Friday 5/16/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sits in Bill’s office as Bill opens more welcome back gifts. Bill says they are just pouring in. Bill asks if he has the animal piece ready. Liam says it will be in a few days. Bill says no, it will be today. He doesn’t want to be a hard-ass about it but he’s leaving town in a few days and he wants to be sure he has time to read it. Liam says he will have it. He wants to know where Bill is going. Bill says about as far away from here as he can get. Liam doesn’t understand since he just got his company back and Brooke, so why would he want to leave it all now. Bill says he is not going to be gone that long and besides he has Liam as his trusted VP. He hopes he can trust him. And as far as Brooke, he would not leave town without her. She is the one motivating this trip. She knows nothing about it so Liam has to keep this secret. Liam says his lips are sealed. Bill turns his laptop around and Liam sees it is Dubai. Liam is blown away and says it is one of those once in a lifetime trips. Bill says it is making memories. Brooke gave him his life back, all of it, so this is just his way to show her what she means to him. Liam says most guys would just have bought her flowers, but this is like only old Dollar Bill can. Bill says lucky for Brooke; he is not like most guys. He promised her the world and he’s giving it to her. Brooke asks Hope if she has any updates in her personal life. Hope says she is still dating both Liam and Wyatt and it is good. She needs this time. Brooke tells her there is no need to rush if she has feelings for both. Hope says she does. She could see herself with either of them. So she has to be careful and make the right decision before she moves on with her life. She knows both guys are frustrated but they are trying to hide it as they both want a life with her. She’s so lucky but she doesn’t want to drag this on. Brooke tells her again just to take her time and get to know both of them better and then when she is ready to make her decision and settle down, she will be glad she gave it this time. There is no timetable. Hope says but people will talk and it’s not fair to Wyatt or Liam. She does not want to put them through this much longer. Brooke says the guys are fine. She is sure it’s not a problem for them to court her for a few weeks. Hope likes the old fashioned sound of that. She thinks she deserves to be courted. She thinks the guys see it as a challenge. Bill calls Brooke and says he has something to show her; he’d like her to come over as quickly as she can. Hope pretends to be upset as Brooke is canceling their luncheon. Brooke apologizes and says it sounds important. Hope says she has issues with Bill but look how happy he is making her mom. As long as he treats her like the most important person in this world and makes her feel good about herself then she will be thrilled. So go and be happy. Quinn yuks when she finds cat hair on Wyatt’s shirt. She says at least it is proving he is spending time with Hope. He says Liam gained points when he took Hope to the animal shelter but he is getting points too. Play time with a kitten usually drives girls crazy. Quinn makes a face at cats. She tells Wyatt that when Hope picks him in the end, and he will, just make sure Liam gets custody of the cat. She says they have new pieces to show Hope and wonders if Wyatt has signed the order forms. No, he says, but he will do that right now. He hesitates and is not sure what name to put. She tells him to be proud and use his new name. She says good job, he is a full fledged Spencer now….. Liam may have thought he had an edge, but no more. Wyatt quips that yeah they are both Spencers and both like cats so it’s a level playing field. But then you add in his charm and winning personality……She laughs Hope’s choice will be clear. Quinn misses Brooke on her way out when she wanted to show her the pieces for the new collection. Must be off to see Bill, ah young love. She tells Wyatt she doesn’t want to get in the middle of that. Maybe he should just grab Hope and take off too. They could take a cue from Brooke and go frolic too. They can start downstairs and see the new pieces. Hope says okay, they will frolic. Wyatt whispers to his mom that she is not very subtle when it comes to matchmaking. She says she knows. When they leave, Hope’s phone rings. Quinn hesitates only a moment and looks at it. It’s Liam asking Hope to meet him in the steam room. She deletes it.

Hope and Wyatt come back to get the phone. She says she missed nothing but she feels naked without it. He hears the word naked and says they can lock the door. Well at least he tried, they settle for a kiss. Liam calls out Hope’s name as he enters the steam room and decides that he is a little early. Quinn sneaks around and puts the lead bar on the door and turns up the heat to 135 degrees. She smirks when Liam gets hot and pounds on the door trying to get someone’s attention. Brooke arrives at Bill’s and says it is good to see him back in his element working so hard. How will he ever thank her. He asks where has she been in the Middle East as he has only the most romantic trip of her life. She thought Monte Carlo was pretty spectacular so how could he top that. They were in front of the Prince’s palace and on his fabulous yacht. He shows her the laptop with Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He pulls the jewel box out of his pocket and she opens it. She’s surprised that he saved the ring. He says of course as he knew the day would come when she’d want it back on her finger. He tells her that she is the only woman that has ever accepted him completely….who he is, how he thinks and he hopes he is doing the same for her. So he planned this trip to make it official….who they are and what they mean to each other. It’s time for them to move forward. She has given him back his life, his company, his son. All that is missing is her. He says so let them start this adventure together. Marry him and let them commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. She can’t say yes fast enough. He kisses her, then takes the ring and puts it on her finger and kisses it. They kiss again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel wanted Nicole to tell Eric the truth or he would.  When she was about to leave, Eric and Jennifer were there.  Kate was at the police station for questioning.  Marlena wanted Will to open up to her about what was going on with him and Nick.  Lucas told Sami that he was worried about Will.  Sami wondered if Lucas thought Will killed Nick. Hope questioned Kate about the gun she had and whether she had it the night Nick was killed.  Eric and Jennifer wanted to know what was going on between Daniel and Nicole.  Nicole said she told Daniel about her and Ericís engagement.  She didnít tell Eric about the proof.  Kate denied killing Nick.  Hope continued to question her.  Kate refused to answer and left.  Sami told Lucas that Will didnít shoot Nick.  Lucas said he never thought Will killed Nick.  Marlena tried to make Will feel better about him being glad that Nick was dead.  Nicole wanted more time to straighten out what was going on.  When Nicole and Eric went in the hall to talk, Jennifer asked Daniel if he was happy about Eric and Nicole getting married.

