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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill watches as Brooke slowly walks toward the wedding site. Ridge reminds Kyle that Ms. Logan will be returning with them. He won’t leave without her. Landing in Dubai, he hails a cab to take him to a helicopter. When that is not ready he asks them to meet him at the hotel. Wyatt chastises his mother for setting this all up. She did not send that selfie to Ridge for any reason other than wanting him to stop that wedding. She argues that Ridge did what he wanted. Wyatt says things were not going her way so she forced the issue. He says there will be consequences and she did not think that through. She still argues that if anyone can stop that marriage it will be Ridge. Meanwhile Ridge has a boat and is cruising the coast looking for the wedding. The ceremony begins. Bill tells her that this is the first time he feels he could lose everything in this world but he would still be rich because of knowing and having her. Wyatt tells Hope that Ridge is on his way to the Middle East to try and stop the wedding. It might already be too late.

Katie stops in on Quinn and says she knows that her fiancé is half way around the world tonight because of her. She has seen the photo and soon Brooke will too. Bill will be super mad. Quinn says that Ridge will stop the wedding; he has to. Ridge finds the palace and asks directions then races to get to the wedding. Brooke is reciting her vows about adventure lasting the rest of their lives and something new around every corner. How he is completely devoted to her and with him she has found faith and trust, something she has never had before. She will stand beside him for as long as they both shall live. Ridge runs toward them. He calls out Logan just as Brooke is going to put the ring on Bill’s finger.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel showed up at Nicoleís place.  She wanted to know what was doing there.  He wanted to talk.  Hope showed up at Will and Sonnyís apartment on police business.  Will told Sami that she couldnít stop him from signing a confession.  EJ stopped him from signing.  EJ warned Will that it would be over if he signed the confession.  Hope told Gabi that Will confessed to killing Nick.  Will wanted to take responsibility for what he did.  EJ and Sami tried to convince Will not to confess.  Hope was suspicious of Gabiís behavior.  Hope wanted to double check something Will said.  Eric told Marlena that he and Nicole were eloping.  Daniel confronted Nicole about her eloping.  Will was convinced heís doing the right thing by confessing.  Sonny told Lucas that Will confessed.  Neither one of them believed Will killed Nick.  Lucas wanted to see Will, but he didnít want to see him.  Sami tried to convince Will to see Lucas.  Daniel and Nicole argued over her eloping.  Marlena didnít like the idea of Eric eloping and leaving Salem.  Daniel realized that Nicole never told Eric the truth.  He was going to tell Eric himself.  Nicole admitted to Daniel that she didnít tell Eric the truth.  Daniel wanted to know what she said.  She said she told Eric he was in love with her.  Someone was listening to them.  Will agreed to see Lucas.  EJ didnít want Will to sign anything without him.

Lucas told Will that he planned on killing Nick.  Will said he killed Nick.  Sonny told EJ and Sami that Victor thought he killed Nicole.  Sami asked if he did kill Nick.  Daniel was furious that Nicole lied to Eric.  Nicole tried to justify why she lied to Eric.  Nicole begged Daniel not to say anything to Eric.  Jennifer turned out to be the one that was listening to Daniel and Jennifer.  Daniel agreed to let Nicole tell Eric the truth.  He wasnít going to allow her to keep the secret.  He said he would tell Eric himself if she didnít tell it.  Lucas tried to talk Will out of confessing.  Sonny said he wouldnít let Will go to prison for him.  Will was determined to confess.  EJ went over Willís confession with Sonny.  EJ questioned Sonny about the gun.  Sonny said Will was holding the gun the last time he saw it.  Nicole agreed to tell Eric the truth.  When Daniel left, Nicole called Eric and told him Daniel was out of his mind.  Jennifer came up to Eric to tell him something.  Will was ready to sign the confession.  EJ, Sami, and Sonny stopped him.  Nicole found Eric and wanted to leave town.  Eric was furious with her.  Gabi stopped Will from signing the confession because she killed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Fluke goes to Miscavige Institute to look in on the real Luke, who is heavily medicated and straitjacketed. He explains that he switched places with Luke when he was there with Scott Baldwin. Fake Luke tells Luke that he married Tracy. Luke yells for him to keep his hands off Tracy. Fake Luke says Luke can’t do anything about it because the drugs he is being given have made his brain soft. He taunts Luke about Tracy in bed. As an afterthought, Fake Luke tells Luke that he has a grandson that he will never see. He tells Luke the details of setting someone else up to take the fall for his crimes and that he even got the guy’s fingerprints on a hot gun while he was sleeping. Luke asks Fake Luke who he is. Fake Luke won’t tell him.

Julian tells Alexis that he took her advice and turned in his boss who is Ric Lansing. Alexis doesn’t believe it because Ric swore on Molly’s life that it wasn’t him. He swears on Sam and Lucas’ lives that he is telling the truth. Alexis doesn’t know how she is going to tell Molly. Julian feels guilty and is about to tell Alexis the truth when a knock on the door interrupts him. In his room at the Metro Court, Ric tells Anna that Julian lied when he named him as his boss. She says they have documentation. An officer finds the gun that Luke planted. Ric asks Elizabeth to believe that he is being framed. Elizabeth goes to Alexis’ house and tells her what happened. She asks Alexis to represent Ric. Alexis tells her call Diane. Elizabeth realizes Julian is there and confronts him about framing Ric by planting the gun that his own son was shot with. Julian says nothing. Alexis believes Julian’s story over Ric’s. Anna takes Ric to the station and arrests him. Alexis asks Molly to come home immediately. Elizabeth goes back to Ric’s hotel room to get her phone, but the police wonít let her in.

The bartender at the Floating Rib cuts Morgan off and is about to bodily eject him when Olivia steps in and says she will take care of him. Morgan kisses Olivia and suggests that they have revenge sex. She says she isn’t like Ava and that she doesn’t get her kicks by robbing the cradle. Ava tells Sonny that she is pregnant with his child. He doesn’t believe her. She shows him the positive home pregnancy test in the trash can. He still thinks she is making it up and that there is no way she is pregnant with his child. She says that if it isn’t his, then it is Morgan’s. He doubts that he and Morgan are the only possible fathers. She insists that the baby is either his child or his grandchild and asks if he still wants to kill her and her fetus. He tells her that he is going to take her to the doctor of his choice and if she is indeed pregnant, then he'll wait until she gives birth to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby gives Tyler the engagement ring back after he admits that he went to ask Sharon to help Mariah before he came to see her.  Abby tells Tyler that Nick was right, and he will never put her first in their relationship. Sharon tells Nick she is going to Portland to help Mariah since she has nobody in her life to help her. Nick isn't happy and forbids her from going. Sharon accuses Nick of being like Victor and trying to control her life. Nick tells Sharon that he is trying to protect her because he doesn't want Mariah to take advantage of her. Nick returns to Sharon's house later to apologize for his behavior and asks her to talk to Dr. Mead before her trip and call him when she is away, so he won't miss her so much. Nick and Sharon share a romantic evening before she leaves for her trip the next day. 

Billy tells Victoria that he will accept the baby even if Stitch is the father. He asks Victoria to go to marriage counseling with him, but she says that she can't make any commitments right now. Victor stops by Victoria's house to talk and see how she is doing and figures out she is pregnant after seeing her prenatal vitamins. Someone continues to watch Connor and Chelsea from a video camera hooked up in Connor's room. The person watches the video from their computer. 

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