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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that his day went from the ridiculous to the sublime. He did something life altering for one of his kids – he gave Wyatt the Spencer name legally. Brooke says he must have been so excited. Bill says Wyatt was shocked, thrilled and touched. She says he is a good dad, a great man and she is glad to have him all to herself. She asks if Liam knows. Bill says he came in when he was discussing it with Quinn. He had kind of a bad reaction to her but he is on board with the name. Bill says Quinn rubs him the wrong way too, but she is Wyatt’s mother so he is stuck with her. This is everything she wanted for her son. Bill says he feels good about it too. Wyatt’s a good kid and he’s proud of him so he’s glad he gave him the Spencer name. Brooke says Bill and Quinn, it’s kind of hard to say that since she is not his type. He says no but back in the day almost anything was his type. Ridge comes home and Katie says she will be ready in two seconds. He says he loves coming home to her. She says he looks tense. He says Spencer has that effect on him. He says he hopes there is a way of saying this without upsetting her, but he does not want Brooke to marry that man. He is not a role model. Wyatt and Liam were lucky. They came to him already formed and Will has Katie to balance him out so he has a fighting chance. Katie says she understands why he doesn’t like Bill in business as he is ruthless but he is a good father. Ridge says not to his son, he won’t be. Katie says she is not thrilled about the situation either but he’s probably going to be a part of RJ’s life. Ridge says they will see about that. Bill Spencer is unacceptable. He doesn’t want him around his kid. That is a beautiful developing mind and he can’t have that. Brooke must not be thinking. Katie says she doesn’t think of the consequences when she is following her heart. He says Brooke can make her choices but not when it comes to his son. He doesn’t want RJ to be around this stuff. She says this may sound strange coming from her but Bill is not a monster. He may have his own unique parenting skills but he loves his sons. Ridge says that is great. He is supposed to do that but not with his son. Katie explains that may be a little difficult keeping RJ away since Bill is in a relationship with Brooke and Bill is the father of Katie’s child. Ridge says yes for now as that is a limited time. But if he marries Brooke that Bill will have total access to RH. She wonders if he doesn’t want Brooke to marry Bill because of his feelings for Brooke or because of RH. Ridge says he will always have feelings for Brooke but not like he has for her. So yes she can ask him again but the answer will be the same. His future is with her. She says okay because she doesn’t want to keep making the same mistakes again and again. She certainly was guilty of willful blindness before when it came to Bill. She’s learned it’s better to know the truth and honesty is what she needs now, even if it hurts, especially if it hurts. He asks her to set a wedding date. He wants to get married as soon as possible. Thorne walks in with Aly hugging Taylor. He says obviously something profound has happened here. Taylor says they had had a breakthrough. Aly says Ollie made her see that she couldn’t keep carrying this negativity around. The only way to put it down is accept what happened and forgive, the only way for all of them to move on. It’s what her mom would have wanted. She has forgiven Taylor. It was an accident and she suffered too. Thorne takes a big sigh of relief and says he never thought he’d see this day. He hugs his daughter. He tells Ollie that he owes him a big debt of thanks. Words can not express how grateful he is. Taylor thanks Aly and says her forgiveness means everything to her. Aly tells them that she was freaked out that they were seeing each other, but she is not against it anymore. She wants him to be happy and if Taylor does that for him, she will be happy too. So go back to Paris and work on that, pick up where they left off. She does not want him to give up anything else for her, not Taylor nor the job that he loves.