Jennifer wanted to know why Daniel and Nicole were arguing.  Eric suggested leaving them alone for a while so they could talk.  Abby was at the police station with Hope.  Hope questioned her about Nick.  Hope wanted her to tell why she and Nick argued.  Daniel told Nicole he wasnít changing his mind about what she needed to do.  She didnít want to say anything.  They continued to argue over it.  Abby continued to tell Hope about her argument with Nick.  Nicole finally agreed to tell Eric the truth.  She told Daniel not to tell Jennifer the truth because Eric would tell.  Hope questioned Abby about Ben and whether or not he and Nick got along.  Abby let Hope know that Ben and Nick didnít get along.  When Abby left the station, she warned Ben that he came up when she was questioned.  Ben was okay with it.  When Kate checked her drawer, she noticed that her gun was missing.  Lucas was the next person to be questioned about Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ overhears Jordan discussing a shipment of a product from Colombia. She tells him that she is acquiring some ancient indigenous pottery. Duke tells Sonny that he gave Anna the information about the Jerome drug operation. Sonny tells Shawn who thinks it was a bad call. He is concerned that TJ will lose his mother. Duke hopes Shawn doesnít intend to warn Jordan. He says they both know what happens to people who cross Sonny. Shawn goes to the Jerome Gallery.

Luke lies to Tracy that he is with Lulu. Lulu tells Dante that instead of using a surrogate, she wants to have surgery so that she can try to carry their baby herself. He asks her if she realizes that she would be risking their only shot at having another baby. She agrees to table the conversation when Dante gets called to work, but instead, she makes a consultation appointment with Dr. Chu. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she is moving out of Wyndemere, because she is getting back together with Ric. He says she is making a mistake, because she loves him more than she does Ric. He kisses her. She tells him not ever to do that again. She tells him that they will never be a couple. She refuses to continue their rollercoaster pattern. Ric picks her up at the hospital and sees Nikolas watching them go.

Alexis allows Julian to leave through her front door. She calls Ric and asks him to let Julian out of the business. Ric tells her yet again that he is not Julianís boss. She still doesnít believe him until he swears on Mollyís life. Alexis wonders who else it could be. Julian tells Luke that he quits. Luke refuses to let him. Julian says it wasn't a request. He reminds Luke that he could reveal his true identity but doesnít want a war; he just wants out. They shake on it and Julian walks away. Julian calls Alexis and leaves her a voicemail saying he has good news for her. Luke goes to Alexisí house with a loaded gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is upset when Mariah sends Tyler a naked picture of herself and heads to Victor's office to tell him to make Tyler's ex-girlfriend leave town. Victor apologizes to Abby because he had no idea Mariah was Tyler's ex-girlfriend. He also promises Abby he will handle the problem. Nick is worried about Sharon once Abby tells him how Mariah has been harassing her for months. Sharon wants to get to know Mariah for two reasons, the first because she thinks talking to Mariah will help her remember the secret she is hiding from Nick, and the second because she thinks Mariah is somehow related to Cassie, and she is determined to help her even though Nick warns her to stay away from her.  Leslie thinks Tyler should tell Abby he was engaged to Mariah, but he doesn't want to upset Abby any further, and he fells sorry for Mariah since she doesn't have any family.

Adam's loft brings Jack and Kelly together and after a long argument and someone playing Vivaldi down the hall, they decide that even though they are both scared of getting hurt again, they should try to have a relationship. Kelly also decides she wants to buy the loft and make that her home. Cane doesn't tell Victor that he found a Bonaventure card in Colin's wallet, because he thinks his father has changed and deserves the benefit of the doubt. Devon confronts Hilary after he sees her kissing Neil and accuses her of being a golddigger with daddy issues.  Devon later tells Lily what he saw, and the two siblings are determined to keep Hilary away from Neil.

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