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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Bill to go ahead and tell Wyatt the great news. He snarls at her if there is a conversation she is not part of it. Quinn says she is sorry but she was showing Bill this pix she has on her phone and out of nowhere he wants to give his name to Wyatt. Wyatt is taken aback but quips that there is no more William or any variation not in the family so he must be getting Bill’s last name. Bill says it’s not like he hasn’t thought of it before, but he just wasn’t sure. And don’t compare this with his brother. It is a whole different set of circumstances. Liam lost his mother and had no one. Bill had never had a son and he certainly did not anticipate another one. Wyatt is different. He’s made a name for himself that isn’t Bill’s. He’s established a professional force to be reckoned with just like Bill did without his father and yet he wanted to take credit for it. Bill said he wished he had any name but his father’s and he assumed Wyatt might feel the same. The door opens and it is Liam wondering if he is interrupting. Aly slips up to Oliver and he tells her they need to be careful. She says they can lock the door. He says she is so beautiful as she kisses him. She remembers her mother telling her that she’d always be loved, but then she was gone. If wishing was all it took to bring her back…..and then somebody else be gone. He wishes being happy didn’t make her so sad. And he knows hr dad is great but he is not sure he’d like Oliver to whisk her away in Wyatt’s trailer. Aly confides her dad doesn’t even like her anywhere near a car. He wouldn’t even let her cross the street by herself until she was twelve. But a person needs more than just to be safe all the time. He says in that case they don’t have to lock the door. Taylor and Thorne fly back to L.A. on the jet. She says she is glad to be home although she does not know where home is now. It will be odd going back to L.A. now as a couple. He reminds her they are adults and not hurting anyone. She asks if he is sure about Aly. He says Aly is no longer than little girl that she remembers. She does know it was an accident that took Darla from them. Taylor says but that is because Thorne is being rational but Aly isn’t. Thorne tells Taylor that he will never ask Aly to forget, but she is a young woman and he recounts that he is not a young man anymore. He’s done his mourning. He raised his daughter and does not regret a minute of it. But this is a different time and he doesn’t have to be alone. He doesn’t have to walk away from love and Aly will have to understand that. He thanks Taylor for bringing all this joy back into his life. Those days were the darkest in his life and then he found her. She says Thorne showed her what love is all about…..absolute forgiveness but she could not expect that out of Aly. Thorne says he was heartbroken all over again when they had to call it off, but maybe it was for the best. His daughter needed his full attention and he probably needed hers. And it made him less ambitious. Life is simple when the goal is simply happiness. Aly confides in Oliver that sometimes she is worried that she will hold him back. She’s been pretty sheltered. Her dad wasn’t overprotective but she’s not good at anything. She’ll have to be patient and Oliver will have to teach her everything. He says she is good at being herself and that is the only skill that he is concerned with.

