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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope stops by early at Liam’s. He wanted to call her last night but restrained himself. Now he’d like to know how Wyatt took the news that she was dating both of them. He is sure that he didn’t just roll over and accept this well. He knows that is what she needs. She just hopes Wyatt knows that too. And Wyatt knows there are ground rules and Liam is sure that didn’t sit well with him with no sex. He kisses her and says she needs this time so she can figure out which one she can marry and start a family with. He quips maybe he will even buy his own RV, twice as big as Wyatt’s. She says this is not a competition; just trying to figure out what she is going to do with her life. She tells Liam that she really cares for him, but she also cares for Wyatt too. She thinks he’s hurting a lot more than he let on last night. Wyatt’s looking at pix of Hope when his mother walks in and senses something is wrong and asks if it is Hope. In frustration he tells his mom that he was too complacent. He was too sure of himself to think that Liam would get inside her head. But that is exactly what he did with this whole pregnancy scare. And Quinn adds and now issuing ultimatums like the spoiled little brat that he is. Wyatt says she was right, they have a lot of history, proposals, engagements, almost weddings all which ended in Hope having her heart broken. Quinn knows he would never cause her that kind of pain. Finally she says he is beginning to think that Hope doesn’t deserve him. He asks her to never say that again. He admits that Hope said she loved both he and Liam. Quinn can’t believe this is the way she is going to decide which brother she wants. Wyatt says well it’s true. She has to decide which of them she wants to have a kid with……she has to decide on her own. If only her pregnancy test had come back positive, then the fate would be sealed. Quinn is concerned where this leaves Wyatt now or even their business if Liam should guilt Hope into coming back to him. Wyatt barks at her only one crisis at a time. She’s glad he is admitting it finally that it is a crisis. He admits it is not the best case scenario. She says it is all Bill’s fault. He spoiled that wimpy little wuss rotten. Wyatt says at least he is not taking sides. Quinn says as far as he knows. He might be giving his #1 son all his fatherly advice. Wyatt says he is not a kid anymore, he doesn’t need for Bill to come rescue him any more than he needs Quinn to. He says yes his relationship with Hope has taken a hit but he still thinks he is the best person for her. She says of course he is. He is a true Spencer, strong willed and a fighter. She promises him that he will have the life he deserves.

Brooke wakes up to a whinny sound that Bill has put on her phone….a new alarm clock. He asks if she wants to horse around……bad pun. She’ll settle for a kiss instead. Then he proposes that he can make breakfast in bed for her so she can stay just as she is. She pulls out the papers and looks them over. Bill tells her that it isn’t fair that Katie is holding his company and his son as hostage. There are other ways to beat this and he thinks he may have to start his own company like his father did from the ground up. She says yes but can he have the same passion as he does for Spencer. It is practically in his DNA. She looks again toward the papers in her purse. Liam suggests that he and Hope could go sailing in this pretty weather. She assures him she will not drag this out. She is going to make a decision. She loves both of them and she could see herself in the future with either of them. But what she can’t do is allow certain circumstances to make that decision for her. The decision is going to be right for her. He grabs her and says he knows how it is going to turn out…..she and him crazy in love. Quinn finds her way to Brooke’s bedroom after she leaves for work. Bill is outraged that the maid would let her up. She says Wyatt is in trouble. Hope has let Liam back into her life. He barks this does not concern them. She says of course it does and she expects him to step up. Bill tells her to calm down. Wyatt is a tough kid. He will handle this. He does not need his mommy to fight his battles for him or his dad either. She shakes her finger at him and says no she will not be dismissed, she will be taken seriously. What if Brooke were to come back and find them together. Bill reminds her that she promised not to say anything about their previous meetings. She says he promised to, so he needs to step up and support Wyatt and Hope. He can not lose the only girl he has ever loved. Bill will not let Wyatt down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wanted to get Liam help.  He said it was too late and pulled out a gun.  He thought she wouldn’t love him.  Daniel was convinced that Theresa was involved in what happened to him.  Eric came up with a plan to help him.  Nicole wanted Maggie to tell her where Jennifer is.  Maggie told her and she was ready to leave.  Maggie stopped her.  Liam said that Jennifer had to die.  When Theresa was about to leave town, Brady showed up.  Maggie wanted to know what was going on, but Nicole left.   Jennifer tried to get Liam not to shoot her.  When he was about to answer the phone, she hit him with a poker.  She tried to get out of the cabin, but the door was jammed.  Brady wanted to know where Theresa was going and what kind of trouble she was in.  Liam stopped Jennifer from opening the cabin door.  He pulled his gun out on her and told her he was done with the games.  Theresa told Brady she was going home to check on her mother.  

