Wednesday 4/30/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Quinn if she is blackmailing him. She tells him no; she is merely suggesting that he do right by his other son. The very least that Wyatt deserves is Bill’s name and to know Bill is on his side. Bill tells her she can call him Switzerland and he’ll remain neutral. She says Wyatt needs certain things from him and she’s going to make damn sure that he gets them. She asks if he heard about the Hope pregnancy scare. She says she was younger than Hope when she was pregnant but then she didn’t have two guys in love with her….or even one. Bill says they are not going that road again and she better leave before Brooke might come back. She quips then he’d have a lot of ‘splaining to do but not to worry, she will help him with that. Bill says he will think about what she asked about giving Wyatt his name. Quinn says he better make it soon as she is losing patience. The baby would have been Wyatt’s and sealed their fate so it’s wrong of Liam now to sneak in the back door. Bill needs to support Wyatt and help him hold onto Hope. Bill says he knows blackmail when he sees it. He knows if he doesn’t give Wyatt his name, she will tell Brooke they had mind-blowing sex. She says Wyatt is an exceptional young man and all she wants is for him to be happy. And Bill to show as much respect to him as to Liam. Wyatt should also have everything good in life and wrapped up in a pretty package called Hope and she is gonna make sure Wyatt gets everything he needs. Brooke greets Hope in the office and says it took all she could muster to keep from calling her. Hope tells her that she did go to Liam’s and she admits she is not ready to let him go, but doesn’t want to lose Wyatt either so she is now dating both. Liam talks on the phone to someone that he has a personal interest and will edit the piece himself about animal shelters and he wants to educate people about neutering their pets. Wyatt walks in as he finishes and Wyatt questions the animal rights. Liam says he is very passionate about it. Wyatt says he is here to set the record straight. Liam may have Bogarted his way back into Hope’s life and guilt-tripped her into dating him again, but it won’t work long term as Hope belongs with him. He may have bought himself a little time and enjoy it now as in the end she will be with Wyatt. Liam says he’s not too sure about that. Then a visitor is waiting for Liam and it’s Bob Barker. Liam thanks him for coming in and agreeing to be interviewed. This is an honor as Bob has been a champion of animal rights for years. They talk about neutering and spaying and adopting rescued animals at the shelter. Liam says he is going there later today and talk firsthand with some of the workers.

From Eric’s terrace, Aly calls Oliver and says she was thinking of him last night. She wants to see him again but she wishes they did not have to sneak around. He tells her ditto that and he is working on something now. He tells her they’ll talk when she gets to work and make it quick. He needs his Aly fix. Othello jokes with him for shaving his beard to look younger for Aly…..a Forrester. Oliver assures him that Aly is nice and he’s not stringing her along. She’s sweet and unspoiled. Othello says but you can’t plan a future with a girl because she is nice; you are supposed to love her. Oliver smirks that he is sure he could be. Aly finds Caroline on the rooftop lounge and sits with her. She tells Caroline that Oliver wants to keep on the down low for now. And Ridge is looking for any reason to fire Oliver so she doesn’t want that excuse to be her. Caroline says she gave her her word that she would not expose her, but this is her first boyfriend so just be careful. Liam calls Hope and asks if she can meet him now as he has something he wants to share with her. She’s intrigued and says she will meet him right away. Oliver meets Aly on the rooftop and takes her to the balcony and points to Wyatt’s Airstream. She’s surprised but he says he thought he would try to borrow it and they could take a drive up the coast for a night or two. She stutters that this is so soon but yes she’d like to go. He promises to make it special. Brooke goes home and tells Bill that he looks so yummy in her bedroom. She tells him it means the world to her. No matter how many times she sent him away, he was always there. She believes in their commitment to each other and there is no doubt in her mind that she is the only woman in his life. Wyatt goes back to the office and tells Quinn that he went to see Liam, Mr. Spencer VP and champion to cats and dogs. He is doing a feature piece on his furry friends. Quinn says Liam doesn’t need that sword necklace around his neck, but a butter knife. She tells Wyatt not to buy into Liam’s cocky confidence. Liam is not the man for Hope so that’s just a line he feeds himself. Hope meets Liam at the shelter and he explains he will be writing a piece and wants to show her around inside.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Sami that Gabi is trying to keep Arianna away from Will.  EJ wanted to know who was on the island the night he slept with Abby.  It turned out to be Percy.  Kate met with Nick.  They talked about Gabi.  Theresa told Daniel that Liam was the one who drugged him.  She said Liam is obsessed with Jennifer.  Liam wanted Nicole to tell Jennifer she did.  Theresa said that Liam was crazy and that heís obsessed with Jennifer.  When Nicole tried to stand up to Liam, he put the gun on her.  Sami was upset with EJ for not telling her about the custody battle.  Kate grilled Nick about the custody agreement.  They also argued over Gabi.  Daniel wanted Theresa to tell about her suspicions of Liam.  She explained how she met him.  She b lamed Daniel for why she didnít say anything.  Liam was upset with Nicole for digging in his past.  Jennifer hit him in the head.  Jennifer wanted to leave while Nicole was looking for the proof Liam had.  While she was looking, he woke up.  Nick wanted 30% of her earnings.  He made her give Percy a raise too.  Daniel was upset that Theresa blamed him for what she did.  Daniel and Eric wanted to find Jennifer and Nicole.  Jennifer and Nicole left the cabin.

