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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Although it’s only been one night since he asked, Liam calls Hope to remind her of their date tonight. She hesitates. He says if she comes, great, but if she doesn’t, he has to move on. Quinn tells Wyatt that if he is not careful he is going to lose Hope forever. Liam is ready to make his move. He barks at her that he can handle this just fine without her. She’s afraid that he’s just gotten too comfortable. The conversation ends when Caroline comes and says it is time for the meeting. Eric asks where Ridge is. Rick says Ridge said he had other pressing matters to attend. Eric thinks that is fine since there will be a little less tension. Rick says they need to find a new model for the Bedroom Line and Oliver is staying as photographer. That has been settled. Aly can’t quit grinning just thinking about her kisses with Oliver. He tells her he had an amazing time yesterday and be ready for another surprise today. Liam is at home picking out the wines for his and Hope’s dinner. Bill scares the pants off on him when he comes dashing through the patio door in his jogging clothes. Liam wants to know what he’s doing in his…..he means Bill’s house. And he reminds him not to drag any more sand into the house. Bill says he is beginning to hear some attitude here and if he continues he will hurt his feelings and he’ll think Liam doesn’t want him here any more. Liam is sure that Brooke has kicked him out of her house already. Bill says no, he just came back for the rest of his stuff. Things couldn’t be better. And he knows why Liam is so uptight. He needs a date; he needs a woman. Liam is happy to say he has a date tonight and it is none other than Hope. Bill is confused. He thought Hope was with Wyatt. Liam says she is but he told her if she is not going to give up Wyatt then she could date both of them. Bill finds that incredible. Liam says yeah that's the way it has to be, but Hope has not given him her answer yet. That is what tonight is all about. Bill says ultimatums. Liam says no, it’s more like a compromise. She can be with Liam or not but it’s up to her and he is not going to just sit around and wait for her to get tired of Wyatt. Bill tells him that maybe he should just let this ride itself out as he knows he is not going to be happy sharing the woman he loves. Liam says he knows. Dealing with Wyatt on any level is the last thing he wants but he can not make him go away, only Hope can do that. Bill says okay. He is out of the meddling business so he will just trust that Liam knows what he is doing. Liam asks Bill is he has spoken to Wyatt lately because unless he wants to be a grandfather he might want to have a little talk with Wyatt about contraception. He tells Bill that Wyatt almost got Hope pregnant. Now Bill knows why Liam is so freaked out. Liam says yeah he would have lost Hope completely if she were pregnant. Bill grouses that there is nothing like a kid to tie you to a woman forever. Liam said it was a wakeup call not just for him but for Hope who might be re-evaluating her future with Wyatt. He admits Wyatt is charming and a little dangerous and Hope is taken with that but it is not going to last forever. Later she is going to want more and Wyatt is not capable of going deeper than that and Liam is. Bill says he is taking a risk Liam says he knows but Hope does not want to lose him. That much he is sure of. So now he is giving Hope that choice. If she wants Wyatt exclusively then he’s not going to be on standby and he will move on.

