Wednesday 5/7/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is speechless when Katie tells her that Ridge asked her to marry him and they are now engaged. It’s funny how it started off as one of her worst days when Brooke gave Bill the papers giving him CEO job and custody of Will. Ridge proposed then and it became one of her best days. Brooke is speechless. Katie says she is sorry, maybe she stole Brooke’s thunder. She came over here so confident after taking the company away from her and handing it back to Bill and she wanted to make sure fragile Katie was okay. Well she is more than okay, a proposal from Ridge Forester will do that. She shows off her red ribboned finger and says it is more priceless than all the diamonds Bill could buy her with his broken promises. And she won’t tolerate Brooke throwing herself at Ridge at work; he is engaged now. Brooke says why would she; she is happy with Bill. Katie says she has learned from experience and she knows Bill is her second choice. Brooke tells her that surely it has crossed her mind that Ridge proposed because maybe he was getting back at Brooke for giving the company back to Bill. Katie says history is just that, the past. She is Ridge’s future. So Brooke doesn’t have to worry about her. Little sis is just fine with the man of her dreams. Rick is trying to have a meeting but there is no Hope or Brooke and even Ridge’s mind is elsewhere. He tells them that Brooke ought to be feeling pretty good about now. Katie is out and Bill is back in as CEO. Then he has more shocking news. He asked Katie to marry him and she said yes. He tells his dad by making him and Brooke co-VP’s and thinking something might develop, well that is not going to happen. Wyatt surprises Hope with a specially designed cat collar. He tells her all cats need bling and hers will be the envy of Beverly Hills. She gives him a kiss and says this is so sweet. He thinks it is the perfect gift from a perfect boyfriend. She wonders what is holding Quinn up from this meeting.

Quinn tells Bill that she does not know why he is hesitating. She only wants him to do right by Wyatt. He’s already acknowledged him but not legally and he can rectify that today……and supporting his relationship with Hope and then Brooke never has to hear about their sexcapades. Bill says that is blackmail if he has ever heard it. She counters that it is only a nudge in the right direction. He feels like a gun is stuck to his head. She says she does not like guns figuratively or otherwise, but she has other effective ways to get what she wants. She calls Wyatt and says Bill has his job back and he wants to see Wyatt so don’t keep him waiting. Bill snaps at her that he didn’t agree to anything yet. She says he will. She holds up her phone which shows a pix of her in bed with Bill. She gloats that she has extra copies if he wants one for his wallet. He grouses they are not even sure Wyatt wants to be a Spencer. She says of course he does happily and legally the way his much less deserving half brother does. Bill wants to leave Liam out of this. She says he has coddled him far too long and it’s time he understands that Wyatt deserves everything the Spencer name brings with it including his father’s support with the woman he loves. She points out that Liam has had chance after chance and squandered every one. Now they are not going to let him ruin Wyatt’s chances with Hope. She tells Bill nicely to please do this as Wyatt will be here any minute. Brooke never has to know that Quinn was hiding in the closet with a whip when Brooke was pouring her heart out to Bill. Rick tells the group that is the shortest meeting they have ever had thanks to Ridge’s two bombshells. Eric says and the right time to ask Katie was today just after she lost her position as CEO. Ridge says it put a smile on her face. Rick quips that he’s not so good keeping the smile on their faces though. Rick says his mom is the perfect example. And even though Bill is not perfect, his commitment to her is and she is the only woman in his life. Bill tells Quinn to put that phone away. She laughs that it’s a good thing she did not make a video…..but really she means him no harm. So just do this for Wyatt; it would mean everything to him. Brooke drops by Ridge’s office and says she just stopped by Katie’s to try to get her to understand why she had to get the company back into Bill’s hands. He asks if it has nothing to do with Katie then she must be punishing Ridge for having a relationship with Katie. And Brooke says he went to a lot of trouble to punish her by proposing to Katie. He assures her their relationship is a lot deeper than Brooke thinks. She says hers with Bill as well, it is not just physical. Ridge tells her to come on, the guy is tacky. Looks at how he dresses and puffs his chest out. She can not take him seriously. And he’s not good enough for Brooke so he suggests she dump him before he hurts her like he did Katie. She says she and Katie are two different people and she is afraid Ridge will be bored with her. He says no, maybe it is him, he’s changed. Brooke says she is afraid this will end badly. She thinks he will hurt Katie, RJ and Will so if he is trying to get her attention he has succeeded. But please do not marry Katie for all their sake. Ridge says he is committed to Katie and he will marry her. He calls Brooke….Logan….. and says part of him will always love her. She has captivated him most of his adult life but they are not the same people and she knows that. As she starts crying, he pulls her to him and gives her a hug. Wyatt comes into Bill’s office and asks is the newly re-instated CEO here. Bill chimes that yes and he is already kicking butt and taking names. Bill walks toward him and says congratulations are in order. Wyatt isn’t sure they should hug or shake hands so they do both. Quinn says that is not the reason he called him here. He has something very important to tell him that will make a huge difference to him and to Hope. Bill tells Wyatt that his mother tends to run on and on but she’s right. There is something he’d like to say that he hasn’t before. A year ago he did not know Wyatt existed and he was shocked. And they had some things to work through and may still have….having said that, he feels blessed to have another son. Quinn jumps in and says more deserving than his other less deserving half brother. And the reason Bill wants him to carry his name and make him a Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami ran away from Nick.  Nick wanted to know what was going on.  Abby told EJ that she was going to tell her mother that they slept together.  He didnít want her to tell anyone about them.  He said no one would find out when she thought Nick would say something.  She was upset that he knew about the pictures and didnít tell her.  She suspected that Nick was blackmailing him. She was worried that EJ couldnít make the problem go away.  Sami tried to reach out to Nick so people could like him.  She told him what he needed to do to change.  Her plan appeared to be working, but he was on to her.  Nicole was upset when Eric told her that Hope was investigating what happened on Smith Island.  EJ told Abby that he would fix the problem.  Nick let Sami know that he wasnít going to try and get people to like him because it wasnít working.  He said he only wanted Gabi and he didnít care about the others.  

