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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter and Maya continue to talk that they hope Oliver is not going to take advantage of Aly. She’s young and innocent and deserves protection. She plays the tape for him again and Carter assures her it was just guy talk, nothing else. Aly has done a 180 and it’s all because of Oliver. They both agree that she is happier, but Maya can’t quite get it out of her head that if something goes wrong she will be hurt. And they have seen her act out when she’s in a bad place. She says her mom died tragically and she doesn’t know the full story but she gets the feeling there is stuff inside of Aly that they don’t know about. Hope looks around Liam’s place and says he must really have known she was coming tonight. He says he was prepared for all eventualities, even booze if she didn’t show up. She ways she’d never want to put him through that. But she’s not a big fan of ultimatums….”show up tonight or we’re finished.” He offers that is not an ultimatum. That would be if he said she had to leave Wyatt for him. This is just a choice. She can have him or not. She says honestly she is surprised he didn’t do this sooner. He tells her it is a big night with a new beginning. Quinn comes into her office. Wyatt lets out a sigh and says thank goodness she did not go over to Liam’s. She returns the favor by saying she sees he didn’t either. He quips no, having one visit from Liam this week is enough for him. She asks if Hope went. Wyatt says he does not keep up with her schedule but he knows she is not in the building so he assumes she did go. Quinn says does Wyatt know what that means. He quips again probably tofu steaks and a very green salad. She doesn’t know how he can be so glib when he knows Liam wants Hope back. Wyatt counters with that guess what, you don’t always get what you want. Quinn says no, you have to fight for it which is exactly what Liam is doing. So what is Wyatt doing? He says one word – trusting. Quinn says you can’t trust Liam. He doesn’t play fair. He says he trusts Hope. Quinn says she has a soft spot for Liam. Wyatt gets agitated and asks what is he supposed to do, get all jealous and insecure. They are in love and he has to trust her. No he doesn’t like that she went to Liam’s. He asked her not to but she probably did anyway. He says of course it bothers him. He doesn’t want to lose her. But he knows what they have and so does Hope. And whatever Liam is giving her can’t compare. Liam pours the wine and looks for the perfect toast – to the first date for the rest of their lives. He doesn’t want to spoil the surprise so he won’t say what they are going to eat. He says it’s been too long and they need this. She teases and he didn’t even have to kidnap her to get her here. He says that is progress. Oliver tells Aly that he is there for her. She can talk to him about anything. She says he does not like talking about herself. He asks if it concerns her mother as he knows she thinks about her a lot. She says every day but it’s not the same. She’d like to feel her arms around her like when she as little. But then one day she was gone…..all because of that woman. She says she was the start of all the bad things in Aly’s life. Finally she says the name of Taylor. Reluctantly she says after her mom died when she was four years old she went into therapy for years. She was a mess. She got bullied in school, and did not make friends. He tells her she is different but in a good way. She ways her dad says that too, still does. He’s the best…..if he stays away from that woman.

