Thursday 4/24/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope that Liam must be losing it….first he steals his truck and RV and kidnaps Hope and now he is issuing ultimatums. She says well they were all sort of freaked out about Hope possibly being pregnant and Liam was affected by this. It just made him realize the finality of the situation that they’d never get back together. Wyatt says he was kind of hoping that is where things stood. He doesn’t want to put her on the spot. He knows she has feelings for Liam and he doesn’t need it spelled out for him. But to get back to the ultimatum he needs to be very clear….if she goes to Liam’s tonight it means she is dating both of them. She says yes and if she doesn’t show up, then Liam is done. She tells Wyatt that she is so sorry, the last thing she wants to do is hurt him. Wyatt says he is not hurt, but Liam needs to get a life of his own. He’s constantly pushing her buttons. Hope says Liam doesn’t see it that way. He’s just fighting for what was originally his. He asks what is she gonna do and she doesn’t know. He tells her if she keeps looking back in the past that she will miss the future. And it’s right here in front of her. So go to Liam if she has to and tell him what he can do with his creepy ultimatum. And tell him once and for all that she is committed to Wyatt. Carter tells Maya that he can tell she is still bothered by Oliver and Aly. She says yes and she doesn’t trust his motives especially after hearing him diss her on tape. She tells him not to go all legal on her when he reminds her it is illegal to tape someone without their knowledge. Caroline befriends Aly and asks her to spill. She’d like to know what has her bursting at the seams…..must be something major. She is all flushed and excited and sort of jittery…she guesses it might be a guy. Aly admits there is something….someone…a guy but Caroline can not tell anyone, even Rick. She would just die if anyone found out. Caroline says she is a good secret keeper. Aly tells her she has been kissed. Caroline realizes she means her very first kiss…..does she have a boyfriend. Aly says she thinks so. He’s gorgeous and he has these eyes that just pins her to the wall. He’s smart and funny and super talented and very protective. She finally comes out that it is Oliver. Maya drops in on Oliver and he is watching footage of his shoot with Aly in her pool. He says it took a while to loosen Aly up but she’d totally into it now. Maya asks if he has been doing a lot of that lately….easing Aly past her comfort zone. He chuckles that he prefers it as helping her reach her full potential. She says it is a thin line. He wonders if there is something Maya would like to say to him. She says as a matter of fact, there is. She opines that he surprised her today at the meeting by suggesting Aly as the model. Then she realized naturally that he would be the photographer. He says it is his job and Aly is super smoking. Maya says and maybe wanted to get her in some lingerie. He could think of worse things. She says when he speaks of her so casually it worries her. She asks him to please don’t take advantage of her. He wonders what makes her think that he is. She says the way he talks about her like she is some means to an end. Like she is a way for him to keep his job and she doesn’t want to see Aly used that way. He says it is coming across like he is being a manipulative jerk. She apologizes and says she is just worried about Aly. He says he will be totally honest. He does not hate that she is a Forrester. He likes it here. With the exception of a couple, he likes the family and he wants to be part of this for a long time. Maya interjects and being Aly’s boyfriend sort of guarantees that. He admits it strengthens his position but that’s not it. He really likes Aly, she is different and refreshing. Maya adds also young, inexperienced and vulnerable, so remember that when going forward. Wyatt is barely listening when Quinn goes on and on about Aly being the possible model. She finally gets him to spill. It’s like a new disaster every hour. He says Liam is demanding equal time with Hope. She asks like in a debate. He ways no, Liam is insisting that Hope come over for dinner tonight which will constitute a real date and she will proceed to date both of them. Quinn says that is the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard. Please tell her that is not what Hope is going to do. Brooke asks Hope if Wyatt knows. He could not have been thrilled. Hope says all things considered he was pretty calm. He said it was her choice. But she hasn’t made it yet. Something makes her recoil from dating two brothers. Brooke says that would make her like her. She could always call it off with Wyatt. Hope says that is not an option. And Liam knows that. That is partly why he is doing this. She can still see Wyatt but it gives Liam another chance as well. But if she doesn’t do this then Liam will move on for good and she’s not sure she is ready for that either.

