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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke are on the jet and she can’t wait to see what else he has planned for them. And he can not wait to get married. Donna and Hope discuss another Brooke wedding and they are missing it. Hope does understand though why they would want to elope. They wonder if Ridge knows. He walks in and says yes he knows that her mother is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Both wonder why if he has moved on with Katie does he care that her mom is marrying Bill. He assures them he will always care for Brooke and her well being as well as his son. Donna reminds him that Brooke said RJ took the news well. Ridge says that is different. Katie is a positive influence in his son’s life; Spencer is not. Hope admits that she doesn’t really care for Bill either but you can’t deny how loyal he is to her mother. Ridge says yes but he almost ruined Katie’s life and given time he will do the same to Brooke. There has to be a way to stop this. Wyatt breaks the news to his mother that Bill is flying to Dubai to marry Brooke. Quinn says his dad sure moves fast. But to Brooke Logan, wonder if he thinks that will last. Look at her track record – Ridge, Thorne, Eric and Hope’s jailbird dad, the list goes on. She is just going to end up embarrassing Wyatt’s father. Wyatt wonders if she is worried about only Bill or she and his dad. Quinn scoffs that please, Brooke will have moved on by end of summer and moved on to her next victim. Bill will be humiliated. They have to stop this wedding. Wyatt says it is sort of out of their hands. There is no way to stop a wedding. He looks at her and hopes that she is not going to do something. He points out that Brooke is one of their bosses and Hope’s mother. She says his father is walking into a trap. Wyatt thinks he will be fine; he’s a big boy. Quinn agrees but she thinks he deserves better. Wyatt wonders if she means herself. She gloats that she is an independent woman and doesn’t need anyone or anything. Wyatt says except for his dad. But if she wanted him then she should have dropped her guard and told him what she wanted. She laughs and says talking is not what she and Bill do best. He covers his ears and says he doesn’t want to hear this. She says but if she has the power to stop him from making a mistake, the she probably should. She’s a woman; she has powers. The list is endless. It would save Brooke the scandal of another failed marriage and his dad of his tiny broken heart. She acknowledges that it is tiny and undoubtedly cold but in there someplace. Wyatt says and it belongs to Brooke. Quinn smiles and says Brooke would like to think that but he can’t be tamed. He can’t be owned. Wyatt says he is being serious. It sounds like she has some ammunition and he is afraid she will use it. She says he knows her; her finger is always on the trigger. He says okay fine; just tell him if he should be worried. She cops out by saying they are late for a meeting with Ridge.

Bill tells Brooke they are almost ready to land but he’s still keeping his secret of where they are going to get married. But he will promise her this; it will be incredibly unique and beautiful, befitting his princess. They discuss the beautiful architecture, the turquoise water and beaches and places they can take a sunset stroll on the Gulf…..or a camel ride or go camping in the middle of the desert. He doesn’t think they will want to do that. The hotel is one of the most luxurious. He points out the tallest building in the world with 163 floors. They are welcomed to Atlantis Palm. Donna tells Ridge that Bill and Brooke are going to get married and she doesn’t think there is anything anyone can do about it. Ridge says she is right. So they just need to hope Brooke will come to her senses before that. Wyatt and Quinn come in with their wares. Ridge seems to be in a rush and wants to see what they have. He looks at it critically and asks if this is for the couture line; it seems a little chunky and dated. He thought they talked about elegant and polished. Hope says they are very on trend. Ridge grouses that he asked for elegance. He thinks Quinn can do better. He says he is disappointed in both of them. Quinn apologizes for being so far off base but she can make him more prototypes. He snaps that she will have to do something if she wants to continue to work here. Hope steps in and says he has given Quinn some valid points but she is sure Quinn won’t mind redesigning something else. It’s been a highly stressful day so maybe this is not the best time for a meeting. Ridge sighs and says she is right. It doesn’t take a genius to know he isn’t thrilled about this wedding. He tells Wyatt he’s a good kid but his dad is not good enough for Brooke or to be around his son. Wyatt is sorry he feels that way. Ridge’s tablet chimes and he says that is his son now so meeting is over. They talk a minute about school and then Ridge notices something around RJ’s neck. He says is was a gift from Mr. Spencer. And now he is part of a club since there are only four in the world like this. And he’s marrying his mom so they will be family. And he should wear it with pride; Spencer pride. Ridge seethes quietly and tells RJ he better get back to his studies. He loves him and will talk to him tomorrow. Wyatt tells Quinn that was interesting. Ridge didn’t like her designs and now she will have to work another 100 hours to get it perfect for him. She says she is not worried about the collection. She can fix that in a New York minute, but just take a look on Ridge’s face when talking about Bill and Brooke. Wyatt says news flash, they already knew that Ridge hated Bill. She says yes but for a man who has moved on he seems awfully invested in Brooke’s happiness. Wyatt says they have been together for a long time so naturally he is protective. She says maybe it is more than that. Wonder what he would say if he found out about her and Bill. Wyatt tells her not to even go there. It would just be her word against Bill’s and he would deny, deny, deny. She holds up her selfie and says Bill can deny all he wants but the cameras don’t. Brooke says she loves Dubai!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Abby that he hired someone to kill Nick.  Abby was upset.  Hope accused Lucas of shooting nick.  Nicole told Eric that Daniel was in love with her.  Daniel called Eric after Nicole said Daniel loved her.  Lucas said he didnít kill Nick.  Hope said there was proof that he was at the scene of the crime when Nick died.  Nicole didnít want Eric to answer the phone, but he did.  Abby was furious that EJ would hire someone to kill Nick.  She threatened to tell Hope, but he told her to listen to him before she said anything.  He told her that the hit man didnít kill Nick.  Abby didnít believe him.  Eric told Daniel he would call him back.  Daniel thought Nicole told the truth.  Eric wanted to know what was going on with Daniel.  Abby didnít care that EJís hit man didnít kill Nick.  She still blamed him.  He tried to make excuses for why someone would want to kill Nick.  Nicole continued to lie to Eric about Daniel being in love with her.

