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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Katie it’s beginning to look like a better morning. He can’t believe he let Bill get him that way. Everything he says sends a message and it’s not all right with him to be a step dad to RJ. It’s driving him crazy. Liam slips into Hope’s office while she is having a hard time making a decision over fabrics/designs/colors. He kisses her. Then says his dad is out of town today and her house is going to be empty so they could make plans. Hope is not following along until Liam says she must not know but Bill is taking Brooke out of the country and they are leaving for the Middle East today. Hope is stunned. Wyatt calls his Dad who answers the phone – Spencer. Wyatt quips this is Spencer also and it means so much to have his name. He’s calling about his mom as she is having a hard time with Bill being engaged now. She doesn’t want him to know but Wyatt thinks he should. Maybe Bill could talk to her. Bill says not now. He’s is going out of town, in fact out of the country. He and Brooke are going it be married in Dubai. Hope wants to hear more from Liam about this Dubai trip. He says good they can discuss it at the pool at her house. Wyatt walks up about that time and says great, he’d love a pool party and his trunks are in the truck. Liam says he is not invited. Wyatt says then who will tell Hope the big news. Bill and her mom are getting married. Brooke walks up to Katie’s bedroom and asks if Ridge is there. Katie says he just left. Brooke says that is good; best they talk alone. Katie says she knows already that she and Bill are getting married. Brooke says yes she and Bill are leaving town today and when they get back they will be married. She says she doesn’t expect a congratulations and she doesn’t want to get into it with Ridge but she wanted him and RJ to know where she’d be. Katie says Ridge has a problem with Bill being RJ’s step dad. As a matter of fact he has a problem with Brooke even marrying Bill. Brooke says she has moved on just as Ridge has so he will have to get used to it. Katie tells her that she can’t lie about it. Her marrying Bill is always going to bother her. So much has happened and she wishes she could get past it but she doesn’t know how to do that. Maybe it can’t be solved or maybe time will help this heal. Brooke says she hopes it will. Bill settles in his cabin on the jet. Michael tells him the flight plans are ready and just waiting for Brooke. Justin joins him for a moment and Bills wants to make sure that he gave the necklace to the intended party. Justin says yes and told him not to do anything until he heard from Bill. Brooke leaves Katie’s and runs right into Ridge. He says he forgot something and was coming back for it. She tells him she just told Katie and wanted to tell him that she is going out of town. He asks if she is skipping town with Spencer….then realizes he is right. She’s running off to get married. Brooke says she has to. She certainly can’t do it here after how he acted yesterday. This is her life now. This is the way it’s going to be. He asks about their life. They have a child together. She says Bill made mistakes with Katie but he is a devoted father. And he loves Brooke. Ridge blurts out that he loves her too. He says he will always love her and wants to do what is best for her. He says he is not the bad guy in this and he hopes once she realizes that it won’t be too late.

