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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie thanks Donna for taking over while Will had an emergency diaper change. She says she probably will go back to work at Spencer someday but for now it feels good to be able to run some errands without worrying about Singapore calling. She is enjoying her free life. Donna is glad as she does not know how Katie will take it when she says Brooke and Bill are getting married. She is sorry to blurt it out this way. Katie says it is okay. She knew it was a possibility but it is a shock to hear it is actually happening. Donna says it is not retaliation. Bill persisted and Brooke resisted because of the two people she loves most in this world – Katie and Ridge. Katie asks if Brooke is now just writing her off. Donna says no but she probably thinks Katie doesn’t care about her anymore. Brooke rushes in and literally pulls Ridge off of Bill and separates them. Bill threatens Ridge that if he ever does that again…..Ridge asks Brooke if she really wants to marry this clown. Bill tells Slick that he’s the only one who lives up to his standards. That ought to tell him something. Brooke tells Ridge that yes she wants to marry Bill and she is going to. Ridge keeps saying she is better than this and calls her Logan. She asks him not to call her that. Ridge says there is only one reason she is rushing and forcing herself into this. Bill says yes, he is sure it is all about Ridge. Ridge says he has not forgotten their time together and what they meant to each other. And when she is angry she usually finds another man to hurt him and it usually works. Brooke says all memories are selective and she is sorry he is left with those. Bill puffs that he doesn’t spend a lot of time on motives. He doesn’t spend time sussing people out on their inner purity. He goes by what they say and do. And he knows Ridge gets some kind of twisted satisfaction out of bullying her. He tells Ridge to now get the hell out of his office. Ridge tells Brooke not to throw herself off a cliff to spite him. She tells him to see it the way he wants; it’s her life. He asks about RJ, what will happen if she marries this buffoon. It’s not too late to change her mind. Wyatt asks his mom what his dad said. She pretends that she barely paid attention. She says he is so stunted in terms of his mental age. He’s really younger than Wyatt, all swagger and hormones. Wyatt asks if he came on to her. She scoffs about her fall for another Spencer line. It isn’t love, it’s foolish but not as foolish as that. She wonders if that is how Wyatt sees her, a lonely old mom trying to get close to a man who doesn’t want her and never did. He says he does not think of her as a mom with milk ad cookies and strict curfew but as an artist. He doesn’t think of her as lonely but a little too passionate sometimes and fierce. She says she will always be proud of the one good thing she produced and that was someone as perfect as Wyatt. She was not a nun; she had dates. Wyatt doesn’t remember them and she says they were not important enough for him to meet. She was just hooking up, Wyatt doesn’t want his ears to her anymore. He says this is the end of the line with TMI, time to get off. She tells him that he is more of a woman than she is. To a woman it’s all about the couple. To a man you are attached or unattached. To women you are supposed to be wanted. And sometimes even after all these years it comes over her like an illness that wanting to be wanted, but she will despise herself for a few days and then it will pass. She says she knows Wyatt thinks she needs someone and that someone is his father. At one point she did too. But he didn’t and he still doesn’t. So really nothing has changed except Wyatt knows. Wyatt wants to ask his mom one question about his dad. There was a time when he was not with Brooke or Katie, so Quinn could have tested the waters with him then. She admits she may have gotten her toe wet.

Katie tells Donna that Brooke throwing her under the bus and taking her job and sole custody of Will away hurt and marrying Bill won’t help. Donna tells her to be careful as a very crass person could say Katie tried to even the score by being engaged to Ridge and now Brooke is one-upping it again. Katie wonders if she deserves that. Donna says she is sorry but she just hates this constant competition between her and Brooke. Katie says it does not matter what she wants. This is the situation they have. It is bizarre and it sucks but they will deal with it for the children. She wants them to be as unaffected by this mess as they can be. Ridge comes back to Katie’s and she sees his disheveled look, missing a button on his jacket. He must know about the wedding. He calls it low comedy. He says but it doesn’t matter, they are not getting married. Katie knows that he means he’d rather they not get married. Katie says Brooke’s mantra is love conquers all so there is not much they can do about it. Ridge says he wants to make sure that she knows this has nothing to do with what he feels for Katie or even Brooke, it’s all about Bill. She tells him he will drive himself crazy over this as Brooke and Bill are gonna do what they want to do and Ridge has no say in it. A bit disheveled himself Bill tells Brooke it could have been worse. She says this will never happen again. He tells her that is up to her ex but he’s dead serious. She’s going to put that ring on her finger and never take it off again. Ridge is going to have to accept it and this is never going to happen again. They agree that it is a great time to get away and go to Dubai. He says she can get whatever clothes she needs there. She says as long as she is sitting next to him, she will be fine. She’s never had this before. With Ridge there was always another woman, Caroline, Taylor now Katie. But she is sure about Bill. He asks if she can be ready by tomorrow. She replies yes she has told Donna and she will know RJ’s school activities. Bill says good and they won’t have to deal with her ex’s little temper tantrums any more or hear how he’s not a good stepfather. Justin comes in to congratulate them. Bill has a little job for him. Justin smiles and says that he usually does. He says he helped him with one of these for Liam, now he’d like another replicated. Brooke is so excited to hear they are actually going to be married in Abu Dhabi.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told EJ that they had to figure out who killed Nick since the hit man didnít do it.  Lucas met with Will to talk about Nick being dead.  Daniel warned Nicole to tell Eric the truth or he would.  Eric came over and wanted to know what was going on between them.  Sami was afraid someone they loved was going to go to prison.  Lucas asked Will how he felt about Nickís death.  Nicole lied to Eric and told him that Brady and Theresa were back together.  Eric was suspicious that Daniel didnít say anything and wanted to know what was going on.  Kate wanted to talk to Gabi about Nick.  EJ thought Sami suspected Will of killing Nick.  Sami did think Will shot Nick.  Daniel tried to tell Eric the truth, but Nicole kept changing the subject.  Eric asked Daniel to be his best man.  Nicole said she wanted Daniel to be her best man.  When Daniel walked off, Eric wanted to know what was going on.  Kate wanted to get things straight with Gabi about the night Nick died.  Lucas and Will continued to talk about Nick being dead.

