Wednesday 5/14/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Ollie by her side, Aly asks Taylor how can she can do it; how can she forgive her for killing her mother. She’s not saying she can or ever will, but just how. Ollie says that Aly needs to forgive so she can move on, but she doesn’t know how. Taylor tells Ollie that he is a good friend. He says he just wants Aly at peace. Aly isn’t sure that is possible since again she blames Taylor for killing her mother. People call it an accident but driving while you are drunk is not an accident. Taylor agrees that it is not. She cries it was a horrible mistake. Brooke runs into Thorne and is surprised to see him back in town. She makes sure that he hears the news of her and Bill and Katie and Ridge. When it turns to children, he says he is learning first hand the hard way. She asks if his trip has anything to do with Aly. He confides that he did not come here alone. Taylor came with him. They have been seeing each other again. Aly did not know and that is why they came here to tell her. Brooke assumes that did not go well. Thorne confesses no, there is no reasoning about this. Aly felt betrayed. She even threw Darla’s name into it that she would not approve and neither will Aly. So he had to back away before she completely lost it. His daughter is too fragile so he had to break it off with Taylor. Bill clears his calendar and tells his secretary not to schedule anything for three hours, but……..Ridge slips in the door. Bill is agitated at seeing him. He quips if Ridge is selling gowns door to door. He will have to pass. He will congratulate him on being engaged to Katie. He didn’t exactly kick up his heels but he does want Katie to be happy, so if Ridge is it – cheers. Ridge says he appreciates that and he wishes he could say the same about Bill and Brooke. Bill says he feels some separation anxiety. Ridge says no, not on his part. Bill admits that is what he likes about Ridge….he doesn’t leave home without his ego. But he’s got news for Ridge that Brooke is over him by light years. He leans in and whispers to Bill that he and Brooke have something they never experienced. It’s called loyalty. She knows he is not going to go running off to Paris over some freaking text message. He knows how to hold onto her. He’s learning and enjoying the process. Ridge tells him to enjoy it while he can. Ridge says getting with lawyers hasn’t been ruled out. It would not take long to overturn this. Bill tells him to help himself to a little espresso and think about what he is saying. He does not want to go there. That’s right in his wheelhouse. He loves a good battle, especially one in which he knows he will win. And they both know Katie was not happy here. It was just something for her to focus on. Strange that it is, she is happier now. Ridge quips yes now that she is rid of Bill. Bill says she won’t be if she drags him into court. Ridge says good point as she does want him out of her life. Bill says wish granted. They discuss children and how that can not be avoided that they will be in each other’s lives. Ridge says there has to be as he can not have him anywhere near his son.

