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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he had tonight planned, with champagne, candlelight and music, the whole bit but then she came in looking so beautiful…….Brooke says and he’s been so loyal and committed to her that the least she could do is say yes. She can’t wait to see what he plans next. But they don’t have to go on an extravagant trip; they could stay right here as long as they are together. He quips that when Bill Spencer says he is going to give her the world, he means it. Liam pounds on the door of the steam room and hollers for someone to let him out of there; he can’t breathe. Quinn is nearby pretending not to notice. Donna passes out the balance sheets to Rick, Hope, Wyatt, Caroline and Maya at the meeting. Ridge rushes in and comments on another meeting. When he hears Eric is on a international phone call, he tells Rick he should be there too and he can handle this. Rick says actually no, he’s learned the hard way not to turn his back on Ridge. Brooke had someplace else to be and Quinn is missing. Liam keeps pounding, getting hotter and hotter so finally Quinn removes the iron bar blocking the door and Liam flies out, all coughing and panting. He spots Quinn and knows it is her that locked him in. She says guilty. And he says she turned the temperature up. Guilty again. He tells her that she is insane. She says yeah and he had ground rules and getting naked in the steam room broke them. He realizes she also intercepted the text message to Hope. Quinn says she could not let him sabotage Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. She calls him a little wuss and says he may have guilted Hope into dating both of them but she will end up with Wyatt. Liam shouts like hell she will. There is no woman on this planet that would accept her as a mother-in-law or her user of a son. He huffs and puffs and issues her a warning that next time he will press charges. He doesn’t know if this is fun ad games to her or something more sinister but if she thinks she is going to intimidate him into walking always from the woman he loves, then she is wrong!

Bill wants to have some champagne but Brooke has to decline. She says she is late for a meeting as they speak. And this way she will be able to tell everyone, including Ridge, about them being engaged. She knows after all Ridge has said to Bill that he would like to be the one to tell Ridge. Bill says damn right but in the spirit of peace and harmony between their almost families he will let her deliver the news. She says she had to say yes as there is no one that she trusts like him. Ridge makes a quick exit from the meeting and says he will be back. Wyatt is about to cover for Quinn when she comes in and apologizes for her tardiness. She says she had to attend to another matter that is taken care of but now she is raring to go. Liam flies through Bill’s door and accuses his ex of being certifiable. He’s talking loony-tunes crazy. She locked him in the FC steam room and turned up the heat. Bill is stunned; Katie locked him in the steam room. Liam says no; it was Quinn. Bill tells him to calm down and tell him what happened. Suddenly Liam says no; he is not going to let that psychopath inside his head. He has put her on notice of what will happen if she tries to pull that stunt again. So should Bill. He should make her hand over that selfie. Bill says he knows this is not funny but he’s not going to let that nut job ruin his day. He’s not going to let her inside his head. He tells Liam that he proposed to Brooke and she accepted. Liam gives Bill a big congratulatory hug. Brooke arrives at the meeting and it doesn’t take long for Donna to realize she is flushed with excitement and she spots the ring. All congratulate her except Quinn. Wyatt has to goad her into saying something. She says usually you congratulate the groom and offer the bride best wishes, but since Brooke is not a bride yet she will just hope she will be happy and that her wedding will be picture perfect. Brooke tells Hope that Bill has been so wonderful and loyal, she can’t imagine anything coming between them. Liam tells Bill finally some good news. He knows how much Bill loves Brooke so he’s happy for them. Bill says it has been a long time coming but now nothing is standing in their way. Liam says especially Quinn and that infamous selfie. Bill says he made Wyatt a Spencer which he was going to do anyway. Quinn may be a lot off the beam but she knows better than to push Bill, but if she gets some squirrelly notion in her head then he will handle it. And this means that he and Forrester will be more involved in each other’s lives. That doesn’t thrill him but there are some things more important, RJ and Will not to mention Katie and Brooke. And if Mr. Sensitive is as supportive as he claims to be then he will deal with this too. Ridge comes back to the office and finds only Brooke. He asks if he missed much at the meeting and she says she just got there too. He accuses her of hearing from Spencer and rushing off again. He notices her ring. She says yes, Bill proposed and she accepted. Wyatt kisses Hope and they discuss their parents getting married. But he can’t help but be worried abut his mom. It’s the love/hate thing but she has said Bill is the only one she ever really cared for. He knows she was starting to feel that way again. Bill barks an order over the phone that he wants it by noon tomorrow. Quinn slips in. Bill tells her that he’s already heard about Liam’s extended steam room experience. She says she didn’t come here for that. She says she did hear about his engagement to Brooke and thought she’d bring him an early wedding gift. She slips off her trench coat for a little something beneath. He says she has lost her mind. Ridge tells Brooke that she has lost her mind. She is making the biggest mistake of her life. She counters back that this is not a mistake. He must have known it would happen sooner or later. Ridge says Bill is not the right man for her; she deserves someone better. Brooke says again he’s only been true and loyal and Ridge is now engaged to her sister. He thinks that is what this is about; her being upset over that. She says Bill is a wonderful person. He’ll make a great husband and stepdad. Ridge says this has gone too far. He grabs her finger and takes off the ring and says she is not going to marry Bill Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Brady.  Hope questioned Lucas about Nickís death.  The hit man EJ hired wanted to talk to Sami.  Allie had a nightmare about Nickís death.  John wanted Brady to track down Kristen with him. Hope continued to question Lucas.  While she was questioning him, she thought he was lying to her.  When Sami went home, she was upset about her meeting with the hit man.  John thought Brady would be able to move on if he helped look for Kristen.  Sami told EJ that the hit man wanted to meet him.

