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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill embraces Brooke and is happy to get the papers back giving him the CEO position and equal custody of Will. She tells him what are they waiting for. Go to SP and take back his office. Ridge rushes back to SP where Katie tells him that she is not CEO anymore; this is not her office. Bill will be taking over. She thought Brooke had destroyed those papers but apparently she hadn’t. She was using them to make Katie see things her way. This wasn’t Bill’s idea; she thinks Brooke is doing this all on her own. Ridge says they haven’t changed, so don’t let Bill and Brooke destroy what they have. As they discuss it, Brooke and Bill walk in with Bill holding Will. Katie takes him. Bill walks around his office and tells Katie that he is sorry. He knows this is not easy for her. She vows that she will fight him on this. Katie tells Brooke to shut up when Brooke says she really didn’t want to do this but Katie forced it. Katie tries to block Bill when he says they will work out a new schedule for Will. She says he has his schedule and she doesn’t want to break it….the friends he plays with, his sleeping and nap time, meals. Bill says she was an executive before all of this took place and he is offering her to still be an executive here now, so Will can still come to the nursery and have his friends and schedule. But as far as her employees, he will base that on performance, not on spite. Katie glares at Brooke as she and Ridge leave. Quinn finds Wyatt working on the Rooftop. She barges in and says Hope is with Liam and he should be concerned. Wyatt grouses that she can date a dozen guys. He doesn’t care because in the end she will end up with him. Back in her office, Hope gives Liam a big hug for all he did for her today. They bring Honey Butt in a box and they set him on the desk. Pam pets HB and then Wyatt and Quinn come in. The cat sneezes at Quinn. Hope tells them this is the newest addition to her family. Pam takes HB for a stroll. Wyatt somewhat thinks it is great that Liam is interested in animal rights. Liam says it is just one of his many passions. Before Liam leaves with emergency work phone call, Wyatt tells him that tonight is his turn for night shift with Hope. Liam walks in just as Bill is holding Will and already sitting back in his chair. Bill tells Liam that Katie’s reign is over. His daddy is CEO again. He gives Bill a big group hug.

Wyatt tells Hope that she can say it, chalk one up for Yoga Boy. Hope says she was really proud of him today. He’s taken on a really great cause. Wyatt quips that maybe he should find one of those …….like guys that have to share their girlfriend… there’s a support group waiting to happen. Two incredible guys now, such a dilemma. But not really. Liam is a good guy, how could he not since he is his brother, but only one of them can make her happy and has consistently. They share a kiss. Quinn shows up at Liam’s office. She says rescue shelter, buying Hope a cat, she is not surprised when it comes from a pussy cat like Liam. They end up sparring and he says he has principles and so does Hope and that is what they share, something that Wyatt doesn’t. Justin and Allison congratulate Bill. She says this calls for champagne since the wicked Witch of the East has gone back to Oz. Bill warns her not to do that. Katie is in pain and they aren’t going to take any pleasure in it. At home, Katie isn’t sure what she wants to do. Does she fight this….how can she go back to work there after being CEO and just sit in an office. She says she has operated with anger and sadness for so long that she is not sure she can function without it. Ridge says a new beginning is good; he’s looking forward to one with her. He just needs a yes or no answer – if she will marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Jordan argued over Rafe.  While they were arguing, they ended up in a fistfight.  Rafe questioned whether Gabi was limiting Willís contact with Arianna to every other week.  She said she was.  Nick wanted to know where Percy was.  EJ said Percy was gone.  Sami talked to Maggie about Nick trying to keep Will from his daughter.  EJ confronted Nick about the photo sent to his house.  Nick confessed to knowing about EJ and Abby.  Nick told EJ that he warned him to keep Sami in line, but he didnít.  Nick reminded him who was the one who had the cards, but EJ wasnít threatened.  Kate told Jordan that she was going to tell Rafe everything.  Gabi told Rafe she would never keep Will and Sonny away from Arianna.  Rafe wondered if she would feel the same way if Nick said for her to keep the baby from them.  Sami asked Maggie if she could talk to Nick.  Nick threw up EJís affair in his face.  EJ threatened Nick if Sami found out about the affair.  Nick wasnítí afraid.  Jordan wasnít scared that Kate was going to tell Rafe on her.  Kate wanted to know why Jordan had aliases.  Maggie agreed to talk to Nick.  Nick didnít think EJ would kill him.  Nick said there was nothing EJ could do that would be worse than what he went through in prison.  Nick warned EJ to be afraid of him before he left.