Hope listens to Wyatt and Liam jaw at each other and says it is a good thing she has two boyfriends…….that’s the only way she learns about what is happening with her mother. She feels like a third wheel. Wyatt says he’d like to cook for her tonight. Liam says no, she already has plans. Hope didn’t know they had plans. Liam says yeah a late pool party or they could take a tip from his Dad and hop on a jet and make it a double wedding. She laughs; Wyatt doesn’t. Hope tells Liam that as flattering as that is, she won’t be leaving town to get married. Wyatt quips at least not to Liam…..she says not anyone. Wyatt says okay marriage is off the table but there has not been a verdict on out of town trips yet. Liam says he thinks Wyatt has already had his quota. If Hope is going anywhere, it is going to be with him. Hope speaks up and says she has too much work to do. He does not want to be whisked off her feet just yet. She wants to stay grounded and get her head together so she can make a decision soon. And when she does, she trusts that it will be the best for all of them. Liam and Wyatt look at each other and try to put on their happy face. Justin hands Bill a tablet and he speaks with RJ and asks if he got his package. RJ says yes with the necklace that is just like Wyatt’s and Liam’s. Bill says yes and it is very important and it means he is a member of a very exclusive club. There are only four of these in the world and RJ is the youngest to ever get one. RH says he is already wearing it. Bill likes that. He says he wants him to wear it with pride, Spencer pride. It is not just some trinket but a very expensive piece of jewelry but more important than that it is a symbol of strength. He’ll see him soon as he returns. Bill tells Justin that Ridge does not want him involved with his son. That’s too bad as he and Brooke are going to be married and RJ will be living with them. So Ridge will have to accept that and quit having these little hissy fits. Bill tells Justin by the way, he is coming with them for whatever might come up. Katie is surprised to see Ridge back home. He says he ran into Brooke outside. She seems to think that what happened to Katie won’t happen to her. Katie says maybe it won’t. Bill pursued her pretty hard. Ridge says she rejected Bill and he didn’t like it. Katie says sometimes accepting things we don’t like can be pretty difficult. He thinks she is talking about them. She says no, not really. She is glad he can talk to her about it. She’d be worried if he couldn’t. But she is worried about him. He says and that is not what he wants for her. Katie says it is Brooke’s life and she gets to make her own choices and she wants Bill. And now they get to make their own choices and lead their own lives. Maybe they should plan their own wedding right here with family and friends. He thinks they should do that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Lucas that her gun was missing and accused him of killing Nicole.  Abby decided to tell the truth about her and EJís affair.  He wanted her to wait to tell the truth.  Hope questioned Ben at the police station.  Nicole told Eric that she wanted to elope.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going on with Daniel and Nicole.  Daniel couldnít tell her.  Hope questioned Ben about his fight with Nick.  Kate wanted to know why Lucas took her gun.  He said it was because of Allie, but she didnít believe it.  Nicole told Eric that people were trying to break them up for why she wanted to elope.  Lucas was upset that Kate accused him of killing Nick.  Kate wanted him to leave the country, but he said he couldnít because Hope had his passport.  Kate thought Lucas was a suspect.  She also thought he took the gun because he wanted to kill Nick.  Lucas said he did.  Nicole was horrified when Eric wanted Daniel and Jennifer to go with them when they eloped.

Lucas told Kate why he would have killed Nick.  He said someone beat him to it.  She wanted to know where the gun was.  He said he threw it in the river.  She was upset about that.  Kate suddenly suspected that Lucas was setting himself up.  Nicole told Eric that she didnít want Daniel and Jennifer with them when they eloped.  Eric wanted her to be honest with him.  She thought it was time he knew the truth.  Hope wanted Lucas to tell her what happened the night Nick died.  Nicole told Eric she was keeping something from him about Daniel.  She said Daniel didnít want them to get married.  Lucas told Hope what happened, but she thought he was lying.  EJ confessed to Abby that he hired someone to kill Nick.  Nicole told Eric that Daniel didnít want them to get married because heís in love with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian is arrested. He tells Alexis that Lucas’ shooting must have been a message from his boss. Alexis says Julian will have to reveal his boss’s identity or it will never be over. Julian doesn’t want to endanger her by telling her. He concludes that there is no way out for him. Lucas is in the emergency room after having been shot. Luke shot the hit man. Sam wants to go find the hit man. Silas tells her that she is the only family member who can be at the hospital for Lucas. Nathan West rolls a body through on a gurney. Sam and Silas identify him as Lucas’ shooter. Sam wonders who shot him. Nathan wonders if the shooter might have been someone from the Corinthos organization sending a message to Julian. Sam says Sonny doesn’t operate that way, he wouldn’t go after Carly’s brother and he wouldn’t go after his enemy’s children. Sam reveals to Nathan that the reason for the party was to celebrate Julian’s departure from the mob. She concludes to him that someone must have had a problem with that. Silas tells Sam that if Julian was the top man, then walking away wouldn’t have been a problem. Luke goes home to the Quartermaine mansion and pulls a gun on Ned. Tracy goes into the den and asks Luke what the hell he is doing. Luke says he thought Ned was an intruder. Ned says Luke is lying and that he was going to kill him and make it look like a suicide. Tracy says Ned should go back home, because she can’t let him keep hurting her. Ned tells Luke that it isn’t over.