Bill tells Brooke that his ex came to see him, his arrogance on full display. Just the usual, control over everything including Brooke….which he finds odd given he is so thrilled about his relationship with Katie, yet he has to dictate who Brooke can see, what she can do and who she can marry. Brooke says that is ridiculous because they have all moved on. Bill says no because she is not allowed. She has not gotten Ridge’s permission or his seal of approval. And Bill certainly doesn’t get it as her partner or as a male influence over RJ. Ridge had said he wouldn’t allow his evil presence to taint RJ. And the marriage isn’t going to happen as he would do everything he could to undermine that. The nerve of that guy and concerning RJ he could do a lot worse than having Bill as a step father; teach him to man up. Brooke says her son is just fine the way he is. Bill says mothers all say that but dads think there is room for improvement. Thorne tells Taylor that he didn’t know what to think when he came in and she and Aly were embracing. Taylor says Aly came back in and really listened to her. She opened her heart and really forgave her. She felt the lift off of her spirit. He says he doesn’t know what to say except how grateful he is that they have put the past behind them and can start over and he doesn’t have to lose Taylor again. But mainly for Aly as she has finally found peace and can really start to live. Taylor says thank God for Ollie. She doesn’t think Aly could have done this without him. Aly tells Ollie that she is not tired. She is invigorated and excited of what comes next. He says something major shifted in her tonight. She admits she never thought she would get past what Taylor did, but it’s time to forgive each other and themselves and find joy in life. And thanks to Ollie she was finally able to hear Taylor and once she did forgiving her was the only choice. She says that was huge and thanks Ollie for being there to show her the way. Thorne tells Taylor that it was a huge breakthrough for Aly. She agrees and says all those years of grief and guilt that she carried….she deserved it, it cost Darla her life and a little girl her mother, but forgiveness is amazing. Thorne forgave her and now Aly has forgiven her so maybe she can forgive her own self. Thorne says he thinks his daughter is going to be all right. Taylor says in her professional opinion she already is. He wants to know if she is ready for this journey. Ollie tells Aly that she just keeps making him rethink her….watching her make this amazing transformation with Taylor was so powerful. He could see the weight lift off of her and he’s never seen her more beautiful. She admits that he showed her a new way to live, the way her mother would have wanted. She was a good person, all about forgiving and acceptance. There is no way she can thank Ollie enough as she feels closer to her mother now. He says he can think of a couple of ways, but Aly….whoever she turns out to be, if there is room, bring him along for the ride.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel wanted Nicole to come clean.  Will asked Marlena what Nick said when he called her.  Hope wanted to know why Will was at the station.  He wanted to talk to Hope.  Will told Hope that he threatened to kill Nick before he died.  EJ met Abby at the park.  Abby suspected EJ of having Nick killed.  Nicole tried to act as if she was happy that Daniel had the proof that could clear Eric, but he didnít believe her.  Hope questioned Will about why he threatened to kill Nick.  He told her that Nick tried to take his daughter away from him.  He denied killing Nick.  She asked what he did around the time Nick was murdered.  Abby yelled at EJ for killing Nick.  Nicole denied seeing the papers, but he didnít believe her.  He told her where he found them.  Daniel realized that Liam blackmailed her with the evidence.  Will told hope his alibi for when Nick was killed.  He denied killing Nick again.  EJ denied killing Nick, but Abby didnít believe him.  Daniel wanted to know what Chyka did to keep Nicole quiet.  Nicole tried to say that Stefano and Kristen framed her.

Daniel wanted to believe Nicole, but he couldnít.  He told her how she shredded the papers before.  EJ went to the police station.  Hope questioned him about the incriminating pictures she found that could destroy him.  Nicole explained to Daniel why she didnít give him the proof.  Daniel figured out that Liam blackmailed Nicole.  Daniel agreed not to tell Eric the truth, but he wanted her to do it.  While Will and Marlena were at the pub, he told her how he got in a fight with Nick and how he threatened to kill him.  She started to wonder if he could kill Nick.  Nicole refused to tell Eric the truth.  Daniel said for her to tell Eric the truth or he would.  She took the evidence and was about to leave with it when Eric and Jennifer were outside the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian tells Alexis that he has it all now that he has her, Lucas, Sam, and Danny in his life. She suggests that he quit the business. He reveals that it isn’t that easy because he answers to someone else. He says he would put her and everyone she loves in danger if he told her who he reports to. Luke makes excuses to get out of having sex with his new bride. He tells her that he is upset about her son kicking her out of her business. She tells him that Ned did them a favor because now they have time to take a honeymoon. She says she will make them all pay afterwards. When Luke finally gets around to consummating his marriage, he fantasizes about Kiki.

Michael promises Edward’s picture that he won’t let ELQ get out of Quartermaine hands. He takes over Luke’s office. Kiki says he can use this opportunity to honor AJ’s memory. Tracy goes to ELQ and tells Michael that Ned is using him. He informs her that the only person using anyone is Luke. Kiki tells her about Luke forcing his way into her apartment. Tracy says Kiki is a liar. Michael asks Tracy if she knows if Luke has forced himself on a woman before and if she knows him as well as she thinks she does. Luke goes to the docks and tells Sonny that he should convince Michael to come back to the fold. Sonny says he can protect Michael regardless of where he works and that Michael is a grown man who makes his own decisions. Luke asks Sonny if he is planning a move against the Jeromes. Sonny doesn’t answer him. Jordan gives TJ a car for graduation. While TJ goes outside to see it, Shawn blasts Jordan for buying her son a car with drug money. She tells him that he will not tell TJ that or else she will have to tell her son what really happened between Shawn and Tommy. TJ wonders why they are arguing about his father. He tells Jordan that it isn’t fair for her to bring up Tommy’s death, because it was an accident and it makes Shawn feel bad. Jordan declines a ride to work because she has an errand to run.

