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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly continues to tell Oliver that Taylor Hayes destroyed her family. She killed her mother then tried to steal her father away from her. She swooped in and took advantage of her dad. Her mom and dad were so in love and would still be together if it were not for Taylor. He comforts her and says it is okay. That was a long time ago and she can’t do anything to hurt her any more. She’s a Forrester and shouldn’t have a care in the world. She reminds him that he was in love with Hope once, she doesn’t compare so she doesn’t get his interest in her. He tells Miss F. that she is interesting and unique, original and authentic. He’s a photographer and that is what drew him to her. She tells him that she was drawn to his eyes. She can tell that he is a very good person and she can trust him. She would like to tell everyone about them. He cautions her not to. She is the boss’s granddaughter, he’s only an employee. What they have is special but he would hate people judging their dating. They do not need people’s permission or approval. It’s fun to have secrets but she is worried about that. She would not be kissing him if she were not his girlfriend so she wants to know if she is his girl friend. He kisses her. Taylor and Thorne lay in bed in Paris. She says people are going to start to talk. His employees will want to know why the boss is late to work every day. He says they will also wonder why he is smiling all the time. She says when he first came to Paris and asked her out to dinner, it turned out differently than she expected. She thought it would be all about Ridge. Now it is starting to feel like old times. She says he has changed. There is a new energy about him, a new passion. He says he is enjoying his life more and he has to give some credit to her. She goes back to things are so different now. She was responsible for Darla’s death yet he has never blamed her. He says it was an accident. He had forgiven her, fell in love and they were going to be married. Taylor says that is what she wanted too but Aly was so angry. Thorne says she still is about a lot of things. Taylor says and all the more reason that they keep things quiet, very discreet and cautious. He hopes she understands. He thought with years of therapy that Aly would be better, but he’s not sure she is ready to hear about this yet. Hope tells Liam before this goes any further she has to talk to Wyatt about this. If she is going to be dating both of them then he needs to know. He agrees and it needs to be done right now.

Hope shows up at Wyatt’s door. He welcomes her to Casa de Wyatt. He has the place all spruced up and he will pretend she didn’t just say he shouldn’t have. He knows she has just come from Liam’s but he is only interested in what is happening right now. He kisses her. She tells him that she made a decision. Liam asked for equal time and she agreed. Wyatt says then she is dating both of them. She says yes and she wants him to be part of this, but if he can’t she will understand. She rattles on and says for him to say something. He says he better not. She says they have been through a lot and this relationship is really important to her but if this is what is going to happen then things are gonna have to change. He gets the drift – no sex. Liam is a genius. She says no, they won’t be having that kind of relationship either. He says things have been so good lately that he doesn’t know why she is stepping away. She says she is not. She actually needs this time to move forward. She knows he is disappointed and this is hard to see. She tried not to send mixed signals and that is why she wanted to take things slow and not move in with him. But if he can’t then…….He says he did not say that. But does she want to talk or hear his answer. He kisses her again. Then he says that she and Liam had a few marriages and lived together. Is he going to get that too? He says he is the right guy for her and what she needs. She says she does not like this either…..having two boyfriends. She grew up seeing her mother ping pong guys around and she never thought she would be guilty of that. She admits she is in love with two men and she apologizes for that but it’s the truth. He heard her say she loved him and she admits yes she said that. He says that is all he needs to hear. She promises him that this won’t drag out long. He says good, meantime since is their last night maybe they should make it one to remember. They can turn off the phones, open a bottle of wine and she can stay the night with him. She sighs and says he knows she can not do that. He needs a list to know what they can do and not do. One side at a time he kisses her on the neck and she says that is ok, then the mouth, again yes. He jokes that as long as there is no chance of pregnancy then they are okay. There is still a lot of fun things they can do. She says she needs him to understand why she is doing this. This is not the ideal situation for any of them, but she is thinking about the rest of her life and she needs time. Wyatt says that is exactly what she will have to decide the rest of her life it is him, so…

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick and Abby argued over Will and Sonny.  While they were arguing, Ben came to her rescue.  Rafe told Nicole there was a way to make Liam go away.  Nicole was relieved.  When Jennifer was about to leave the cabin, Liam was there.  He said he needed to see her and it couldn’t wait.  Will looked over Gabi’s custody agreement and thought she was trying to take their daughter away from him.  EJ continued to investigate who knew about him and Abby.  Rafe wanted Nicole to tell him about Liam.  Jennifer wanted Liam to leave, but he didn’t want to go.  Will and Gabi argued over the custody agreement.  Nick walked away from Abby and Ben.  Rafe suggested that Nicole be honest with Eric and he would understand what she did.  Daniel and Eric talked about Theresa’s role in setting up Daniel.

