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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill gives Justin the orders – cool him off. Justin banks the helicopter sharply and with Ridge not buckled in he falls out. Brooke hollers for the chopper to turn around and get Ridge. Bill gives orders for Justin to bring Brooke back. Katie thinks of Ridge and wishes he would call. Finally she does but only gets voicemail; tells him she hopes all is okay and to hurry home. Liam and Hope discuss the situation of Ridge being in Dubai trying to stop the wedding and how it is Quinn’s fault for sending the selfie. Hope says her mother deserved to know about Quinn and Bill’s one nighter, ewwwww, but not to find out like this. Liam wants to know what else does Quinn have to do wrong before Hope will throw her and her son out of her life. Wyatt rails at his mother for being so careless. She calls him gloomy and that he is so focused on the worst case scenario and outcome. She’s a woman and says she knows her breed and how women feel when their man gets busy with another woman. She says when Brooke finds the picture of her and Bill, there will be no wedding. She will cry and yell and then dump Bill and let Ridge bring her home. So stop with that look. All she did was give Ridge information to pass along to Brooke so she could make an informed decision on whether or not to marry Bill. He scoffs, oh yeah so she was doing Brooke a favor. But her thinking is a little skewed as no one is going to thank her, certainly not Brooke and not Bill for ruining his life. She says Bill and her…..Wyatt tells her there is no “us”. There is Brooke and Bill and then there is Quinn. She says she did not dummy up that picture. She just shed some light on the subject and if Bill and Brooke can’t get past this, she does not feel she did anything wrong. He says wow, she really does believe that. She says she doesn’t need her son in judgment; she got enough of that from Katie. She is sorry he feels caught in the middle as Brooke is his girlfriend’s mother, but no one is going to hold Wyatt responsible for something she did. He says again that Brooke is not going to forgive her for this. Not only did Quinn sleep with Bill but on her wedding day of all days. She is going to resent the hell out of her. And then they will be booted from the company. Quinn says no, but even if he is right, it will be just her that gets canned, not Wyatt. She tells him to relax, nobody got hurt.

Liam and Hope walk in and he says he is not sure about that. The last time he checked Bill and Ridge together was pretty volatile. And this time he is agreeing with Wyatt. If either of them get hurt, especially his dad he will prosecute. Quinn scoffs for what – selfie abuse? Hope wants to know if she planned this outcome the whole time. Eric talks to Katie. They both know about the selfie and that Ridge is on his way to Dubai. Eric is worried he won’t get there in time and Katie is worried what might happen if he does. The chopper lands and lets Brooke out. Bill runs to it and tells Justin to go bring Ridge back. Hope says Liam has a point. No one would take a self incriminating selfie unless they planned to use it. Quinn says she had hated that man for so long so she just wanted proof for her own amusement so she could rub it in his face later. She says no one was supposed to know about her and Bill, especially not Brooke so her conscious is clear. Liam calls her a liar, a very convincing liar. He tells Hope that is why she has to distance herself from these people; they are deceptive and conniving. Wyatt jumps in and says he had nothing to do with this. He did not take any selfies, he did not send any selfies. He is finding out his information just like everybody else and then he went straight to Hope. And he is not on board with Quinn setting up his father. She says that is true. Quinn also says none of this was Wyatt’s fault. She took the picture and accidentally sent it to Ridge, so any consequences should be for her and her alone. Katie says she knows she is not part of FC but she thinks Eric should fire Quinn for what she did; she is crazy and evil. Eric says those are strong words but he will wait and see how Brooke feels when she gets back. He surprises her by showing her the wedding dress he designed for her. She’s glad he is on board with her marrying Ridge since she knows he prefers Brooke. Eric says Ridge loves Katie so he can not ask for anything more than that. Bill tries to calm Brooke and says everything is being done to find Ridge. The staff says they are using everybody available to try and find the body. Brooke warns them not to refer to Ridge as a body. With Brooke changing clothes, Bill calls Liam and then Liam relays it to the others that Ridge tried to take Brooke away in a helicopter and then he fell in the Gulf and the search teams have not found him yet. Bill tells Brooke it would be best if they stayed in their rooms and let the search teams comb the area. Ridge is a resourceful guy and he will survive this…..maybe a little banged up but he will be found and they will bring him home. She wants to believe that and says she will call Katie. Quickly she tells her the events of how Ridge fell overboard. Panicked Katie asks if he is all right.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Marlena that Gabi confessed.  Gabi was upset about going to prison. Nicole tried to make what she did to Eric right, but he wasn’t willing to let her.  She thought she could prove that he loved her.  She wanted him to go with her and she could prove it.  She wanted to show him why she did what she did.  Sami told Rafe that Gabi confessed to killing Nick.  EJ questioned Gabi about her scheme against Melanie.  Gabi suspected that EJ was worried that she was going to tell that Rafe and Sami helped throw Nick in the river.  Rafe went to the police station.  Sami ripped into Jordan for why Rafe wasn’t there for Gabi.  Gabi agreed not to sell out Kate and Sami. 

