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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge races through the palace grounds and spies the wedding tent. He calls out for Logan. They stop just as Brooke is about to put the ring on Bill’s finger. That stops the wedding. He tells Brooke that she is not going to marry Bill; she is going with him. He shoves the selfie picture in her face. Bill tries to quickly explain it was only one time and he was drunk when Quinn showed up and took advantage. Ridge punches Bill in the mouth and grabs Brooke’s hand and runs across the sand. Bill gets up and chases them but they have too big a lead. The helicopter hovers overhead and lands on the launching pad. Ridge forces Brooke aboard and the pilot takes off while Bill watches. Wyatt explains to Hope that his mother is involved and Ridge is in Dubai now trying to stop the wedding. They had a little encounter when Brooke was going to marry Ridge so they were free to be together, but Brooke may not see it that way. Hope says her mother deserves to know what she is getting into. Wyatt hopes she will not hold this against him because of what his mom did. She says she would love that but his mother does need to dial it back. He agrees and says that is the way he grew up. His mom did things he did not know about or approve of but he had to look the other way and was not going to throw her under the bus.

Katie tells Quinn that she is glad she can see the humor in this. She doubts Bill will ever forgive her but if he does she and Bill would make a lovely couple. She advises her to pack up her things as she won’t have a job by time all of this is over. Her big sis has a lot of clout around here so she would be polishing up her resume if she were Quinn. Quinn goes to Wyatt’s office and asks if she is still on his naughty list. He says that depends on when Brooke gets back and if they get fired. He says if she thinks all of this is going to end well, then she is terribly naïve. Hope tells Katie that she just heard the news. Hope is not sure she is supposed to feel angry at Quinn or be grateful. Katie says she can not stop Ridge so she is going to let him help Brooke and be grateful. She is not going to lie. She won’t be unhappy if Brooke doesn’t marry Bill. She knows Ridge loves her so she is giving him this time to help Brooke. In time they as sisters can mend and get back together if she is not with Bill. Wyatt tells Quinn that forcing this was wrong; it was Bill’s call to tell Brooke. If anything happens over there it is on Quinn. Katie thinks back on her times with Ridge and wishes he would call her. Brooke shouts at Ridge that how does she know any of this is true. Ridge tells the pilot to take off. Below Bill tells the pilot to cool him off. We see just a side view but it is Justin who takes the copter and banks a sharp right turn and Ridge falls out into the Gulf.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric was furious with Nicole.  He confronted her about Daniel.  Eric wanted to help Daniel, but she didnít.  Then he suggested talking to Jennifer.  EJ said he was representing Gabi.  The DA wanted to know what was going on.  Gabi wanted to confess.  Gabi told Will she wouldnít have let him go to prison.  Will told her to listen to EJ.  EJ wanted to go over what they were going to do.  Eric told Nicole that he knew.  He wanted to know how she could do it.  Sami wanted to know if Will thought Gabi killed Nick.  Lucas realized he was covering for someone else.  Sonny said Will thought he was covering for him.  EJ wanted Gabi to lie about killing Nick.  She said she killed him.  Gabi told EJ why she killed Nick.  EJ wanted to use Gabiís confession to help her.  Eric wanted Nicole to tell him the truth.  Eric told Nicole that Jennifer told him everything.  He wanted her to tell him.

Gabi had to give her statement to the DA.  Gabi ended up telling the DA that she set up Melanie and that Nick knew about it.  Eric wanted Nicole to admit to having evidence to clear his name, but didnít tell him.  She admitted to it.  She explained what happened when she got the proof.  She also told him why she couldnít tell him.  Gabi continued to tell the DA about Nick and how she got the gun to kill him.  Nicole said she destroyed the evidence.  Eric wanted to know how Daniel found out.  She told him about Liam.  Eric was upset that she destroyed peoplesí lives to protect her lie.  Gabi told the DA and Hope how she killed Nick.  Gabi apologized to Hope for killing Nick.  Eric was furious with Nicole for what she did to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad returns to work complaining about the gay marriage he went to. Britt tells him that Lucas was shot. Lucas opens his eyes. Julian is sitting with him. Julian assures him that the person who shot him won’t be able to hurt him again. Felix goes in to change Lucas’ bandage. Brad rushes into the room. Bobbie intercepts Julian in the hallway and warns him to stay away from Lucas. Julian says Lucas is in more danger from her family than his. Bobbie goes into Lucas’ room and sees Brad and Felix squabbling. She kicks them out.

Nikolas goes to Elizabeth’s house under the guise of making sure she is ok after the news about Ric. She tells him that she is fine and the story in the paper isn’t true. He tells her that he is trying to make her see the truth about Ric the same way she tried to make him see the truth about Britt. Elizabeth says the two situations are not alike. She defends Ric until Nikolas asks her to explain Ric’s fingerprints on the gun that was found in his room. Finally, Elizabeth believes that Ric lied to her. She feels stupid. Alexis tells Molly that her father sent the shooter to the gallery. Molly doesn’t believe it. She observes that the story and the evidence were produced by Julian, who has every reason to lie. She says Alexis might trust Julian, but she doesn’t. Alexis tells her that she advised Elizabeth to hire Diane to represent Ric. Molly is angry that Alexis will help her other daughters’ fathers, but not her father. Molly says she will never turn her back on her father and storms off. Julian arrives to pick up Alexis to go to Danny’s birthday party. Molly tells him to admit that he lied about Ric.

Nathan asks Sabrina and Patrick if they have remembered anything else about the car accident. He assures them that they are doing everything they can to find out who ran them off the road. Patrick and Sabrina can’t imagine who would have wanted to hurt them, Emma, or the unborn baby. Baby Gabriel’s monitor goes off. Nathan tells Britt that their Aunt Madeline told him that his cousin Nina is still alive. He says he wants to find out for sure before he says anything to Silas Clay. Britt thinks Silas has a right to know that his wife might be alive. Sam sees Silas and Nina’s wedding photo among things Silas is going through. She tells him that he doesn’t have to hide things like that. He says he isn’t hiding it; he thinks it is time to let Nina go and move forward with Sam because he loves her. She says she loves him too. Silas goes to the hospital. Nathan runs into him and says there is something he should know. Someone knocks on Silas’ door. Sam answers it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane gives Lily clues to a birthday scavenger hunt which lead to the promise that they will take a trip to Paris someday. Cane also gives Lily a beautiful pair of earrings and tells her they will have a romantic Paris-themed celebration at home. Jill makes Colin sign an agreement stating that they won't sell Katherine's necklace unless they both agree it is a good idea to. Colin calls someone on the phone and says they need to come up with a plan to steal the necklace.

Tyler confronts Nick at the gym telling him that it is his fault Abby broke up with him. Tyler tells Nick tjat Mariah has had a hard life which makes Nick even more worried about Sharon going to Portland to help Mariah. Nick tries once more to persuade Sharon not to go to Portland but it doesn't work because she is determined to help Mariah. Austin, Avery, Leslie and Summer get into a heated argument because Austin and Summer think that criminals don't deserve to have a defense; they should just go straight to jail. Avery tells Summer that she doesn't think she should date Austin, but Summer says she is a grown woman who can make her own decisions. Summer heads to Austin's place with him and asks him to make love to her. Austin and Summer start kissing. On Austin's computer, his user ID to write posts to Avery's website is 4mj. Someone continues to watch video of Chelsea and Connor from a computer.

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