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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Hope walk into the animal shelter where they agree that shelters like these do so much good. Hope says Liam’s story will help spread the news. Katie and Ridge share several kisses. She says if he keeps this up she will get nothing done. But who needs food when she has these lips. And although she has plenty to do, nothing is more important than he is. He likes the sound of that. She glances at her clock and says she does not like Will being gone even for a few hours but it is good that he is spending some time with Bill. Ridge reminds her that Bill made his bed. She knows but she doesn’t want him to think she is punishing him. Ridge says she is not punishing Bill so she has no reason to feel bad. She should always feel good especially when she is with him. Liam meets Brandon and introduces Hope. Brandon says Pam told him about Liam’s article and he’s glad to be able to help. He shows them around the facility and talks about the under-funded and overcrowded kennels. Many pets are put down each year because they can’t find homes. It’s obviously a serious problem and one of the main reasons is because they are not spayed or neutered. Liam says he has been an advocate since a small kid as his mother used to foster dogs for a rescue organization. Hope tells Brandon that Liam has one of the biggest hearts that she knows. Brandon shows them around and says this is brand new and houses 600 animals. Brandon is on call and takes them to meet Leslie, the kennel supervisor and asks if she will take them to the medical area. She shows them the surgery room and kennels where they stay after surgery. And they are rehabilitated. Hope and Liam meet Dr. DiSanto, the vet who explains more why neutering and spaying is so important to prevent many medical problems later as they age. Liam takes notes from all that he interviews. They meet some of the furry friends and Hope thanks Liam for bringing her here. At Brooke’s Bill is playing with Will. He tells Brooke that this just reminds him how quickly time flies by and how precious it is. He has to find some way to spend more time with Will. Brooke goes to her purse ad slips out the papers. She’s deep in thought and seems to have made a decision. Bill continues to grouse that Katie is not being fair. She has a company….his company to run yet he still gets scraps, two hours here, one there. Will can not even spend the night. Katie will send someone over after him in about an hour. He wants his son to get to know him and trust him and not just be an every other Sunday dad. He wants him to light up when he sees Bill and not punch a hole in the wall like he did with his own father. Brooke tells him she has some place to go, she will see him later.

Brooke walks into Katie’s office and interrupts a kiss. She starts off by asking Ridge if he’d gotten a text from RJ about wanting to come home to school in Los Angeles. She says they will have to discuss that. She tells Katie that she needs to speak to her alone. Ridge says he was leaving anyway. He will bring Will back to Katie in a bit. Brooke is displeased and tells Katie that is not a good idea. That is so insensitive to Bill. If Katie has to work and can’t go herself, then give Bill a little more time with Will. Brooke says she realizes there is still bad blood between she and Bill, but he is going through a very difficult time right now and she is only asking Katie to be fair. Just let him spend one night. Katie says no, he had him all afternoon. That was the deal and she’s not letting him spend the night. Will is a toddler and he needs structure and consistency. They are on a schedule. Brooke accuses her of keeping Will away from Bill. Katie says that is not her intention. Brooke accuses her of keeping Bill away from his company too. Katie says he did that, not her. Brooke reminds her that they are all happy. She is with Ridge, Brooke is with Bill but Bill is the only one miserable. He sits home with nothing to do all day and yet he built this company to what it is today. Katie realizes it must be hard but they’ve all had to make adjustments. Brooke suggests that it is time for Katie to make an adjustment too. Give Bill back his business. He’s done his penance. She knows he hurt Katie, but he’s paid the price and it is killing him. Give Bill equal custody of Will and give him his company back. That is what is fair. Katie knows in her heart that is the right thing to do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady realized that Theresa was a liar.  It turned out that Nicole shot Daniel.  When Liam got up, Nicole put the gun on him.  She was having trouble with the gun.  Liam said the gun was giving him problems ever since he bought it.  He broke a branch while Nicole struggled with the gun.  Daniel woke up and fought Liam.  Liam was impaled by a branch.  Theresa was upset with Brady for calling her a liar.  Liam woke up and grabbed Nicoleís arm when she checked his pulse.  Liam said Nicole lied about Eric, but Daniel and Jennifer didnít hear it.  Nicole tried to get Liam to stop talking.  When he tried to tell it again, Daniel and Jennifer told him to stop talking.  Liam asked why Jennifer couldnít love him, she apologized.  He warned her that she was going to be sorry for not loving him.  He ended up dying.  Hope and the police showed up at Smith Island.  Jennifer told Hope that Liam confessed to everything.  Hope told everyone that Liam bugged Danielís apartment as well as Jenniferís house.  Nicole went in Liamís pocket, but Hope busted her.  Nicole lied about what she was doing in his pocket.  Nicole let it slip that she knew about Liam stalking Jennifer so she ended up having to explain how she knew about him.  Brady got a message that Liam was found.  He told Theresa they would get to the bottom of this.  