At the meeting, Rick hands out the quarterlies and things have picked up 10% so they must be doing something right…..not that Ridge would acknowledge that. Wyatt questions if Aly is going to be there since they are going to discuss the Bedroom Line and she got so upset at the last meeting they had about Hope’s lingerie. He’d hate for her to get on her soapbox again. Eric says it is not his call. Aly has had a difficult time and he expects everyone to be very supportive. Rick tells the group they need to find a new spokesperson for the Bedroom Line. Brooke says she is flattered they are asking her but she really is happy to be working behind the scene and with Ridge as co-VP. They all agree it should be somebody from the inside who represents FC. Oliver speaks up and says he doesn’t want to overstep but he has the perfect choice, none other than Miss Aly Forrester. Aly is surprised and everyone’s eyes roll. Pam says Aly is beautiful but she is a girl, this is a terrible idea. Wyatt and Quinn chuckle to themselves. Eric asks Aly if she is certain she knows all the implications that Oliver will be asking her to do in modeling. Caroline chimes in that it is not just onesies and pj’s but lingerie. Aly says she knows, like lace and teddies. Oliver says they would make it artsy and imaginative. Eric says he has reservations but he’d have to run it by her dad in Paris first. Aly asks if she can speak. She apologizes for coming on too strong and judgmental at the last meeting. She’s done some growing up lately and she realizes she was wrong. She praises Oliver for being a gifted photographer and she is flattered they all believe in her. She thinks she could do it…..but she’s not going to. There is a collective sigh of relief from all. So now they have to get back to the drawing board with other choices. Alone Aly thanks Oliver and he says she is just as good as the other models. She is a natural before the camera and those underwater shots could be in any magazine in the world. She’s flattered that he sees her as a woman. He says of course; she is a stunning, complex, beautiful woman and he likes her. She grabs him by the face and plants a big kiss on him. Bill tells Liam that he will give him something from his own experience. He has to be ready to blow Hope out of the water. Liam has to mean it when he says it. Liam agrees. It is the last thing and he hopes it will not come down to that. But if he has to walk away he will. Enough is enough and he hopes to God it works out. Bill say he respects him and he knows this will not be easy. There is a lot riding on the line tonight. Liam says yeah. If Hope shows up, they are dating and if she doesn’t then he has to get on with his life. Wyatt asks Hope if Aly is on her meds. She is almost like a normal person now. He realizes that Hope is distracted. She says it has been a rough couple of days. Maybe now is a good time to tell him that Liam wants her to have dinner with him tonight….like in a real date. If she is going to date Wyatt then she has to date Liam too. He thinks that is crazy. She says basically if she shows up at his house tonight it means they are dating. If she doesn’t then it means they are over for good and Liam is gone. Wyatt asks her not to go. They have something special and he doesn’t want to lose that. He doesn’t think she does either. So send Liam a message. Tell him it is over and her future is with Wyatt now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Kate that Nick and Gabi could have them arrested.  Kate wanted to know what Sami did.  Nicole was curious as to why Liamís ex-wife was so scared to talk to her.  Liam was eavesdropping while Jennifer was in Danielís apartment.  Sami told Kate that Gabi was involved with Nick again.  Sami reminded Kate that Nick accused them of trying to kill him and not Gabi.  Sami was worried that Nick would find a way to bring them down instead of Gabi.  EJ and Gabi talked about Nick.  EJ warned Gabi that Nick would try to hurt people.  Daniel was reinstated to the hospital.  Nicole called Liamís ex-wife.  Eric showed up while Nicole was on the phone.  EJ asked Gabi if she told anyone that he went to Smith Island.  She said she told Sonny and Kate. Sami told Kate that she called Gabi an unfit mother.  Sami wanted to go over what they were going to do to stop Nick from taking them down.  They recapped what happened the night Gabi hit Nick.  When Jennifer called the pharmacy about the pills, she found out that Daniel had the prescription for over a month.  Gabi told EJ that he didnít have to worry about Kate, but he wasnít convinced.  Eric wanted to know what was going on with Nicole.  Daniel found Jennifer in his apartment and wanted to know what was going on.

Stefano sent Kate a ring to wear for their next dinner.  She refused to go, but she kept the ring.  Sami and Gabi met at the pub.  EJ went to see Kate.  Nicole called Liamís ex-wife again.  Daniel wanted to know why Jennifer wasnít at the hearing.  She said she had to pick up something.  He wanted to know what she had to pick up in his apartment.  She said she needed the key to the cabin in Smith Island since she was going that night.  She said she left the key in Danielís apartment.  Daniel wanted to know what was really going on.  Nicole wanted Liamís ex-wife to tell what she knows about Liam.  Nicole wanted Debra to help her take down Liam.  EJ wanted to know what Kate planned to do with the picture.  Sami talked to Gabi about Nick.  Abby overheard part of the conversation and asked Sami about what she heard when Gabi left.  Sami made an excuse for what Abby heard.  While they were talking, Sami mentioned the guy Abby broke up with.  Kate thought EJ was talking about stealing something from her company.  Kate opened the envelope EJ had.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to tell him why she was really in his apartment.  When Kat looked in the envelope, it was empty.  She warned him that she wasnít going down with him if that had something to do with Nick.  EJ eliminated Kate as a suspect.  Debra met Nicole at TBD.  Jennifer showed Daniel the pill bottle she found.  Liam was ecstatic.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ned has a plan to entrap Luke to prove he is lecherous leeching liar. Kiki agrees to be the bait. Luke calls someone to say that Spencer Cassadine needs to be shut up and that his weakness in a girl named Emma Drake. Ava runs into Luke and tells him that she is there to find out what upset her daughter this morning. Luke gets touchy with Ava. She removes his hand and walks away. Ava hears the TV news about Franco’s arrest. She asks Carly why she didn’t mention it earlier. Carly says she didn’t think Ava would be interested. She asks if it wouldn’t be funny if Carlos and Franco became friends in jail. In jail, Franco offers to help Carlos with Ava. Carlos says he can’t tell Franco anything because Sabrina’s life it at stake. Franco agrees to protect Sabrina. Carlos won’t tell Franco what Ava is hiding, but he admits that she sent him to the Quartermaine mansion to kill AJ. Sabrina knows something isn’t right about Carlos being arrested and that there is more to the story. Nikolas takes Cameron to Emma’s dance recital. Nikolas says Elizabeth is doing better and that she is at AJ’s funeral. He wonders what that Rivera guy had against AJ. Sabrina says she doesn’t think Carlos had anything to do with AJ’s murder. Patrick tells Nikolas that Carlos and Sabrina have a history and that he is glad he is in jail and unable to get to Sabrina or their baby. Nikolas wonders if the baby had anything to do with Robin’s departure. Spencer sneaks into Emma’s dance recital to warn her that she is in danger. Emma won’t talk to him. Nikolas catches him and takes him with him to the Quartermaine mansion. Patrick gets into an accident driving home with Sabrina and Emma in the car.

