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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill drives and points out the interests to Brooke. They are just 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi. It’s hard to imagine this was entirely desert until they discovered oil in the ground. Now smell the money in the air. He stops in front of the Emirates Palace. Brooke says she feels like a princess and he says she is one…..only the best for the future Mrs. Bill Spencer. They are greeted by Aadila and told they will be given a tour of the hotel. The wedding planner tells them everything will be perfect for tomorrow. Quinn shows up in Ridge’s office at his request. He wants to know why the picture of Bill showed up in his e-mail. Quinn stammers that she doesn’t know how he got it, it was a mistake. She should have deleted that right away. But she and Bill had an affair. But it’s okay that Ridge knows since he has a child with Brooke and she thinks Bill is so honest and forthright. She had wanted Bill to be truthful with Brooke from the beginning. Ridge grouses that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Quinn says Bill knew it would cost him his relationship with Brooke so that is the reason he could not let her know. She says her relationship is complicated. Ridge doesn’t want to hear that; he just wants that image out of his head. Now Brooke is half way around the world with a man she thinks is devoted to her. She almost gave up everything - her family, her sister, her friends just getting Bill’s company back and now he repays her like this. She says he is very protective of Brooke and that is never going to be okay with Bill. Ridge will practically have to drag her away from Bill. Ridge says maybe that is what he will do. He speaks with someone on the phone and says he needs to find the wedding location. Eric comes in and asks if he is going someplace Ridge says yes, to get Brooke and bring her home. Eric repeats – Bill and Quinn had an affair. Ridge says Brooke must not know or she wouldn’t be with Bill now. Eric reminds him it is a day and a half to get to the Middle East so it might be too late. Ridge says he knows how long it takes but he has to keep Brooke safe. He can’t just fax her the pix as Bill would talk his way out of it. Eric says okay, he understands, Ridge wants to be there for Brooke when she finds out. Eric says bring her home and Ridge says he will. She is one of them, a Forrester, not a Spencer. He won’t come home without her. Eric says be safe and both men say they love each other.

Bill shows Justin around the hotel. Justin says he has kept his distance so Bill and Brooke would have some privacy. He still can’t figure out why he’s here. Bill said he’s his oldest friend. He’d miss him. And he needs his eyes and ears. Justin says nothing is standing in his way now. Bill says and he wants to keep it that way. Tomorrow Brooke becomes Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer and he doesn’t want anything to interfere with that. Bill tells Brooke that he had Rashad schedule a massage for her. She asks if he is getting one. Bill says only if she is his masseuse, but he better not….need to save something for the honeymoon. She says he is amazing setting all of this up. He just wants tomorrow to be a day like she has never experienced. She says he makes her feel like she is the only girl in the world. He says she is to him. Aadila tells Bill that everything is ready and tomorrow will be everything a bride could want. Ridge tells Kyle to make it five minutes; they have to take off and get there as every second counts. And to change the manifest; Brooke Logan will be joining them on the return.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor accused Sonny of killing Nick.  Will confessed to killing Nick.  Victor wanted Sonny to leave Salem.  He also figured out that Will killed Nick.  Abe read Will his rights.  Will officially confessed to Hope and Abe.  Will said no one knew that he took the gun and shot Nick.  Victor wanted to help Sonny and Will, but Sonny left to find Will.  

Will continued to make his confession to Abe and Hope.  He told them how he killed Nick.  John saw Brady and approached him about drinking again.  Brady wanted to drink with him.  Brady ended up walking away from John.  He went to Theresa where he ended up getting high.  Victor let Sonny know that Will was at the police station.  Sonny showed up there to find out why Will was there.  Sonny wanted to know what Will did.  Sonny tried to stop Will from confessing, but it was too late.  Will wanted Sonny to promise him that he would take care of Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy enlists Lulu’s help to figure out what is wrong with Luke. Lulu says Luke has been secretive because he is planning a surprise honeymoon. At the Metro Court, Carly wonders why Luke isn’t leading the search for his nephew’s assailant. Carly tells Franco that Sonny knows Ava killed Connie and that he is headed to Puerto Rico to kill Ava. Ric happens by and introduces himself to Franco. Carly tells Franco the details of Ric’s sordid past. Ric sees Luke at the bar and tells him to stop spreading slanderous rumors, because it isn’t him that is going after Sonny. He warns Luke not to cross him again. Luke suggests to Olivia that she kick Ric out. She says she doesn’t care about Ric now that she isn’t with Sonny. She tells him that Sonny cheated on her with Ava Jerome. He tells her that she could do better. He invites her to get out of there so she can “undress her feelings.” She declines and tells him that he should get home to his bride. He advises her not to trust Ric Lansing. Elizabeth arrives at the Metro Court where Ric has reserved a private balcony with a table for two and a violinist. They agree to spend the night together. Luke goes home and tells Tracy that he was at the hospital. She tells him that he can save his cover story, because she knows he has been planning their epic honeymoon, and she can’t wait to go.

