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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Brooke that she may not believe it but she is a good CEO. Brooke says Bill should not be apart from his company or his job. She points out that Katie is with Ridge now, a much better place, so stop punishing Bill. Just let him have his job back. Quinn tells Wyatt that she can handle this. He can go find Hope. Wyatt says that he knows she is with Liam so he doesn’t care what they are doing. He’s not worried as he knows he is the one she will end up with. Quinn pages Pam and tries to find out where Hope is if she is not in the building. She tells Wyatt that Hope is out gallivanting with Liam. Wyatt admits okay, equal time sucks. Hope and Liam continue to look over the animal shelter and meet up with Councilman Bernard Parks who agrees to answer some of Liam’s questions for his article. He says there is a major shift in the euthanasia rate over the last few years. But if you leave here without understanding some of the medical issues, those animals will end up coming back. Hope says that is sad because a term she hears a lot and really loves if “forever home.” Later they meet Brenda, the manager of the Los Angeles Animal Services. She’s been active in animal rescue for over 35 years. For many years the dog pound was a place you did not want to go. But after spending some time here you see that it is a place to go. They have love in all packages, big, little, young and old and they are all spayed and neutered. If they could get more people across the country when they are ready for a companion animal – go to a shelter we’d be a no-kill nation very quickly. Bill is surprised to look up and find Ridge and asks what he wants. Ridge says he is there to pick up Will for Katie. Bill makes a snarky remark that Katie is too busy to do this herself. And he refuses to let Ridge take Will. Ridge says he and Katie need to figure this out but meantime he is taking her son. Brooke tells Katie that she must feel bad that 1% made her CEO. She says no, Karen’s 50% makes her CEO. Brooke says Karen has issues with Bill and she swooped in here ad took advantage. And she understands that Katie is the betrayed wife and wants to torture Bill a little bit. But he’s paid the price. Enough is enough. It’s time to make this right. Katie says again she loves this job and she is not going to walk away. Brooke asks if she will at least share custody of Will since Katie is working so much. Katie reminds her that Bill willingly walked away from the marriage so custody remains unchanged. And she is going to remain as CEO and there is nothing Brooke can do about that. Brooke says she can not accept that. They are sisters and she really doesn’t want to do this, but what she is doing is wrong and if she doesn’t fix it, Brooke will.

Bill tells Ridge that he is sick of this; waiting for his life to fall in place. He wants it all, his son, his company and Brooke but Katie is denying him that and she’s wrong. Katie tells Brooke that she’s done her best to convince her but she has to go meet Ridge now as he is picking up Will. Brooke says no, Will is spending the night with her and Bill. She reminds Katie that she signed papers. Katie says Brooke destroyed them. Brooke says she did not ever say that. And they are still valid, returning Bill as CEO and equal custody of Will. Katie begs her not to use those papers against her. She knows what Bill did to get her to sign. Brooke says Bill is not using her as he knows nothing about this. She tried to talk to Karen and she talked to Katie just now but neither would listen. So now she has to take matters in her own hands to make it right. Bill tells Ridge that maybe “man-to-man” was too much to ask but Ridge is not taking Will anyplace. Ridge says his time is up and yes he is taking Will. Brooke walks in the door and says he is not. Will is staying here. Ridge gets a phone call and then abruptly leaves. Bill wonders what Brooke did. She hands him the papers and they hug. Hope falls in love with a white kitten as she holds him. Liam tells her that one has a new home; he’s being adopted…..he’s theirs. That brings a smile to her face and she calls the cat, Honey Butt. She thanks Liam for truly making this one of the best days yet and she kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While EJ was trying to figure out who sent the pictures of him and Abby, Johnny showed him a picture of Percy dressed as Santa Claus.  Gabi had Nick look over the custody agreement.  She thought it was wrong, but Nick thought it was right.  He wanted her to get a court date as soon as possible.  Sami let Will and Sonny know that Gabi wasnít going to get away with keeping Arianna away from them.  Gabi and Nick disagreed on getting the court date.  Sami told Will and sonny that they canít bring up Nickís criminal past or they would all end up in prison.  When Johnny told EJ that the Santa Claus said greetings, EJ realized who took the picture.  EJ got on the phone and wanted information on him.  Will believed Gabi would stand up to Nick and keep him and Sonny in Ariannaís life.  Nick tried to convince Gabi that Sami would convince Will to take the baby from her.  Nick told Gabi that he wanted to get back together.  He reminded her how heís changed since heís been back and no one believed him except for her.  He thought Kate, Sami, EJ, Will, and Sonny would keep the baby from them.  Nick got Gabiís phone and wanted her to talk to Aiden about the agreement as well as the court date.  Gabi agreed to do it.  Nick said not to tell anyone about the court date agreement. 