Marlena talked to Gabi.  Nicole showed Eric a picture.  He wasn’t moved by the picture the way she thought he would be.  Rafe wanted to know where Gabi was when he got to the police station.  Rafe was upset that EJ was presenting her.  Gabi talked to Marlena about Nick.  Gabi told Marlena that Kate and Sami helped her get rid of Nick’s body.  Hope told Rafe how guilty Gabi was.  Gabi continued to tell Marlena what they did to Nick.  Eric was still upset with Nicole despite how much she tried to plead with him.  Gabi told Marlena how she killed Nick.  Gabi apologized to Rafe for letting him down.  When Sami ran into Marlena, Sami realized that Gabi told her what she and Kate did to Nick.  Eric left Nicole’s apartment which left her upset.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Baby Gabriel’s monitor alarm goes off. Britt tells Patrick and Sabrina that Gabriel’s organs are shutting down due to an infection and that he only has a few hours left. Sabrina and Patrick prepare to say goodbye to their son.

Carly and Franco wonder what is taking so long for Sonny to check in. Carly and Morgan talk about Ava and Sonny’s tryst. Carly tells him that he will have to try to find a way to make peace with his father. She says Sonny will be back from his island, but Ava may never come back. Morgan wonders why Carly would say that. Carly says Julian is after Ava so she would be foolish to come back. Franco does caricatures in the park. Kiki asks him to draw her. She tells him that she has plans to go to dinner with her mother later. He tells her that he is pretty sure her mother is dead. Sonny and Ava return to Port Charles and go straight to the hospital for a pregnancy test. They run into Silas and Nathan. Nathan informs them that Julian Jerome id free with full immunity in exchange for naming his boss. Ric Lansing. Sonny asks Ava if she knew about it. She says that she had never heard of Ric before he worked as Julian’s lawyer. While Sonny and Ava are waiting for the pregnancy test results, Kiki calls Ava to find out if she is alive. They verify their dinner plans. Kiki demands to know why Franco said Ava was dead. Franco concludes that he got bad information. Franco calls Carly and tells her that Ava is alive. Carly and Morgan see Sonny and Ava at the hospital. Ava tells them that she is pregnant.

Molly demands that Julian admit he lied about her father. He says he told the truth. Molly leaves to go see Ric in jail and runs into TJ outside her house. He says he is going with her. She worries that he will see his mother. He informs her that his mother was released with the rest of the Jeromes. He wonders if he can get his mother to reveal who Julian really worked for. Alexis asks Molly to table her differences with Julian for Danny’s birthday party. Molly agrees to drop it for now, but she is not going to let it go. Sam opens Silas’ door to a police officer escorting Rafe home after being caught stealing in the park. The officer says the victim didn’t want to press charges. Sam asks him why he was stealing. He says he wanted to buy a gift for Danny’s birthday. Sam tells him that being like a brother to Danny is enough. Rafe doesn’t want to go to Danny’s birthday party because Molly and TJ will be there. When Sam takes a phone call, Rafe takes the money that is sticking out of her purse. Later, Rafe returns home with a baggie of cocaine and starts to cut it. When Silas gets to Danny’s party in the park, Nina is there.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Stitch have a talk and agree not to cause Victoria any stress while she is waiting for the results of the paternity tests. Billy tells Stitch that he is the father of Victoria's baby because he (Stitch) only slept with Victoria one time. Avery is nervous when she gets another message from 4mj telling her that revenge is a dish best served cold. Dylan calls Avery and tells her that Willa still doesn't want to talk about Ian, but that he intends to stay in Idaho until Willa wants to talk to him. Avery tells Dylan that she misses him and can't wait until he gets home. Neil drops by the Athletic Club and gives Lily a birthday present which she doesn't open at first because she is upset with him for dating Hilary. Kelly persuades Lily to open the present, and Lily is touched by the lovely scarf and the card in which Neil writes Happy Birthday from him and her mom.

Summer and Austin have a long discussion and then decide not to make love until they know each other better. Although Summer is disappointed, she tells Austin that she can wait if he wants to. Avery accuses Ian of being 4mj and he tells her that he doesn't know what she is talking about, although he understands why she would be scared. Victoria tells Chelsea to stay away from Billy because he doesn't need her to be his confidante. When Devon drops a weight on his foot at the gym, Hilary takes him to the hospital. Hilary asks Devon why he doesn't want Neil to be happy with her. He is about to tell her when Neil walks in the door of the hospital exam room. Billy wants Chelsea to help him find out Stitch's secret, but she tells him that he doesn't need her help; he needs to talk to Stitch's ex-wife. A private detective brings the person watching Chelsea and Connor on video pictures of them and tells the person that Chelsea doesn't know she is being followed.

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