Taylor tells Aly that she wishes she could tell her how to forgive her. She’s told her many times over the years how sorry she is for her part in her mother’s death. She will regret that for the rest of her life. Aly questions her more why she was not more responsible. She’s a doctor and had been drinking. Taylor tries to explain that her daughter was out in Malibu and had a flat tire and called her and she just wanted to rush and help her. She should have called someone else but all she could think was her daughter was in a dangerous position and to get to her. She was not thinking clearly. Aly says no she wasn’t and now her mother is dead. Can Taylor see how she can not get past that? Taylor says yes, that is why she is going back to Paris. Ollie reminds her that Thorne forgave Taylor and even wanted to marry her. Taylor says the only reason that she was able to go on was because Thorne forgave her and he was able to go on with his life with Aly. Bill tells Ridge he doesn’t see how that is possible to stay away from RJ. Ridge says simple, just don’t live with Brooke. He’d love for Bill to stay away from both of them. Bill says he will give Ridge a little advice….do not tell Katie about this. She will not appreciate that he doesn’t want Brooke around another man. Ridge says not just any man, Bill in particular. He thinks Katie knows why. Bill says he hates to be the bearer of bad news but they will be family once he marries Brooke which is only a matter of time. Thorne even tells Brooke that he is resigning from International. He loves the job but he loves his daughter more. Aly needs him here and he’s going to be there for her. He can’t take Aly back to Paris as Taylor will still be there. They can’t live in the same city. Taylor tells Aly if there is anything she can do before she goes back to Paris, just let her know. Aly wants to know what happened that night. Taylor gives her the entire story how Phoebe was caught out on the road in Malibu and had a flat tire. She called her and then she called Aly’s house. Darla left and got to Phoebe before Taylor did. She started changing the tire herself. Darla slipped and fell back into the traffic right as Taylor was approaching and could not stop. She cries again that she is so sorry. She says she can’t forgive herself so there is no way she can expect Aly to. She says her mother was special. Aly calls her a saint and says obviously she never got over it. Her dad was her rock and she doesn’t think she could have gotten through all of that if he was messed up too. Oliver says her dad grieved too but he had to be strong for her and then move on. And it was Taylor who helped him. Aly was too young to help so he needed someone else. He is sure that Aly wouldn’t want her dad to be sad and heartbroken the rest of his life. She admits that no, that would have been even worse. She looks at Taylor and says the woman who killed her mother gave her father back his life. Ridge tells Bill that his marrying Brooke can not happen. He won’t allow him to be around his son. Bill tells him that is not his call. He is going to marry Brooke and RJ will be there. They will hang out together. He will teach him to ride motorcycles and fly a hot air balloon. He’s a boy, a great boy and it will be cool. So Ridge just needs to lighten up and not be so grumpy. Go design a new dress. Maybe that will make him feel better. He doesn’t want him hanging around Will either but he’s choosing to trust Katie in this and Ridge should trust Brooke as well. Ridge says that his trust in Brooke went right out the window when she took up with Bill. Bill tells him to get over it and quit obsessing. Their paths are gonna cross. And Brooke is gonna be with a man who is 100% devoted to her. They are getting married... committed and no waffling. Brooke will never again be his Logan.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to know why Aidenís card was in Nickís wallet.  Marlena listened to the message Nick left her.  Sami was scared when she heard it.  Marlena wanted to know what scared her.  Rafe started questioning EJ about Nickís death.  Will told Sonny to take the gun back to Victorís.  When Sonny pulled out the gun, Gabi came out and wanted to know what was going on.  Will and Sonny got out of it.  Aiden told Hope why Nick had his card.  Sami told Marlena that she wasnít upset that Nick was dead.  Rafe continued to question EJ until EJ walked away.  Daniel wanted to know why Nicole didnít shoot Liam.  She made an excuse for it.  He grilled her about why she didnít want Liam to talk before he died.  She ended up telling him that sheís getting married.  A police officer showed up to take Sonny to the police station.  

Nicole noticed that something was wrong with Daniel.  Rafe went to see Will about Nick.  Sami was upset that Nick was killed as he was leaving a message about changing.  Marlena wanted to give the phone to Hope so she could hear it.  EJ went along with the idea.  Hope questioned Sonny about the night Nick was killed.  When Marlena left, EJ warned Sami to be careful what she says because she almost slipped about the killer. Rafe wanted Will to tell him about the night Nick was killed.  Rafe reminded Will that he threatened to kill Nick over the custody hearing.  When Sonny left the police station, he put the gun back where it was.  He wiped his fingerprints off the gun and the box it was in.  Marlena told Hope about the message Nick left her and played it for her.  While EJ was trying to make Sami feel better about killing Nick, Gabi showed up.  Daniel confronted Nicole about the letter she tried to destroy.  EJ and Sami lied about what Gabi heard.  Gabi told them that she canceled the custody hearing.  Nicole lied about the proof until Daniel showed it to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kevin tosses back drinks at the Floating Rib after finding out that Lucy has been cheating on him. He tells Mac that Felicia knew about the affair because he caught her and Lucy talking about it before the ball and that Felicia covered for Lucy. Felicia tries to comfort Lucy. Bobbie confronts Lucy in front of the media. She accuses Lucy of stringing Scott along and then getting jealous when she saw Scott and Bobbie walk the red carpet together. Lucy says she knows that Noah dumped Bobbie. Bobbie brings up Damian from the past. Bobbie says karma is causing Lucy’s man troubles. Lucy says Bobbie wanted to jump Damian’s bones. Lucy says at least she never got paid for it. Bobbie slaps her. The photographers take pictures of the women brawling. Felicia trades her Aztec jewel necklace for the camera and deletes the pictures.

