Wednesday 6/4/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie wants to know what happened and how. She panics when Brooke says Ridge was too close to the side of chopper and fell out of it. They have not found him yet. Liam hangs up from hearing the news and Wyatt asks how is that possible that Ridge is just gone. Quinn says she is sure he will be all right but Liam isn’t so sure and he accuses Quinn of starting all of this with her selfie. She could be the cause of Ridge Forrester’s death. Hope tells Katie that she is so sorry this is happening. Katie says she knew that Ridge should not have gone. Hope tries to persuade her that everything will be fine. Rick and Caroline come in and they see how upset everyone is. Hope fills them in that Ridge flew to Abu Dhabi and then her mom and Ridge got in a helicopter and Ridge fell out over the water. Liam continues to point fingers at Quinn for sending the photo knowing full well that Ridge would run off and try to stop the wedding. She says she accidentally sent a silly little picture and now he is pointing fingers at her. Liam is incensed – accidentally, she knew exactly what she was doing. If it had not been for her manipulating none of this would have happened. Wyatt says Ridge is MIA and could even be dead and all Liam can do is blame his mother. Liam says he knows she is his mother but surely he can not condone what she did and now that this has happened. Eric tells Maya and Carter that Ridge is a survivor and will not give up. Bill comforts Brooke and says they will get Ridge back. She doesn’t know how anyone could survive a fall like that. He tries to convince her that people have survived much worse. And he has the Coast Guard and a team of others looking. He has called in every favor he could. They are not going to stop until they find him.

Bill talks with Hassan and tells him that he wants updates every minute until they find Ridge. And to tell the search units in the air and ground not to leave until they find him. He tells Brooke that is a lot of man power and it’s just a matter of time before they find Ridge. They will all go home and they will put their differences behind them and life will go on. Brooke says she prays he is right. She can not lose him. He is the father of her child and her sister’s fiancé. Hassan comes back and tells Bill he must tell him they are still looking but it will change soon from a rescue mission to recovery. His men are dragging for the body. Brooke gasps for him to please not say that. She says she knows he is out there somewhere alive, she can feel it. Wyatt tells Liam to have some respect. Liam rants that he has not heard his mother offer an apology. He will back off as soon as he hears one iota of responsibility. He asks her to go ahead. She asks why – for sending a photo? She tells Hope what happened is horrific and she hopes it will end with good results but she can not apologize or take responsibility for something that happened half way around the world. Hope says yes but the thing is Ridge would not have been on the helicopter if Quinn had not sent the picture. Wyatt chimes in and says he imagines if she had to do it again she would not have. Liam says his tune sure has changed with Quinn in the same room. Quinn says with all due respect Ridge is an adult and what he did was on his own. She did not encourage him to go or to stop the wedding. He made those choices all on his own. Liam looks at her and says that’s it, no accountability at all. She doesn’t really care who gets hurt as long as it is not her son. Everybody else is fair game. She lies and manipulates and puts people’s lives in danger just to get what she wants. Wyatt tells him to knock it off but Liam continues. Wake up, man, see what his mother has done, but she will sleep just fine tonight. Katie calls Brooke to see if any more news. Both feel that Ridge is still alive. Katie says she can not just stay here. She is coming. Donna will take care of Will. Eric tells her he just booked a jet so he will go with her right now. Rick says go find Ridge; he will take care of things in the office. Justin speaks with Bill and Brooke. He says he heard abut the accident and came right away. Brooke says she can not stand this; she is going to go look for Ridge herself. Alone Bill tells Justin that he never called him and Justin was not piloting that chopper. What happened to Forrester was an accident. Katie thanks Eric for getting a jet so quickly. She shows him a book of poems that she carries with her, favorite of her and Ridge. She cries that they just found each other. She needs more time with him. Eric touches her hand and says she will have it. Ridge will show up and bring her a bouquet of desert roses. Quinn says it again. She is sorry the way things turned out but Brooke had a right to know about her and Bill before they married. Hope says yes but at what price. There has been a horrible mistake and Quinn is still standing by the fact that it was just a mistake. Liam adds that it was not a mistake; it was calculated and Quinn feels nothing now. Quinn counters that he better be careful. He is throwing around a lot of ugly accusations and slander is illegal. Liam says so is blackmail. His dad had one drunken night with her and she is milking it for all it's worth.....even blackmailing Bill into making his brother a Spencer. Bill will want nothing to do with her after this. Neither will Hope or any of the Forrester's, it's over. He says she is dangerous and he is sorry that he didn't work harder to expose her. But now she has exposed her own depravity like no one else could. She went too far. She put a man's life at stake and you can't come back from a stunt like that. Justin tells Bill that he is not going to tell anyone. He was the one flying the copter; his ass is on the line. Bill says he told Justin to cool Ridge off; not lose him forever. Did he see him land. Justin said he was busy making sure Brooke got back to Bill. Bill says Brooke can never know it was Justin flying the chopper. No one can know that. Justin says they aren't gonna tell and he left the helipad before anyone could question him. Ridge could not have known that Bill sent a helicopter to pick up him and Brooke after the wedding, so Ridge must have ordered his own and assumed Justin's chopper was for him. He tells Bill to stop looking so suspicious. He has guilt written all over his face. Bill sighs and says he did not want to hurt least not much. He just wanted to teach him a lesson. He certainly did not want him killed. Nobody does what Ridge does and gets away with it. He's out there somewhere and he could not have just disappeared off the face of the earth. He has to know Forrester is alive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Brady got in a fight.  Hope stopped them from fighting.  Hope told them that Gabi confessed to killing Nick.  Rafe comforted Gabi.  Rafe didnít want Gabi to be represented by EJ, but she wanted him to represent her.  She felt guilty for taking Nickís life.  Hope wanted John and Brady to work out their differences.  Gabi told Rafe that she talked to Marlena, but he didnít like it.  She wanted him to let her stand on her own two feet.