When Sonny saw Nick at TBD, Sonny told him to leave.  Nick said he wasnít going anywhere.  Sonny and Nick ended up arguing over Gabi as well as Will.  Nick warned Sonny that heís the one holding the cards.  When Eric and Nicole met Hope, Nicole asked her questions about Liam.  Hope was starting to feel pumped.  Sami saw EJ and told him she changed her mind about not wanting Nick killed.  Everyone was determined to get Nick out of the picture.  Some of them had guns.  When Nick ran into Will, they got into an argument.  The argument led to Nick getting punched.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Nathan that he seems too uptight to perform in the Nurses’ Ball. He asks if that is in addition to all the other negative things she has said he is. She says those were Levi’s ideas. He wonders if she is Levi’s parrot. Levi says Nathan has to move out. Maxie proves that she can make her own decision by saying that Nathan can stay because he pays rent. Levi tells Maxie that they won’t see Nathan’s act because they are not going to the nurses’ ball. When Maxie agrees to stay home with Levi, Nathan says it doesn’t seem like she is thinking for herself.

Luke and Tracy are having a breakfast date at Kelly’s. Bobbie asks Luke why he hasn’t told her about his engagement and observes that it isn’t like him to withhold that kind of news from her. Tracy gives Bobbie a hard time when Scott meets her for breakfast. Bobbie clarifies that it is not a date and that they are just friends. Scott suggests that they make it something more. Tracy doesn’t understand why Luke isn’t doing something to stop Scott from putting the moves on Bobbie. Luke tells Tracy that Michael asked him if ELQ would consider making a donation to the nurses’ ball in AJ’s honor. Tracy thinks it is a good idea. Luke tells her that she should say no. Ned stops by Michael’s apartment to ask Kiki for her help with Luke. Michael overhears their conversation. Kiki tells him the whole story about Luke’s harassment. She says she didn’t tell him before because she wanted to let him focus on AJ. Michael resolves that he will be the one to stop Luke. He says there has to be a way other than Kiki entrapping him to keep Luke from getting to ELQ. Ned has an idea. Luke tells Tracy that he has a surprise for the Nurses’ Ball.