Ric tells Elizabeth that Alexis suspected that he was Julian’s boss, but he isn’t. Ric takes Elizabeth home to give TJ and Molly some time alone before he takes Molly home. TJ tells Molly that his mom just got arrested for drug trafficking. He tells her the reason his mother shipped him off to live with Shawn is because she went to prison for dealing drugs. He tells her that when he was growing up, his mother was the most moral person that he knew. He can’t believe that now she is corrupt. Jordan tells Anna that she is an undercover agent with the DEA and that Anna has just messed up the entire operation. She says the agency kept Anna out of the loop because of her association with Duke Lavery. Anna calls Jordan’s boss and yells at him. She tells him that he blew the operation because the whole thing would have gone down differently if she had known what was going on. She takes the handcuffs off Jordan and tells her that she should thank the PCPD for keeping a drug shipment off the street and taking Julian Jerome into custody. Jordan reveals that she was not after Julian; she was after the person above Julian. She tells Anna that a mysterious investor bought controlling interest in Barrett Enterprises and then funneled money from Colombia into Wells Media. She says the DEA was aware that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome so they began an investigation and concluded that Julian’s boss was the investor. She says she wormed herself into the Jerome organization in hopes that she could get a name. Anna says there is a way they can salvage the investigation. She suggests that they stage an arrest.

Sonny tells Ava that it is safe to come back to Port Charles. Sonny tells Duke that the bust went down and that Julian was arrested. Sonny wants to celebrate. Duke says he can’t work for Sonny anymore now that Julian has been taken down. Sonny says he understands Duke’s point of view, but that it is far from over with the Jeromes. He tells Duke that Julian answered to someone else. Duke says his beef with Julian was personal, not as the head of a crime family. Sonny doesn’t want to let Duke out without assurances that he will be silent about the information he has learned. Duke swears to it. They have a drink together. Sonny wonders what Duke will do next. He says he is going to apply at ELQ again. Duke says he will be forever grateful for the opportunity that Sonny gave him to reclaim his life. Sonny says there is always a place for Duke if he changes his mind. Duke goes to the police station. Anna tells him that they got Julian. He tells her that he kept his word and told Sonny that he is out.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby informs Tyler that Victor had Mariah extradited back to Portland to face some charges she had pending there. Abby is happy that Mariah won't bother them again. Tyler is upset that Abby had her father do that to Mariah. Abby is confused as to why Tyler is feeling sorry for Mariah after everything she did to hurt the Newman family.  Tyler explains that while he was in Portland, he did a job for a wealthy client who told him not to let anyone in the house, but he let Mariah in. When the client found out, he accused Tyler of stealing some very expensive things. He would have gone to jail if Mariah hadn't slept with the client. Tyler feels indebted to Mariah and asks Leslie to go to Portland with him to help keep Mariah out of jail. Abby warns Tyler that if he goes to Portland to help Mariah, things will never be the same between them when he returns to town. 

Nick tells Sharon that Mariah has a police record and has been taken to Portland to face charges against her there, but Sharon is sure that Mariah only needs a second chance in life. Nick doesn't want to talk about the subject anymore and takes Sharon's mind off Mariah by making love to her. Sharon later finds a copy of a ticket she got some time ago and wonders if it has something to do with the secret she can't remember. Nick tells Sharon not to worry about the past and concentrate on the future they have together. Dylan is questioned by Paul because Ian was beaten up last night. Dylan tells Paul he is  innocent. Ian later changes his story and tells Paul that he was mugged and didn't see who mugged him. Dylan and Nikki both suspect Victor was behind the mugging, and Dylan goes to Victor's office to thank him for not hurting Ian. Dylan and Victor agree to share information if they come across anything that could put Ian in jail. Lily and Hilary have a heated confrontation where Lily tells Hilary that she will prove to Neil that she is a gold digger. Neil and Hilary realize they are in love and tell each other how they feel then share a sweet kiss.

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