Olivia mentions Morgan and Ava’s break-up to Carly, who had no idea but is happy to hear it. Olivia reveals that Sonny and Ava slept together. Carly says that if it is any consolation, she can guarantee that it will never happen again. Sonny goes to his Island and tells Ava that he knows she shot Olivia. She says it was an accident and that she was aiming for Franco. She says she felt terrible about hurting Olivia and that she would never intentionally do anything to hurt Sonny. He tells her that he knows why she was so eager to cover his tracks when he shot AJ. He says he may have shot AJ, but she killed Connie.

Dante and Anna wonder what DA Baldwin was thinking when he agreed to allow Julian out on bail. Alexis wonders how Julian got out of jail and why he didn’t call her to represent him. He says he didn’t want to waste any time. He tells Alexis that Lucas isn’t out of danger and neither is she or Sam or Danny. He says the only way out is to go back to the organization. Alexis tells him that she doesn’t know what will become of their relationship if he returns to the mob. Anna tells Dante that Jordan Ashford is a D.E.A. agent and that they are going to say they are letting her go, because Dante didn’t Mirandize her properly. She assures him that his record will be cleared when Jordan’s investigation is over. Shawn goes to the jail to visit Jordan and tells her that TJ doesn’t want to see her again. He says he didn’t want to see this happen to her and that he is going to get her a lawyer. She tells him not to bother because by the end of the day, the cops are going to release her with an apology for miscarriage of justice, because they already released her boss. Anna tells Dante that Julian has a boss and that is who the D.E.A. is after. Shawn is shocked when Dante releases Jordan. Julian goes to the station and tells Anna that he is ready to cooperate and tell her who he works for.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ben advises Victoria to tell Billy as soon as possible to keep Chelsea from telling him herself. After putting Connor to bed, Billy and Chelsea spend some time together. Billy pressures her into telling him what is going on with Victoria. Jill and Colin marvel at the exquisite diamond necklace. Nick and Sharon visit Cassie’s grave and relives past moments with her. Victor appears with a bunch of forget-me-nots. Nick tells Victor that this is no place for him. Jill and Colin argue as usual, and she accuses him of tricking her into this marriage, so he could get his hands on her fortune. Jill and Colin move a big chair and under it they find a piece of paper. In arguing over the paper, they tear it in half. Ben advises Victoria to call Billy immediately. Billy continues to pressure Chelsea into telling him Victoria’s secret. Chelsea tells him to ask Victoria, but she will be here if he wants to talk later. Cane and a policeman arrive at Jill’s to look for Colin, but they are surprised to see him standing in the living room with Jill. Cane asks Colin where he's been and what he's been doing. Jill and Colin make up a lie to tell Cane to keep him from knowing that Jill had him locked up upstairs in the attic. After a few moments, Victor leaves. Sharon lets Nick know that she believes Victor. Nick tells Sharon that Cassie would not have turned out like Mariah. Suddenly, Sharon becomes very quiet because she is remembering something that she forgot. Victor visits Chelsea to see Connor, but he's asleep. She tells him that Chloe went to California to get help. Victor asks Chelsea if there was anything that she wouldn’t do for Connor. Chelsea begins to asks Victor about what he did to Sharon by using Mariah to drive her insane. Victor defends his actions. Ben offers Victoria his apologies for always being around her. Ben starts to give Victoria a massage when there is a knock on the door. Ben opens it and sees Billy.

Cane confronts Colin about the Bonaventure card that he found in his wallet. Sharon tells Nick that she remembered something about the last time they were here. Nick begins to help her remember. Victoria lets Billy know that she has something to tell him. Billy gets the wrong idea and thinks that Ben is moving in with Victoria. This makes her upset and she refuses to tell Billy about the baby. Victoria orders Billy to leave. Victor warns Chelsea about getting too close to Billy. Sharon remembers that Nick was going to have a paternity test done. Colin blurts out to Cane that he set him up, which makes Cane very angry. Jill and Colin get romantic after the necklace is around her neck. Jill and Colin go upstairs arm in arm. Billy visits Chelsea and tells her what happened at Victoria’s. Chelsea, by mistake, blurts out about a baby. Billy turns around and asks "What baby?" Victoria vows to tell Billy the truth before Chelsea can.

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