Liam brings Hope’s plate and he tells her to dig in. She can’t believe he went to all the trouble of calling Italy and getting a recipe they had of grilled eggplant. He told them they’d return some day. She tells him it is delicious. He says she opened his eyes. For a while it was like he was sleepwalking expecting her to come back to him. But suddenly he realized it might be over and he couldn’t just wait around any more. In a way he’s glad she was almost pregnant as it gave him a mission and a sense of urgency and now here they are. And now he knows she feels the same way he does so they start over. She says until she got to his driveway she was not sure she was coming over. He says it says a lot that she did. It tells him that she did not want to lose him either. She jokes about the Spencer confidence. He says come on, she knew what it would mean if she did not show up. She says but they are not dating exclusively. He says exclusively, inclusively or reclusively, “whatever, I am back in the game, baby.” She laughs and says she does not want to lose him. There she has said it. But she can’t hold him to not seeing other women. He jokes then he needs to make a phone call. He says as long as they are doing this, he proposes some ground rules. He says equal time obviously but just dating, no more pregnancy scares. She’s surprised but he says he can be okay with anything as long as they keep having moments like this. He says no pressure, she can date whomever she wants but he knows what he wants…..that future they almost had. But almost is not good enough anymore. But they are back and it feels good. He kisses her. Aly tells Oliver that she feels like such a baby but every time she thinks about Taylor……Oliver tells her not to stress over it; Taylor is not part of her life anymore. She is strong and now she has him. He gives her a big hug. Aly says okay, he is right. Her dad is over Taylor thank God and everything will be okay as long as she stays away from her dad. In Paris we see two figures in silhouette in bed making love…….it’s Taylor and Thorne.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ tried to figure out who took the picture of him and Abby.  Nick and Sami ran into each other.  He wanted to talk to her, but she didnít want to talk to him.  He threatened her and the people she cared about if she didnít respect him.  Eric pumped Anne about Theresa.  Daniel wanted Theresa to tell him what was going on.  Lucas showed up at the cabin.  He wanted to talk about what was going on with Daniel.  Liam wanted to know how Nicole got a key to the safety deposit box.  When she lied, he said he would take care of his ex-wife.  He also wanted to make Nicole pay since she wasnít honoring their agreement.  Ben warned Rafe not to hurt his sister.  Sami wanted to know why nick is torturing people.  He reminded her what she and the others did.  He said he wouldnít hurt anyone as long as he got what he wanted.  Anne didnít tell Eric anything bad about Theresa.  Eric warned her that she would do down if she helped Theresa.  Daniel accused Theresa of setting him up.  Lucas and Jennifer argued over what Daniel did to him.  Liam threatened to expose Nicole.  He let her know that he had the evidence against her in his jacket.  She tried to get it out, but he stopped her.  Jennifer told Lucas that someone is trying to destroy Daniel.  Lucas wanted to know who it was.  When Jennifer didnít want to talk about it anymore, Lucas left the cabin.  Eric and Anne argued over Theresa until he left.  Sami wasnít afraid of Nickís threats.  He told her that he and Gabi were going to be together.  He also told her that she was going to make sure that happened.

Nick wanted Sami to make sure Willís lawyer didnít find out about his past if a custody battle occurs.  She didnít think she could do it.  He threatened to send her as well as the others to prison if she didnít.  Anne stopped Daniel from yelling at Theresa.  When Daniel left, Anne warned Theresa that she wasnít going down for what she did.  Theresa said she didnít plant the drugs.  Anne wanted to know who did since they are the only ones who hate Daniel.  Nicole was afraid Liam was going to tell what she did unless she stopped him.  Liam opened the safety deposit box and looked at a gun inside.  Anne didnít want to talk to Theresa anymore.  Nicole called Rafe to meet her at the pub.  She told him she was doing a story on Liam and she was afraid of him.  She said he was blackmailing her.  Rafe wanted to know what Liam had on her, but she wouldnít tell him.  She wanted Rafe to investigate and bust Liam.  When Sami went home, she told EJ what Nick wanted her to do.  EJ tried to get Sami to calm down.  He told her Nick would be dealt with if he becomes more of a threat.  Liam showed up at the Horton cabin.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia wonders where she and Sonny stand. She asks Duke if he knows what is bothering Sonny. Duke says he doesn’t know. She says she hopes Sonny finds someone to open up to. He says he knows that Sonny is in love with Olivia. She thanks Duke for helping her put things in perspective and says the only thing that matters is that she and Sonny love each other. She calls Sonny and leaves a message asking to get together at the Metro Court to talk. Sonny and Ava have sex in the Quartermaine crypt and immediately regret betraying Olivia and Morgan. Morgan looks for Ava and finds her in the crypt with Sonny. He can tell that they just had sex. Morgan yells at Ava about pretending to love him. Then he yells that Sonny has destroyed everything good in his life, starting with almost killing Jax, the stepfather that he loved. He says Sonny doesn’t even like Ava. Morgan storms off, not wanting anything to do with either of them. Ava hears Carlos’ message and goes to the jail. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to see Olivia and finds that Morgan is already there.

