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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With mud in her eyes, Aly wields the medieval axe toward Taylor as she shrinks and says No. Oliver tells Thorne that this is bad – him and Taylor a couple especially after the way that Aly feels about Taylor. He says he can’t tell Thorne how to live his life, but Aly will not be able to handle this. She still blames Taylor for her mother’s death. Sometimes the truth can be devastating. He knows Thorne would never intentionally hurt Aly. Thorne says no, but he won’t keep this a secret from Aly. He and Taylor have made their decision and as soon as she comes back, they will tell Aly. Oliver says she has been gone a while; maybe she ran into Aly. They both rush out. Donna hugs Katie and assures her that she is happy for her being engaged to Ridge. Katie tells Donna that Bill will be here soon. When Bill comes Katie says she has news for him. It’s a good thing but she wanted him to hear it from her. She explains that Ridge proposed. She holds up her finger with the red ribbon still entwined. Bill quips that the dress business must be slow if he couldn’t pop for a real ring. She says no, but she actually likes this one more. She knows Ridge is not his favorite person but she hopes they can all be civil as he will be Will’s stepfather. Bill says bad enough that he has to deal with Quinn, now Forrester too. But if he is part of Will’s life, he will be part of his too. Katie says things are looking up, something she thought would never happen when Brooke shoved those papers in her face. Bill grouses that enough with those papers; she conned him out of his company and his son. Brooke was only righting a wrong. She did try to reason with Katie and not use the papers but Katie would have none of it. And he is not going to apologize for getting back what is rightfully his. She says fine, she won’t apologize either. What she has learned is that you can not dwell too much on what happens in the future or you can’t enjoy the present. He says that sounds like Forrester. She says he has been a positive influence on her. He bets with all that poetry, bet the proposal was pretty flowery…….and well timed. Ridge tells Brooke that the kids will be fine. Brooke says they will have to make sure of it. They all need to get along. Ridge says okay but for now they just need to focus on the kids. RJ seemed to take the news well and he took his cue from Brooke. A boy wants to protect his mother. If he thought she was going to be hurt, he would have reacted differently. She says she is not hurt, just worried and not for herself. He says don’t be. He and Katie want to spend their lives together and that is why he proposed. She says Bill has not proposed but their feelings are just as strong. He calls Bill a clown and wonders how she can put her faith in him. He continues when Brooke says he is wrong. He tells her that if Bill cared for her he would have ripped up those papers but no he wanted her to sacrifice her relationship with Katie. He doesn’t want his son around that. Brooke tells him that she is sorry he feels that way. That is not a decision for Ridge to make. Bill is an important part of her life and will be RJ’s too whether he like it or not.

Taylor tells Aly that she is sorry but she and Thorne wanted to tell her together. She should have waited but Aly asked her a question and she could not lie. Aly tells her to shut up. She lays the axe aside. She tells Taylor that she is lying. She killed her mother and destroyed the life she was supposed to have. Taylor tries to convince her that she will always have her father. Her relationship with Thorne will not change that. Aly rants at her that she does to have a relationship with Thorne. He would never want her. Taylor tells her now is the time to let go of all this resentment in her heart. Aly says she does not have resentment, she hates Taylor. Ollie and Thorne walk in and Aly rushes to Thorne. She says Taylor has been saying horrible things. Tell her that she is wrong. Bill tells Katie that he wishes Ridge was not going to be raising his son but he will not have him calling Ridge Dad, that is where he draws the line. She says fine as she does not want Will calling Brooke mommy either. Bill says the papers didn’t just get him back his company but equal custody so if that means dealing with Forrester he will try. He says when she marries Ridge, Will and RJ will be family so it’s time they act like one. Thorne tells Aly that Taylor is not lying. He knows it is a shock but it is true. Aly starts to hyperventilate and says no, it is not true. He says she is not a little girl anymore and they wanted to talk to her. Ollie tells her that her dad is trying to explain how it all happened. She says she does not want to know. Thorne tells her that she is doing so well here at Forrester. She should be happy and excited about her life. Her mother would be so proud of her, mature and grown up. She turns on her father and asks if Darla would be proud of him too. He knew she could not accept this and yet he did it anyway. He says he is happier now than he has been in a long time. He tells her that he loves her and would never hurt her. She says okay, then don’t go back to Paris. Stay here with her but just forget about Taylor. She can not do this again and does not want him to see her. He hugs her and says okay, anything for her…..always.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie accused the suspects of shooting Nick.  She didnít want anyone near him.  Maggie and Hope talked about Nick.  Hope got a call to go to the town square.  Jordan took care of Nick.  Hope showed up and saw how Nick was shot.  Hope questioned Rafe about what happened to Nick.  When he didnít answer, she asked the rest of them.  Rafe went with Hope to see what happened.  Lucas, Kate, and Allie were at the pub.  When Lucas and Allie left, Kate told Maggie that Nick was shot.  Julie ripped into Will, Sonny, Abby, and Ben for hating Nick.  Hope and Rafe found the spot where Nick was shot.  Hope questioned Rafe about where everyone was when Nick showed up. Sami was worried that Nick pointed to her and EJ.  EJ tried to assure her that Nick didnít point them out.  She was still worried about Nick surviving.  EJ said Nick wouldnít connect them to the killer.  EJ wanted to go to the hospital.  