Daniel got 14 stitches and was okay.  Jennifer wanted to know how he knew it was Liam.  Theresa showed up just then.  Nicole pulled out Liamís phone and deleted the proof he had on her.  She also destroyed his phone and threw it out.  Daniel said Theresa told him that Liam was obsessed with Jennifer.  Theresa wanted to know what happened to Liam.  Daniel told her what happened to Liam.  Hope said forensics did a search of Liam and his apartment.  She said they found interesting things.  Theresa and Nicole looked frightened.  Brady wanted to know if it looked like Liam had a partner.  Hope said he worked alone.  Hope said they found the key to Danielís apartment.  Daniel wanted to know how Liam got the key.  Hope said they were going to check the key for prints.  Theresa apologized for not saying something about Liam sooner.  Jennifer apologized to Theresa.  When Brady took Theresa home, he apologized to her.  She was determined not to lose Brady.  On Smith Island, there was a shot of the proof Liam had on Nicole in the bushes.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam asks Silas what he thinks the odds are for Patrick’s baby’s survival. He says tells her that in addition to the baby’s lungs not being developed enough, he will be susceptible to respiratory problems and infections. He adds that General Hospital has an incredible NICU team and the latest technology to help the baby to survive. Sabrina sits with her baby and sings to him. Britt tells Sabrina that the baby is making small improvements, but that it will be awhile before he is out of the woods. Victor Cassadine shows up at General Hospital to see Patrick. He relays Robin’s concern after reading about his accident. He gives Patrick a phone number he can use to reach Robin during the next hour only. Patrick calls Robin and tells her that he and Emma are fine, but that his son was born 15 weeks early and is in bad shape. She asks if she can do anything. He says she could come home because they need her. She says she can’t leave at this critical juncture in her research to help Jason survive. He tells her that if she can’t come back now, not to come back at all. Sam goes to sit with Patrick.

Madeline tells Nathan Nina didn’t die from the infection in the hospital and that she is still alive. He tells her to reveal Nina’s location, but she only says she is in a different facility. She forbids him to tell anyone that Nina is alive, especially Silas. Silas goes to see Madeline. She tells him that she is going to prison knowing that he will never get near Nina again. Nina awakens from her coma and calls Silas’ name.