Anna wonders if Britt’s presence at the scene of the accident is a coincidence. Britt helps Sabrina to deliver her baby and then Patrick takes the baby with Sabrina in the ambulance to the hospital. Nathan questions Britt. Britt can’t believe he is entertaining the idea that she caused the accident. Epiphany asks Felix why he has been snapping at patients. He says he has been in a bad mood since things between him and Brad went south and promises not to bring his personal problems to work again. She says he can do better than Brad. Lucy asks Felix to do Magic Milo’s strip tease at the Nurses’ Ball, and she asks Epiphany to perform with Monica and Tracy. Epiphany doubts that Monica or Tracy will be up to performing this year. Lucy asks Felix to ask Sabrina if she will do another duet with Emma Drake. Sabrina, Patrick, and the baby arrive at the hospital. Lucy asks the Universe to spare Sabrina the pain of losing a child that she went through herself. Epiphany takes Patrick and the baby to the NICU. Felix sits with Sabrina. She gets hysterical and wants to see the baby. Felix assures her that the NICU team will let them know what is happening as soon as they can. Epiphany goes to Sabrina’s cubicle. Sabrina demands to know how her son is.

Franco tells Carly that Carlos didn’t want to talk because Ava threatened Sabrina’s life, and he doesn’t know if it is connected, but Sabrina was in a car accident. Carly wants to tell the police everything she knows, but Franco forbids her to cross Ava. Carly drops the vandalism charges so Franco can get out of jail. Carlos tries to reach Ava, but the call goes to voicemail. He leaves a message concluding that she caused the accident that Sabrina was in. He says that if anything happens to Sabrina, Ava is a dead woman. Carlos tries to call Sabrina, but her phone is on the seat in the car. Anna and Emma go to the station. Carlos, who is still handcuffed to the desk, asks Anna if Sabrina is ok. Anna tells him that Sabrina delivered the baby prematurely, that she and the baby are both alive, but not in good shape. Duke goes to the station. Anna fills him in on the accident. Carly and Franco tell Anna that they have information for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Cane and Lily warn Jill to keep her eyes open when it comes to Colin. Colin is on the phone outside, confirming a meeting for later. Jill overhears him and wants to know what is going on. In the dining room, Hilary interrupts Devon while he's on the phone. They start to discuss Esmerelda and all the contacts that she has gotten since the fashion show. Neil is body building when Hilary comes in to join him. At the coffeehouse, Noah bumps into Summer, who is texting Jack. Summer lets Noah know about Jack and Kelly. While Jack and Kelly take a walk in the park, he kisses her but they soon pull apart. Jack needs to apologize. Devon and Hilary discuss the fashion show and how she looked in her dress. Devon asks Hilary how Neil is doing. Hilary is taken aback after she remembers the kiss that she shared with Neil. Colin tries to change the subject, but he makes up a lie and tells her that he is setting up a trust fund for the grandchildren. Jill leaves to check on Lauren’s new fashion line at Fenmore’s. Hilary arrives at the gym to work out but finds Neil there. She starts to leave, but Neil stops her to discuss the kiss they shared. Hilary tries to make him believe that the kiss meant nothing, because he's only on the rebound from Leslie. Summer takes a walk in the park and sees Jack and Kelly sharing a tender moment. She slips away without them seeing her. At the Athletic Club, Colin suggests to Jill that they get a room upstairs for the night to which she readily agrees. Jill starts to walk off but comes back and gives Colin a kiss. Hilary and Neil argue what the kiss meant. Summer hurries into the coffeehouse and finds Noah on the phone. When he finally joins her, Summer tells him about seeing Jack and Kelly in the park. Summer fears that Jack is forgetting about Phyllis. Noah tells her that she is jumping to conclusions. As they discuss their favorite old Alfred Hitchcock movies, Jack does an impression of Jimmy Stewart, which Kelly thinks is awful.

Kelly joins Lily at home to discuss some business when Lily notices Kelly is happier than usual. When Kelly doesn’t say anything, Lily assumes that there is a man involved. Kelly will not say who the man is. Jill joins Jack at the Athletic Club bar to discuss Billy. His job at Jabot may help him to get Victoria back. Jack tells her about Billy and Victoria coming to Abby and Tyler’s engagement party and that they left together. Jill is happy about that. Colin meets with his associate in the park, but when he makes some rude remarks about Jill, Colin puts him in his place. Neil visits Hilary in her room to once again discuss the meaning of the kiss they shared. Jill gets a call from someone she thinks is Colin, but when she answers it, she finds out the goods on Colin and what he is up to. Cane urges Devon to go for it with Hilary. Neil, once again, kisses Hilary but she pulls away from him and starts to leave, then she turns around and rushes back into his arms. They kiss passionately and start to get undressed unaware that Devon is about to knock on the door. Jack asks Kelly out on a real date date.

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