EJ went to see Percy.  EJ asked if Percy took the picture of him and Abby for Nick.  Percy confessed to taking the picture.  Kate and Jordan ran into each other in the park.  They argued over Rafe.  Rafe and Sami met at the pub to talk about Gabi.  Rafe wanted to know what was going on, but Sami couldnít tell him.  He figured out it was about Nick.  She told him that Gabi is trying to keep Will from his daughter.  Percy told EJ about taking the pictures and how he knew they were at the cabin.  EJ threatened Percy.  EJ said that Percyís relationship with Nick was finished.  EJ said Percy was going back home.  Percy agreed to leave town.  Kate and Jordan continued to argue over Rafe.  Rafe went to see Gabi to talk about the custody agreement.  When Nick went to see Percy, EJ was in the office.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina’s baby is improving. Felix tells Sabrina about Carlos. She reads the newspaper article and concludes that it doesn’t ring true. Felix tries to convince her to accept that it is true. Sonny goes to the Jerome Gallery to ask Ava why Carlos confessed to the murder that Sonny committed. She tells him that she convinced Carlos to take one for the team, since he was going down for attempted murder anyway. Carly and Franco discuss whether to tell the police that Ava blackmailed Carlos into confessing. Franco things they should keep quiet, so Ava doesn’t go after their families. Anna gives Carlos the chance to recant his confession before his arraignment, because she knows Ava visited him immediately before he confessed. He says Ava told him not to confess and to keep his mouth shut. Anna asks Carly and Franco what they were going to tell her about Ava earlier. Carly says it was about the vandalism, but that it doesn’t matter now. Anna wonders if Carly knows where AJ’s phone ended up. Franco knows the password to AJ’s “find my phone” app is Pickle-Lila. Anna uses the app and finds that the phone’s last location was General Hospital. Carly and Franco go to GH and find the phone. They charge the battery and find that a recording was in progress when the battery died. Sabrina goes to the police station.

Sonny tells Ava that he managed to stop Morgan from telling Olivia everything, but he couldn’t stop him from going to Julian and telling him that she has been feeding information to Sonny. Julian goes to ELQ under the ruse of delivering Luke’s receipt for the art that he bought. He gives Luke the briefcase full of money that Jordan had given him from the drug drop. Julian reveals that Ava is working for Sonny as a mole. Luke says Julian will have to kill his sister. Luke says that if he has to get someone else to handle Ava, then they will handle Julian, too. Sonny has already made arrangements for Ava to go to his private island for a while. Julian gets to the gallery while Ava is still putting her things into her purse. He draws his gun and says he canít let her leave. Ned tells Alexis that Luke Spencer is working at ELQ and that it is suspicious. Alexis says Luke seems to be sincere this time. Ned reveals that Luke has been hitting on Michaelís girlfriend. Alexis thinks Ned is being overprotective of Tracy. Ned asks Alexis to dinner. She says she is seeing Julian Jerome, Samís father. Alexis suggests that if Ned doesnít want to lose his mother to Luke, then he should probably back off and gives Luke his blessing. Ned barrels into Lukeís office to apologize and sees stacks of cash on his desk.

Patrick thinks about telling Robin that if Jason Morgan is more important than her family, then she shouldn’t come back at all. Sam tried to comfort Patrick, but he can’t reveal Jason’s part in the problem to her. He confides that he thinks his marriage is over. Sam meets Alexis at Kelly’s and tells her about baby Santiago-Drake’s condition. She tells her mother that Robin refuses to come home, and Patrick is considering separating from her. She wonders what could be so important that Robin would stay away from her family at a time like this.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan looks at the roses and wonders who sent them. Ian visits Paul to let him know that someone followed him the night before and wants him to prove that it wasn’t Dylan. Ben and Kelly meet at the coffeehouse where he asks her if she told anyone about what he did in his past. At Jabot, Billy tells Jack about Ben’s secret and that Kelly knows what it is. At home, Victoria calls the doctor and sets up an appointment for later that morning. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Chloe have a friendly business meeting. Chloe lets Chelsea know that she is going to have a baby. Chelsea is surprised by Chloe’s announcement. Kelly asks Ben why she shouldn’t tell everyone what he did. Jack refuses to drill Kelly into finding out what Ben’s secret is. Michael visits the squad room to talk to Kevin. Kelly lets Ben know that it is time that they both moved on. Chelsea asks Chloe if she is having a baby with Kevin, but Chloe says it is not Kevin. Paul asks Ian if he has proof that Dylan was the one harassing him. Christine walks in and wonders what Ian is doing there. Michael lets Kevin know that he can get him out of this legal mess with Chloe. Chelsea tells Chloe that having another baby is not the solution.

Billy goes to Victoria’s to visit Johnny and finds her flustered. He wonders what is going on with her. Victoria denies that anything is going on, and she isn’t trying to keep Johnny from him. Kelly visits Jack in his office to give him the final costs of the fashion show. Kelly asks Jack if he likes Italian films. Jack is puzzled, but he is up for anything. They attend an Italian film and then take a walk in the park where they discuss the film and share a kiss. Dylan asks Marcus to keep an eye on things while he is gone. Christine tells Paul that she wants to have a baby, his baby. After talking a few moments, they agree to have a baby. Chelsea accuses Chloe of not thinking clearly about having a baby. Kevin lets Michael know that he doesn’t want to get out of his marriage to Chloe. Victoria finds out she is indeed pregnant but tells the doctor she doesn’t know who the father is. Ben visits Victoria to bring her chicken soup, but finds Billy there instead. Billy insists again that he will find out Ben’s secret. Ian goes home and finds Dylan in his room. When Victoria and Ben bump into each other at the hospital, he wonders what she is doing there.

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