Brady didnít want to work with John to find Kristen.  Brady threw John out of the mansion.  Marlena went to check on Gabi.  Gabi didnít want to talk about Nick.  Hope told Lucas how the police had evidence of his texts to Nick the night he was murdered.  Brady went to TBD and ended up drinking with Theresa.  Gabi talked to Marlena about Nick.  Lucas denied meeting Nick at the park, but Hope didnít believe him.  Hope wanted to see his phone, but he didnít want to show it to her without a warrant.  She told him she had one and looked at the phone.  EJ met the hit man at the park.  EJ wanted to shoot the hit man, but the hit man stopped him.  Hope noticed that Lucas deleted the text messages from Nick.  He said he did that because he knew how the messages would look.  He denied killing Nick.  EJ told Sami that the hit man didnít kill Nick.  Hope told Lucas that he wasnít going to be arrested, but he was a person of interest.  She told him to prove that he didnít kill Nick when he denied killing him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucas bonds with Danny at Sam's apartment. Julian stops by and invites them to dinner to celebrate news that he will reveal then. He tells them to bring dates. Felix delivers flowers to Silas. The card is signed, “Me.” Silas concludes that they must be from Sam. Felix asks Lucas why he told Brad that they were dating. Lucas says he had to say something to get Brad to back off and apologizes for saying it without running it by Felix first. He asks Felix to go to dinner with him tonight. Silas leaves work early and goes home to thank Sam for the flowers. She tells him that she didn’t send them and wonders if it was Ava. He tells her that she knows she is the only one that he wants.

Duke goes to Sonny’s office to tell him that he has concerns about Shawn. He reveals that Shawnís reluctance about the bust is because he suspects TJís mother is working for the Jeromes as more than a gallery manager. He says Jordan has a history of drug trafficking, and he thinks Shawn is going to warn her. Shawn goes to the gallery to warn Jordan, but she gets defensive and won’t listen to him. Julian arrives and tells Shawn to leave. On his way out, Shawn tells Jordan not to say he didn’t try. Shawn goes to Sonny’s office. Sonny says he wishes Shawn had told him about TJ’s mom. Shawn says he wants to protect TJ and didn’t want him to find out about his mother on the news, but that it is probably time that he learned the truth about her.

Julian wonders what Shawn was talking about. Jordan says she has no idea. She says Shawn likes to give her a hard time about her past. She says it is about to go to the pier. He tells her that he isn’t going and that he isn’t going to be involved in the deal at all. He reveals that he quit a couple of hours ago. Jordan had no idea that Julian worked for someone else. She asks him why he quit. He says he did it for his girlfriend. Jordan wonders who she answers to now. He tells her that the boss with make himself known when he is ready. He warns her to be very careful when she meets him. She concludes that if the boss let Julian go, then he can’t be that bad. Luke loads his pistol and knocks on Alexis’ door. When she lets him in, he warns her that it is dangerous to be allied to Julian Jerome because a mob war is brewing. She reveals that she asked Julian to leave the mob. Luke says it won’t be easy and that there could be retaliation. While she is getting him a drink, he takes out his gun and holds it at his side where she can’t see it. Before he can make a move, TJ knocks on the door looking for Molly. Alexis invites him to come in and wait for Molly to get home from her study group. Alexis picks up her phone to text Molly and notices a missed call from Julian. She calls him back and he tells her about the dinner. She tells Luke that the whole family is going to have dinner at the gallery with Julian tonight. TJ thinks Luke is strange. Luke calls someone and tells them that Julian needs a lesson and where he will be tonight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah goes to Sharon and asks her if she can borrow some money since hers was stolen from her hotel room.  Sharon gives Mariah the money she needs because she thinks that although Mariah has made mistakes, she will become a better person if she knows someone trusts her and is on her side. Mariah is arrested when she returns to her hotel room and taken back to Portland to face the charges against her. Tyler is upset because Abby asked Victor to get Mariah out of town. He admits to Leslie that he is worried about how far Victor will go to get rid of Mariah.  Victor and Stitch box at the gym. After their sparring match, Victor tells Stitch not to give up on Victoria, because he is the right man to make her forget about Billy. 

Billy tells Chelsea that Chloe asked him to help her have another baby and now she is acting strangely. Chelsea thinks that Chloe is acting manic, and she will do something desperate again just like when she kidnapped Connor. Chloe remembers her talk with Billy when he mentioned that he and Victoria tried IVF treatments in order to have a baby, but they didn't work. Chloe sneaks into the lab at the hospital and steals Billy's sperm, which was stored there in case he and Victoria wanted to try to have a child. Billy and Chelsea come to the painful conclusion that they must tell the judge Chloe should be in Fairview, but Chelsea has an idea before that happens. After Dylan refuses to serve Ian at Crimson Lights, Ian asks Leslie to tell Dylan that if he is refused service again, he will sue him.

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