Jennifer told Liam she wasn’t playing games with him.  She tried to play on his sympathy.  She wanted him to put the gun down so she could show him how much she cares for him. Brady pumped Theresa about why she was leaving town.  Daniel found the bug Liam planted.  While Liam was kissing Jennifer’s neck, she tried to reach for the gun.  Theresa told Brady how much she hated Jennifer and Daniel.  She denied setting up Daniel.  Brady wanted to know who did it.  Liam caught Jennifer trying to grab the gun.  He got it from her and painted it towards her.  Before he could shoot, Nicole hit him.  Daniel confronted Theresa about the bug he found.  She finally broke down and said it was Liam.  Before Jennifer and Nicole could leave, Liam got up and pulled the gun on them.  Liam wanted Nicole to tell Jennifer what she did to prove that she’s not a friend.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Franco hear Anna telling Nathan that Carlos confessed to murdering AJ. Carly concludes that Ava got to Carlos. Franco tells Carly that Carlos was terrified that Ava would do something to hurt Sabrina and her baby. Carly knows Ava wouldn’t force Carlos to confess to protect Sonny, so she must be protecting herself. Carlos’s story is that he broke into the Quartermaine mansion intending to break into the safe and take some cash but AJ was there. He says he went to Ava’s apartment and let himself in with his key, and then AJ showed up, drunk, rambling about wanting a job with the Jeromes. He says AJ recognized his voice from the break-in, so he got Julian’s gun and shot him. Franco tells Carly that they can’t tell Anna what they know now that Carlos has confessed. He says they should let Ava think that no one suspects her while they dig up dirt to bury her. Kiki goes to Ava’s house to ask her about Carlos. Ava says she doesn’t know anything. Kiki notices that the match to the earring she found is in Ava’s apartment. She wonders what Ava was doing in the Quartermaine crypt where she found it. Michael tells Kiki that Carlos confessed. Kiki relays the information to Ava. Ava acts surprised.

Olivia and Sonny chat about Morgan. She tells him that Duke helped her to understand that he can’t always tell her everything. They make up, but she feels slighted when he declines her offer to get a room. Alexis arranges a dinner with Julian at the art gallery after hours. Julian wonders why Alexis still insists on sneaking around. Morgan storms in and tells Julian that Ava has been working with Sonny to take him down. Julian wonders why Morgan is ratting out the woman he claims to love. Morgan says it’s because she cheated on him. Julian doesn’t care who Ava is sleeping with as long as it isn’t Silas. Julian tells Alexis that he has to take care of the Ava situation. Alexis asks him not to do anything that will make her regret letting her guard down and letting him in. Alexis finds Sonny and tells him that Morgan is angry that Ava cheated on him with someone and that he told Julian that Ava has been funneling information to Sonny. Ava ignores Julian’s call because she is talking to Kiki. Julian leaves a message that he needs to see her to talk about something important. He has his gun in his hand.

Shawn catches Jordan on the docks waiting for a drug drop. He threatens to tell TJ what she is up to. She says that if he does, she will be forced to tell TJ that when Shawn shot Thomas, Sr., it wasn’t really friendly fire. He agrees to keep her secret, but warns her that her alliance with the Jeromes won’t end well and if she ends up getting arrested again, she could lose TJ for good. TJ receives his acceptance letter from Port Charles University. He is excited to tell Shawn and his mother, but he wishes he could share the moment with his father. Shawn goes back to the diner where TJ tells him the good news. TJ says he wanted to tell his mother but he can’t find her. Jordan delivers the briefcase of cocaine to Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack congratulates Billy on keeping the costs down at Jabot and informs him that he and Kelly are dating. Chloe and Lauren have dinner at the Athletic Club dining room and discuss what Chloe did to Chelsea‘s dress at the fashion show. Chloe tells Lauren that her marriage to Kevin is a mistake. Ben calls Victoria for a dinner date just as the doorbell rings and Abby comes to visit Victoria. Abby asks Victoria to be her matron of honor. Victoria gladly accepts. Ian surprises Mariah with a visit. At the coffeehouse, Leslie and Dylan discuss Ian and that Leslie will still be defending him no matter what. Dylan lets her know that he will do whatever it takes to keep Ian from hurting anyone else. Lauren doesn’t understand why Chloe said that her marriage to Kevin was a mistake. Tyler walks in to overhear Leslie and Dylan discussing Ian. Abby asks Victoria if Billy is there, but Victoria tells her that they are separated. Jack lets Billy know that when Victoria finds out that he and Kelly are dating, she will reconcile with him. Ben and Kelly argue as usual over the fact that she knows that he killed a man. Ian and Mariah discuss Victor and how he got Mariah to try to find out the goods on Sharon. Leslie and Tyler discuss how Barton will be joining Leslie. Abby joins them and is upset over the fact that Victor had a prenup agreement drawn up for them to sign. Tyler remarks that Victor shouldn’t have done that because he had Leslie all ready to draw up a prenup.

When Dylan visits Victoria to check on her, she tells him she is dating Ben. Ben is in the gym when Kelly joins him and the argument resumes about the secret he has been keeping from everyone. Lauren tells Chloe that she only made things worse between her and Chelsea. Chloe grieves over Delia and what a beautiful, talented child she and Billy made. Chloe comes up with a plan. Dylan refuses to get in the middle of the Victoria/Billy/Ben triangle and refuses to tell Victoria any info about Ben. Billy walks up and confronts Ben about his secret, but Ben refuses to tell him anything. Jack meets with Kelly at the Athletic Club and they go for a walk in the park. Billy insists to Ben that he will find out his secret. Jack and Kelly discuss her plans for the future and the fact that they will continue to date, but she reminds him that there is Phyllis to consider. Dylan meets Ben at the Athletic Club and tries to persuade him to walk away from Victoria, but he refuses. Chloe meets Billy in Jack’s office and suggests that they make another child together. Victoria takes a look at a home pregnancy test. Tyler and Mariah meet face to face outside of his and Abby’s apartment, but Tyler doesn’t know that Mariah was posing as a Cassie look-alike.

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