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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tries her seduction but Bill calls her bluff by having Alison crank up the air conditioning. She asks if his office is soundproof. She understands what she needs like no other woman. He says yes she is sexy and smart, but he will never do anything about it because he is marrying Brooke. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed. She says this goes deeper than that. She told Wyatt a long time ago that he was dead to keep her from obsessing over him. And there are no exceptions when it comes to Brooke. She will always go back to Ridge. He says perhaps he will end up being a fool but it will be worth it as Brooke is worth it. Ridge holds Brooke’s engagement ring and says she cannot marry Bill. He wants her to thrive and his son around good people and that is not Bill. So it’s that simple, he cannot let her marry Bill Spencer. He says it is not fair for her to reach out to another man because he was not available. He will help her find somebody else. He only wants what is best for her. She thanks him but says what is best for her is Bill. Ridge takes off with the ring. Wyatt and Hope discuss how weird this is, their parents marrying each other….a Logan woman and a Spencer man, just like them. He kisses her. Wyatt calls out Quinn for her mood. She says it has nothing to do with his father. He says he saw her face at the meeting, and he knows how her mind works.

Ridge ends up in Bill’s office and tosses him the ring and says Brooke won’t be needing that any more…..or him. Bill quips that at least he let her keep her finger. Bill points out that Ridge left Brooke time and time again and now his OCD kicks in and he can’t stand Brooke with another man. Ridge says he is not going to allow Bill to be RJ’s stepfather. He also points out that Bill is wearing a toy sword necklace around his neck. That is ridiculous, and even the clothes that he wears and he is not going to let his son be around that. Engagement is off. Bill says he sort of admires Ridge for just popping in and out but things have changed. Ridge says that he is not going to marry Brooke but she will always be in his life. That bond can not be broken. Bill says he wonders if Katie knows how he feels as he knows he will get a lot of dirty looks. Katie chose to end the marriage, not him. He’s sorry that Ridge doesn’t find him an appropriate father to RJ. That is their obligations to be good role models. When he and Brooke marry, RJ will be just down the hall. If he has a nightmare he will walk in and see him in bed with his mother. So Ridge needs to accept that and get over it. Now get out of his office, he has work to do. Ridge hauls off to hit him but Bill gets the first punch in and they end up mauling each other on the desk….just as Brooke walks in and shouts to stop it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena ran into each other.  She brought up their divorce and how Brady wants nothing to do with him.  She also said there was nothing in Salem for him anymore.  Jennifer wanted to know if Nicole wanted Daniel to do something he didnít want to do.  John called Brady to apologize to him, but Brady wasnít willing to listen to him.  Daniel told Jennifer that Nicole wasnít making him do anything he didnít want him to do.  Nicole was determined not to tell Eric the truth.

Eric told Marlena that he proposed to Nicole.  JJ talked to Daniel about his problems with Paige and Theresa.  When JJ left, Daniel went to meet Nicole.  Marlena wasnít thrilled at the idea of Eric and Nicole getting married.  Marlena wanted Eric to be certain that his priesthood is out of him before he married Nicole.  Daniel met with Nicole.  Daniel asked Nicole how Eric took the news.  When she didnít answer, he thought she didnít tell him.  John went to see Brady at home.  Brady didnít want to see him.  John noticed how Brady was drinking.  Jennifer went to see Hope to talk about Nicole.  Eric didnít want to talk about not being a priest anymore.  He was more concerned with Nicole.  Nicole said she tried to tell Eric the truth, but she couldnít.  Daniel thought she should have said something.  She didnít want him to ruin things for her.  Brady told John to leave him alone.  Daniel warned Nicole to tell Eric the truth or he would.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke hires someone named Harry to show Julian that he can’t walk away without consequences. He says he needs Julian alive and back at work, but his family is dispensable. He shows Harry pictures of Alexis, Sam, and Lucas and tells him to kill one and leave the others unharmed for later. Lulu happens upon them while walking Rocco. Luke says Harry is his travel agent. Lulu says she is sure that the man who jumps on random modes of transport needs a travel agent that he meets at night in a park. When Harry leaves, Luke asks Lulu what her husband’s name is and where he is. She reminds him that her husband’s name is Dante and says he is at work trying to take down the Jeromes. She reveals that the police got a tip about a drug shipment tonight. Lulu wonders why Luke gets so angry about it. Luke says he is concerned about Lucas. She says she thinks Lucas understands what happens to the bad guys.

