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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill checks with Aadila to be sure there is no realm of rain expected today or even sandstorms to kick up around the wedding site. She understands that he wants things to be perfect and they are trying to be sure it will be. Wyatt doesn’t understand what Quinn means that Ridge is not here. He quips that if he is running drugs again like an arms dealers if he had to leave the country. Quinn says she does not believe it was a law enforcement issue, but this took priority over their re-tooling the collection he did not like. Quinn evades his question when he asks just exactly what country he’s in. She says Ridge does not leave his itinerary with her. Wyatt guesses that he might just happen to be in Dubai. Quinn says Wyatt knows he was opposed to that marriage. Wyatt says yes but others were too and they are not hopping on a jet to get there to stop it. He wants to know if she showed him that picture of her and Bill. That would light a fire under him. She grins that it had a mind of it’s own and it refused to be hidden. Ridge calls Katie and says he did not stop at home last night as he knew she would be unhappy. She assumes it is business and says it is fine. He says not business and he needs to send her something for her to see. It will be in an e-mail and shows Bill not to be the person that Brooke thinks he is. She says Brooke is in the Middle East; is that where he is going too. He says yes, to stop the wedding. Bill goes to Brooke’s suite and she asks where he has been….although it is bad luck to see her on the wedding day. He says his bad luck is done. It ended the day she said yes. He says Malikah will be along any minute and help her with getting ready. She says she can’t get used to this as she is the one who is usually pushing the cart up the hill and she never knew how hard she was working until she stopped. But with Bill it is different. She feels he is there for her, taking care of her and she is the only one. Katie gets the picture that Ridge sent and says Quinn is playing him. She’d like to send the picture to Brooke. Ridge asks her not to as Bill will only talk his way out of it. He will say it is fake or Quinn slipped in his bed while he was sleeping. Katie says maybe, maybe not but she still can not understand why he would fly half away around the world. He says Brooke needs him and she needs her sister too; she loves her. He says he loves Brooke too but not in that way. He just can’t let her walk blindly into a future with that lowlife and liar. He is going to bring Brooke home. Reluctantly she says go, stop the wedding if he can and bring Brooke home. Bill hands Brooke over to Malikah and says the next time he sees Brooke, they will be…….Wyatt is furious with his mother. He asks how she can do this. Brooke is going to come back and it will be off with their heads and Eric will go along with her. How could Quinn do this to him and Hope; did she even think of that being the last straw? She says no because it does not concern either him or Hope. He says it does her mother if she ruins that. Quinn says she is not ruining it, she is trying to wise her up. She says she actually likes Brooke but 100% her assets are visible to the naked eye. She does not have the stomach or heart, let alone the brains for a life with Wyatt’s father. Wyatt says that is for him to decide. What kind of person breaks into e-mails, forges notes and traps people in an elevator and then sends compromising pictures to people. It’s Quinn and criminals. She says no, she hasn’t broken any laws, unlike him. He tells her that is low. She says no, right has been on her side each and every time. He rants that even he would not want to marry into this family, and when Hope finds out what Quinn did she won’t either. She asks if he is ashamed of her. He says he wouldn’t have to be if she were more ashamed herself. She says she let that go as long time ago.

Eric comes in and tells Wyatt that he’d like a word with his mother. Quinn says it is okay. Wyatt can stay; she has no secrets from him as he keeps finding them out. Eric starts off with her and Bill Spencer. Quinn admits it was careless of her to send the picture to Ridge but in all honesty it was on her mind how Brooke would feel if she knew. She didn’t send the pix to Brooke as that was none of her business. Eric says he thought there was bad blood between her and Spencer. She says they are not the most forgiving people but they are both passionate and since nothing developed between her and Eric, she was lonely and she allowed herself to fill the role of Bill’s second choice. She hopes this does not jeopardize her or Wyatt’s job here at FC. Eric says that is private business between her and someone who does not even work there. The choices she makes outside this building are hers and one thing has nothing to do with the other. He ends that maybe this will give Brooke a chance to think twice about marrying this man. She belongs with Ridge although he seems to have forgotten. Maybe this will remind him. Ridge thinks back on his and Brooke’s former weddings and says he is coming, Logan! Bill excuses himself to go get ready and leaves Brooke with Malikah to help her. Wyatt tells his mother that she sure knows how to handle Eric. She says he is the source of their paycheck so that is not a bad thing. He hesitates but says they never talked much about good and bad growing up. She wonders if it has come to this, the sad story of how she neglected his moral education. He says he wished she would have neglected him just a little bit more. She admits she did not teach him the difference in right from wrong; only other people’s ideas and that is all it is – ideas. If there is any refining to be done, if there is any value to be discovered in the mist then that is for Wyatt to discover on his own. He says he never did much of that until this year. And he would disapprove of Quinn if he didn’t know that she was in love. She says she is so disappointed that he sees her as just a cliché. He says okay, then give him another reason she sent that selfie and it has nothing to do with the truth. She says hmmmmm, other people lie and cheat all the time to get something they want and never look back. So she should get something. And she is not asking for much; just a couple of hours a month. And Bill can do whatever he wants with his time. Love is good for most people but a love/hate connection is perfect for her. She says but if she had a husband she had to defer to or pay attention to, she’d have to shoot him. Ridge talks to his pilot and reminds him to call ahead and have a helicopter waiting. Bill waits for his bride as Brooke walks the long walk to the tent.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe and Hope talked about Willís confession. Abe believed it, but Hope didnít. Sonny went to see EJ and Sami. Sami wanted to know what was going on with Will. Abe and Hope officially arrested Will. Daniel called to check on Nicole. Nicole didnít want to talk, but he wanted to talk to Eric. Nicole got Daniel off the phone. Sonny told EJ and Sami that Will confessed. Sami was upset.  Sonny told them that Will confessed last night. She was upset that she wasnít told sooner. Sonny told them where he got the gun and that he put it back the night Nick was murdered. EJ and Sami questioned him about the gun. Will was about to sign the confession when someone walked in telling him not to sign it. Nicole showed up at Danielís apartment to rip into him for not helping her.

