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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill holds Will sleeping in his lap and says this is the way it should be and he owes it all to Brooke. He will spend the rest of his life proving he is good enough to be with her. Quinn tells Liam to give it his best shot. All he has managed to do is stall the inevitable as Hope will go back to Wyatt. Liam tells her to get a life so she doesn’t have to meddle in Wyatt’s love life. It’s creepy. He’s a big ass man now. She’s a rather fascinating woman in her own way so just find a man, any man except his dad. He knows all about that but she was just a distraction when he was drunk and meant nothing. Brooke is taking up all that space now. He even tells her that Brooke was responsible for Bill getting back his company so Quinn doesn’t have to waste her time sleeping with Bill. Katie is shocked but Ridge repeats it. He wants Katie to marry him. He hasn’t been able to take a breath for years and now he can take a breath with her. He doesn’t have a speech or a ring but he’s here. He takes a red ribbon and wraps it around her ring finger to remind her. And no matter what anybody else says they are meant to be together. She wants to make sure this is not just to make up for her bad day. Ridge Forrester trying to make his girl feel better by offering marriage. He says it is a leap of faith and good for both of them. He’ll catch her if she jumps and falls. Brooke tells Bill that she wishes Katie had been more reasonable and she did not have to pull out the papers and betray her. Bill says he is sorry too as he know hard she worked to repair that relationship. All this time Brooke has been protecting him and he didn’t even know it. Katie asks Ridge to repeat the question. He gets down on bended knee and asks her to marry him. She gets down with him and says yes she will. Nothing can stop her. She loves him and will gladly be his wife and she will be with him too if he should ever fall.

Quinn drops in on Bill and quips that he is back on his throne. He says it was a good day until she walked in. She returns that Brooke sure must think a lot of Bill to do this. She really came through for him. But everybody has a breaking point like when someone lies to your face or cheats on you. Bill says first of all, Brooke was about to marry Ridge so he did not cheat on Brooke. And he’s not going to fall for this blackmail. She says it is not blackmail. She just wants him to give Wyatt his name. He’s not a thug. He’s as good as his other son, Liam. Give him his name and support Wyatt in his quest for Hope. For that she will keep quiet to Brooke about their “just sex”. And it is funny how men and women have a different view of the same events. Brooke goes to Katie’s who asks why she is here now. Did she forget to take something else away from her? Then sweetly she says that is all in the past. She doesn’t want to harbor grudges. Brooke is shocked when Katie tells her that Ridge proposed and she is going to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick confronted Abby about being EJís wh*re.  She slapped him.  Sami told EJ to have Nick killed.  EJ made the call.  Nicole met Debra and talked about Liam kidnapping her.  Nicole wanted to know what Liam had in the safety deposit box.  Debra said there was nothing surprising in it.  Nicole wanted to know where Liam had the proof.  Debra wanted to know what Liam had on her.  Rafe told Jordan that he and Kate were talking about Nick being in Gabiís life.  Kate drove it home that you shouldnít have a relationship based on lies.  Nick told Abby about her pretending to be a saint.  EJ got in touch with a contract killer.  Debra assured Nicole that Liam couldnít hurt her anymore.  Rafe had to go back to work which left Kate and Jordan alone to argue again.  Abby didnít want Nick to tell her mother or anyone else what she did with EJ.  Abby wanted to know why he was doing this and he blamed her.  

The contract killer wanted to meet with EJ.  Julie showed up while Nick and Abby were talking.  Nick lied about what they were arguing about.  Jordan wanted to know why Kate didnít tell Rafe about her.  Kate said she needed proof first.  Jordan told her that sheís leaving town.  When EJ was about to meet the contract killer, Rafe showed up.  Kate wanted to tell Rafe about Jordan.  Nick and Julie went to the pub to talk.  The contract killer walked off while EJ and Rafe were talking.  Rafe was grateful that EJ was representing Will.  Julie opened up to Nick about the way she was when she was younger and how their family accepted her.  EJ got to talk to the contract killer.  EJ gave the killer the money and Nickís name.  Sami showed up when the killer was gone to stop him.  She told him that Nick was helping Allie so she didnít want him killed.  EJ said Nick was helping Allie to turn her against Sami.  EJ wanted to rid the world of Nick.  Abby sent EJ a text to meet her in Jenniferís office.  Abby and EJ talked about Nick knowing about them.  Abby decided to tell Jennifer that she slept with EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac stops by Maxie’s apartment with dinner from the Floating Rib so he can talk to her without Levi speaking for her. She says Levi is helping her remake herself. He says he and Felicia love her just the way she is. He observes that Maxie doesn’t even dress up anymore. Maxie says she made all the wrong choices, and she lost Spinelli and her daughter. She asks Mac to give Levi a chance.