Kiki enters the room that Luke is in. Luke knows it is a trap and says exactly what Tracy wants to hear. Luke overhears Nikolas telling Elizabeth about Spencer crashing Emma’s recital. Luke makes a call. Tracy tells Luke that she witnessed him dismissing Kiki. Kiki tells Morgan that the trap was a bust and that she is afraid Luke will come after her. Morgan says he won’t let that happen and gives her a hug. Ava sees Morgan hugging Kiki and leaves with tears in her eyes. Morgan thinks it is an overreaction and wonders if Ava is upset about something else.

Michael tells Monica that he invited Sonny to the funeral but that he refused out of respect for Monica. Sonny goes anyway. Elizabeth tells Sonny and Ava that she hopes Carlos will confess so that Monica and Michael can get some closure. Carly demands to know why Sonny is there. He says he is there for Michael, just like she is. Carly tells Sonny that she wants answers about Ava. He asks her to leave it alone. She says she can’t do that. Monica can’t believe that Sonny and Carly have the nerve to come to AJ’s funeral, but for Michael’s sake, she lets them stay. They bury AJ in the family mausoleum. Sonny tells Michael that he isn’t going to stay for the reception. Instead, he goes into the crypt. AJ’s specter taunts Sonny. Ava goes to the crypt and finds Sonny there.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon goes to see what happened to Nick, but comes face to face with Cassie. At the coffeehouse, Noah and Courtney discuss Sharon and how Noah doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Victor arrives at Nick's and is more than a little surprised that Cassie is there with him and Sharon. At the Athletic Club, Paul and Christine have dinner with Michael and Lauren. Dylan is behind the bar at the coffeehouse when Ian walks in and tells him that he has some news for him. Avery joins Paul, Christine, Michael, and Lauren at their table to discuss her work for the foundation. When Avery leaves, Paul goes after her to warn her about someone breaking into Ian’s apartment. He wants Avery to keep an eye on Dylan. Sharon asks the Cassie imposter who she really is and what she is doing there. The Cassie imposter starts to leave but Sharon begs her to stay. Victor denies Nick’s accusations that he had anything to do with this Cassie imposter. Christine congratulates Michael and Lauren on having a baby, but Michael informs them that is was only a false positive. Nick tells Sharon that Victor was behind the Cassie look-alike trying to drive her insane. Dylan finds out that Ian put him in his will so that if anything ever happened to Ian, the police would point their finger at Dylan first. Avery comes in to join them and listens to their conversation. Ian congratulates her on her cooking show.

Sharon asks the Cassie imposter if Victor hired her, and she confirms that he did. Noah and Courtney make love in a fancy hotel room at the Athletic Club. Victor lets it slip that Sharon has a secret, and she needs to come clean. Avery lets Dylan know that she saw Paul and talked to him about Ian’s apartment being trashed. Avery and Dylan read some comments on the internet about her cooking show. Avery gets a call that her show is a success. Nick tells Victor that he wants him out of his life. Nick stops the imposter from leaving and urges Sharon to press charges, but she refuses.

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