lily asks Hilary to walk away from her relationship with Neil because he is still in love with Leslie. Neil once again tells Lily that he isn't on the rebound and asks her to be civil to Hilary since she makes him happy. Lily tells Neil that she can't forgive Hilary for all the pain she caused her family and almost breaking up her marriage to Cane. Devon is sad when he overhears Hilary tell Neil that she wants to move into his place permanently, because she is ready to make a commitment to him. Tyler tells Abby she is the only woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Abby thinks that Mariah will always come between them, because Tyler still has feelings for her. Tyler tells Abby that he has repaid the debt he felt he owed Mariah for keeping him out of jail, and their relationship is over because he doesn't love her. Mariah apologizes to Tyler and Abby for all the hurt she caused them and tells Abby that she knows Tyler doesn't love her anymore. Mariah tells Abby that she should give Tyler another chance, because he is a good man who deserves to be happy. Abby tells Tyler that she wants to be with him, but she still can't put the ring back on yet.

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