Dante is angry that Sonny cheated on Olivia. He tells Lulu that she is precious to him and that nothing like that will ever happen. Anna stops by with the DNA results from the embryo that Obrecht gave them and reports that it is theirs. Lulu wants to add to their family soon, but she doesn’t want to use a surrogate again. She wants to carry the baby herself. Duke tells Sonny that Michael has replaced Tracy as CEO of ELQ. Sonny is glad that Michael will be able to fulfill AJ’s dream. Duke advises Sonny to let go of AJ’s death and worry about the present situation with the Jeromes. He reminds him that the Jeromes are flooding the city with drugs. He gives Sonny information about the Jeromes' next shipment. Sonny says they could torch the boat and dump the product in the harbor, but that the Jeromes will get another shipment. Duke suggests that they involve Anna. Sonny doesn’t like the idea of involving the police, but he agrees that it might give them an advantage. Duke takes the flash drive to Anna and says she can treat it as coming from an anonymous informant. She tells him that if she is able to put Julian away with the information, then Duke’s employment with Sonny will have to end. She takes the flash drive in front of Kelly's just as Jordan is exiting.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Colin sits alone in the attic handcuffed to a table. Jill brings him breakfast of stale crackers and water and promises him a good breakfast if he will only sign the divorce papers and relinquish all claims against her fortune. Jill lets Colin know that Cane stopped by to check on him. Victor talks on the phone and wants a motion to be filed when he is interrupted by Cane. In talking to Victor, Cane remembers finding the Bonaventure business card in Colin’s wallet. Victor asks Cane what he found out. Jack and Sharon visit Chelsea to check on how she is doing. At the Athletic Club dining room, Kelly, Lily, and Devon have a business meeting concerning the fashion show that is coming up. Lily lets them know that she tried to get in touch with Neil about the meeting but he couldn’t be reached. Upstairs in a room, Neil watches Hilary sleep. Hilary wakes up and Neil gives her a kiss. Neil says he likes waking up beside her each morning. Neil also tells her that he wants to go public with their affair, but Hilary is against the idea. Cane questions Victor as to his involvement with Bonaventure. Victor is reluctant to give Cane all the details. Jill tells Colin that Cane thinks that he resorted back to his old ways. Jill mentions what the music box could be worth, but Colin will never get his hands on the money to give to his loan shark friends. Colin tells Jill that he wants this marriage, his son, and grandchildren. Devon and Lily discuss where Neil is. Kelly lets them know that Neil told her he was seeing someone but Lily doesnít want to believe her. Devon tells Lily how happy Neil was acting a few hours before. Neil tells Hilary that he is concerned about how Devon will react to all this. Colin insists to Jill that he is a changed man. Jill reminds him how he lied to her and betrayed her trust. Jill storms out of the attic and shuts the door. Something falls in front of the door which reveals some sort of a journal. Moving cautiously Colin manages to get the journal. He opens it and wonders what this is. Downstairs, Cane asks Jill, once again, about Colin’s whereabouts. Cane lets Jill know that he found Colin’s wallet in the desk.

Noah visits Victor in his office at Newman. Victor wants Noah’s help to testify for him in court. Noah refuses by reminding Victor of what he did to Sharon by using Cassie to hurt her. Sharon lets Jack and Chelsea know what Victor did to her using Mariah to pose as Cassie to drive her crazy. Chelsea lets them know that there must be more to this than they know. Sharon is hurt by Chelsea’s remark. Chelsea defends Victor to Sharon and Jack. Sharon lets them know that she underwent hypnosis to try to find out the secret. Noah reminds Victor of the things he did to Sharon. Noah reminds Victor that Sharon was sick at the time. Sharon tells Jack and Chelsea that she has a secret and it has something to do with Phyllis and her knowing what it is. Happily, Kelly tells Lily and Devon that she is going to look at a condo. Hilary lets Neil know that she doesn’t want his family to be hurt anymore. Neil tells Hilary that she deserves all the happiness in the world.

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