Daniel and Nicole left so Eric could talk to Sami.  Lucas explained to Will why somebody would want to kill Nick.  Kate wanted to make sure Gabi didnít say anything to the police, but Gabi stood up to her.  Eric went to talk to Sami about his engagement.  Sami was upset about the news.  Kate met Lucas and accused him of killing Nick.  Daniel told Nicole that she had to tell Eric the truth before it got worse.  Gabi and Will went over the custody agreement and came to an agreement.  Eric and Sami continued to argue over his engagement until he left.  Kate told Lucas why she thought he was at the top of the suspect list.  She told him how her gun was missing and heís the only one who could have taken it.  After Daniel gave Nicole the riot act, she went to Eric and suggested they elope.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Well-tanned Ava calls Sonny from Puerto Rico. He tells her that they are thinking about making a move on Julian tonight to stop his drug operation. Ava had no idea that Julian was dealing drugs. Sonny says he won’t be doing it anymore in his territory. He tells her that she should be able to come home soon. She wonders what she will come home to after losing her brother, her daughter, and her boyfriend. Sonny tells her that Morgan hates him too and that he doubts that he will ever speak to him again. Morgan shows up to give Sonny a hard time about his affair with Ava. He wonders if Sonny isn’t worried that Ava will get with the pool boy while she is on the island without him. TJ meets Shawn in the park. Shawn tells him that his mother is about to get arrested because of her dealings with the Jeromes. TJ thinks Shawn is lying because he doesn’t like Jordan. Shawn gives TJ the details and reveals that TJ came to live with him because Jordan was in prison for dealing drugs. TJ wonders why Shawn didn’t tell Jordan that this was going to happen if he knew it ahead of time. He says he was going to and almost did. He says he tried his best to convince Jordan to stay away from the Jeromes, but she wouldn’t listen to him. While he is revealing truths, Shawn is about to tell TJ how his father really died, but TJ doesn’t want to hear anymore and walks away. Dante and his team bust the drug shipment that Jordan is overseeing. One of the men shoots at the police. All of the police fire back. The man goes to the emergency room in an ambulance. Everyone else is arrested. Shawn goes to Sonny’s office and interrupts Sonny’s conversation with Morgan to tell him that the bust went down and that Julian wasn’t there but was arrested elsewhere. TJ goes to the dock to see with his own eyes if what Shawn said was true. He tells Jordan that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Sonny calls Ava back and tells her that she can come home tomorrow.

Luke calls Harry and tells him that his operation on the docks is about to go up in flames and that there is nothing to do about it. He tells Harry to call him back as soon as he delivers the message to Julian. Julian tells Alexis that he will keep his family safe from retaliation from his former boss. Harry goes to the gallery and shoots Lucas. Sam goes after Harry while Felix and Silas treat Lucas and Alexis calls 9-1-1. Anna and her team arrive to arrest Julian and Alexis tells them about Lucas. Sam tells Anna that the shooter got away. Harry goes back to Luke and tells him that he went with the son because he couldn’t bring himself to fill the beautiful ladies full of holes. Harry gives the gun to Luke. Luke shoots Harry with it. Anna won’t allow Julian to go to the hospital with Lucas, because he is going to the station with her. He tells her that he had nothing to do with the drug shipment. Dante and Jordan wait for Anna to return because Jordan wants to make a statement, but only to Anna. Anna arrives. Jordan says they have arrested the wrong person. She claims to be an undercover agent with the DEA.

Spinelli cleans up the recording on AJ’s phone, but Carly doesn’t want him to listen to it. She tells him that if he hears what is on it, it could cause trouble for him and Ellie. Ellie and Spinelli leave the room. Carly and Franco listen to the recording and hear AJ saying he knows Ava killed Connie. They listen to the rest of the recording and hear Ava verifying that she killed Connie and that she sent the hit man to kill AJ. Franco asks Carly what they will do next. Carly tells Franco that when they get home tomorrow, Ava is going to get what she deserves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer opens up to Avery's cameraman Austin about how much she misses Phyllis. He can understand because his mother died suddenly a few years ago. Avery asks Austin not to hurt Summer. He assures her that he doesn't intend to. Summer tells Dylan that Avery got another strange post from that creepy guy who Dylan still thinks it's Ian. Dylan calls Willa and tells her he is willing to pay her for any information that will put Ian in jail. Dylan, Nikki, and Victor are unhappy that the charges against Ian were dismissed and Victor hires some men to help him beat up Ian.

Kevin finds Chloe at the movie theater and they have a heartfelt conversation about how much she still misses Delia and can't move past her grief. Kevin persuades Chloe to go to Fairview and reminds her he will always be there for her whenever she needs him. Christine and Paul have a romantic celebration of Paul's birthday.

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