Tuesday 5/27/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke revel in their trip and all this adventure and fine dining in Dubai. He says an intimate setting is exceptional and he has a surprise for her. He explains all the dishes before they partake. He tells her that he likes her sense of wonderment and the look on her face and he likes putting it there. She finds a jewelry box under their dessert. She urges her to open it. It’s a little something to commemorate their time here and would not forget. Wyatt tells Quinn that they need to talk. When that fevered brain of hers goes into overdrive the next thing they are in a big mess and he can’t afford a big mess right now. He says he can see those wheels turning every time she looks at Ridge. He knows she is planning something, something devious and she needs to tell him right now so he can stop her. Quinn says she likes to observe human behavior; he knows that. And Ridge’s reaction to Brooke marrying Bill is fascinating. He dumped Brooke and stayed away for a year and is now engaged to Katie yet he is still dictating her personal choices. She thinks Ridge and Bill should be getting married – two massive egos collide. She admits she does not want the marriage any more than Ridge does. Wyatt’s father and her are not typical. The same things that repels them attracts them. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around it, but it happens every time they are together. And Bill should not be marrying anyone until they play that out to its natural conclusion. Marrying Brooke will be the biggest mistake of his life and she told him that. Wyatt says he is starting to worry about her. She is practical not delusional. She usually sees things very clearly except when it comes to his dad. She says she told him; they are not the norm so Wyatt can not judge them by ordinary criteria. Wyatt says she may feel that pull but it is not reciprocated and he hates to see her get hurt. She says he is sweet, but she can take care of herself. He warns her again and his dad and Brooke are getting married; may be already, so just let them be and do not interfere. She says maybe they will; maybe not. But even if Bill pulls it off, it won’t last. She says she likes Brooke. She is no dumb blonde, but she is a romance junky with no staying power. And Wyatt’s father is a different kind of animal and Brooke is not woman enough for him.

Ridge joins Eric and Eric says he knows that look. It usually has Brooke on the other end of it. Ridge grouses that she is the most stubborn woman he knows. Eric wonders if this has anything to do with her marrying Bill Spencer. Ridge says she will not listen to him or anyone. And he declares he needs to find a way to stop this before she marries this clown. Eric says for someone engaged himself, he sure is invested in Brooke’s marriage. Ridge says no, just Bill. He and Katie are solid. Eric says he doesn’t want Brooke to marry Bill either but it’s not his place to approve or disapprove and for Ridge either. Ridge says it is his place. His son is involved so he does have a say. Eric says he thinks Ridge just doesn’t want Brooke married to anyone but him. Ridge reminds him that his son is involved, a young developing mind and he can’t have him around that idiot. Brooke can find another man, a man of substance and integrity and that is not Spencer. He points out the way Bill manipulated Katie and how he’s ready to do that again with Brooke and he will not let him slither his way back into his family. Eric says he is no fan of Bill’s, but he doesn’t think he has bad intent to Brooke or RJ. Ridge says there must be some way he can prove what a fraud Bill is. Brooke opens her present and finds a lovely large gold medallion necklace. She’s speechless, a truly authentic Arabian piece. She’s never seen anything like it. She thanks him as he slips it around her neck. He says he can’t wait to put the most important piece of jewelry on her finger and that is her wedding ring. Wyatt warns his mother that she is setting herself up for a fall if she thinks Bill will leave Brooke now after months of pursuing her. She says she knows and it is unfortunate as she could have saved himself a lot of grief. Brooke is never going to be faithful to him; it is not in her genes. And Bill’s ego is way too big to put up with the humiliation. She could have spared him the shame, humiliation and alimony. But maybe it’s not too late. Eric asks Ridge if that is how the fight started. Ridge says Bill started talking about his position in his son’s life and in Brooke’s bed and somewhere in there everything went black and he hit him in the mouth. He realizes it was not the most mature time in his adult life and Brooke did get her ring back. But that shows Eric just how he feels. Eric says he knows how he feels. He still loves Brooke and she loves him. They may be with other people for a while, even marry them, but it’s only temporary. He and Brooke belong together. Ridge says Eric is killing him. This is not about him and Brooke. This is about getting her away from Bill. Brooke keeps talking about how faithful Bill is, how patient and how he has proven he doesn’t need other women, but inside he knows there is dirt on this guy. He just needs to figure out how to pin him down. Eric says maybe there is no dirt and he should just let this go. He honestly doesn’t see any way he can stop this. He offers to do anything he can to help. Ridge gives him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and thanks him for listening. Ridge goes back to his laptop. Quinn tells Wyatt that he wants his parents back together, admit it. He says he always wondered why she had no boyfriends but now he knows she was holding out for his dad. She denies that; it’s ridiculous. He says no, it’s obvious she was reserving himself for Bill and she may have hated him for abandoning him but she cared for him deeply and still does. She scoffs that Hope has made a romantic out of him. She says the truth is Wyatt is the only guy she has ever loved. He says good because maybe it will dissuade her away from Bill. He is committed to Brooke and there is nothing Quinn can do to change that. Bill tells Brooke that he wants to give her the world. She says he has by chasing her around the world. She says but the greatest gift is his commitment to her. She doesn’t have to worry about some woman lurking in the shadows trying to take him away. It’s a new experience for her, to be secure in her man’s love. Ridge opens the e-mail with Quinn’s jewelry then spies the photo of her and Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told EJ they should postpone the wedding.  Hope warned Lucas to pray that ballistics didnít match the gun that killed Nick to the one in the river.  Daniel and Eric wanted to talk.  Daniel and Eric werenít on the same page while they were talking.  Roman interrupted because he wanted to talk to Eric.  EJ didnít want to postpone the wedding.  EJ told Sami that Lucas was being held at the police station.  Sami wanted to be there for him.  Eric let Daniel know he wasnít happy with him.  Sami showed up at the police station just as Hope got the ballistics report.  Brady and Nicole got into an argument over their love lives.  Daniel sent Nicole a text to meet him.  They met at the pub.  Daniel wanted to talk about Eric.