Hope, Brady, and Theresa showed up at Liamís place.  Hope found a picture of Jennifer in the garbage.  Jennifer and Nicole stopped to make a phone call.  When they heard noises, they ran.  Kate and Sami met at TBD to talk about Nick and the custody agreement.  Someone gave EJ photos of everyone on the ferry the night he was with Abby.  Nick met Percy to talk about his plan to get back at all of them.  Eric and Daniel were on Smith Island looking for Jennifer and Nicole.  Liam tried to lure Nicole and Jennifer out of hiding.  He ended up finding them.  Kate told Sami about the tantrum EJ threw in her office.  Sami didnít know what Kate was talking about.  Just before Liam could shoot Nicole, Daniel showed up and they fought over the gun.  Nick met Percy and let him know that he was determined to get revenge on Kate and Sami.  While Daniel and Liam were fighting over the gun, Nicole pulled the trigger when she grabbed the gun.  The gun went off and hit one of them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht tries to figure out what secret weapon Madeline intends to use to get out of jail. She won’t tell, but does divulge that she had to reveal to Nathan that Liesl is his mother to keep him from sleeping with Britt. Nathan tells Britt that the lab confirmed that her car did not cause Patrick’s crash. He tells her that he doesn’t want to date her, because she is his sister. He explains that West is derived from Westbourne, that Madeline is really his aunt, and that Madeline’s sister is his mother, Liesl Obrecht. Obrecht asks Madeline if Nathan asked about her. Madeline says Nathan doesn’t care about Obrecht at all. Nathan goes to the jail and tells Madeline that he told Britt everything. He says Madeline is being transferred to Rikers Island today. She asks him to let her explain what happened to Nina. He isn’t interested in listening to any more of her lies. He says he knows the truth is that she wanted to kill Nina’s baby and she killed his sister in the process. She whispers she didn’t.

Lucy wants to dedicate this nurse’s ball to the GH family. Kevin says Lucy could spend more time to work on the Nurses’ Ball if she stops bringing every meal to him at his office. He wonders why she has been doing that, anyway. She says she realized how important he is to her. Lulu convinces Nikolas and Elizabeth to drop the charges against Obrecht. Dante asks Scott to drop the charges. Dante tells Obrecht that he got her the deal, so she has to follow through and tell him where their embryo is.