Lucas agreed to tell Hope the truth.  He told her he was at the park, but it was after Nick was shot.  He told her that he saw Nick on the ground.  She wanted to know why he didnít help Nick or call the police.  He thought it would make him look guilty.  Nicole suggested they stay away from Daniel and elope.  She wanted to stay away for good.  Lucas continued to tell Hope what he did the night Nick died.  He told her that he went to look for a gun.  She wanted to know where the gun was.  He said he threw it in the water.  Nicole tried to convince Eric that they needed to leave Salem by telling him that Daniel didnít want her to get married.  Eric wanted to confront Daniel, but she was able to stop him from talking to Daniel.  Hope continued to question Lucas about the murder.  Daniel and Eric ran into each other at the town square.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Kelly go to the movies complete with popcorn and drinks. Hilary and Neil walk into the Athletic Club and upon seeing Devon and Lily sitting at a nearby table, Hilary is reluctant to go in. Lily and Devon argue over the fact that Neil is dating Hilary. At the Coffeehouse, Chelsea sees Ben sitting at a table, reading an magazine article. Ben, upon seeing Chelsea shows her the article. Ben asks Chelsea why she is suddenly so interested in Victoria. Billy visits Victoria and lets her know that he is going to the ďBig AppleĒ and wants to know if she wants him to bring her back anything. When Victoria seems pre-occupied, Billy asks her as to what is wrong. Jack and Kelly watch the movie, ďPrivate Justice.Ē Soon they get up and leave. Lily tells Devon to pay Hilary off so she will leave town and leave their family alone. In talking to Hilary, Neil wonders why Devon is so against them. When Devon gets a call, Lily leaves him for just a moment. Devon ends it with Esmerelda by telling her that he doesn’t think that it is working for them. Chelsea and Ben discuss Johnny and his son, Max. Chelsea asks Ben if he would like to be a father again. Lily joins Neil at the bar and they begin to argue as usual over Hilary. Victoria assures Billy that she is fine. Lily and Neil are arguing when Jack and Kelly join them. Lily lets Jack and Kelly know Neil and Hilary are dating. Jack pulls Neil aside for a conversation while Lily talks to Kelly. Lily encourages Kelly to make a play for Neil. Jack questions Neil about his involvement with Hilary and wonders how long this has been going on. Billy walks into the Coffeehouse and sees Chelsea with Ben. When Ben gets a call and leaves, Billy tells Chelsea how funny Victoria is acting. Ben talks to Victoria on the phone and finds out she is experiencing twinges. Chelsea walks up and asks Ben if Victoria is all right.

Kelly turns Lily down by telling her that she is involved. Upstairs in the hotel room, Neil and Hilary discuss Jack and all his questions. Chelsea asks Ben once again how Victoria is. Billy walks up and Ben doesn’t give her an answer but just leaves. Billy asks Chelsea what she knows about Victoria. Hilary lets Neil know that she kissed Jack. Ben comes to Victoria’s rescue and convinces her to see the doctor. Devon lets Lily know that he broke up with Esmerelda. Lily is surprised that he did it over the phone. Neil is mad at the fact that she kissed Jack and makes plans for her to live somewhere else. Devon and Lily are surprised when they find out that Hilary is moving in with Neil. Billy and Chelsea discuss Delia and Johnny. Chelsea calls Victoria and tells her that if she doesn’t tell Billy the truth then she will. Ben offers to sleep on Victoria’s sofa in order to keep an eye on her.

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