Caroline wants to hear more about Aly and Oliver. Aly says she doesn’t know. Usually guys do not find her attractive. Caroline pooh poohs that; she is stunning. Aly says Oliver makes her feel pretty and desirable. Caroline hugs her and says good for Oliver. Look at her, her first kiss, her first boyfriend. But just a little friendly advice from painful experience. It sounds like she has fallen very hard. Just be careful and don’t just hand over everything to just any guy. Always make sure there is enough love for herself. Aly thanks her for her advice and listening to her without laughing. Quinn listens but tells Wyatt that she is going to go have a talk with Liam. He stops her cold, saying do not go barreling over there fighting his battles. This is his life and he can handle it. She doesn’t think he is doing that if he is just here with his thoughts while Liam is trying to romance the pants off of Hope. Wyatt says that is not going to happen. Quinn says she sees it now – candlelight, soft music, flowers, everything set up for a romantic recommitment which leaves Wyatt nowhere. Wyatt may be okay with that, but she’s not, so who is it going to be, Wyatt sets Liam straight or she will. Brooke tells Hope that she knows how it feels to be torn between two fabulous men. But she has to make a choice and one will be hurt. She offers to talk to Liam and ask him to back off a little. Hope doesn’t want her to be caught in the middle. Brooke says okay then she just needs to follow her instincts. When the time comes they will tell her where to be. Maya tells Carter that Oliver said all the right things. He genuinely likes Aly and she believes him. But she can’t unhear what he said on the tape. Aly is so innocent and she can relate to that. She’s the perfect target for a smooth older guy like Oliver. She just doesn’t have a good feeling about it. Aly goes to Oliver’s office and they look at the underwater shoot. She’s nervous but says she can’t stop thinking about him. He says that is what he likes to hear and he will show her really. He kisses her. Liam turns the soft music on, he has the fireplace going, lights a gazillion candles, rearranges the flowers several times, has a bouquet of flowers to give Hope and changes his mind about the white or red wine and puts both bottles out. He keeps looking at the clock then finally hears a knock at his door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi and Nick met Aiden at the pub so she could talk about a custody agreement with Will.  Theresa wanted Anne to tell her if her name was mentioned at Danielís hearing.  Jennifer confronted Daniel about the pills she found.  Debra met with Nicole.  Anne said she kept Theresaís name out of it.  Anne was upset that Daniel was given a slap on the wrist.  Nicole noticed how much Debra looked like Jennifer.  Debra said Jennifer looked more like the woman Liam loved.  Daniel said he never had the prescription filled for Jennifer.  Jennifer suspected that someone broke in his apartment and set him up.  Aiden questioned Gabi about her living arrangement with Will.  Nick said that Gabi needed her rights protected.  Nick wanted Gabi to tell Aiden what Sami called her and she told him.  Gabi also told Aiden that Sami almost caused her to lose the baby when she brought up the custody agreement while she was in labor.  Anne told Theresa that no one knew about the key Theresa had made.  Theresa said she didnít have it anymore.  Anne wanted to know where it was.  Debra told Nicole about Liam and what happened between them when they got together.  