Anna and Dante wait on the Haunted Star for the drug shipment to come in so that they can take down Julian. Dante asks Anna if she has heard anything about Carly and Franco. They both wonder why Carly and Franco want AJ’s phone. Carly and Franco arrive in Portland and go to see Spinelli. Spinelli is horrified to see Franco with Carly. Carly tells him that she needs his help to decipher the recording on AJ’s phone. Ellie is equally horrified to see Franco and refuses to let him hold Georgie. Spinelli tells Carly that he is surprised that he hasn’t heard from Maxie and that she isn’t returning his calls. Spinelli cleans up the recording and tells Carly that she can listen to it. Maxie gets a summons from the court to appear next week about her daughter. She throws away the summons and tells Nathan that she isn’t going. She says Levi taught her to think of it as a learning experience and move on. He doesn’t understand how she can move on from her daughter. She says Georgie lives across the country with Spinelli and Ellie so she doesn’t need her. Nathan says he thinks Maxie is trying to convince herself. She tells him to shut up and mind his own business. He encourages her to reconsider. When he leaves, she looks at Georgie’s picture.

Anna and Dante see Jordan on the docks, but not Julian. Jordan tells Julian’s men that Julian is out and she is in charge tonight. Dante receives a message that Julian is at the gallery hosting a dinner party. Julian is at the gallery preparing for Alexis, Sam, Lucas, and their dates to arrive. When Sam and Silas arrive, Sam admires the flowers and says that Silas received flowers from a mysterious admirer. Lucas and Felix arrive and serve as a change of subject. After the first course, Julian stands up and begins making his speech about how his life has changed since they came into his life and says he is now a legitimate businessman and nothing more. They all toast to family and freedom. Alexis says Julian did the smart thing regardless of what Luke says. Julian wonders what Luke said. She says Luke was concerned that there might be some kind of retaliation. Julian says that won’t be an issue, because he will do whatever it takes to protect his family. Harry goes into the gallery dressed in a waiter uniform and fires a shot. Anna leaves to go to the gallery while Dante busts the shipment.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria returns from her trip to Washington. Billy welcomes her home. At the Athletic Club gym, Ben walks in and sees Kelly smiling, something that he hasn’t seen in a while. Jack walks up and wonders what is going on between them. Chloe visits Kevin at the police department and lets him know about her trip to the psychiatrist. Kevin asks Chloe how she is after her confrontation with Gloria a couple of days before. Lauren visits Chelsea to discuss Chloe and to try to get help for her. Chelsea declares to Lauren that they have to do something to help Chloe. Victoria tells Billy that nothing has changed between them. Billy gets a call from Chelsea to meet her at the condo. Victoria is surprised that Billy is seeing Chelsea. Jack asks Ben and Kelly if he is interrupting them. Ben quickly leaves. Jack asks Kelly how long she and Ben have known each other. Summer goes to visit Avery and finds Marcus there instead. Chloe is happy about how things are going with her psychiatrist and her sessions. Michael, Lauren, Esther, Kevin, and Chelsea meet at her condo to discuss how they can get help for Chloe. Kevin is dead set against the idea of institutionalizing Chloe in order to get her help. Chloe purposely bumps into a nurse at the hospital and asks her about artificial insemination. The nurse offers to help her with whatever she needs to know. Summer lets Marcus know that Avery and her mom are sisters. Jack defends Kelly when he thinks that Ben is harassing her. Jack invites her to lunch but she tells him that she has a meeting with the manager of the condo. Ben visits Victoria to check on her.

Jack and Kelly have lunch at the condo complete with flowers. They discuss their lives. Victoria lets Ben know that she is pregnant. Ben asks her if he is the father, but she tells him she doesnít know who the father is. Ben tries to console Victoria over her mixed feelings about what to do. Billy arrives at Chelsea’s and lets them all know that Chloe asked him to be a sperm donor for her to have another child like Delia. Kevin doesn’t believe Billy and lets him know that Chloe doesn’t love him. Chelsea backs up Billy’s story about Chloe wanting to have a child. Chelsea calls Chloe to meet her at the condo but neglects to tell her that the others are there. Victoria begs Ben not to let Billy know that she is pregnant. Ben and Victoria hug. Kelly tells Jack about her losing her husband. Jack and Kelly kiss. Avery arrives back home to find Summer there. After talking a few moments, Avery hires Summer as her assistant. When Marcus gets a message on his cell phone, Avery asks to see it. Chloe arrives at Chelsea’s and overhears Chelsea and Billy saying that they will make sure Chloe gets the help she needs. Chloe leaves without letting them know that she was there.

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