Quinn tells Liam that the answer to his question is yes, so get out. Bill tells her she will not speak to his son that way. Wyatt tells his mom to ease up; Liam works here too. Quinn tells Liam that he has no part of this conversation as Bill is making Wyatt a Spencer and there is nothing Liam can do about that. Bill tells Quinn to shut up. Liam says so it is Wyatt Spencer now. Didn’t Bill think he could tell him about this. Quinn speaks up and says he didn’t make up his mind until today. Liam wonders why the rush all of a sudden. Wyatt tells Liam that Bill did not know how he’d feel….and he thanks him for that. He likes being his son. He’d be honored to be Wyatt Spencer. Justin comes in and Bill tells him his timing is perfect. He wants Justin to petition the court and give Wyatt his name and make him a legal heir. He advises Justin to take Wyatt with him as they will need some personal identification. Quinn reminds Bill that he didn’t tell Wyatt that he would support him and Hope. Liam says oh, now he knows what is going on here. Quinn says that is what he gets for walking in when he is not invited. Never know what you might hear. Liam says he would call it blackmail. She says he can not stop this from happening. Liam says he doesn’t care if Wyatt is a Spencer. Most people think he is anyway but he doesn’t know why Bill is letting her walk all over him. Bill says that is not what is happening. He fully intended to talk to Wyatt at some point. Liam says yeah right but he’s having it now because Quinn is threatening to tell Brooke about their sexcapades. He tells his dad to do what he wants about Wyatt but do not let Quinn lead him around by the nose. So she tells Brooke and Brooke will laugh in her face. Bill says all right but he doesn’t need his son to tell him how to run his life. Quinn pulls out her phone. Both tell her to put it away. She calls them squeamish. Bill tells him to get the hell out of here and let him handle this. Liam says she will haunt him until the day he dies if he doesn’t call her bluff right now. Quinn says she doesn’t bluff. Liam tells her then go tell Brooke…..tell her all the gory details. Quinn says okay. Liam tells his dad the only reason that Quinn has a photo like this is because she is going to use it. The question is how much will he have to give up before she does. Quinn quips that she doesn’t remember putting her hand on the Bible swearing her to secrecy. Liam tells his dad that Brooke will understand. She has spent her entire life being shamed for her sexual impropriety. She will not stand in judgment of Bill. He looks at Quinn and says but go ahead, crack the whip. He has a job to go to down the hall until she makes Bill give it to Wyatt. Thorne and Taylor surprise Pam but they swear her to secrecy until they see Aly. Suddenly Thorne is getting cold feet. Pam finds Aly and hands her a medieval axe. She said Charlie found it in an antique store. It’s very heavy and very sharp. But she thought she’d bring it down here to Oliver and maybe he could use it in a photo shoot. Aly says yes he is very creative. So just leave it and she will leave him a note. Liam runs into Wyatt and asks him if he is all Spencerized. Wyatt wonders how he feels about that. Liam says he has considered him his brother all along. That’s the reason he pisses him off so much. But if his dad goes crazy again and loses all his money then he’s bunking with Wyatt this time. Wyatt says really, well he knows he has not treated him very well. And he’s not about to start now. Liam says he would expect no less. Quinn asks Bill just how bad does he want to kiss her right now. He barks that she is so crazy that she doesn’t even know she is crazy. She says some people look at things and ask why. She looks things as they should be and kicks butt until they are. She wants to know how he is going to help Wyatt get Hope. He says she did not back him into legitimizing Wyatt. He would have gotten there faster if she had not badgered him. She says whatever to save face. He tells her she will not tell Brooke. Forget about any repercussion from him. Quinn will suffer as Brooke will go to Hope and tell Hope to cut her off at FC….and the really painful part is she will tell Hope to run to the hills from Wyatt. Quinn smiles and says reward is so much more effective than punishment. She knows his heart is already spoken for but perhaps his body needs a girl on the side. He says he will never be that hard up. Oliver finds Thorne and says it looks like he and Taylor are together. If they are, then Aly must not find out. Aly sees her mother briefly and says Oliver is so gentle and does not judge her. She wishes Darla could meet him. She wishes her mom was here to tell her what to do. She turns around and there is Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Nick got into a fight.  While they were fighting, they argued over Gabi and Arianna.  Daniel found the letter that Liam left at Smith Island.  Gabi confronted Jordan about her leaving town.  Rafe stopped Nick and Will from fighting.  Nick told Rafe that Will threatened him.  Rafe told Nick to walk away.  Nick wished Will luck in court and walked off.  Sonny put bullets in the gun he found.  He put the gun in his bag.  Gabi and Abby tried to talk Jordan into staying in Salem.  Abby noticed something was wrong with Gabi.  Nick ran into Ben.  Ben thought he upset Abby.  Nick warned Ben to stay away from Abby.  Rafe warned Will not to go off on Nick so he wouldn’t go after him.

Ben wanted to talk to Rafe about Jordan.  Abby wanted to know whether or not Nick was why she was having problems with Will.  When Gabi was about to leave, Abby told her that she did something that Nick is torturing her about.  Abby wanted Gabi to talk Nick into doing the right thing.  Gabi refused to help.  While nick was looking for his phone, the contract killer was following him.  Gabi told Abby that Nick doesn’t listen to her.  Gabi walked away from Abby.  Ben wanted Rafe to talk Jordan into staying in town.  Jennifer wanted Nicole to tell her what Liam meant by her not being her friend.  Nicole lied about what Liam meant.  Daniel thought about everything Nicole told her when they were looking to prove Eric’s innocence.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan sees Maxie staring at her invitation to the Nurses’ Ball and asks her if she is reconsidering going. She says she was just pondering the amount of money that was spent on the invitations that could have gone directly to amfAR. He says she sounds like Levi. She says she agrees with Levi and that, anyway, she wants to stay home because of the way last year’s ball turned out. Levi turns off the TV so Maxie can’t watch the red carpet. She turns it back on. Nathan escorts Epiphany down the red carpet. The announcer says Nathan is perhaps, the most handsome man he has ever seen. At home, Levi comments to Maxie that Nathan isn’t all that handsome. Mac and Felicia ask Nathan why Maxie isn’t there yet. He tells them that she isn’t coming. While they are eating their nourishing raw kale meal, Maxie admits that she loves fashion and the red carpet. Levi decides that they should go to the ball.

