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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly is startled. She looks at Taylor and asks why she is here. She says she left L.A. and she could finally breathe. Now she is back. Taylor says there are so many things she wants to say to Aly. She is there for her. Panting, Aly says Taylor has no idea what seeing her does to her. She needs to go back to Paris and not be anywhere near her. Oliver tells Thorne that he is lucky that it was him and not Aly who came in and saw Taylor in his arms. Thorne says he is not sure why any of this is Oliver’s business. Oliver tells him he knows all about his wife, Darla’s death, and how it affected Aly. He cares for Aly and doesn’t want to see her hurt. Thorne admits that he and Taylor are a couple. He appreciates Oliver’s concern and glad she has someone to confide in, but she is old enough now to know the truth and accept it. Oliver says not for this. Aly absolutely hates Taylor. Thorne says even that is not totally unexpected because he and Taylor had a history before he even married Darla but for some reason it never worked out. Aly was the last reason because of the accident. He says he put his life on hold to be the best damn father he could be. He says Aly is old enough now. They even live in different cities so he is allowed to do this. That’s why they are here to tell the family and Aly. Wyatt questions Justin about the piece in the paper. Justin says it is weird but California law. They must run it once a week for four weeks, then he will be a Spencer. Justin quips that Bill gets all the credit while he does the grunt work. Wyatt says Wyatt Spencer, has a nice ring to it. Caroline walks up and gets in on the end of congratulations and thinks Hope has chosen Wyatt. He explains he has a new name. She tells her cousin that he just did Hope a favor. Imagine being Hope Fuller….like Hopeful, that would be awful. But now either way, she gets to be a Spencer. Charlie surprises Pam and asks if she is a damsel in distress. He’s suited from head to foot in medieval armor. She tells him he looks good enough for her to eat. She says she is so glad he is so into this. It puts her bustle into a bunch. Hope adjusts the necklace on one of her models. Quinn walks in and says she is always right. Hope tells her she will trust her life with Quinn for picking her necklaces, but a man that is up to Hope. Quinn gloats that she needs to start picking as she won’t want to wait any longer when she hears Quinn’s news. No more Fuller; Wyatt is going to be a Spencer. Hope asks how Quinn feels about that. Quinn admits that the Spencer name made her furious for years. She swore then that she’d never let Wyatt know. But now that he does she sees the world isn’t coming to an end and she has to admit the name brings a certain level of respect so she is happy for Wyatt. Hope is happy too but does not see how this changes a thing of who she chooses. Quinn points out that Hope has been dating two brothers but her fans might not realize that. Now it will be painfully obvious, so Quinn can’t see this going on for too long. There doesn’t have to be a scandal. She and Liam have tried for years and didn’t make it so this dating both is just prolonging the obvious. Hope says yes there might be gossip about her but she will deal with it. She feels she is on the verge of making a life decision and she wants to get it right.

Oliver asks Thorne how are they planning on telling Aly. Thorne says they will just sit her down and tell her the truth. Taylor is a psychiatrist and Aly will be fine. Oliver is still skeptical and says Aly still talks to her mother. He says they hang out and Aly confides in him. He knows what he is talking about and this will not end well. Thorne says Oliver is a little old to be hanging out with Aly anyway but he is glad she has someone to talk to. Oliver offers to be there when they tell Aly. Thorne declines that. Oliver says trust him. This is going to be a shock and Aly will need all the support she can get. Taylor tells Aly maybe they should call her father. Aly says he would tell her the same thing; just stay away from her. Aly says she will never forget what Taylor did. Taylor says she won’t either. It haunts her every day. Aly says she can’t be like other kids who have a party and go out with friends. Her birthday is nothing but the day that a person drank too much and got behind the wheel. And her mom…..she was helping Taylor’s daughter, just a good person going out of her way to do the right thing. But Taylor is still alive. She pretends to be so moral but is the first person to stand in judgment of people like Brooke and Hope. She says Taylor pretends to be a saint but she isn’t. Her mother was a saint; she earned her right in Heaven. Taylor is a murderer and will never get there. Taylor says Darla was a special woman and everyone loved her. Aly backs away and looks at the axe on the table. She gnashes her teeth at Taylor and says guess her dad needed an expert opinion, but she is not crazy and she is not to call her dad a friend. Taylor tries to tell her they have been friends for years and have gotten closer. Aly accuses her of trying to get Thorne to betray her mother’s memory. Taylor says she wanted to marry Thorne because she loved him. Aly says thank God she stopped that. She was young but she could see right through Taylor and Thorne could never be happy with her. After all these years he has never remarried. That ought to tell Taylor something. And if the right woman came along, she would support that. She barks at Taylor to listen to her; stay away from her dad. He wants nothing to do with her. Taylor tries to convince her that this will change nothing for Aly. Aly will always be first in his life. He gave everything up for her, but now maybe it’s time for him to have his own life and to decide who he wants to spend it with. Hope tells Wyatt that she’s heard his big news. His mother was here and is glad that he is a Spencer. Wyatt says that makes two of them; Hope says three. He quips it will make it easier than having Fuller being on the embroidered pillowcases and have to change. She teases him about it and he says oh yeah, even if he has to make them himself. Mr. & Ms. Spencer with the wedding date. He might miss Fuller, but Spencer seems right, like he belongs. Things are just getting better and better and to think it all started when they met in the woods. Taylor tries to tell Aly that she is not taking her father away. She loves him and he never stopped loving her. Aly turns away in fear and says NO, stop it, she’s lying. Taylor turns to get her phone and call Thorne. She knows they can sit down and work this out and all will be fine. Aly keeps looking at the axe nearby. Aly says Taylor took away her mother and now she wants Thorne too. Well she can not let that happen. It’s time to cut her off. Taylor turns around and Aly is wielding the axe over her head heading toward Taylor who lets out a bloody scream.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The contract killer was about to shoot Nick, but Julie showed up.  Rafe questioned Jordan about leaving town.  EJ and Sami talked about putting the hit out on Nick.  Rafe told Jordan she wasnít going anywhere.  Sonny tried to convince Will that Gabi is afraid of Nick and that he wasnít going to let Nick raise Arianna.  Will didnít want Sonny to kill Nick.  Kate told Lucas that Nick is trying to keep Will from Arianna.  Nick told Julie how everyone hated him except for her and Maggie.  EJ tried to convince Sami that killing Nick was the right thing to do.  She thought it was, but she had doubts.  Lucas was upset that Nick was trying to keep Will from Arianna.  Kate said other people were upset with Nick.  Will wanted Sonny to get rid of the gun.  Sonny wanted to get rid of it later.  Nick talked to Julie about the custody agreement and the mistakes he made.