Gabi showed up at the hospital.  Maggie also showed up.  Julie told Maggie what happened with Nick.  Julie said Nick would tell her who shot him when he woke up.  Will told Sonny to get rid of the gun.  EJ and Sami showed up at the hospital and were ripped into b Julie.  Maggie stopped Julie from attacking EJ and Sami.  The doctor told everyone at the hospital that Nick was dead. Almost everyone at the hospital was upset about Nickís death.  Hope was determined to find out who killed Nick.  When she was alone with him, she apologized for not helping him.  Rafe talked to Jordan about how to reach out to Gabi.  Will told Sonny to get rid of the gun again.  Hope questioned Julie about who was at the town square when Nick showed up.  Julie told her all of the suspects who were at the square.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke complains to Julian about having to bite the bullet and marry Tracy, but it’s worth it because it put ELQ in his hands. Tracy thanks Ned for standing up for them and for finally believing that Luke married her for love and not money. Ned says that’s a good thing because Luke won’t get a dime from ELQ, and he won’t be working there. Luke has been fired and Tracy is no longer the CEO. Ned informs his mother that the board of directors just held an emergency vote to oust her. She wonders what backstabber replaced her. From behind her, Michael informs her that it is him. Luke asks Michael how he could do it to his own family. Michael says Luke should have thought of that before he started groping Kiki. Ned tells Tracy that he would do anything to protect the family’s legacy. Tracy tells Luke that it is OK, because they still have each other.

The Nurses’ Ball continues. Alexis introduces herself to Jordan. Sonny tries to talk to Olivia, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. Julian observes that Sonny and Olivia seem to be having trouble. Lucy announces that Blackie Parrish has returned to Port Charles to perform, but he isn’t there. Brad wonders if the night can get any worse after seeing Lucas and Felix strip together. Britt tells him to go do something about it. Brad pays some dancers to join him as he performs the song "Brokenhearted" at the last minute to take Blackie’s place. Felix and Lucas watch, aghast, but everyone else enjoys his number. Brad asks Lucas what he thought of the song. Lucas says he liked the song, but Brad isn’t getting any second chances. Felix asks Lucas how he feels about Brad.

Mac makes an unexpected appearance with Mr. Marbles. No one likes the act. Epiphany goes on stage and snatches Mr. Marbles from Mac. She throws the dummy on the floor, kicks him, and stomps on him, breaking him. Everyone cheers for Epiphany. Milo congratulates her on doing what everyone else wanted to do. Lulu is happy that Maxie made it to the ball and recruits her to perform with her at the last minute. They perform a song and dance with Kiki, Sam, and Molly as the Haunted Starlets with Sam as the front woman. A newcomer named Eddie Gomez, who has performed at the Haunted Star, performs a song called “Criminal Love.” Nikolas and Spencer go to the ball. Spencer runs up to Britt, hugs her, and tells her that he misses her. She says she misses him too, but that she was just leaving. He begs her to stay awhile and drags her to sit with him and Nikolas. Emma and Cameron perform their tango until Spencer stops the music and introduces Player (with Ron Moss), dedicating the song “Baby Come Back” to Emma. Olivia runs out of the room. Sonny goes after her, but she leaves the ball altogether. Spencer thanks the band for coming through for him on short notice. They tell him that it was no problem because they love his Grandma Lesley. Emma goes to the dressing room and finds Spencer there. Spencer gets on his knees and quotes the song lyrics to her. Nikolas wants to go find Spencer, but Britt holds him back and asks him to forgive her. She tells him that she still loves him, and she misses him. She wonders if he will ever forgive her. Ric asks Elizabeth to give him another chance. Brad goes up to Lucas and kisses him. Bobbie concludes to Felicia that it looks like Bad and Lucas are getting back together. Felicia wonders where Bobbie’s date is. Scott is in Lucy’s dressing room asking her to reconsider her choice and pick him instead of Kevin.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Kelly meet to discuss what went down between them a night or two before. Chelsea is in the park with Connor when Billy walks up. In talking to him, Chelsea asks him if he is gambling again. Ben visits Victoria and asks her why she lied to him. Tyler and Abby discuss what steps could be taken to get Mariah out of town. In the psychiatrist’s office, Sharon tries to remember her secret but with no luck. Nick sees how it is upsetting her and tells Dr. Mead to bring Sharon out of it. Ben lets Victoria know that he talked to Nikki about the fundraising, and she didn’t know a thing about it. Ben asks Victoria why she went to the hospital. Tyler tells Abby to let him handle this with Mariah but Abby refuses. Chelsea and Billy discuss the memorial service for Adam and that Billy will not be in attendance. Chelsea tries to convince Billy to take her money for the Delia Foundation but he refuses. Jack tells Kelly that he is sorry that he hurt her the night before. Kelly wants to know why Jack had a sudden change of heart. Jack lets her know that he talked to Summer. Sharon is upset by the happenings and tells Nick that she wants to be put under again.

Chelsea, once again, tries to get Billy to take the money but once again, he refuses. Billy finally agrees to take the money as long as it is a donation. Billy mentions to Chelsea that he is working on a way to get Ben out of Victoria’s life. Chelsea lets him know that she doesn’t think that is a good idea. Victoria makes up a lie as to why she was at the hospital. Chelsea tells Billy that he may only make things worse with Victoria. Ben kisses Victoria good-bye just before he leaves. Victoria calls Billy to come by the house. Tyler and Abby visit Mariah with a deal that she cannot pass up. Sharon is hypnotized again but still doesn’t remember the secret; Nick thinks he does. Abby gives Mariah a check to leave town but when Mariah looks into Tyler’s eyes, she tears up the check and tells Abby, “No Deal.” Jack tells Kelly that he doesn’t want to hurt her but that he wants more than just sex with her. Billy visits Victoria and asks him if this is good news. Victoria tells him that she is going to Washington to visit Reed and can he stay at the house here with Johnny. Billy is thrilled. In talking to Chelsea, Ben realizes that Victoria may be pregnant.

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