Will went to see Gabi.  Rafe left to make some phone calls.  One of them was to check into Nickís time in prison and the other was to his mother.  Hope was upset about Nick and wanted to talk to Bo.  Aiden was there for her.  Gabi told Will about what happened when she killed Nick.  Gabi wanted to pay for what she did to Nick.  Hope cried on Aidenís shoulder over Nick.  Will and Gabi talked about Arianna and how to take care of her before he left.  Abby went to see Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava tells Carly and Morgan that she is pregnant. Morgan wants to know who the father is. Carly tells Sonny that if it is Morgan’s child, then it will be her grandchild too. Carly suggests that they give the recording from AJ’s phone to Anna. Sonny doesn’t want his child or grandchild born behind bars. Sonny tells Carly that he can’t touch Ava while she is pregnant, but after she gives birth, all bets are off. Ava tells Morgan that if it is his child, they could raise it together and be a family. She says she loves him and her tryst with Sonny was a mistake. He says that if it was such a mistake, then she should have an abortion. She says that is not going to happen and whether he likes it or not, she is keeping the baby. Felix and Epiphany stand outside the NICU looking through the window as Patrick and Sabrina spend their last moments with Gabriel. They go inside and take Gabriel out of the incubator so Sabrina can hold him. She says she wants him baptized. Epiphany goes to get the chaplain, who performs the baptism. Felix brings Sabrina’s mother’s stethoscope to her so that she can listen to Gabriel’s heartbeat. Epiphany tells Felix that he was everything that a nurse should be. Sabrina listens to Gabriel’s heartbeat until it stops.

Nathan makes a phone call to try to find out if Nina is alive as Madeline said, without any luck. Silas is stunned to see Nina at the park when he goes to Danny’s birthday party. He tells her that her mother told him that she was dead. She says it is not the first time her mother has lied to keep them apart. She vows that she won’t let her mother, his mistress, or anything else keep them apart. She says she was happy to find out that he hadn’t filed for divorce and concludes that he is still committed to their marriage. He wonders how she knew where to find him. She says she had someone look him up. She says she is proud of him for becoming Chief of Oncology. She tells him that his office told her that he would be at the park. She asks if he got her flowers. He says he didn’t know they were from her. She wonders who else would have sent them. Sam chimes in and says Silas thought they were from her. She says Silas is Danny’s doctor and he thought the flowers were a “Thank You” from her for saving Danny’s life. Nina says she’d like her husband to take her home. Julian tells Nina that her brother is in town, too. She says she will wait to see him because it will be so overwhelming to see her five-year-old brother all grown up. Sam encourages Silas to go spend time with his wife.

Mac goes to Maxie’s apartment hoping to surprise her with lunch, but she isn’t there. Levi tells him that he thought Maxie made it clear that she is vegan now and can’t partake of animal products. He is about to close the door on Mac, but Mac says they need to talk. Mac tells him that since he and Felicia pay Maxie’s rent, they are essentially paying for Levi to be there. He tells Levi that Maxie left town to find herself when she lost her daughter, but she never found herself; she found Levi instead. Levi credits himself for Maxie’s evolution and her realization that she needs to put everything surrounding the baby ordeal behind her. Mac asks how she is supposed to put her daughter behind her. Levi asks Mac if they can bury the hatchet and start fresh. Mac says he will try for Maxie’s sake. Maxie runs into Nathan at the courthouse. She tells him that she had a change of heart about wanting to have her daughter in her life and is hoping the judge will reschedule the hearing that she missed. She tells him that she didn’t tell Levi where she was going. Nathan offers to go with her so she won’t be alone. Diane says having a reputable member of law enforcement in her corner could help Maxie’s case. Judge Walters says he isn’t rescheduling the hearing and that he is adding six months to the ban. Nathan says it is his fault that Maxie didn’t make it to the previous hearing because he neglected to give her the court notice. Judge Walters agrees to reschedule the appointment. Diane whispers to Maxie that Nathan is a keeper.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Colin calls someone on the phone and says they will soon have their money back that they loaned him to launder through Nonevent. Cane and Lily ask Colin to babysit Maddie since they have to take Charlie to the ER because he has a rash. Cane tells Colin that Maddie only wanted to stay with him but Lily only agreed because Jill was going to be there to supervise. Esther tells Jill that she thinks there is more to Mrs. C's treasure hunt for the necklace because she wouldn't have gone to all that trouble just so Jill could find a necklace. Once Cane, Lily, and the twins have left, Jill discovers her necklace is missing and she accuses Colin of stealing it.

Nikki and Victor have a long talk in her hotel room, because she knows that he is afraid of losing Newman Chancellor because of the SEC charges against him. After Victor and Nikki share a kiss, he tells her he is grateful she understands him. Avery asks Victor not to make Dylan a scapegoat if his and Dylan's plan to get Ian away from all of them doesn't work. Avery tells Nick that her latest conversation with Ian got under her skin. She also confides in Nick about how much the messages from 4mj are scaring her. Nick is with Avery when 4mj sends her another message saying that justice will soon be served. Kevin is heartbroken when Chloe sends him an e-mail asking him to move on with his life and she will move on with hers. Chloe also tells Kevin that she may never return to Genoa City, because it is full of memories of Delia.

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