Ben and Abby argued over him interrupting her conversation with Nick.  Gabi explained how her lawyer drew up the custody agreement. When Gabi left, Will called EJ over.  Liam flipped out at Jennifer.  He also let it slip how he knew about the pill he implanted in Daniel’s apartment.  Jennifer asked Liam how he knew about the pills.  Liam was upset about Jennifer talking about Daniel and let it slip that he set Daniel up.  Jennifer wanted to know why Liam planted the pills.  She yelled at him for setting up Daniel.  He said he wanted her to love him.  Nicole went to Jennifer’s house to look for her.  Maggie was there instead.  Maggie gave Nicole a hard time about being there.  Jennifer got Liam to open up about what he did to hurt Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael wonders why Carlos doesn’t just confess to killing AJ so he can get a lighter sentence. Kiki wonders what motive Carlos would have had for killing AJ. Michael tells her to ask her mother. Kiki doesn’t think her mother knows anything. Michael points out that even if Ava wasn’t involved, the murder occurred in her apartment and that it is unlikely that she didn’t find out why. She agrees to talk to Ava but says her gut tells her that the person who shot AJ did it out of personal hatred, not as a hit. Carlos demands to know how Ava could have run the car that Sabrina was in off the road when he didn’t says anything to anybody about what she did to Connie. She says she didn’t have anything to do with it. She asks him if he is sure he didn’t say anything to Franco while they were locked up together. He says he didn’t. She says she hopes not for his sake and for Sabrina’s. Carly and Franco try to tell Anna that they have information about Ava Jerome, but Anna continually accepts interruptions. Nathan tells Anna that Carlos wants to make a statement. Carlos sees that Anna is in the interview room with Carly and Franco. Anna says she will put him in touch with Sabrina when she is satisfied with what he has to say. He says he wants to tell her about who shot AJ. Carly and Franco see Ava lurking suspiciously in the police department corridor. She gives them a menacing look. Carly concludes that Ava got to Carlos. Carlos confesses to AJ’s murder. When he is alone, he prays for Sabrina and her baby’s safety. Epiphany tells Sabrina that her son is alive and in the NICU. Patrick prays for his son. He thanks Britt for all her help and asks her what the odds are that the baby will survive. She says 50/50. Felix tries to stop Sabrina from getting out of bed to go to the NICU, but he ultimately helps her evade Epiphany and go in a wheelchair.

Morgan tells Olivia that Sonny destroyed his relationship with Ava. Sonny convinces Morgan not to elaborate. Morgan tells Olivia to ask his dad for the details. Sonny says Morgan and Ava were still sneaking around after promising to break up, so he had to put a stop to it. Olivia wonders what that has to do with her. Ava leaves a message for Morgan saying that she loves him and wants to be with him. Once back at her place, she notices that one of her earrings is missing. Kiki finds an earring on the floor in the crypt.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor pays a visit to the Cassie look-alike to reprimand her for exposing him to Nick and for turning Nick against him. Dylan visits Nikki at the ranch to check on how she is doing and if Ian paid her a visit. Dylan lets Nikki know that Ian went to see him to say that he changed his will and left everything to Dylan just so Dylan would not kill him. At the coffeehouse, Summer and Avery meet and discuss Avery’s new cooking show. Ian walks in and congratulates Avery on the success of her cooking show. Hilary and Neil kiss and make love unaware that Devon is just outside the door. After Devon hears sounds coming from Hilary, he knows she is not alone and leaves. Downstairs at the bar, he is joined by Esmerelda and they make plans for later. Avery tells Ian that she doesn’t want to see his face again, but Ian lets her know that that would be hard to do since Leslie is handling his case. Sharon and Nick discuss the Cassie look-alike and the things she did while she's been in town. Sharon wonders about the secret that she is keeping from Nick that she cannot remember. Victor lets the Cassie look-alike know that there is no way to make things right. Ian tells Avery and Summer that Dylan needs to set aside his anger and get treatment. Nick goes to the ranch to see Victor but he's not there. Nikki wonders what is going on.

Neil and Hilary make love but then vow to just keep it between them. Avery assures Ian that Dylan will be happy about her show. Avery threatens to get a restraining order against Ian, but Dylan comes in and doesn’t seem to mind him being there. Nick lets Nikki know everything that's been going on and what Victor did to Sharon. Sharon visits the Cassie look-alike and wants answers but the Cassie look-alike refuses to give her any information. At the bar Devon notices a side to Neil that he hasn’t been able to see in a while. Hilary joins them. Ian and Esmerelda meet at the coffeehouse and as they begin to talk, Summer interrupts and warns Esmerelda about Ian. Ian threatens to get a warrant against Summer for harassment. Nikki confronts Victor over what he did to Sharon, but Victor denies it which leads to an argument between him and Nick. Nick denies being Victor’s son and barges out. Nikki lets Victor know that he is no better than Ian. Victor becomes angry and tells her to take it back. Nikki gets up and walks out.

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