Roman warned Eric not to be with Nicole.  Daniel told Nicole that Eric seemed more mad at him than her.  Sami wanted to know if Lucas killed Nick.  He said he didnít.  He told her that Nick was dead when he found him.  EJ told Will that Lucas was being held as a suspect in Nickís death.  While Sonny was at Victorís mansion, the police showed up with a warrant to check for the murder weapon.  Nicole was relieved that Daniel and Eric didnít know what was going on.  She pretended to be upset with him for talking to Eric.  She told him to stay out of it.  Before Nicole left, Daniel wanted her to wait.  Eric didnít want to talk to Roman about Nicole anymore.  Will left the DiMera mansion.  A police officer told Lucas he could leave town.  Hope went to search for the gun.  Daniel wished Nicole luck.  She wanted him not to tell Jennifer.  She said goodbye to him.  Eric wanted Nicole to meet him at her place.  Hope found the box with the gun Sonny took.  Eric agreed to elope and leave Salem forever.  Will went to the police station to confess to killing Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu wonders who would want to kill Lucas. Dante tells her that they found the shooter dead in the park. She says she and Rocco were in the park talking to her father, not knowing that they were so close to a dangerous situation. Lulu tells Dante that she made an appointment with Dr. Chu to determine if she is able to carry a child. Dante gets a call from Anna letting him know that Julian Jerome is out on bail. Lulu gets a call from Tracy wanting to talk to her about Luke. Luke goes to the hospital and tries to cut off Lucas’ oxygen again. The guard won’t let Julian in. Julian pushes his way in and tells Luke to get the hell away from Lucas. Luke pretends to be the good guy by vouching for Julian so that he can be in his son's room. Once alone, Julian tells Luke that he knows he sent the hitman and that he is there to finish the job. Luke asks Julian what he intends to do about it. He informs Julian that Alexis, Sam, and Danny are all targets too and that he will pick them off one by one. Julian says that won’t happen if he turns Luke in. Luke says Julian’s family will still not be safe. He says the only way Julian will keep his family safe is if he goes back to work. Julian observes that Luke’s operation is in bad shape now that he has lost ELQ, his shipment was raided, and his people are all in jail. Luke says he is going to rebuild his empire with Julian at his side.

Kiki calls Ava wondering where she has been and if she has been lying low to avoid being busted with Julian. Ava denies knowing anything about Julian’s drug operation. She confides that for a while now she has switched sides and has been sharing information with Sonny. Kiki says that she heard Ava and Sonny have been sharing more than information. Ava explains that she and Sonny got caught up in the heat of the moment and that they have both put it behind them and that they are on pretty decent terms. She says she will be a better person when she goes home. Carly plays the recording from AJ’s phone for Sonny, revealing that Ava, not AJ, killed Connie because she found out that Derek Wells was really Julian Jerome. Sonny observes that everyone knew that shortly thereafter. Sonny realizes that AJ was trying to tell him that Ava killed Connie when he shot him. Sonny is angry that he has innocent blood on his hands because of Ava. He apologizes to Connie’s picture. He says he is going to kill Ava. He goes in person to his island.

Emma gives Sabrina flowers and a plush koala for the baby named Scorpio. She wonders what her little brother’s name is. She thinks they should name him “Early.” Patrick thinks Sabrina should name him. Sabrina says that if the baby had been a girl, she would have named her “Gabriela” after her mother. She asks Patrick and Emma what they think of “Gabriel.” They like it. She suggests “Drake” for Gabriel’s middle name. Cameron asks Elizabeth out to dinner on Ric’s behalf. Elizabeth agrees. Ric takes Cameron and Emma for their play date at the park.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria visits Chelsea at the condo regarding her threatening phone call. Victoria reminds Chelsea that she kept her secret. Abby sits at a table at the Coffeehouse when Ben comes in and joins her. Billy arrives at Chelsea’s and is surprised to see Victoria there. At the Chancellor estate, Jill argues at the picture of Katherine until Esther walks in and reprimands her for her actions. Michael and Lauren discuss Chloe and how much Kevin still loves her. Michael tells Lauren that Chloe is going to Los Angeles to get away from everything. Kevin and Chloe are in bed together and make love. Victoria refuses to let Billy know she is pregnant. When Billy asks Victoria what is wrong, she advises him not to worry about her. Jill visits Colin in the attic, and he reveals to her the info that he uncovered. Colin wants 50 percent of everything that Jill has if they divorce.

In the park, Abby questions Summer about her and Austin. Summer lets her know that they stayed up all night just talking. Austin walks up with some coffee. At the police station, Chloe says tearful goodbyes to everyone. Billy brings Connor for Chloe to say good-bye. Chloe says a tearful good bye to Kevin and will not let him accompany her to the airport. Ben visits Victoria to check on her and advises her to tell Billy about her pregnancy. Jill frees Colin from his attic prison, but when she sees the map, she notices that it has nothing on it. Adam becomes upset when he sees Billy with Chelsea and Connor.

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