As Carly and Franco are about to leave General Hospital with AJ’s phone in Carly’s purse, they run into Anna. They deny having seen AJ’s phone. Felix tells Anna otherwise. Carly and Franco listen to the recording on AJ’s phone again, but still can’t make it out. Carly says she knows someone who can decipher it. She wonders what AJ was accusing Ava of. Anna calls Carly. Julian is on the floor reaching for his gun. Ava picks it up. Shawn shows up and stops her before she shoots Julian. He tells her that they need him alive for Danny’s sake. Julian reveals that Ava was the person who shot Olivia. Ava admits that she shot Olivia, but that she was aiming for Franco. She points out that Shawn took a shot at Franco that night too. She asks him not to tell Sonny about it or she will have to tell the police that Sonny killed AJ. Olivia recoils from Sonny and asks him if he had sex with Ava. After she badgers him, he finally admits that he did. He says it just happened because Ava was the only person who understood what he was going through at that moment, but he can’t tell her what she understood. Olivia thinks Sonny and Ava have been having an affair. He tells her that it happened once, and it will never happen again. She ends things between them.

Luke leaves a voicemail message for Julian saying Ava had better be dead by now. Michael goes to see Luke at ELQ and overhears him leaving his threatening phone message. Luke says he was just putting a little fear in the heart of the competition. Michael doesn’t recall anyone at ELQ ever using threats with the competition. Michael asks Luke to ask Tracy to make a donation to the Nurses’ Ball in AJ's honor. Luke promises to try. Julian goes to Luke’s office. Luke tells him to use the phone instead of coming to ELQ. Luke surmises that Julian didn’t kill Ava. Julian tells him that Morgan intervened so he won’t get another chance. Morgan goes to see Michael at his apartment. Kiki answers the door and invites him to stay and wait for Michael. Morgan reveals that he moved out of his father’s house and hoped that he could stay with Michael for a couple of days. Kiki presses him to tell her what is wrong. He reveals that Ava and Sonny had sex. Kiki says it might not be a good idea for Morgan to stay there, because Michael relies on Sonny a lot since AJ was shot. Morgan thinks Michael deserves to know what kind of man he is leaning on. Kiki asks him to wait. When Michael comes home, Morgan doesn’t tell him about Sonny and Ava. He declines Michael’s offer to stay there, saying he is going to stay with their mother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Chelsea asks Victoria if she is pregnant. Victoria confirms that she is. Chelsea is thrilled for her. At the Athletic Club's hotel room, Chloe climbs into bed with Billy and pretends she is Victoria and tells Billy she isn’t going anywhere. At the Athletic Club dining room, Jill is preoccupied as she has lunch with Colin. Colin asks what's bothering her. Jill asks what is going on with him. Upstairs in a hotel room, Kelly gets ready for her date with Jack when she has a visit from Lily, who has a bowl of popcorn. Jill refuses to let Colin know what is wrong with her. Colin tells Jill that they need to find out more clues related to Katherine’s music box. Cane walks up and interrupts them. He has some pictures that the twins drew and gives them to Colin. In the foyer of the Athletic Club, Summer asks Jack if he is cheating on Phyllis. He insists he is not giving up on Phyllis. Kelly tells Lily that she has a date with a man, who will be there in a few moments. Kelly begins to have doubts about her date with Jack as she sits down on the sofa with the bowl of popcorn. Chloe tries to coax Billy into having sex with her, but he passes out. Victoria tells Chelsea that she hadn’t told Billy about being pregnant. Ben interrupts them and wonders what they are talking about. When Victoria makes up a lie to tell Ben about why they are there, Chelsea asks her if she she knows who the father of her baby is, Billy or Stitch. Victoria orders Chelsea to keep her mouth shut about this. After a few moments of conversation about the twins, Jill gets up and leaves. Cane asks Colin what he did to her. Colin doesn’t have a clue. Lily is getting ready to leave when Jack appears at the door. Lily leaves momentarily. As Kelly begins to disrobe, Jack doesn’t know how to approach this situation.

Chelsea covers for Victoria about the mixed-up prescriptions so Ben will not become suspicious. Victoria tells Ben that she needs to stay close to home tonight. Jill visits Billy in his room and tries to sober him up, so he will have a better chance in reconciling with Victoria. Jill tells Billy to have a new plan of attack in getting Victoria back. She says she had to get away from Colin before she attacked him. Colin tells Cane that he wants to start a legitimate business. Lily interrupts them and voices her opposition. Jack tells Kelly that she is beautiful but…… they cannot do this. Kelly is confused and wonders why his sudden change of heart. She asks Jack what happened to change his mind. Jack says he saw Summer downstairs and she was upset. Summer meets Noah at the coffeehouse and tells him what was about to happen between Jack and Kelly. Noah tells Summer to see Jack’s side of this situation with Phyllis maybe never waking up. Should Jack put his life on hold? Summer begins to see Jack’s side of the situation. Jill and Billy discuss her and Colin’s marriage and how he broke her trust. As Chloe sits at a table at the coffeehouse, she sees Chelsea walk in. They talk for a few moments but Chelsea says she needs to keep this secret. Ben visits Victoria to see what is going on. Victoria tells him that she needs to face this situation head on. Colin tells Lily that they were discussing a new business venture. Lily is against Colin and Cane going into business together. Jill comes up with the perfect plan to get back at Colin for his lies. Cane asks Lily to give Colin a second chance. Summer comes to the conclusion that she owes Jack an apology. Kelly orders Jack to leave as she sinks to the floor crying. Chelsea visits Billy.

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