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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Ridge that she is going to miss being CEO and sharing her son but she can make peace with it. And she wants to take some much needed time off to make this house their home. She tells him that Donna stopped by and was shocked but supported them as long as they are happy. Bill stopped by and also came around. Ridge says he had the same conversation with Brooke. Ridge tells her that RJ is okay with it too. Thorne tells Taylor that he hates seeing his little girl in that much pain. How could he have been so naïve. Taylor too is sorry that she got into it with Aly without him being there. She wishes she could help her but she is not the right person. Thorne says he forgave her years ago. He just wishes Aly could have also. He says maybe someday down the road when things settle down……but right now he needs to put all his focus on Aly. She is still a vulnerable teenager and he should not have left her out of his sight.

Ollie comforts Aly who still can’t understand how her dad could ever be close to Taylor after what she did to her mother. She feels betrayed and disappointed and very confused. She even feels a little bad for her dad. But why Taylor? He tells her that she just has to take care of herself and he will be there for her. She says she would not blame him if he just took off and never looked back. He says no, he is not going anywhere. She can always confide in him. He says she can tell him anything and he won’t judge her. She confides that she picked up the axe and threatened Taylor. Ollie thinks that is understandable but says the only way to get over this is to make peace with forgiveness. He slips off and tells Thorne and Taylor that Aly needs closure. It’s time for her to accept Taylor and for what she did and to forgive her. Thorne says no. He will not put his daughter through more pain. He is going to quit his job at International and come back here to the basement and be with her. Taylor will go back to Paris. Ollie goes back to Aly and she says she can not do what he asked. She wants Taylor to feel guilty. She will not let her off the hook. Ollie reminds her that she can let this define her or let it be. She is strong enough. It will make everything better. It is something her own mother would want to happen so Aly can be a full woman now. Thorne tells Taylor that he is sorry but he thinks it is best if she goes back to Paris tonight. She agrees to that as she would never want to come between him and his daughter. When he leaves Taylor alone, Ollie and Aly walk in. Aly tells Taylor that she needs her help if she can teach her how to forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami thought Eric overheard her telling EJ that they killed Nick.  She apologized to Eric.  Marlena wanted to talk to Nicole about Smith Island.  Jennifer went to Daniel and told him about Nick’s death.  Abby opened up to JJ about why she didn’t like Nick.  JJ thought Abby was hiding something from him, but she wouldn’t tell him.  Eric didn’t hear Sami confess to killing Nick.  He wondered why she was acting so guilty if she had nothing to do with Nick’s death.  Sami told Eric what happened when Nick died.  Nicole was suspicious of why Marlena wanted to know why she was at Smith Island.  Nicole wanted to know what Marlena was accusing her of

Nicole thought Marlena was up to something.  Daniel tried to make Maggie feel better about not being there for Nick.  Marlena went to see Sami.  Jennifer was surprised that Abby didn’t care about Nick being dead.  Marlena wanted Sami to talk to someone.  Abby told Jennifer about the custody battle Nick was involved in with Will and Gabi.  Theresa and Brady met to talk about their relationship.  Sami turned down Marlena’s offer to talk to her.  Brady wanted to take things slow with Theresa.  Daniel sent Nicole a text to meet him.  She showed up at his apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad kisses Lucas. Lucas says Brad can’t do that. He lies that he is with Felix. Ric asks Elizabeth to give him another chance. She says yes. Britt tells Nikolas that she still loves him. He says he doesn’t know how he could ever get past her lies. Spencer gets on his knees and asks Emma to come back to him. Emma forgives him for being a jerk to Cameron and her, but she can’t give him another chance. Felicia wonders where Scott went. Scott is in Lucy’s dressing room asking her to reconsider her choice and choose him instead of Kevin. When the curtain goes up, Lucy is in her underwear with Scott kissing her. Kevin walks out. Lucy goes after him. Mac stops Felicia from going after Lucy. Felix takes over emcee duties. Molly and TJ perform Depeche Mode’s song “Just can’t get enough.” Bobbie stops Scott from going after Lucy. Kevin asks Lucy how long she has been having an affair with Scott. She says it started after they had their big fight. She insists that she loves him more than anything. He tells her to go to hell.

Britt sees Nathan watching Maxie and Levi. She asks him long he has been jonesing for Maxie. They laugh at the pun. Obrecht comes up and says it is nice to see her children laughing together. Britt says what would have been nice is if Obrecht had told her that she had a brother. She observes that Obrecht has treated her like gum on her shoe for her whole life because she wasn’t a boy, but the whole time she had a boy that she gave up. She asks her what is up with that, but then decides she doesn’t want to know. They walk away from Obrecht.