Jordan tried to reach out to Kate to keep her from talking to Rafe, but it didnít work.  Nick went to see Maggie.  When she told him she was concerned about his relationship with Gabi, he wanted to know who talked to her about it.  Rafe was going to talk to Nick about the custody agreement until Gabi talked hi out of it.  Nick figured out that Abby talked to Maggie about the agreement.  Nick was upset that everyone treats him like the black sheep while the others are treated like saints.  Nick told Maggie that no one was going to stop him from being with Gabi.  Kate ran into Rafe and talked about the custody agreement.  Jordan walked in and saw them together.  She heard part of the conversation and thought he was talking about her.  Nick ran into Abby and confronted her about talking to Maggie.  He threw up in her face that she was with EJ.  EJ told Sami he wasnít going to let Nick destroy his family.  She told him to do it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina goes to the police station to see Carlos. Anna allows Sabrina to talk to him privately. Carlos asks how she and the baby are doing. She says the baby might not make it. He says it is his fault. She agrees because he swore on her son’s life that he didn’t shoot AJ and now her son’s life is at stake. He asks her to believe him when he says that everything he did was for her. Anna tells Duke that she thinks something about Carlos’ confession is off and that she would like to get hold of AJ’s phone to verify that he was trying to call 911 before Carlos shot him. Duke tells Anna that the Jeromes are bringing drugs into Port Charles and suggests that they work together to stop it. She says no and then heads over to General Hospital to find AJ’s cell phone. Carly has found AJ’s phone at General Hospital and listens to the recording on it in which he tells Ava that he knows she did it. Carly and Franco wonder what Ava did. They hear Ava say that AJ will never tell his story and then they hear a gun cock. Next thing they hear is Sonny yelling for AJ to let go of Ava, AJ saying he didn’t kill Connie, and then Sonny’s gun going off. Franco thinks they should give the phone to the police so they can clear up the background static. Carly says no, because then Sonny would be arrested. They run into Anna on their way out of the hospital.

Morgan packs to leave Sonny’s house. Olivia tells him that he will soon come to understand that Sonny broke up Morgan and Ava for their own good, before Julian could get to either of them. Morgan tells her to stop making excuses for Sonny. Alexis goes to Sonny’s house with contracts that need his signature. Olivia tells Alexis that Morgan is upset. Alexis says she heard that Ava cheated on Morgan. Olivia wonders who Ava slept with. She replays the scene in her head of Sonny and Morgan's confrontation at the Metro Court. Sonny tells Shawn that he is sending Ava to his private island to keep her safe until they neutralize Julian. Shawn wonders why Morgan told Julian that Ava is on their team. Sonny reveals that he slept with Ava. Shawn runs into Alexis on his way out of Kelly’s and tells her that he is going to get Ava before Alexis’ gangster boyfriend gets to her. When Sonny gets home, Olivia won’t let him touch her. She asks him if he had sex with Ava.