Jordan decided to stay in town.  Nick was upset when he thought Julie tried to call him crazy.  She tried to explain what she meant, but she still thought she tried to call him crazy.  Julie suggested he talk to someone.  Lucas sent Nick a text to meet at the park.  Will and Abby met at the pub to talk about Nick.  Will realized that Nick had something on her.  Kate and Sonny talked about the court hearing.  They knew Nick was behind the hearing.  Abby opened up to Will about what Nick knew about her.  Sonny told Will that Gabi had a hearing date because of Nick.  Will had to leave the pub.  While Nick was on the phone, he was shot.  Nick showed up at the town square and all of the suspects were there.  He pointed to someone when Julie asked who shot him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie can’t believe Levi has decided to go to the ball. He reasons that she already bought the tickets so they might as well go because he likes to see her smile. Britt and Brad sit on his bed watching the Nurses’ Ball on TV. Britt can’t believe her mother crashed the ball. Obrecht’s number ends with no applause. Nathan pulls Obrecht away from Dante and Lulu. He tells her that she is nothing to him and nothing will change that. Anna offers him tips on handling Obrecht. Nathan is happy to see Maxie when she arrives. Levi arrives shortly, wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops with his suit.

Kiki, Elizabeth, Felix, Lucas, TJ, and several young nurses perform Pink’s song, “Raise Your Glass.” At home, Brad can’t believe that Felix and Lucas are performing together. He determines that they are trying to get back at him. He tells Britt that they are going to the ball. She doesn’t want to. He rationalizes that Elizabeth is with Ric Lansing and Nikolas isn’t there, so she has nothing to fear. Spencer talks Nikolas into going. When Britt and Brad arrive, Felix and Lucas give Brad attitude. Britt tells them that Dante and Lulu have their baby back, so they need to give it a rest and forgive Brad. They don’t.

Ned performs a number as his former alter-ego, Eddie Maine. Luke sings “I Am What I Am” from the musical “La Cage aux Folles.” Then he asks Tracy to marry him right there, right now. Ned tells Michael and Kiki that he has to stop his mother from doing it. Instead, Luke railroads Ned into standing up for him. Ned whispers to Tracy not to go through with it, but she does. Luke ogles all the women in the room before he kisses his bride. Elizabeth catches the bouquet. Dante corners Sonny to confront him about cheating on Olivia. Sonny says it was a mistake, and he is going to make it right. Olivia tells Lulu that she doesn’t know if she can forgive him this time. Magic Milo is back with the Magic Wands: Michael, Felix, Lucas, TJ, and Nathan performing their strip tease act to AC/DC’s “You shook Me All Night Long.”

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Kelly tells Lily that it's over between her and Jack. Jack, in his office, is deep in thought. Hilary interrupts him and asks him for the rest of the day off. Neil, Devon, and Cane play a game of basketball. They arrive in the park to rest a little bit when Neil says how good he is feeling. Devon wants a little bit of what Neil is feeling. At the Coffeehouse, Abby meets with Leslie to find out some things about Mariah that she can use against her. Nick and Sharon arrive at the hospital to undergo her hypnosis. Nick is against her being hypnotized but Sharon insists. Summer arrives to see Jack and admits she was wrong in how she reacted over his dating Kelly. Jack is proud of Summer’s sudden change of heart. Nick tells Sharon to remember the secret naturally, but Sharon will not listen to him. Dr. Mead interrupts them and wants to know why Sharon is in such a hurry to remember the secret. Abby tells Leslie about Mariah posing as Cassie to try to run Sharon insane. Tyler interrupts them and is surprised that Abby would go behind his back to find out information about him and Mariah. Sharon insists on being hypnotized.

Neil joins Hilary for a meeting with Jack but notices that Jack has not made it yet. Devon and Cane sit at the bar and Devon cannot keep his eyes off Hilary. Cane asks him what is going on. Devon wonders who the man is in Hilary’s life. Hilary and Neil discuss their secret love affair when Lily walks up and wants to know what the secret is. Jack sees Kelly in the foyer, but she gives him the brush off by telling him she has somewhere to be. Jack and Lily join Neil and Hilary for the meeting. Jack announces that he is planning another fashion show at the Athletic Club in the next few months. Everyone is thrilled. Hilary and Neil hold hands under the table. Hilary makes her departure by telling Jack that she has a dentistís appointment. After a few moments, Neil also leaves. Kelly walks in and sits down at a nearby table but her eyes are on Jack. Lily joins Kelly at her table and says that she and Jack should talk. Sharon undergoes hypnosis but she is no closer to remembering the secret. Hilary meets Neil at her hotel room door with a kiss. When Kelly gives her a folder belonging to Hilary, Lily says she will take it upstairs to Hilary. Lily lets Cane and Devon know about the fashion show that Jack is planning.

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