Scott goes to the Floating Rib and then turns to leave when he sees that Kevin is there. Kevin tells Scott to stay and face him like a man. Scott says he and Lucy love each other and they always have and there is nothing that Kevin can do about it. Kevin punches Scott. Mac kicks Scott out. Scott says he ought to press charges against Kevin and also against Mac for sucker punching him a couple of months ago. Kevin wonders if Mac hit Scott because he knew about the affair. Mac says he didn’t say anything because Lucy swore it was over. Kevin punches Mac. They have a fistfight and trash the place. Afterwards they share a bottle of booze. Mac apologizes for not telling Kevin about the affair. Scott goes back to the Metro Court. When he sees Felicia and Lucy hugging, he quietly gets back on the elevator unseen.

Jordan asks Shawn about his relationship with Alexis. He says they used to date, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Jordan takes a walk down memory lane, reminding Shawn of the good times they had together with Tommy. He tells her that all of that is in the past and that now that she has threatened to tell TJ what really happened to Tommy and she is working for the Jeromes, they have crossed a line that he doesn’t think they can come back from. Julian sneaks in through Alexis’ bedroom window because she doesn’t want Molly to know he is there. After they make love, Alexis asks him to spend the night instead of sneaking back out the window. Carly and Franco board a plane with AJ’s phone. Franco suggests that they join the mile high club. He goes into the bathroom but the stern flight attendant makes Carly remain in her seat. Franco comes out, wondering what happened. They try again with Carly going in first. Another man gets to the bathroom before Franco. For the third try, they go together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lauren visits Jill for a sisterly conversation. Chloe visits Billy. At Chelsea’s condo, Anita, Chelsea and Victor gather to go to Adam’s memorial service. Jack and Kelly meet in the foyer of the Athletic Club and have a friendly conversation. Neil joins Lily and Cane for a meeting in the Athletic Club dining room as does Kelly. Jill and Lauren are talking when Esther comes in from shopping and, upon setting her shopping bags down in a chair, gives Jill a green shirt. Esther wants to know the name of a good plumber about the noise in the attic. Jill tells them that she will handle it. Lauren encourages Jill to give Esther the plumber’s number. Colin talks to himself as he throws a cup against the door. Jill comes in and wants to know what he wants. Jill tells him that he can be released if he will sign papers dissolving their marriage, so he won’t get any of her fortune. Chloe and Billy discuss Delia and what a good girl she had been and the good times that they had together. Chloe moves closer to Billy and they kiss.

Jill tries to coax Colin into signing the papers, but he refuses. Colin tells Jill that their marriage is real. Jill tells Colin that she is done with him as she turns and leaves, leaving him tied up in the attic. Billy pulls away from Chloe and tells her that he doesn’t want this and she had this all planned before she got here. A repairman arrives at Chelsea’s door to check for mold, but Anita is reluctant to let him in. Anita closes the door in his face, so she can call Chelsea to confirm that he is supposed to be there. Chelsea confirms that she knew about this. Anita lets him in to check things out. Victor, Chelsea, and Jack meet at the funeral home for the memorial service for Adam. Jack starts an argument about Nikki leaving the ranch, but Chelsea quickly puts an end to it by telling them that this is about Adam. Billy asks Chloe if she slipped him something that would make him feel this way. Billy orders Chloe to stop this “baby” thing, because another baby will not replace Delia. Billy consoles Chloe. Jack has his say about Adam first and then Chelsea tells them what kind of man Adam was. After Jack leaves, Chelsea asks Victor if he has anything to say to his son. Lily leaves Kelly and Neil alone at the table. Neil lets Kelly know that he is already seeing someone. Cane visits Jill to check up on Colin. Jill lies and tells him that Colin is out of town on business. Jill lets Cane know that Colin will never change. Chelsea leaves Victor alone to talk to Adam. The repairman calls someone to let them know that it is done. The unknown person watches Anita put Connor to bed and then later watches Chelsea with Connor. Chloe leaves Billy’s but remembers what he told her about fertility clinics.

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