Nicole and Daniel argued over Eric. She told him that she and Eric were leaving town. She also told him that their friendship was over.  Sonny went home and told Gabi that Will confessed to killing Nick. The DA didnít want Will to sign the confession because he didnít have an attorney present. EJ and Sami showed up. EJ said he was representing Will.  Daniel and Nicole got into another argument. She told him to stay away from her and left. Sami told Will that he wasnít going to sign the confession. EJ wanted to know why Will confessed. Will told EJ how he ďkilledĒ Nick. When Daniel ran into JJ, JJ told him that Nicole and Eric were eloping. Sami tried to convince Will not to confess, but he was convinced heís doing the right thing. Daniel showed up at Nicoleís apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian goes over Anna’s head and makes a deal with DA Baldwin and Mayor Lomax for full immunity in exchange for his boss’ identity. Julian gives them a dossier on the computer. Scott is impressed by how iron-clad the evidence is. Tracy tells Luke that she knows he is planning a honeymoon, because Lulu spilled the beans. Luke says they are leaving tonight. He makes a call and asks someone to arrange a wonderful trip for him. Julian goes to the Quartermaine mansion and tells Luke that he fed the DA the information as ordered and that as long as Luke leaves Lucas alone, he will continue to work for him. Luke says he planted some evidence for the police to find. Luke reminds Julian that their primary purpose is to take down Sonny.

Nikolas talks to Alexis about Elizabeth rejecting him and getting back together with Ric Lansing. Alexis says Ric already told her about his intentions toward Elizabeth. She asks him if he really loves Liz or if he is trying to fill the void that Britt left. Elizabeth and Ric take their relationship to the next level. Julian goes to Alexis’ house and tells her that he turned in his boss. Anna bangs on Ric’s hotel room door with a search warrant. She tells him that Julian Jerome just named him as his boss. Luke goes to Miscavige Institute to look in on the real Luke.

At ELQ, Kiki tells Michael that she finally got ahold of her mother and that she was just on vacation and is on her way back. She breaks the news that Ava and Sonny slept together. He tells her that he understands that she has been trying to protect him, but that he doesn’t want to be protected; he would prefer to have information when it happens. When Kiki comes on to Michael and lures him away from his work, they have sex on his office sofa. On Sonny’s Island, he tells Ava that he knows she killed Connie. Ava tries to convince him that Carly fabricated the evidence. He tells her that she will pay for murdering the woman that he loved. He says they are both going to hell for AJ’s death, but he will ensure that she goes first. She begs him to give the recording to the police so that she will spend the rest of her life in prison. He says she didn’t give Connie a choice. She tells him that if he shoots her, he will be taking more than one life, because she is pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby struggles to decide if she should marry Tyler. She is offended when she asks Nick for advice, and he tells her to follow her instincts which are telling her that Tyler will never tell her the whole truth or put her first in their relationship. Sharon tries to remember what happened the day she got the ticket for running the red light. Noah tells her that he came to talk to her that day, because he was afraid that she had stopped taking her medicine. Sharon looks at her calendar from last year and doesn't see anything important. When she searches on the internet for what happened on July 13, 2013, she finds out that is the day Phyllis had her accident. Tyler arrives to talk to Sharon and tells her that Mariah grew up without a father and her mother was an alcoholic. Tyler tells Sharon that Mariah asked him to go to Sharon and ask for her help. Sharon decides to go to Portland and help Mariah, but Nick isn't happy about Sharon's decision.

Devon tells Lily he won't help her with her scheme to get Hilary away from Neil, and he has decided to stay out of their relationship. Devon can't help but fantasize about making love to Hilary. Leslie isn't happy about Neil's relationship with Hilary, but Neil and Leslie agree to try and be friends. When Neil wonders how Hilary feels about marriage, she tells him that even though she didn't have an ideal childhood or the best parents, she always dreamed about finding the right man and getting married. Billy gets Chelsea to confirm that Victoria is pregnant, but their conversation is interrupted by a call from Victoria telling him that they need to talk. Billy arrives at Victoria's house with flowers telling her that he puts two and two together and figured out she was pregnant. Victoria tells Billy there is a chance that Stitch is the father of the baby, but Billy is convinced that he is the father and that this is a sign that he and Victoria should try and save their marriage. Victoria wonders how Billy will feel if Stitch is the father of her baby.

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