Epiphany and Felix are shocked when Obrecht returns to work a free woman. Felix believes the board wouldn’t let her keep her job. She reveals that the board doesn’t have a choice because she put up the money that is keeping the hospital out of bankruptcy. She says that without her, there would be no hospital, no nurses, and no nurses’ ball. Everyone rehearses for their numbers at the Nurses’ Ball. Kevin quips to Mac that Lucy would leave him if he sided with him about Mr. Marbles being in the show. Lucy tells him that their marriage is not a joke. Kevin asks Felicia and Mac if they know why Lucy seems a little off. Scott asks Bobbie to go to the nurses’ ball together since they are both going anyway. She says no. She tells him that he is only asking her so that he can make Lucy jealous. He pleads with her until she finally agrees. Cameron taunts Spencer as he pines for Emma. Nikolas is shocked when Ric arrives at Wyndemere to pick up Elizabeth. Ric invites Elizabeth to go to the nurses’ ball with him. Obrecht crashes the rehearsal and announces that she is going to perform a number. Lucy says it is too late to change the program. Everyone leaves. Obrecht picks up Mr. Marbles and tells him that they will show the rest of them that no one puts Liesl in a corner.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Sharon take a walk in the park and discuss Faith and the movie that she was watching. Nick and Sharon also discuss their relationship, which Sharon doesnít want to go forward with it. Nick and Sharon discuss the secret that she cannot remember. Mariah walks into the park and, upon seeing Nick and Sharon, starts to leave but Sharon stops her. Victoria imagines how it would be when she tells Billy that she is expecting his child, but he ruins the moment by asking her if the baby is his. There is a knock at the door and it is Abby. Sharon, Nick and Mariah argue over what Mariah did to try to drive Sharon insane. Mariah tells Nick to let it go already. Nikki and Victor go up to her hotel room to discuss things. Victor lets Nikki know that Ian Ward has a room right down the hall from her. Victor tries to reconcile with Nikki, but all she wants to talk about is how Victor hurt Victoria and Nick by his recent actions. Chelsea arrives at Billy’s to tell him that Victoria is pregnant, but Billy doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. Jill shows Colin a picture of a dog and says that it's the clue to the music box. Sharon asks for a few moments alone with Mariah to talk to her, but she insists that she doesn’t know anything else that she needs to ask Phyllis.

Colin thinks the idea is far fetched about Rachel being a dog and that the dog is the key to the mystery. Sitting on the sofa, Jill reaches over and kisses Colin, but he pulls away from her. Victor lets Nikki know that he hasn’t changed since the day they married. Nikki reminds Victor of the web of lies that he planned with Mariah to drive Sharon crazy. Nick is upset that Sharon wants to talk to Mariah alone. Abby tells Victoria about Mariah, Tyler’s ex, posing as Cassie in order to drive Sharon insane. Chelsea tells Billy that she thinks that she can help him to get Victoria, but all Billy wants to talk about is the fact that Adam was the cause of all his problems. Chelsea reminds him that it wasn’t Adam who made him sleep with Kelly. Mariah and Sharon discuss Phyllis being in a coma. Mariah suggests to Sharon that she has hypnosis to discover her secret. Victoria and Abby discuss Abby’s wedding plans until Victoria becomes sick and asks Abby if they can do this later. Nikki refuses to go home with Victor. Abby interrupts Billy and Chelsea. Billy wants to know what Chelsea has to say, but she changes her mind and will not tell Billy Victoria’s secret. Abby wonders what that's all about. Billy is confused by Chelsea’s sudden change of heart. Abby lets Billy know about Victoria becoming sick. Chelsea visits Victoria and lets her know that she just came from Billy, but she hasn’t told him Victoria’s secret. Sharon lets Nick know that she wants to undergo hypnosis. After Victor leaves, Nikki has an attack of her Multiple Sclerosis. Jill locks Colin in a room in the attic.

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