Dante and Lulu agree to Obrecht’s terms and demand their embryo. Dante tells her that if the embryo isn’t theirs or isn’t viable, the deal is off. She signs the agreement and calls Victor Cassadine about delivering the embryo. She tells Victor that they have to leave their romantic past in the past. Obrecht is informed that she will be fitted with an ankle bracelet. Nathan puts the bracelet on her and tells her that she may not leave town. She says she has no reason to leave now that he knows she is his mother. He says he just traded one psycho for another. She says she gave him up to give him a better life. He asks her who his father is. She says his father’s identity is irrelevant. At Kelly’s, Maxie and Levi discuss Maxie’s avoidance of Lulu because she is afraid that Lulu won’t have missed her. Maxie introduces Levi to Mac and Felicia. Mac is less than welcoming. Felicia invites Levi for a barbecue dinner at the Floating Rib. Levi says he’d sooner die. He tells them that he and Maxie are vegan and don’t partake of any animal products. Mac wonders if Maxie has given up leather. Levi invites Mac and Felicia over for a vegan meal. Mac would rather die, but Felicia accepts for both of them. Dante, Lulu, and baby Rocco go into Kelly’s. Maxie apologizes for everything she did and says she hopes that sometime in the future they can forgive her and that perhaps they can work on becoming friends again. Lulu says she would like that. Victor delivers the embryo to Dante and Lulu in front of Kelly’s.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is on the phone discussing what he did concerning the secret that Sharon is keeping from Nick. In their hotel room, Abby wakes up and turns over. She tells Tyler that she's been thinking about what Victor did to Sharon with the Cassie look-alike. Abby reaches down to pick up her clothes and finds a bracelet with the initial “M” which she hands to Tyler. Tyler says that Mariah came to see him. Abby is surprised that Mariah is still in town and that she paid Tyler a visit and he didn’t tell her about it. Jason tries to stop Sharon from barging in on Victor. Victor lets Sharon know that she has a secret that would destroy Nick if he ever found out .At the Athletic Club, Cane, Lily, Neil, and Devon have lunch together and are discussing Colin when Hilary walks into the dining room. This immediately grabs Neil’s attention as he remembers them making love. Devon also remembers standing outside Hilary’s door and overhearing her making love to someone. Lily looks around and is surprised that Hilary is there. Avery and Dylan are working on a recipe idea for her webcast when Nick comes to visit. Nick asks for Avery’s help concerning Victor and his recent actions. Cane tells the group that he talked to Hilary, but he would take Lily’s side. Devon approaches Hilary to tell her about a new restaurant that she and her boyfriend may want to try. Hilary denies having a boyfriend. Sharon asks for Victorís help in finding out her secret. Lily is quite put out that Devon sat down at the table with Hilary. Tyler tells Abby all about Mariah’s visit which unnerves her to no end. Abby gets up to go find Mariah and kick her out of town. Nick lets Avery know what Victor did to Sharon and about hiring a Cassie look-alike to torment her.

Neil tells Cane and Lily about his trip to Los Angeles with Hilary and how he got to know her. Hilary still denies to Devon that she has a boyfriend. Abby knocks on Mariah’s room door just as she walks up behind her. They begin to argue when Abby realizes that this is the woman that Victor hired to torment Sharon. Tyler comes out of the room and Abby proceeds to tell him that it's Mariah who's been posing as Cassie to torment Sharon. Abby rushes back into the hotel room to call the police. Mariah tells Tyler to get Abby to back off of this. Avery tells Nick that the worst punishment for Victor is for him to lose his family. Victor urges Sharon to leave Nick alone. Cane asks Devon how it went with Hilary but Devon says that when he went upstairs, Hilary had a guest. Avery lets Nick know about her webcast show. Nick is thrilled for her. Nick tells Avery that he and Sharon are back together. Avery voices her skepticism over this change of events in Nick’s life. Dylan visits Victor to check on Nikki but she's not there. The two argue as usual over Ian Ward being in town. Neil and Hilary make love. Neil wants to tell the whole family about them, but Hilary is against the idea. Victor tells Dylan to call Nikki. Nick visits Sharon who says she doesn’t think that this is such a good idea. Nick is confused by her sudden change of heart. He assures her that everything will be fine as they hug. Then he takes her hand and they go upstairs. Avery hears a knock on the door and goes to see who it is, but no one is there, only a bunch of red roses. Avery calls Dylan to thank him for the roses, but he denies sending them. Tyler defends Mariah’s actions to Abby. Mariah listens outside the door.

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