Ned goes into Luke’s office to apologize and is shocked to see stacks of cash on Luke’s desk. He concludes that after only a few days, Luke is already embezzling. Tracy comes into the office and also wants to know why Luke has all that cash. Luke says it is his money and that he didn’t take it from ELQ. He says it is money that he has saved over the years and that he intends to invest it in ELQ. He invites Tracy to investigate, but she doesn't need convincing. Ned is surprised when his mother throws him out, insisting she will marry Luke, whether he likes it or not. Ned hopes she comes to her senses before itís too late. She takes the money to deposit it. Luke silently thanks her for laundering his drug money. Luke tries to call Julian. Julian shows up at the gallery before Ava leaves, holds a gun pointed at her, and tells her that he knows she has been feeding information to Sonny. She tells him that it isn’t true and that he is being paranoid. Finally she admits to giving Sonny a few inconsequential tidbits to get him to back off her and Morgan. She says he can’t shoot his sister. He reminds her that he killed their other sister, Olivia. He says he has considered all the alternatives, but he can’t let her live because it isn’t up to him. He says that if he doesn’t kill her, his boss will kill him. Morgan hits him over the head from behind with a vase. Morgan apologizes for almost getting Ava killed. Ava apologizes for sleeping with Sonny. She asks him to go with her to his father’s island. He says he is through with both of them. Julian regains consciousness and reaches for his gun. Ava steps on his hand and picks up the gun. Luke tries to call Julian and leaves a message that Ava had better be dead by now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Chelsea continues the discussion concerning Chloe wanting to have another baby. At Victoria’s home, Billy is on the computer trying to find out information concerning Ben Rayburn. In the corridor of the hospital, Victoria hides the prescription for the prenatal vitamins from Ben, who is asking if she is all right. In the park, Jack and Kelly kiss. They pull apart only temporarily. Jack suggests that they take this someplace private. At home, Avery is getting ready to prepare Crème Brulťe French toast when Leslie arrives. Avery asks for a moment to talk to Leslie. In Ian’s hotel room, he is surprised that Dylan broke in. Ian tells Dylan that he is leaving him no choice but to call the police. Dylan picks up the phone and tells him to “knock” himself out. Victoria assures Ben that she is fine. After talking a few minutes, Ben asks if he can see her later. Victoria affirms that he can. Billy can’t understand why Ben hasn’t left any trace of his past life. Chelsea asks Chloe the identity of her baby’s father. Chelsea asks Chloe if she is going to tell Kevin that she wants to have a baby. Chloe assures Chelsea that Kevin is only her legal guardian. Jack and Kelly kiss again before they leave to go to the Athletic Club. Avery asks Austin for a break so she can talk to Leslie. Leslie tells Avery that she wants her to get Dylan to stop harassing Ian. Ian cannot believe that Dylan has so little respect for the legal system that he would resort to ívigilante justice.Ē Ian offers to help Dylan through his anger, but Dylan warns him to stay away from Avery. In the park, Summer and Fen have lunch and talk about their college courses. Fen mentions talking to Ian but Summer voices strong opposition about him going near Ian. Dylan tries to order Ian to leave town but he refuses. Dylan threatens to tear Ian apart if he goes near Avery again. In his office at the police department, Paul and Christine talk on the phone about their plans of the previous evening to have a baby. Paul gets a call from Ian that someone broke into his hotel room, and he had him there with him. Victoria comes home to find Billy. She notices the pregnancy test box still in the garbage can. Billy asks her if she is all right, but she says she isn’t.

Chloe asks Chelsea why she is not cheering her on to have this baby. Billy assures Victoria of how much he loves her and wants them to reconcile, but Victoria doesn’t believe him. At the hospital, Fen introduces himself to Ben and starts asking him questions. When Fen begins to ask him about his war days, Ben brushes him off and tells him to talk to some of the other staff members. Avery and Leslie have a major difference concerning Dylan and Ian. Paul barges into Ian’s room and sees Dylan with his hands around Ian’s throat. Ian calls Avery to help Dylan as Paul leads him out. Billy tells Victoria that Ben has a secret that he is living with daily. Victoria doesn’t want to hear Billy's accusations toward Ben and reminds him that Ben hasn’t broken her heart. At the police department, Paul asks Dylan why he broke into Ian’s hotel room. Avery and Leslie arrive as does Ian. Leslie advises Ian not say anything to Dylan. Paul and Avery take Dylan into an interrogation room. Avery tells Dylan that he is playing right into Ian’s hands. Paul is going to put Dylan in a holding cell when Ian tells him that he is going to drop the charges against Dylan if he stops harassing him. Chelsea runs into Victoria at the hospital with prenatal vitamins and asks if she is pregnant. Chloe meets up with Billy at the bar at the Athletic Club and upon hearing of his troubles, tells the bartender to keep the drinks coming. When Billy is drunk, Chloe takes him upstairs to a hotel room. Jack and Kelly arrive at the Athletic Club. Kelly leaves him only temporarily to get a room when he runs into Summer. After talking a few moments, Jack tells Summer that he has a date. Summer asks him if he is dating Kelly.

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