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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke enjoy the beauty of Dubai. He shows her they are at the tip of Palm Jumeirah and it is constructed entirely by the rock and sand from the ocean. And Brooke realizes it is in the shape of a palm tree. She rattles off all the hotels, places to see and shopping. She teases that she hopes he brought along all his credit cards. Muhammad welcomes them and relays if they are getting married he hopes they will stay a month. They do things big there or if they prefer it can be more private. Katie catches up with Ridge alone late at night in his office. Not in a very good mood, he says he heard from his son. She thinks that should have brightened his day until he says RJ showed him something….something Bill gave him, his shiny new necklace…..the sword, his parting shot. And RJ was very pleased with it and told to wear it with Spencer pride. Katie disagrees with him when he says Bill is trying to get to him through RJ. He’s playing games and does not care about RJ but Ridge doesn’t want Katie talking to Bill for him. He’s just trying to brainwash RJ, that’s why he sent him the necklace. He brainwashed Brooke and now he’s doing it to RJ and Ridge has got to stop it. She says she hates to see him like this, so they will straighten it out. She just doesn’t want him to obsess about this. He says he will try. Wyatt looks at Quinn’s selfie and wants to know what that is. She says proof that Bill is not ready to marry Brooke Logan. Wyatt is flabbergasted and doesn’t even want to know how she got that. He asks her to delete it please. When she makes light of it, he says enough, he will send her his therapy bill. She wonders what Brooke would think if she saw that. Wyatt tells her do not even go there. But she goes on that Brooke thinks Bill is so loyal and true. He takes the phone away from her and says Brooke is royalty around here and if Quinn does anything with that photo they will be out around here. He will lose Hope and they will lose their jobs. She says she knows; her hands are tied. He says good; now erase it. Ridge walks in before they can say more. He wants to get started. Katie fills Donna in on the necklace. Donna knows that must have set Ridge off. Katie says yes and beyond. She’s discussed it with Ridge but he’s not listening. He has a problem with Bill no matter how good a dad he is to Liam and Wyatt and Will. He hates Bill. He hates the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he dresses and of course he is all wrong for Brooke. Donna says well they are getting married so Ridge will just have to accept that. Ridge tells Quinn and Wyatt that perhaps they have noticed that he is not pleased with things that happened to the company while he was away…..the couture line took a backseat to HFTF and the Bedroom Line. Quinn doesn’t see how that involves them. He tells her that her accessories are inadequate for those lines; they won’t work. She says and that’s the reason they are re-tooling them. He says he doesn’t want to be rude but he’s a little skeptical. He doesn’t think the Blue Diamond or the Stephanie collection really helped the image of the company. Wyatt says with all due respect they did add to the company’s bottom line. He says he is not blaming them; he blames himself for not paying attention… a lot of things. But he’s getting his focus back so how does that involve their little company. She says there are still a number of pieces he has not seen yet and she is confident they will be to his liking. She says they were all at the meeting and she hopes he won’t let these distractions color his decision. He is mad at Bill, not them. Quinn says his anger with Bill is justified. Ridge says he did vent a little too much but that is not why they are here now. This whole day, talking about the wedding has thrown him off balance. He wishes he could do something about it but he can’t, so they don’t need to talk about it anymore. She assures him they will get him the designs by the end of the day.

Wyatt tells Quinn that anything she does now will reflect on them so she is to do nothing. He wants her to be happy but find another man. She says she does not need another man. He says good because Bill falls into that category. She says Bill is a dangerous, self-centered, egomaniacal bully and she loves it. Brooke is the wrong woman for him. She knows it and Ridge knows it. He leaves but comes back later as she is studying the selfie. He tells her it is the red button, delete it. He likes his job here and he hopes she does too. And he’s battling for Hope and that is not a done deal and he doesn’t want her ruining that. He tells her to stop, he knows that look. She holds up her fingers and says there will be no deliberate interference on her part. He asks her if there is room for interpretation there. She says Ridge is probably sitting in his office ready for her things now, so she will finish up what she has and send him to his laptop and then keeping working on the rest. He says he hopes he can trust her. She scrolls around on her laptop with pieces of jewelry and then inserts the pix of her and Bill. Katie tells Ridge that Donna was just there and they all agree that they all need little sword necklaces to ease the situation. She hates seeing him so miserable over this as it makes her miserable too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No show today!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No show today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Coffeehouse, Dylan is in uniform. Avery is quite impressed and wonders why. They kiss before Dylan tells her that he marched in a Veterans' parade. Avery asks him if he wants to know about her trip to Los Angeles. At the police station, Ian tries to I.D. his mugger through mug shots but with no luck. Mark asks him if he remembers anything. Jack and Kelly have made love in his bed at home. Jack fells guilty because he promised her dinner and hasnít delivered. Jack goes downstairs to get them something to eat when he meets Summer as she comes in the door. Kelly comes to the top of the stairs and asks if he has any grapes. Summer is surprised by Kelly being there. At the Athletic Club, Noah catches up to Nikki and tells her about him and Courtney. Nikki lets Noah know why she and Victor are separated. Ian visits Victor to confront him about what happened in the alley. Avery lets Dylan know about her visit to “The TalkĒ and about Sherry. Noah and Nikki discuss Sharon and what Victor did to her. Ian lets Victor know that he reported the attack to the police. Victor tells Ian that he has no proof that he was involved. Ian warns Victor that he can make life difficult for him. Victor calls him on his bluff. Ian asks for a “truce”. Victor warns Ian to be careful. At the police station, Noah watches Courtney as she deals with a prisoner. Victor calls Dylan to talk. Avery wonders what Victor wants with Dylan. Summer assures Jack that this is fine with her that she just came by to invite him to a special showing of “The Talk” which had Avery as a guest. Jack feels guilty that he didnít remember.

Kelly comes downstairs and asks if Summer is all right. They make plans for dinner. Kelly feels guilty that she thought that Jack would run off and leave her, so he thinks of a way that she can make it up to him. They begin to kiss as he pulls off her top.

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