Sonny tells Shawn that he isn’t going to the ball because Olivia figured out that he cheated on her. Shawn convinces him to go to the ball and fight for Olivia. After everyone asks where Sonny is, Olivia grabs Ned to walk her down the red carpet. Sonny follows them. Olivia asks him if he wants her to tell the world why they aren’t together. Ned leaves the two of them. Dante and Lulu escort Sonny and Olivia off camera. Olivia says there is no way that she is going to sit with that two-timing low-life. Sonny admits to Dante that he cheated on Olivia but won't say with whom.

Britt sulks at Brad’s house about losing Ben and Nikolas. She and Brad watch the red carpet on TV. Spencer suggests that Nikolas invite Britt over. Nikolas says he and Britt won’t be seeing each other anymore. Spencer asks if Nikolas is going to be with Aunt Elizabeth. Nikolas acts surprised at the suggestion. Spencer is annoyed that Cameron is at the ball with Emma. He tells Nikolas that they should go too. Felix and Lucas, both dateless, walk the red carpet together. Brad can’t believe what he is seeing on TV. Britt is surprised to see that Ric Lansing, not Nikolas, is Elizabeth’s date. Lucy admits to Felicia that she still misses Scott sometimes, but she knows she made the right choice when she chose her husband and her marriage. Kevin overhears her saying she is glad he didn’t find out. Felicia tells him that Lucy has a surprise for him. Lucy takes notice when Scott arrives with Bobbie on his arm. Sam trips and falls on the red carpet as she walks with Silas. The ball begins with the nurses performing a welcome song when suddenly, the lights go out and the back carpet goes up. Obrecht and several scantily-clad nurses perform "Wilkommen" from Cabaret to a stunned audience. At home, Brad remarks that GH sure is a nutty hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan thanks Avery for the breakfast, although he doesn’t have much of an appetite. They discuss Dylan being arrested the night before for breaking into Ian’s hotel room. From her hotel room, Nikki calls Dr. Costner for an appointment. As she is beginning to leave, she meets Ian at the door. Victor visits Chelsea to play with Connor when she walks in and just stands there watching them. At the coffeehouse, Ben talks to Max on the phone and wishes him a Happy Birthday. Ben also tells him that he loves him. Victoria walks in and just watches him talking to Max on the phone. At the Chancellor estate, Billy lets Jill know that he is stone sober and wants to try to get Victoria back. When Jill starts to interfere in his marriage, Billy insists he can handle his marriage. Billy hears knocking upstairs but Jill will not tell him what it is. Colin yells for Jill to open the door since he's been in there all night. Ben and Victoria discuss him being away for Max's birthday. Jill finally gives in and claims that she is having some work done upstairs. Victor tells Chelsea that they need to plan Adam’s memorial service, but they both know that not too many people will attend. Nikki refuses to let Ian know what is bothering her. Ian asks Nikki to help him to deal with Dylan who broke into his hotel room and Ian had had him arrested. Dylan and Avery discuss the fact that he broke into Ian’s hotel room to wait for him to come back. In the hospital corridor, Nikki informs Victoria that she is staying at the Athletic Club, because she just cannot seem to forgive Victor for what he did. Nikki notices that Victoria is pale and wants to know what is going on. Victor and Chelsea discuss plans for Adam’s burial. Avery’s camera crew arrives for the taping of her cooking show. Jill stands outside of the attic room door and calls Colin a “con.”

Billy arrives at Chelsea’s door just as Victor is leaving .Victor wants to know what he is doing there. After Victor leaves, Chelsea asks Billy what he is doing there. Nikki asks Victoria to talk to her and explain what is going on, but the obstetrician arrives to tell Victoria that it is time for her appointment. Victoria asks the doctor how long it would take before she can find out who the father of her baby is. At the coffeehouse, Ben and Dylan discuss Max's birthday. Dylan lets Ben know that Victoria has been asking questions about him. Dylan advises Ben to tell Victoria about himself. Jill tells Colin that she overheard his conversation with the loan shark. Colin tries to deny her accusations. Jill finally opens the door to let Colin out, but she slips her arm around his waist and holds a cloth to his nose which makes him pass out. Chelsea refuses to let Billy know Victoria’s secret. Billy orders Chelsea to stay away from Victor. As Ian sits at a table at the Athletic Club dining room, Victor walks in and orders him to stay away from Nikki. Ian tells Victor that he and Summer had a conversation. Victor lets Ian know that he is having him investigated. Nikki arrives at the coffeehouse to visit Dylan when Ben asks her how the benefit is going that she and Victoria are planning. Nikki is confused. Dylan and Nikki discuss the things that Victor had done and how she was staying at the Athletic Club. Ben runs into Victoria at the hospital and confronts her about the secret that she is keeping. After Victoria leaves, Ben becomes acquainted with Victoria’s obstetrician. Jill handcuffs Colin to something in the attic to keep him from moving about.

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