Jordan is proud when TJ shows her his acceptance letter to PCU .TJ says he is proud of his mother’s new job. Shawn snaps that it is nothing to be proud of because she works for the Jeromes. TJ thinks there is something more and asks if something is going on between Shawn and Jordan. Shawn says there is not and agrees to try to get along with Jordan for TJ. Luke tells Julian that Patrick’s car crash was no accident and that he would know that if he read his own newspaper. Julian tells Luke that Jordan is their new head of distribution. Luke is skeptical about whether they can trust her. Julian says he personally checked for a wire, and he checked her references. Jordan arrives just as Luke is saying he doesn’t want her to know about his involvement. Luke says he is there to look for another art piece for his fiancée, but isn’t going to decide today. He leaves the briefcase of money that he came for. Jordan asks Julian why the case is left out in the open. He says it is going to the laundered. She asks him who does his laundering. He tells her not to concern herself with it. Luke goes to Kelly’s and strikes up a conversation with Shawn, pointing the finger at Ric Lansing as Julian’s probable benefactor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria looks at a home pregnancy test when the phone rings and it is Nikki calling her, asking her to meet her for lunch. At Jabot, Billy is surprised by Chloe’s request that he father her child. At the Newman ranch, Victor meets with an associate and they discuss Sharon and her secret. At Sharon’s home, Nick consoles her over Victor and his hiring the Cassie look-alike. In the hallway outside of their apartment, Tyler asks Mariah why she is still in town. Tyler demands to know her plans. Tyler gets a call from Abby about what happened to him. Tyler lets her know that he will be right there. Mariah reminds Tyler of how good the two of them were together. Sharon lets Nick know that she visited the Cassie look-alike, but she is so afraid of Victor that she would not tell her anything. Nick tells Sharon to stay away from the Cassie look-alike as they make plans to tell their children that they are getting back together. Noah meets Summer at the coffeehouse and shows her the parking ticket that he just got. Summer takes the blame for keeping him so long. Summer gets a call from Victor, who asks her to come to the ranch. Chloe tells Billy that she wants their lives to have meaning again by them having another child. Billy tells her that no child will ever replace Delia. Billy also says that he doesn’t love her. Chloe tells him that she doesn’t want his love; she only wants him to be a sperm donor for her. Billy thinks she is out of her mind. Chloe tells Billy that unless she has another child then she will not be able to go on. At the Athletic Club, Nikki meets with Milton, who asks her to run away with him to a distant island. Nikki turns him down. Victoria soon joins Nikki. Summer meets with Victor at the ranch. He inquires how Phyllis is. Summer lets Victor know that she saw Ian at Crimson Lights.

Nikki tells Victoria what Victor has been up to lately concerning Sharon and Cassie. Victoria cannot believe that Victor would do such a thing. Victoria reminds Nikki that she told her to forgive Billy, but she isnít able to forgive Victor. At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Noah and Abby what Victor did to Sharon by hiring a Cassie look-alike to drive Sharon crazy. Victor warns Summer about relying on Sharon so much. Mariah, upon knowing that Abby is gone, barges in on Tyler where they resume their talk from before. Tyler orders Mariah to leave but she refuses. Mariah and Tyler kiss. Tyler pulls away and lets Mariah know that he loves Abby and only wants her. He tells her to go back to Los Angeles but she refuses, because she has unfinished business in town. Tyler wonders what she is up to. Noah wonders what will happen to the Cassie look-alike. Billy urges Chloe to talk to Kevin about this, but she refuses. Billy tells Chloe that if he has another child, it will be with Victoria. Abby tells Tyler about Victor’s latest escapades concerning Sharon and a Cassie look-alike. Victoria goes home and takes the home pregnancy test which is positive. She calls to make an appointment to confirm the pregnancy. Nikki arrives home just as Summer is leaving. Nikki lets Victor know that she will be staying at the club, because what he did was unforgivable. Nick and Sharon tell Noah and Faith that they are getting back together.

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