Jennifer told Daniel about her suspicions about how he was set up with the drugs.  Liam was upset that his plan wasnít working.  Aiden wondered about Gabi and Nickís relationship and thought it would cause a problem for Gabi.  Theresa said she got rid of the key a long time ago.  Debra told Nicole about the things Liam did to her when she left him.  Nicole wanted Debra to come forward, but she refused to.  Debra suspected that Liam had something on Nicole.  Liam was upset that Daniel and Jennifer were getting along.  He destroyed his room and stabbed Jenniferís picture.  Nick told Aiden that his past wouldnít hurt Gabi.  Aiden found a way to protect Gabiís rights.  Debra gave Nicole a key to a safety deposit box she and Liam had when they were married.  Debra said Liam didnít know she still had a key.  She said Liam might have put the evidence he had on Nicole there.  Daniel encouraged Jennifer to go to the Horton cabin.  Gabi didnít approve of the arrangement Aiden came up with, but Nick liked the idea.  Before Aiden left, he let Gabi know that he was only representing her.  Daniel had his locks changed.  While Jennifer was at the Horton cabin, she heard a noise.  Liam busted Nicole when she was about to go in the safety deposit box.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan tries to reach Britt and leaves her a message. Carlos tells Franco that Ava sent him to the Quartermaine mansion to kill AJ. Franco wonders why, but Anna arrives and interrupts. Anna tells Carlos that if he doesn’t cooperate with her, she will have to charge him with AJ’s murder. She is interrupted when Nathan goes down to the jail to tell her that they just received an emergency call from Patrick saying he was in an accident with Sabrina and Emma in the car. Carlos thinks Ava is responsible and that Franco somehow got a message to her. He yells for a guard and demands a phone call. Carlos leaves a message for Ava asking if she caused the car accident. Britt sees the accident and stops to help. She says Sabrina is in labor. Sabrina protests that it is too soon at 25 weeks. Anna and Nathan arrive at the scene, followed by a live film crew. Emma says another car ran them off the road. Spencer sees Emma on TV and procures Cameron's phone. He is about to send a text to Sonny to tell him about Luke, but instead he calls Luke and says he knows he caused Emma’s accident and that he won’t say anything as long as Luke leaves Emma alone.

Ava goes into the Quartermaine mausoleum and finds Sonny there. He asks her if everything is ok with Kiki. She says she didnít have the chance to ask because Kiki was busy being consoled by Morgan. Morgan wonders if Ava was upset about seeing him hug Kiki. Morgan says they can clear it up by telling Ava what Luke did to Kiki. Luke comes in and calls Kiki a lying, conniving slut. Michael and Carly come into the room. Luke says they were discussing AJ. Morgan says thatís a load of crap. Carly makes Morgan apologize, but when they are alone, she asks him what it was about. He says it's nothing -- he's just having a bad day. As they are leaving, Morgan and Kiki notice that Ava’s car is still there. Ava advises Sonny to stop torturing himself. He asks her to tell him how to do that. She says he will find a way. He says he can’t get AJ out of his head and wants to tell his son what happened. When she advises him to just live with it, he says she wouldn’t understand what it’s like to live with that kind of guilt. She says he is wrong; she knows very well what it feels like. In their mutual angst, they share a kiss. Morgan yells for Ava as he approaches the mausoleum. In the city jail, Franco tells Carly that Ava sent Carlos to the Quartermaine mansion to kill AJ.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin arrives to talk to Chelsea and try to persuade her to allow Chloe to see Connor. Chelsea tells Kevin she can't let Chloe see Connor until she is sure Chloe knows the difference between Connor and Delia. Kevin later tells Chloe that he overheard her conversation with Chelsea after the fashion show, and he understands that she doesn't love him anymore and that their marriage is just an arrangement to keep her out of jail. Chloe tells Kevin that she feels better today after she and Billy went to put flowers on Delia's grave. Billy and Chloe share memories of Delia, and they realize that even though nothing will ever be the same, they can have a new beginning in both their lives.

Kelly and Jack decide that since their friendship is making her uncomfortable, they should stay away from each other, but later when Jack's business lunch is canceled, he invites Kelly to have lunch with him. Things go so well that Jack invites Kelly to a concert in the park. Stitch and Victoria also decide to have their first official date at the concert in the park and have hot dogs which make Victoria sick, since she isn't used to eating junk food. Victoria isn't happy to see Jack with Kelly, but she doesn't let that spoil her day. Jack and Kelly talk after the concert, and Jack says he felt the music of the concert and it was beautiful. Jack is so happy that he gets carried away and gives Kelly a kiss just as Summer walks by and isn't happy to see the PDA. Colin has a great visit with the twins and later sneaks outside the house to call someone and tell the person they need to meet right away. Jill advises Cane not to take the job running the Chancellor Division of Newman Chancellor, because he will always be indebted to Victor. Billy visits Chelsea to check on Connor and helps her with the baby's latest attack of the croup.

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