Emma performs Sabrina’s number “It’s a Beautiful Day,” since Sabrina is at the NICU with her premature baby. The baby’s monitor alarm goes off and the NICU team rushes in. The baby isn’t getting enough oxygen. The team gets the baby stabilized. The doctor kicks Patrick and Sabrina out of the NICU. Felix introduces Olivia’s Bensonhurst Medium act, but Olivia isn’t there. Obrecht takes the stage and sings “You were Always On My Mind” to Britt and Nathan. The next number, originally Sabrina’s, is scheduled to be sung by Lucy, who is crying in her dressing room. Scott knocks on the door. He tells her that now that it is out in the open, they can be together. She tells him that it is not going to work out that way and tells him to leave. Epiphany performs the last number. “You’re Not Alone.” Meanwhile, Patrick and Sabrina sing it to their baby from outside the NICU window. Mac leaves with Kevin. Felicia goes to comfort Lucy. Nathan gives Britt and Obrecht a ride home. Anna, Duke, Emma, Elizabeth, Ric, Cameron, Felix, and Epiphany go to the NICU to be with Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick picks up Emma so she can see her baby brother through the window.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is deep in thought when he is interrupted by Nikki. Jack thinks that Nikki is just visiting someone at the Athletic Club and needs to get home to Victor but she lets him know that she is home. Jack feels responsible that Nikki is living there. At Victoria’s, Billy plays with Johnny when there is a knock on the door. Ben has come to visit Victoria but finds out from Billy that he rung the wrong doorbell. At the police station, in his office, Paul talks to Christine and makes plans to get home early until he is interrupted by Michael and Lauren. Lauren notices a doctor’s address on the table and asks Paul if Christine is pregnant, but Paul says that she isn’t yet. Michael and Lauren wanted to talk to Christine but find that she already left for the day. Kevin looks at the improvements that were done to the Coffeehouse as he finds Dylan behind the bar. Kevin and Dylan discuss Chloe and their marriage. Dylan shows Kevin the “hits” on Avery’s website concerning her cooking show. Chloe and Gloria meet at the Athletic Club for lunch. Gloria asks where Kevin is but Chloe tells her that they don’t keep tabs on one other. Jeffrey interrupts them and tells Gloria about a horse race where he picked the winning horse. They decide to celebrate. Gloria asks Chloe what she and Kevin did for fun. Chloe is reluctant to answer. When Jeffrey gets up to order a round of drinks, Gloria asks Chloe again what they did for fun. Nikki lets Jack know that he is not responsible for her split with Victor. Billy informs Ben that this is his house, his son and his wife. Nikki informs Jack that Victoria went to Washington to visit Reed. Jack promises to stop by the house to check on Billy and Johnny. When Kevin enters the Athletic Club dining room, Chloe gets up and whispers in his ear for him to not blow their cover or Gloria will eat them alive. Gloria shares with Chloe a remedy for spicing up one’s sex life. Chloe is enthused by the idea.

At the police station, Nikki asks Paul why he arrested Dylan for breaking into Ian’s apartment. Paul lets her know that he did what was necessary. Billy is on the computer, researching info on Ben when Jack visits him to check on how he is doing. Chloe questions Gloria about the oil when Michael and Lauren interrupt and pull up some chairs to join them. Nikki lets Paul know that her MS is under control. At the Coffeehouse, Ben tells Dylan that he had a run in with Billy at Victoria’s. Billy and Jack discuss Billy’s affair with Kelly and how it ruined his marriage to Victoria. Jack lets Billy know that he still loves Phyllis. Jack orders Billy to back off from trying to find out the “dirt” on Ben or it will wreck his marriage for good. Jack tells Billy that Ben is reputable guy. Chloe tells the group that she is healing slowly. When Gloria remarks that she is crazy, Chloe gets so angry that she drops a whole drink in Gloria’s lap. Kevin, Michael, and Lauren have a talk about Michael getting Kevin out of this marriage to Chloe but Kevin insists that he wants to stay married. When no one is looking, Chloe gets in Gloria's purse and steals the bottle of oil. Billy calls Kevin for help in running a search on Ben. At the hospital, Ben talks to Victoria’s Ob/Gyn and tries to obtain her medical chart. When Ben receives her chart, he finds out that Victoria is pregnant.

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